How to recover from the flu

How to recover from the flu

Influenza and its consequences

Today everyone knows that well-being and human health directly depend on immunity. It is he who is the natural barrier and protector against all kinds of viruses and pathogenic bacteria.

And such a common disease as the flu, a person with a strong immune system can generally proceed as a mild malaise. However, recently not everyone of us can boast of strong health and endurance.

Every year in cold weather, favorable for its spread, the flu has the nature of epidemics. In a year, several outbreaks of this infectious disease are recorded. Moreover, weakened people, young children, the elderly population endure it very hard, sometimes with serious complications, such as:

How to recover from the flu
  • Acute purulent antritis
  • Acute neuritis of the auditory nerve
  • Diseases of the pulmonary system - pneumonia, tracheitis, bronchitis
  • Acute otitis media

The most common complication after the flu is pneumonia. After the transferred virus with complication (attachment of purulent infections), weakened immunity.

The flu virus is very "not indifferent" to the human nervous system, which can cause nerve disorders of varying severity. That's why, after a virus, a person feels very weak, because fighting with the influenza virus greatly strains, depresses the nervous and immune system. Signs of asthenia (exhaustion of the nervous system) after the flu:

  • persistent drowsiness
  • fast fatiguability
  • weakness and fatigue
  • anxiety, nervousness, capriciousness, quick temper
  • loss of appetite

If a person suffers a severe flu with serious complications, he has a question - how to recover after the flu faster? Here are a few tips on how to return to your old healthy state and continue to lead a habitual way of life, and enjoy life!

How to recover quickly after a flu

Psychological calmness

The main factor for rapid recovery and uplift of immunity is a lack of stress, psychological comfort, a positive mood. This is perhaps the most difficult "task" for a modern urban resident, especially a resident of a metropolis. To calm the nervous system, it is advisable not to overdo it and:

  • If possible, surround yourself with only positive people, often be with family and friends
  • Avoid contact with those who are not pleasant to you
  • Often take breaks at work
  • Try to be more calm about stressful situations
  • Meditate

In practice, such advice is difficult to apply, here are a few simple options to help in achieving psychological comfort:


Try to get enough sleep, go to bed no later than 10 pm. Strong, healthy sleep restores the body well. tips of the somnologist how quickly to fall asleep). If the house has a cleaner and humidifier, make sure to use them to create a clean, moist air during sleep.

Foot massage

This is an excellent procedure that allows you to relax, improve your mood and well-being, raise your immunity. You can visit massage rooms or massage yourself - you can buy special foot massagers, you can use an applicator Kuznetsova (periodically become bare feet on the applicator for 1-2 minutes for 10 minutes). On the feet of a person are the biological points of all organs and systems, many nerve endings. If you do this massage for 10 days, you will definitely feel the effect.


You can use affirmations, auto-training, psychological attitudes. For example, formulate yourself not long phrases about what you have great health, mood, etc.

  • My immune system is recovering quickly after the flu
  • I am a calm, balanced woman with a strong immune system
  • Today and always I am in a fine mood, I have everything wonderful
  • There are always people around me who love me and whom I love
  • I have good health and the body is recovering quickly after the flu

Believe me, if you repeat affirmations at least 2 times a day, this will necessarily positively affect your feeling well and help to recover quickly after the flu, calm the nervous system and give confidence in itself. Inspire yourself that nothing in the world is important, no problems at work, or family troubles are not worth it so that you are upset, worried, thereby reducing your immunity.

Water procedures

Water can relax, calm, bring the body in order. If possible, visit the swimming pool. No - take a bath with sea salt, a contrast shower, if there are no contraindications, then visit the bath.

Physical activity

Not immediately after the flu, and after 1-2 weeks try to lead a more active lifestyle, make more footwork walk, start or continue your studies in sports clubs, very good at yoga, dancing, bodiflex. The surest way to increase immunity is physical work in the open air.

Nutrition and vitamins

Naturally, nutrition plays a decisive role in restoring health after any illness, this there is a lot of information about what proper nutrition should be, what foods should be and vitamins. But to multivitamin complexes, it is better to treat with caution, as to any drug (cf. vitamins in tablets - harm or benefit). Of course, the abundance of fruits, fresh vegetables, greenery and high-quality protein foods significantly improve health. Freshly squeezed vegetable and fruit juices, boiled meat and fish, sour-milk products, green quality tea. harm of tea in bags) - should be present in your diet. Replace flour products with breads, pastries with whole grains, bread with bran.

Drink plenty of water

Not just liquids, but pure water. To recover from the flu, it is necessary to remove from the body the toxins that are released when intoxication with a virus, drink a full glass of clean water 30 minutes before each meal (cm. safe methods of cleaning the body of toxins).

Herbal, fruit teas

If there is no allergy to herbal medicinal preparations, you can take various vitamin doses, decoctions, infusions. Especially rich in vitamin C - rosehips, raspberries. To improve immunity, you can use ginseng, lemongrass, echinacea, eleutherococcus. Very cautiously should be referred to any immunomodulator (see. drugs to improve immunity).

Recipe for restoration of immunity

A good remedy for improving immunity is done quite simply. It will require ginger, lemon and honey. Ginger, which is sold in our trade networks must be (pre-cleaned) soak in cold water for 1 hour, so that the funds with which it was processed, went into the water. The medicinal properties of these 3 products are known to everyone. Peeled lemon and ginger finely chopped, then whisked in a blender until smooth, add honey to taste. This product can be added to green tea or simply eat as you like.

How quickly to recover from the flu?

How to recover from the flu? After all, this is a disease that requires especially careful treatment and no less careful recovery. Many face some complications after the flu: a decline in strength, a decrease in immunity, loss of voice, etc. How to correctly enter the normal rhythm of life, without putting stress on the already weakened organism?

Flu problem

A person who has had the flu, it is necessary to stay at the hospital for at least 12-15 days, so that the body begins its recovery.In addition, rest is necessary in order to avoid repeated illness, the occurrence of complications. If there is no improvement during the hospital's improvement, chest pain, a coughing cough, an increased fatigue, you should immediately seek medical help, because such symptoms may indicate pneumonia. In addition, after a long struggle with the flu, the immune system is weakened. There is a risk of catching a common cold, which can lead to more serious consequences. How to restore strength?

Nutrition after illness

Nutrition plays a leading role in the struggle for health.

It is necessary to replenish stocks of lost vitamins, minerals and trace elements.

Protein products after the fluRecommended to eat: lean meat, fish, small portions of caviar, fresh mushrooms, dried, beans. These foods are rich in protein. Sausage products, smoked meat, boiled pork from the menu should be excluded. They negatively affect the weakened by the medicines liver. After the flu, a sluggish appetite is not uncommon. You need to force yourself to eat at least a handful of nuts (peanuts do not fit) or dried fruits with seeds. Such a "vitamin bomb" will give energy.

In spring and winter, when there is not enough vitamins, it is especially important to support immunity. Restore health after the flu will help include in the diet of germinated seeds of wheat, mustard, sesame, salad. For this, it is necessary to soak the seeds for a while in the water. As soon as sprouts appear, they can be eaten, added to salads. In the germinating seed is a large number of vitamins. Once a day, to eat, for example, a spoon of wheat seeds and radishes filled with lemon juice to make up the defenses of immunity.

Vitamins of group B are an integral part for returning to a normal rhythm of life. A lot of it contains porridge from buckwheat, pearl barley, rice, in addition, whole grain bread. Better to exclude from the menu pasta, sweet pastries.

Vitamins of group B for recovery after influenzaAn important place is also occupied by iodine. It has a general strengthening effect on the body, participates in the creation of new cells, in the metabolism, so it is recommended to consume sea kale, shrimp, mussels and other seafood.

It must be said that vegetables and fruits that are sold in supermarkets do not contain a sufficient range of necessary substances, so when recovering from the flu, you only need to eat foods purchased from the eco-store, or those that were grown in the household conditions.

A weak organism requires enzymes that are needed to maintain vital processes. They are rich in fresh fruits, vegetables, fermented milk products: kefir, yogurt, yogurt, sour cream, fermented baked milk. Sugared products, such as cabbage, cucumbers, tomatoes, apples, plums, also contain a large number of enzymes. This is why it is recommended to serve pickled vegetables for meat dishes.

No less useful in the recovery period of juices. They should only be freshly squeezed, from domestic vegetables and fruits. Drinking a glass of fresh juice during the rehabilitation period is simply necessary. After all, they work well for the work of the stomach, liver, kidneys.

During an illness in the body, many toxins accumulate, which must be eliminated. For this, it is necessary to observe the correct drinking regime - to consume a sufficient amount of liquid. You should drink at least 2 liters per day. It can be water, various juices, herbal tea, compotes, fruit drinks, teas. Drinks will help restore the water balance, remove toxins, strengthen the body.

What to do

Peace and relaxation for recovery after the fluTo quickly restore the protective functions of the body, in the first place you need the right psychological attitude. Contraindicated stress, fatigue, instead it is necessary to surround yourself with positive emotions. Meditation will be useful, which will establish peace of mind. It is necessary to set the sleep mode: to sleep at least 8 hours a day, to go to bed no later than 10 pm. To recover after a flu, a warm shower or a bath is very helpful, in which you can add a decoction of medicinal herbs. Visiting the bath is also allowed, but only if there are no contraindications.

After 2 weeks after the flu, you can start moderate physical activity: walking on fresh air, yoga, dancing.

Children's body after illness

Many mothers make the mistake: they stop the treatment of the flu in the child immediately after the disappearance of the primary symptoms. For 12 days after the illness it is necessary:

  1. Enter the simplified mode of the day.
  2. Create an optimal diet that will help restore the internal forces after taking antibiotics and other medicines.
  3. Exclude heavy food, replacing it with mashed potatoes, porridges, yogurt, raw, cottage cheese.
  4. Take a vitamin complex prescribed by a pediatrician.
  5. Drink teas on herbs, do inhalations (with the permission of the doctor).
  6. Minimize the child's contact with others during the rehabilitation period.

If recovery does not occur within 12-17 days, a specialist consultation is needed.

If the voice was lost

Herbal infusions after the fluOne of the complications of the flu is laryngitis, its symptoms - hoarseness, hoarse, lack of voice. The main reason for this is the virus that hit the ligaments. How to restore the voice with laryngitis:
  1. With this problem, the ligaments are in an inflamed condition, so they need rest.
  2. Do not try to talk.
  3. It is recommended to remain silent as long as possible.
  4. The larynx itself is able to regain itself.
  5. Soften the throat will help drink at night with small sips of warm milk. You can add a little honey to it.
  6. Well rinses: 20 drops of tincture of eucalyptus on a glass of warm water.
  7. Do not eat rough food. To give preference to soups.
  8. Heat wrap up your throat, do not breathe cold air.

The main thing is not to overload the ligaments, give them the most rest, then, in a few days, the problem will go away.


The flu virus can remain in the body for a while after recovery, so it is so important to restore strength to avoid a second illness. A well-adjusted sleep regimen, avoidance of stress, the use of sufficient amounts of liquid, proper nutrition - all this will help to enter the habitual rhythm of life as soon as possible.

How to recover from the flu

How to recover from the flu

The body spends a tremendous amount of effort in overcoming the influenza virus. When the disease recedes, many feel weak, apathy, suffer from a lack of appetite. Help yourself to recover from the disease.

You will need

  1. - vitamin complex;
  2. - food rich in protein;
  3. - dairy products;
  4. - plant-immunomodulators.


  1. Ideally, doctors recommend to keep bed rest for another 1-2 weeks after the flu, but rarely anyone can afford it. Most go to work immediately after the temperature subsided and the flu retreated. Try not to overload yourself at this time. Do not sit up at work, trying to catch up, do not try to immediately lead a habitual active lifestyle. If you are used to doing sports, refrain from attending training for two weeks.
  2. After the flu, the convalescents often have a shortage of vitamins and trace elements, which leads to dry skin, brittle nails, deteriorating hair. Get a vitamin complex, which will contain vitamins A, C and B, selenium, iron and iodine. It is from the lack of these substances that the body suffers after the disease in the first place. It is also recommended to eat more protein-rich foods - lean meats and low-fat fish, nuts, lentils, mushrooms, caviar.
  3. After taking antibiotics, the body suffers from a lack of enzymes and a violation of normal microflora. Try to lean on dairy products - yogurt (especially home-made), kefir, yogurt. Also, sauerkraut products, apples, tomatoes, carrots will be useful. To maintain the natural balance of the body, drink a glass of freshly squeezed apple-carrot or carrot-beet juice daily.
  4. After a virus war that has occurred in the body, toxic substances of decay remain in the blood. Faster to get rid of them will help herbal teas, alkaline mineral water, cranberry juice, tea with St. John's Wort. Try to drink these drinks as often as possible.
  5. To raise the shaken immunity will help plant-immunomodulators. These include ginger, echinacea, Chinese magnolia vine, ginseng root, garlic, chamomile flowers and marigold. Add them to food, brew or take in the form of alcohol tincture.

Useful vitamins after the flu

The need to take vitamins after the flu and properly build their diet, is due to the fact that the human body is extremely weakened by a period of a long and serious fight against viruses. This condition, expressed in increased fatigue, drowsiness, general weakness and apathy, many people mistakenly ignore. Do not tolerate loss of efficiency and reduced vitality. The fight against a viral infection has not passed for immunity in vain, many cells have died, the body is weakened and represents an easy prey for other pathogens. Sometimes even a weak infection becomes after a flu caused serious complications.

Benefits of vitamins after the flu

Features of nutrition after a disease

How to restore strength? All medical recommendations include: correct mode, alternation of rest and physical activity and the necessary diet. The body needs to replenish the stock of vitamins, minerals, proteins and enzymes consumed during illness. For the fastest recovery, it is recommended to adhere to a special menu within three weeks after recovery.

Food should be about 10-15% more calories than usual. In no case should attempts be made to "lose weight fight for the slender figure immediately after the disease.

On the table should be products that will be quickly and without additional expenditure of energy absorbed by the body: lean meats, sea fish, dairy products, honey. To exclude the load on the liver, everything should be cooked for a couple or boiled. But this useful food will not be fully absorbed without the participation of vitamins. But in situations of stressful situations, including flu, stocks of vitamins are consumed very quickly.

Immunity and vitamins

Sources of vitamin B2The protective systems of the body function due to the presence of vitamins of all groups, so it will be a mistake to believe that, taking only one kind of vitamins, (most often for these uses ascorbic acid) you can not drink everything rest.

Vitamin A, it is also known as retinol, actively participates in strengthening the body's defenses, increasing the ability of mucous membranes to retain pathogenic microbes. It also activates the activity of leukocytes.

Vitamin B2 (riboflavin) stimulates the production of energy by the cells of the body.And this group of vitamins increases the ability to produce antibodies, which are needed to combat pathogens. Folic acid increases the rate of response of the immune system to unwanted intrusions.

If the diet is not enough vitamin C, the rate of production of antibodies that protect the body, is reduced. In addition, the immune response to signals about problems is not fast enough.

Resistance to various diseases increases and the presence in the diet of vitamin E. This is especially important in the elderly.

How to take vitamins

Types of immunityTake pharmacies, which in abundance offers advertising, you need to be careful. It is best to consult with your doctor and strictly follow its recommendations. In no case should vitamins be perceived as harmless "supplements the use of which is not regulated in any way. These are also medicines. Their unregulated use can cause serious harm. Overdose of particularly fat-soluble drugs (vitamin A or D) may have symptoms of acute poisoning.

The intake of "natural" vitamins contained in food is very preferable. Having formed your diet in such a way that all necessary types of products are present on the table, you can replenish the stocks of required substances naturally. To eat a variety of dishes to eat, as contrary to popular belief, vitamins are found not only in plant foods (fruits and vegetables).

All these useful substances are:

  • fat-soluble;
  • water-soluble.

The first group is vitamins A (retinol, carotene), E, ​​D and K. The second group is ascorbic acid, thiamin, riboflavin, folic acid. The content of retinol and carotene is great in products such as: butter, liver beef, cheese, cream, carrots, sweet pepper, tomatoes, parsley, cottage cheese. Vitamin E is rich: herring, cod, milk, vegetable oil, oats, beef.


Vitamin D is found in chicken eggs, sour cream and cream, butter and milk. Ascorbic acid is the most "popular defender which is considered almost a panacea, especially for colds and viral infections. This is not quite the right opinion, but the presence of this substance in the body is necessary both to strengthen protective functions, and to restore the strength of the person after the disease. Its content is high in products: sweet pepper, Brussels and other cabbage, onion, string beans, citrus, black currant, dogrose, red mountain ash, wild garlic, and squash.

Folic acid can promote protein metabolism and is necessary for the formation of erythrocytes in the body. It is found in large quantities in spinach, walnuts, hazelnuts, by-products, buckwheat, barley and pearl barley, pumpkin, melons, oranges, beets, potatoes, chicken eggs.

Riboflavin is a substance whose stocks must be replenished daily. This can be done by actively consuming kefir, sour cream, cheese, green peas, leaf salad, peaches, apricots, garlic, apples, strawberries.

Thiamine is also called a vitality vitamin.


The need for it increases during the rehabilitation period after various stresses, including diseases. Products rich in thiamine are: cereals (Hercules and manga), buns, rabbit meat, hazelnuts, cocoa, tea, yeast, condensed milk, red cabbage and kohlrabi, horse mackerel, potatoes.

Additional points

These are incomplete lists of products that contain the substances needed to recover from a previous flu. And it is not necessary to have everything that contains this or that vitamin. To choose a dietary diet that does not hurt, but will help, is necessary taking into account the characteristics of each individual person. The condition of his digestive system, and possible allergic reactions, and even personal taste preferences are taken into account.

Protective functions of the body support almost all groups of vitamins. During the illness and immediately after recovery, their dose is significantly increased (approximately twice). This is due to the fact that the high temperature accompanying the disease, and a large amount of consumed liquid lead to a rapid "washout" of vitamins.


Many necessary substances are better absorbed and more efficiently "work" in the complex. This applies, for example, to Group B vitamins. Also to improve the quality of life, prevent complications and normalize the work of all organs and systems affected by the disease, you need to eat foods that contain different microelements. First of all, there is a shortage of magnesium and zinc.

Proper nutrition and healthy lifestyle, which is extremely necessary after the illnesses, will be useful for the prevention of influenza.

What if I get dizzy after the flu?

Sometimes some people get dizzy after the flu. Every year, millions of people pick up acute respiratory and viral infections. Many people suffer this disease quite easily, some for a long time feel the pernicious impact of the disease.

Dizziness after a flu

Features of colds

Everyone who has experienced an acute respiratory viral infection knows that the symptoms of this disease are quite noticeable, such as headache, dizziness and general weakness of the body. These manifestations are felt throughout the disease (approximately 10-12 days). However, cases when the head is dizzy and other symptoms after the cure are not uncommon.

Specialists note that the most common infectious disease of the respiratory tract is influenza.Long years of painstaking research helped to identify and study the pathogens of this disease. However, the disease under the influence of external factors, drugs is modified, and, of course, the ways of its treatment change.

Often after a course of treatment (up to 2 weeks), patients do not feel any discomfort, but sometimes patients complain of dizziness after the flu.

Why does dizziness occur after a cold?

Human blood systemsDisease-causing microorganisms and viruses, which become agents of various respiratory diseases, provoke the progression in the patient's body of 2 types of pathologies. Doctors distinguish intoxication and catarrhal changes:

Intoxicating. The virus itself or the products of its decay secrete certain toxic substances that, when ingested into blood vessels, affect the receptors, causing headache and muscle pain.

Side effects of this pathogenic process are weakness and dizziness. In addition to this, nausea, chills and fever may occur. Intoxication with influenza negatively affects the work of the heart, brain, blood vessels.

Catarrhal. Since colds are often accompanied by inflammatory processes in the nasopharynx and in the upper respiratory tract, then catarrhal changes in mucous surfaces also leave their imprint after cure. These pathogens cause an increase in discharge, perspiration, pain.

As a rule, catarrhal changes in influenza are reduced after 5-7 days, but against their background other complications can be observed: diffuse lesions of the heart muscle associated with intoxication, low blood pressure and, as a result, the appearance of dizziness and fainting.

Inflammation of the lungs as a cause of dizzinessThe causes of dizziness after a previous illness can be other complications:
  1. Inflammation of ENT organs (otitis media, sinusitis, sinusitis).
  2. Pneumonia. Very often, pneumonia can pass unnoticed for the patient, and if the body temperature is kept for a long time 37-38 ° C, a doctor's consultation with a follow-up examination is necessary.
  3. Inflammatory processes in the brain (meningitis, arachnoiditis).
  4. Complications associated with the cardiovascular system (myocarditis, pericarditis).

This manifestation, like dizziness, is possible with each of these complications. And the mechanisms of its development are diverse:

  • lowering of arterial pressure, resulting in dizziness and possible fainting;
  • traumatizing sensory receptors that are directly involved in spatial orientation;
  • disorder of the mechanism of impulses in the brain;
  • disparity in the blood supply to areas of the brain that are responsible for spatial orientation.

Among other things, it is worth paying attention to other diseases that can cause dizziness. This will help to better understand the situation and calculate the true causes of the vertigo.

The relationship between smoking and dizzinessDizziness as a symptom can be manifested:
  • atherosclerosis of the head vessels;
  • as the cause of the inflammatory process in the inner ear (labyrinthitis);
  • if the inner ear or vestibular apparatus is damaged;
  • as a result of circulatory disorders, infectious diseases;
  • as a result of a trauma to the skull;
  • with a brain tumor;
  • with epilepsy;
  • as a result of cervical osteochondrosis;
  • with vegetovascular dystonia;
  • with multiple sclerosis;
  • as a consequence of hypertension or hypotension;
  • because of blood loss;
  • as a result of a stroke;
  • due to the lifestyle of a person (diet, smoking, drinking alcohol and drugs, stressful conditions).

If, after recovery, the head is spinning as before, you should point out this symptom to the doctor. Quite possibly, he will recommend consultations with other specialists (neuropathologist, otolaryngologist). It should be remembered that it is impossible to cure dizziness itself, as it is a symptom of a disease that should be competently examined and cured in order to avoid serious complications.

Restoration of the body after the flu

Some simple rules and methods will help the body to get stronger faster and exclude such manifestations as dizziness, weakness, pallor.

Consumption of rosehip broth at dizzinessAfter the flu is recommended:
  1. Apply vitamin-mineral complexes, which can appoint a doctor.
  2. To use vitamin C (infusions from a dogrose, tea with a lemon).
  3. Eat foods high in protein (low-fat fish and meat, legumes, mushrooms, nuts, fish caviar, yolks of chicken and quail eggs).
  4. There are whole grains of cereal (this is a source of B vitamins).
  5. To exclude from a diet macaroni, bakery products from a flour of a higher grade.
  6. Fill in the lack of iron and lithium, which take part in the formation of immune cells (products containing iron, immunomodulators).
  7. Introduce in the diet various types of seafood (including sea kale) to increase the level of iodine in the body after the disease.
  8. Take natural enzymes (vegetables, fruits, sour-milk products).
  9. Drink infusions and teas from herbal immunomodulators: chamomile, Chinese magnolia vine, St. John's wort, ginseng root, calendula. There is garlic and onions.

To withdraw from the weakened organism the products of the decay of the virus or infection (toxins) will be helped by alkaline mineral water, teas from ginger and cinnamon, cranberry juice.

How to recover faster after a heavy flu? No strength, weakness, dizziness.




Svetlana Koshkina

Take a bath with sea salt for 15 minutes. every other day and every other day with clay


vitamin C effervescent-dosage varies from 250 to 1000 mg-once a day-in the morning-tasty lemon syrup. and also check urine-house pee in the bank-in the norm after an hour of sediment should not be any impurities or sediment-if something goes wrong-contact a doctor-there may be a complication-pyelonephritis. measure the temperature in the morning at 8 o'clock and in the evening at 6 o'clock, so usually in a hospital measure

miroslava *

Immune preparations, vitamin-mineral complex, restoration of intestinal microflora, antibiotics of its violate the use of lactic-acid foods with the addition of bifidoflora (Biokefir Bifidox Biomax "Narine"). And weakness, dizziness, pallor and dryness of the skin, brittle hair and nails are the most probable cause of vitamin deficiency (especially A, C, B group) and trace elements (iron, selenium, iodine, etc.) ) Citrus fruits are useful, avoiding loads

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