Hangover, when there is no and the next morning sober as a glass

Hangovers do not happen in those who do not abuse alcohol - it's obvious! But there is another opinion. Narcologists admit that often alcoholics suffer from those who do not especially feel the hangover symptoms. That is, there is a certain connection between lovers to drink well and in the morning to feel relatively satisfactory. But, any household drunkard, anyway, one day will find himself deeply sick and old man with a sick liver, heart and other vital organs.

Is it possible to make it so that you do not have a hangover and be sober as a glass in the morning?

Many fans to drink alcohol claim that they do not have a hangover. They have a lot to drink and not get drunk into the rank of "inexorable advantages".Of course, most likely it's just a thrill. With any "Siberian health" and the hysterical-demostrative tendencies of the infantile personality to show oneself as a "real muzhik" among all and choke with vodka, wine and beer, and then bellow around the corner so that no one sees you, it costs dearly the precious health of the organism of the drinker.

True, some people manage to be initially resistant to alcoholic beverages, but this is due to a certain genetic set and a body strength reserve, which processes alcohol. But all this for the time being - until the time.

There are people who are physiologically intolerant of alcohol and they simply can not drink on a par with everyone. The case in the enzyme is alcohol dehydrogenase, which turns ethanol into acetic aldehyde. And if in the body this enzyme is produced a lot, then alcohol quickly passes into acetaldehyde and signs of a hangover come before the beginning of the phase of alcoholic intoxication. That is, already from a small dose of alcohol the head starts to hurt, the face and sclera of the eyes redden, heart palpitations, shortness of breath, a feeling of heat. This happens with the representatives of the Mongoloid race and nationalities.

On their own sad experience, these people know that you can not drink vodka and the like. They avoid drinking and try to lead a sober way of life. In Russia, there is always a reason to drink. So how to avoid drinking alcohol in our country? When often on holidays and parties one person sits like a "white crow", and everyone around him hammers him: "Have a drink, have a drink, you Che? Do not you respect me? ".And so, for the sake of a noisy company, the "white crow" becomes "gray"( like everyone else), unwillingly gets drunk. And then lies a day with "bodun", sick like a "devil".To others - if only for henna, they laugh at the patient.

In representatives of the European race, alcohols dehydrogenase is produced less. Alcohol is more slowly broken down into derivatives of toxic substances. Europeans can drink more and get sick with a hangover less. But this is not good! Cheerful and warm European, "took on the chest, in a relatively good state of health in the morning. And people who suffer less from a hangover often become alcoholics.

It is believed that the Russian people after the Tatar-Mongol invasion formed a mixed genotype - and it's bad! Intoxication comes slowly, and a hangover is not heavy. Therefore, the Russians also won the reputation of the world champions in terms of the number of opportunities to drink alcohol.

The absence of a hangover is not a strong character, not dignity and not courage, but simply "chemistry", more precisely - a biochemical feature of the body. Do not drink more than you can drink. Do not drink to a dispute, you can ruin your health and die.

According to statistics, 20% of Russians have a large amount of enzyme and they can not tolerate alcohol. Fortunately, probably, they make up the very backbone of sober citizens in Russia. Sociological surveys have shown that the main reason for the complete abstinence from alcohol in most people in Russia is precisely the deterioration of well-being after taking a small dose of alcoholic beverages.

Those citizens who produce enough enzyme, splitting ethanol to acetaldehyde and enzyme that detoxifies and removes acetaldehyde, they risk getting chronic alcoholism. These citizens drink mostly without measure.

And then it turns out that it's too late to treat alcoholism. Degenerative changes occur in the liver, heart, kidneys, pancreas, brain. Imperceptibly and soon, women may experience an incurable stage of alcoholism. Bad alcoholic traditions make many people resemble each other, drink for company, impose alcoholic lifestyle on others. There are people who tolerate alcohol very badly, but they can not refuse others not to offend them. You must be able to say "NO"!

Advice to those who drink, but do not get drunk and not very sick with a hangover - be careful, predict life in advance, direct it into a sober positive channel.

If you are sick with a hangover, protect your body from the adverse effects of alcohol. Find your effective way from a hangover, try at least phytopreparation Zenalk. It will minimize the toxic acetaldehyde. And think, maybe you should not get drunk next time to suffer from a hangover. Is it worth it?