Pain on the sides of the abdomen

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  • Pain on the sides of the abdomen in pregnant women, children and men
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Pain on the sides of the abdomen is a symptom of many diseases. In the side, there are many nerve endings that separate from the spinal cord. Also in this area is a lot of internal organs, so the discomfort in this area is a rather blurred symptom.

Before you understand what caused this condition, you need to undergo a series of clinical and diagnostic studies. To make a diagnosis, a doctor will need information about the nature, localization and duration of pain. Further the expert develops the scheme of medical process. First, let's talk about why sore sides and how to deal with unpleasant sensations.

The right side hurts

First, let's talk about discomfort in the upper part and in the hypochondrium region. In this part are located such vital organs: the liver, gall bladder, diaphragm, 12-peristal and colonic, as well as the loop of the small intestine. From the side of the back in this place is the right kidney and part of the pancreas. Constant pain may also occur in disorders of other abdominal parts.

Stomach ache
Pain on the sides of the abdomen can be a manifestation of a variety of diseases

The nature of pain

The nature of soreness indicates a certain pathology:

  • acute. Night pains are a sign of duodenal ulcer. Along with this, the patient has bloating, nausea and vomiting with blood impurities. Acute pains under the ribs disturb in case of gallbladder diseases;
  • burning. Burning can be a sign of acute cholecystitis;
  • stupid. Characteristic for chronic cholecystitis;
  • a very strong character of pain appears with acute hepatitis;
  • Drawing pain can occur with chronic hepatitis;
  • throbbing. Appears in acute pancreatitis. Discomfort acquires a girdling character and is aggravated by continuous vomiting;
  • bursting - a sign of chronic pancreatitis;
  • pricking. "Knock" can with kidney disease.

Acute cholecystitis

Inflammation of the gallbladder causes a violation of the bile. This is due to the blockade of the outflow of the biliary secret. In most cases, the acute process is associated with the presence of stones in the gallbladder. More than half of the patients are diagnosed with bacterial infection of the organ. Specialists note the role of hormonal changes in the onset of the disease.

Most often acute cholecystitis is diagnosed in women. Risks of emergence increase with age

Specialists identify three main causes of the pathological process: the presence of concrements, casting of pancreatic enzymes, bacterial infection. The inflammatory reaction narrows the lumen of the bile duct and causes stasis of the biliary secret.

Aching pain in the right hypochondrium

Acute pain in the upper abdomen and right upper quadrant can give to the shoulder blade and back. Sometimes the pain can spread to the left side of the abdominal cavity.

Provoke an acute process can be stressful situations, the use of fatty, spicy foods or addiction to alcohol.

To suppress bacterial infection and to avoid infection, specialists can prescribe antibacterial therapy. Spasmolytic agents help to expand the bile ducts and stop pain. To remove intoxication detoxification drugs are used.

Along with medicamental treatment dietary food is prescribed. With cholelithiasis, patients are most often prescribed removal of the gallbladder.

Acute hepatitis

Inflammation of the liver can be alcoholic, infectious, medicinal in nature. The main pathogen causing acute inflammation is a viral infection. Viral hepatitis A is characterized by a long incubation period and fecal-oral transmission.

A viral hepatitis B is characterized by a contact and parenteral route of transmission. Hepatitis C is characterized by chronicity of the acute process. Acute hepatitis of alcoholic nature can occur after drinking. Pain in the right upper quadrant is accompanied by painful joints and muscles, weakness, decreased appetite, icteric sclera and skin.

There is also an asymptomatic form in which there are no clinical symptoms. Treatment is carried out in a hospital. Treatment includes the removal of the root cause, diet and the restriction of physical activity.

Acute pancreatitis

Pancreatitis is an inflammatory-destructive disease of the pancreas. Specialists call it a polyethological violation. This means that there are a number of reasons for its occurrence: alcohol abuse, cholelithiasis, excess fat and carbohydrates in the diet, injuries, infections, the intake of certain medicines, autoimmune processes, hormonal disorders, hereditary factors, neoplasms and others.

Acute pancreatitis is a condition requiring immediate medical attention. An acute process occurs suddenly and is characterized by the appearance of three main symptoms:

  • pain in the upper abdomen, as well as in the left and right hypochondrium, which gives in the back;
  • bloating. Patients with pancreatitis puchit;
  • severe vomiting, which does not bring relief to the patient.
The patient is immediately rushed to a specialized institution. In severe cases, surgical intervention is performed.

Duodenal ulcer

Ulcer of duodenum is more common than peptic ulcer. Helicobacter pylori infection plays a major role in the onset of ulcers. Yet not everyone who has a given microorganism in the body suffers from a peptic ulcer.

To provoke the development of pathology may be stress, anxiety, inaccuracies in nutrition, in particular the use of rough and spicy food, uncontrolled treatment with drugs. The microbe produces specific enzymes that damage the protective layer of the mucous membrane, disrupt the functional activity of cells, mucus production and metabolism. All this leads to ulceration of the organ.

Helicobacter pylori infection, which causes a peptic ulcer, can be transmitted by kissing or sharing dishes. Patients are disturbed by night pains, and also so-called "hungry", in which in order to quench the discomfort, a person needs at least something to eat.

Pain with an ulcer usually appears periodically. Weak pain can be replaced by severe attacks. Approximately two to three hours after eating, heartburn occurs. On the ulcer can indicate and nonspecific symptoms: nausea, vomiting, acidic eructation, stool retention.

Now let's talk about the pain in the lower abdomen in the left side. The aching nature of pain can be a sign of appendicitis, the main cause of which is infection. The ovarian cyst can also provoke pain in the lower abdomen. For the most part, the pain is localized in the pelvic region, but is given to the right side. Women may have irregular menstrual cycles.

As the cyst develops, nausea and vomiting may occur. The formation of kidney stones can provoke abdominal pain from both sides. In this case, the discomfort becomes simply unbearable, especially when the stone is in motion. Pain in the lower abdomen of a pulsating nature can indicate gynecological problems in women.

Tearing pain can indicate problems with the large intestine.

Acute appendicitis

Acute appendicitis is an emergency surgical pathology. Discomfort in the abdomen is aggravated by a violation of the general condition. The condition requires an immediate operation. Otherwise, everything can end in a fatal outcome.

Pain in the abdomen on the right
Appendicitis is characterized by a cutting pain on the side

The outgrowth can lie both in the classical position and be located in other directions. This is why pain in the lower abdomen can appear on the right and left. Provoke the development of an inflammatory reaction can be a variety of reasons: blockage of the appendix with dense calves, infections, radical diets, nutritional errors, stress, bad habits, genetic predisposition.

At first, the pain has a diffuse character and is localized in the stomach region. Then the discomfort gradually moves to the right lower abdomen. In the position on the right side, the discomfort decreases slightly, physical activity increases the attack even more. On the background of pain, nausea and even vomiting may appear. Some patients complain of diarrhea, others complain of diarrhea.

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Pain on the left side of the abdomen
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The left side hurts

First, we will discuss the soreness in the left upper abdomen. The constant nature of pain is a sign of diaphragmatic hernia. Along with this, the pathological process is often accompanied by nausea and vomiting.

The cause of acute pain is intercostal neuralgia. The condition occurs as a result of irritation or pinched nerves. Patients complain of sharp shooting pains. Aching soreness is a symptom of heart disorders. Discomfort increases with emotional experiences and physical activity.

The soreness of the lower part may indicate abnormalities in the operation of the thick and small intestine, the organs of the genitourinary sphere, and also the spleen.

Diseases of the spleen

The sharp character of the pain on the left in the lower part of the abdominal cavity, which pushes into the scapula, may indicate spleen damage resulting from trauma. In this case, there are other characteristic symptoms:

  • cold sticky sweat;
  • pallor of the skin;
  • hypotension;
  • nausea and vomiting;
  • polydispsia (unquenchable thirst).
Dull constant pain on the left side may indicate the presence of a cyst in the spleen

Pulling tenderness, which increases with inspiration, is often a consequence of a spleen infarction. Discomfort in this case gives in the lumbar region. With a spleen abscess, soreness appears in the region of the left hypochondrium. She gives the left side of her chest to her shoulder.

The appearance of purulent foci provokes such clinical symptoms:

  • fever;
  • enlargement of the spleen in size;
  • rise in temperature to 40.

In the presence of cyst discomfort on the left side is aggravated by the itching of the skin and the appearance of urticaria. Soreness reduces human activity and causes a slight increase in body temperature.

Diseases of the intestine

Consider a list of possible causes that cause discomfort in the left side of the abdomen:

  • enteritis. Infectious agents and toxic substances can provoke irritation of the intestine;
  • ulcerative colitis. This is an autoimmune disease in which the body produces antibodies to its own tissues;
  • helminthiases. Pain provokes mechanical damage to the intestinal walls by worms;
  • a dysbacteriosis. Discomfort is accompanied by flatulence and rumbling of the abdomen;
  • intestinal atony. Peristalsis of the intestine can be weakened by the accumulation of food debris and overstretch of the walls of the organ;
  • thrombosis. The arteries that permeate the intestine are clogged with blood clots. This leads to necrosis of a specific area of ​​the intestine. As a result, there is pain, which is difficult to calm;
  • malignant neoplasms;
  • adhesive disease;
  • intestinal obstruction. Intestinal lumen can block fecal masses, foreign objects, neoplasms.
Discomfort can cause parasitic diseases


Gastritis is an inflammation of the gastric mucosa. The disease is acute and chronic. Signs of gastritis are such symptoms: pulling pain after eating, sour eructations, bad breath, loss of appetite, a feeling of fullness of the stomach.

Helicobacter pylori infection can cause inflammation. Less often the disease causes stress, poisoning, chronic foci of infection in the oral cavity and pharynx, irritation with chemicals.

Treatment of gastritis includes diet food. At first, patients are recommended to take only water. Further, warm, non-greasy and wiped dishes are allowed. Also prescribed drugs, enveloping the mucous membrane and reducing acidity. When identifying Helicobacter pylori infection, antibacterial agents are prescribed.

Pain on the sides of the abdomen in pregnant women, children and men

To begin, let's talk about the peculiarities of pain during the period of gestation.


During pregnancy, the uterus grows in size, because of which the connective tissue ligament begins to stretch, this can provoke soreness. In this case, discomfort occurs when the body position changes sharply, coughing, sneezing, or lifting something heavy. The pain has a short-term character and quickly passes.

It is also worth noting that the hormonal background of a pregnant woman varies greatly and this affects the work of the intestines. Food through the intestines starts to move slower, and this can cause constipation. Stool retention causes stupid, bursting pains usually on the left side of the abdomen.

Correction of the diet and adequate fluid intake usually helps to eliminate the problem. Sometimes soreness causes a baby to tremble. This should not cause any fear, because they are a natural process of fetal development.

In the second half of pregnancy, a woman may feel discomfort in the lower abdomen, while the uterus becomes like a stone. This state can last from a few seconds to a couple of minutes. It is also a physiological condition showing that the body is preparing for the forthcoming birth.

Pregnant woman
Soreness of the abdomen during pregnancy can be a variant of the norm


A child's side can hurt for physiological and pathological reasons. Normally, a small discomfort can appear after intense exercise. To avoid soreness, it is useful to do warm-up before training, and also do not forget about exercises for stretching muscles.

To provoke a painful attack in the left part of the abdomen can be serious pathologies, namely: diseases of the spleen, intestines, stomach. It will require immediate assistance of specialists in the following cases: discomfort does not go away after the act of defecation, the acute nature of the pain, the attack does not pass more than three hours, the temperature has risen.

Soreness of the right side is also a sign of a variety of diseases: appendicitis, biliary dyskinesia, helminthiases. To determine the exact cause, a comprehensive survey will be required.


The lower abdomen in men often hurts due to diseases of the genitourinary sphere. The most common pathology is inflammation of the bladder - cystitis. Pain acquires a pulling aching character and intensifies with urination.

The second most common cause of discomfort in the lower abdomen is prostatitis. The pains in this case become cutting and pulling and are accompanied by a cut during urination. For acute prostatitis painful sensations are characteristic which are amplified during the act of defecation and urination and are given to the anus as well as the sacrum.

Male reproductive system
Inflammatory processes of male genital organs - this is another reason for the onset of an attack
Sometimes behind painful attacks development of a good-quality or malignant neoplasm can cover.

Pain in the abdomen can be a sign of a dangerous condition, which experts call an "acute abdomen." This general concept includes diseases that require surgical intervention. The lack of timely diagnosis and proper treatment can lead to a rapid deterioration of the condition, even to death.

Pain on the sides of the abdomen is a polyethological symptom, that is, a large number of different pathologies lead to its appearance. In most cases, discomfort in this area is the result of diseases of the digestive tract: appendicitis, ulcer, cholecystitis, pancreatitis, hepatitis and others.

But not always violations of the gastrointestinal tract cause pain on the sides of the abdominal cavity. Gynecological problems, disorders of the genitourinary tract - all this and much more manifests itself in the form of painful attacks.

In view of such a multitude of causes of soreness, it is extremely dangerous to engage in self-medication and try on yourself as a doctor. The longer you delay applying to a doctor, the greater the likelihood of dangerous complications. Trust your health professionals and be healthy!

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