Drug addiction: causes

To eradicate drug addiction, success in its diagnosis, treatment and prevention, one needs to understand the reasons that lead people to drug abuse. The emergence of drug dependence is a consequence, the reasons for it are now well explained. But in order to prevent drug addiction, it is necessary to do so that people do not have the motivation to take drugs in a variety of ways in their lives. Healthy people, drugs should be repelled, repelled, not interested.

The causes of drug addiction, we conditionally divide into physiological and psychological, in fact, all the reasons are intertwined.


Psychological or social causes of addiction:

  1. Problems in the family .The child's neglect leads him to the streets, where he gets acquainted with all the "delights" of life. Along with the indifference to the inner psychological world of the child, can play a bad joke and tyranny against him. With insufficient education of children about the dangers of drugs, tobacco and alcohol, they will not. Poor influence on the fate of the child and the opposite - hyperope, indulgence to weaknesses and spoiled.
  2. Simple curiosity .With boredom, inactivity, unemployment, a depleted inner world, there may well be a craving for new sensations, and also as a result of demonstrativeness and posturing to other people, as an "increase of one's authority" in the eyes of others.
  3. Drugs as a tool for to attract intellectual resources in creativity. Many talented creative people, including educated people, try to expand and activate mental processes for discoveries, creation of works and other things. That is, the narcotic drug acts here as a kind of "dope".
  4. Drugs as a protest .It is a desire to act against the public. Happens to personalities with maximalism, rebels.

The psychological qualities that cause addiction can be:

  1. The lack of solid moral qualities, lack of discipline, irresponsibility, undeveloped sense of duty.
  2. Psychological personality conflicts.
  3. Lack of self-satisfaction, uncertainty, anxiety, boredom, departure to the world of illusions.
  4. A bad unseemly social environment.
  5. Imitation of his idol, who is a drug addict, is the principle of social proof.

Among the social causes of drug addiction, in addition to the above, one can also cite the following:

  • The influence of an alien culture.
  • Decomposition of moral values, propaganda of immoral behavior.
  • Lack of leisure of youth, clubs by interests and stuff.
  • The Value Crisis of Modernity.
  • There is no proper propaganda for HLS.

Physiological causes of drug addiction

In scientific studies of pathological dependencies, it was found that the emotional state of a person largely depends on the biochemical processes in the brain. When imbalance in the output of neurotransmitters develops, fear develops, anxiety and depressive state appear. A person begins to worry about obsessive states. Emotional tension increases, a person is not satisfied with himself. And this can be an impetus to narcotization, which gives a person the illusion of peace and comfort.

Psychological problems of drug addiction

In narcology, it is no longer customary to distinguish between alcoholism and anesthesia. Both are addictive and withdrawal symptoms. In both cases, there is a psychological deformation of the personality, deviations in behavior( deviant behavior), wear and aging of internal organs.

The anterior pituitary, located in the reticular formation and limbic system, produces special substances - hormones of joy, happiness - endorphins. They affect the mood of a person, his comfort, joy, a state of euphoria. Endorphins relieve pain. And drugs and alcohol are stimulants injected from outside. They suppress the development of endorphins in the brain and become their original "substitutes".So it turns out that the areas of the brain atrophy and a person without stimulants and "substitutes" of endorphins can not live in joy. Therefore, this is the main reason and problem not only of drug addiction, but also of alcoholism.

The desire to satisfy one's desires, in this way, results in great suffering. People put unhealthy choice on the experience of "buzz", but "buzz", injected from outside, and depending on the availability of drugs and alcohol can not lead to anything good. All the natural mechanisms and systems in the human body, under the influence of drugs, are suppressed. And real happiness becomes impossible.

The causes of all dependencies are similar: dissatisfaction with oneself, one's life and the desire to change it or at least diversify, but by unhealthy and fake methods.

Natural methods of accelerated production of its own opiates - endorphins, are in moderate physical activity, meditation, spiritual practices, tempering the body, etc.

Drug reception is mainly due to the immaturity of the person, its infantilism. Personality with a mature life platform is not so much as it seems. An immature person with a poor inner spiritual world is easily carried away by an antisocial environment into an illusory world of self-affirmations and options, increasing his level of significance in the eyes of others.

Immature youth, adolescents and children, who are unsteady and unattended, catch in their networks experienced drug addicts, they take money from them for "high", and then they themselves are involved in heavy drug addiction.

To get rid of drug addiction, and also to prevent it, you have to grow yourself as a self-sufficient person, have a sober view of things, you need an intrapersonal growth.