Powder from a cough

Potion of dry cough in sachets for adults: reviews about the powder

There are two types of cough - dry and wet. As a rule, it occurs because of allergies, bacteria and viruses.

An effective remedy to help get rid of this unpleasant symptom of a cold is dry cough medicine.

However, before using any medicine you need to know from what type of cough it will be used.

So, for allergies, it is not recommended to drink cough medicines that lead to phlegm.

Cough is a reflex phenomenon, contributing to the removal of the stimulus from the tracheobronchial tree. Often such a sign appears due to viruses and bacteria, when foreign elements enter the respiratory organs. In this case, recipes from both traditional and traditional medicine are often used.

A dry cough can disturb a person at any time of the day. In addition, that it causes a lot of inconvenience, it should be constantly monitored so that it does not lead to severe irritation of the respiratory tract and inflammation of the mucosa.

Today, pharmaceutical companies offer various medicines for dry cough. One of the best drugs belonging to this group of drugs is a cough powder, the price of which is quite low. But the responses of the patients state that such a medicinal mixture can quickly get rid of unpleasant symptoms of bronchitis and other colds.

Action dry powder

cough medicineThe medicine from dry cough improves the sputum, so it becomes less viscous, the spasm from the bronchi is removed, and their functioning improves. At the same time, the price of the medicine is rather low.

So, sputum is effectively excreted from the lungs, where a lot of bacteria often accumulate. Due to which the patient's condition is facilitated in a couple of days.

Cough medicine for adults dry is effective in the treatment of a wet cough. But with a dry cough it is ineffective. Therefore, before using such powders, one should first drench preparations that will make it productive.

Instructions for use and composition of dry medicines

Cough medicine for adults should be used correctly, so dosage should be strictly observed.

Instructions for use say that you should take a dry potion in sachets, and after dissolving it in twenty milliliters of boiled water, and then warm it. But you can not pour medicine on it.

The dry cough medicine has the following effect:

  • clears the airways;
  • anti-inflammatory;
  • expectorant;
  • secretion.

Doctors recommend, and the reviews of many confirm that the drug can be given to children with six months. Another cough medicine for adults and children is sold in the form of a powder, which must be dissolved in a glass of water before use.

The composition of the dry drug is as follows:

  1. sodium hydrogen carbonate;
  2. sugar;
  3. ammonium chloride;
  4. aniseed oil;
  5. sodium benzoate;
  6. liquorice root.
Cough medicine for adultsCough medicine for adults is sold in disposable packs. One packet contains 1.5 g of powder.

Children can be given this medicine only after six months. In this case, the contents of one sachet must be divided into 3 times. A child in 4-6 years can be given a dessert lodge of medicine four times a day. A dose for children of an older age is one tablespoon.

Instruction for use says that the product must be shaken before use. The drug is dispensed without a prescription. Duration of storage - up to 1 year.

The prepared drug should be placed in the refrigerator. But in this form, the medicine can be stored for a maximum of 10 days.

Often, dry medicine is used as part of a comprehensive treatment, so sputum liquefies more quickly. But the responses of the patients state that during such treatment it is necessary to drink as much water as possible. also note the inhalation and cough, which are extremely effective.

At what diseases and types of cough is dry medicine used?

Dry cough medicine is used when a strong cough develops in such diseases:

  • pneumonia;
  • bronchitis;
  • laryngitis;
  • tracheitis;
  • flu.

Reviews of people who have successfully cured the above-described diseases, argue that the cough mixture for adults can be used for any kind of cough. However, such a drug is most effective in wet cough, as it contributes to a rapid sputum discharge.

A good medical composition makes this remedy one of the best cough remedies, and the reviews indicate that the medicine also eliminates inflammation.

In certain cases, the drugs can be combined, but they need to be alternated. So, these funds must be taken before bedtime, and expectorants - in the daytime.


Cough medicine for adultsCough medicine for adults in some cases can cause allergic reactions, so people with a sensitivity to any component to take the drug is not worth it. In addition, reviews of doctors say that the powder can not be used by pregnant women and during lactation.

Cough medicine for adults is not used for acute pyelonephritis and glomerulonephritis. Another composition of the drug may trigger the occurrence of side effects such as hives, vomiting, skin rashes and itching.

Moreover, the instruction says that the medicine for dry cough should not be used with such drugs as Sinekod, Stopptsins and Libeksin.

Recommendations for use

The reviews claim that the medicinal composition of dry medicine makes it the best antitussive, expectorant and anti-inflammatory drug.

  1. Before you dissolve the powder, you should study the instructions. It is worth paying attention to the fact that you can not pour water more than this.
  2. It is better to take the medicine after meals three times a day.
  3. Before taking the medicine, you need to shake it.

From the above, it can be concluded that the dry antitussive medicine consists of natural components. But even they can cause side reactions, so in order to avoid the consequences, it is impossible to increase the dose of the drug without medical approval.

In addition, it is worth remembering that in the presence of an allergic cough dry medicine is not recommended to drink, as it will only aggravate the course of the disease and lead to complications.

We recommend video in this article, which is told from preparations for cough.


Dry cough medicine

How to cure a cough without harm to health by spending a minimum of money? Do not rush to the pharmacy: without identifying the cause of the disease, it is difficult to find the right medicine and eliminate the problem. First go to the hospital, go through the necessary research. If the disease is caused by inflammation, it is possible that they will prescribe a mucolytic remedy - dry medicine.

Form of formulation and composition of the preparation

Dry cough medicine is a powder that needs to be diluted with water for oral use. The instructions detail how to mix it and in what proportions. Powder from a cough comes in two forms: in laminated paper bags and neat glass bottles of 200 ml. The main effective components that are contained in the facility are:

  1. Extract of licorice root. It is used to improve the state of the respiratory tract, stimulate the glands of internal secretion. In addition, licorice has an anti-inflammatory effect.
  2. Anise oil. Has an expectorant, anti-inflammatory, diluting effect, improves the taste qualities of dry medicine.
  3. Alteyny root. Has anti-inflammatory, immunostimulating properties.
  4. Sodium bicarbonate. The component changes the PH of bronchial mucus, reduces the viscosity of phlegm.
  5. Ammonium chloride. Has an expectorant effect.
Dry cough medicine,

pharmachologic effect

The intake of dry medicine for coughing improves the work of the bronchi, eliminating spasms. The effect of the remedy is achieved in a few days (each individually) after the start of use. Lungs are released from surplus sputum, in which patients often develop pathogens. Taking the drug helps to significantly reduce the ailment, reduce pain. Note that the cough mixture for adults is often used to eliminate the wet form of the disease, because when dry it is not so effective.

Indications for use

Doctors recommend expectorant medications for patients with diagnoses of bronchitis, tracheitis, laryngitis, pneumonia. These diseases are often accompanied by a painful, not passing cough. Dry cough mixture is prescribed for children and their parents. It is advisable to take it together with other medications or alternate them with each other. In some cases it is permitted to use it as an independent drug.

The correct dosage of the medicine

Instructions for use and dosage

Even if the medicine is selected correctly, but a person does not follow the instructions for use, any remedy can be harmful. For this reason, dry medicine must be used only in accordance with the rules of use. The instruction is attached to the mucolytics and contains all the information necessary for a person. Read more about it and find out what is the recommended dosage for patients of different ages.

For adults

The cough medicine for adults can be part of a complex therapy or used as an independent tool. Dry medicine for consumption must be dissolved in chilled boiled water. If the powder is in the bottle - it should be opened, add water to the level of 200 ml (there is a corresponding label on the dishes), shake well. To use the product in a sachet, the contents should be diluted with 15 ml of water. Course of admission - 1 tbsp. spoon 3-4 times a day. You may need to drink up to 3 weeks. Before use, the previously prepared product must be shaken.

A child drinks a medicine

Cough medicine for children

It is used similarly to the adult version of the medicine. Dosage and treatment are prescribed depending on the age of the child. Pediatric medicine for cough is taken according to the standard scheme: after eating 3-4 times a day. Females are prescribed 15-25 drops of medication at one time, 40 drops for children from 1 to 2 years, 2.5 ml for 3 to 4 years (approx. spoons), from 5 to 6 years - h. spoons. At 7 years, you can start giving 1 hour. spoon, in 9-10 years - for 2 hours. spoons, adolescents - for 1 tbsp. spoon. Duration of treatment: not less than 7 days, maximum - 14 days. Use only as directed by the pediatrician.

Can I take during pregnancy and lactation?

Coughing for a future mother is a big problem that can harm both her and the developing fetus. When she coughs hard, the muscles automatically tighten, which can lead to hypoxia and premature birth. Many drugs are forbidden for pregnant women and women breastfeeding. If we talk about dry medicine, then it can be used after consultation with the doctor, strictly under his supervision. During the reception it is important to be very careful.

Potion in a bag

Side effects

Most patients respond well to the drug. Rarely, anyone can experience allergic reactions, which are manifested by itching, rash on the body. In addition, nausea, vomiting, and painful sensations in the epigastrium are possible, if a person has gastrointestinal problems. If these side effects occur, the medicine should be discontinued. In case of an overdose, attacks of nausea may occur, vomiting - in this case it is important to quickly take enterosorbents, do rinsing.


Do not take the medicine in the following cases:

  1. The patient has an individual intolerance to the contents of the drug.
  2. If you are already taking any medication for a cough (Libexin, Stoptussin, Sinekod and others).
  3. Children up to 6 months.
  4. With diabetes (the drug contains sugar).
  5. There are such diseases as pyelonephritis, glomerulonephritis.

Where to buy and how much is the expectorant for cough

The tool is generally available. It can be found in every pharmacy regardless of the patient's place of residence. In addition, dry cough medicine is sold through online stores, specialized point of sale. The price of a single bag of medicine produced by Mosfarm varies between 10-22 rubles. In other manufacturers, for example, in Wifitech, the cough medicine costs about the same.

Reviews about the effectiveness of the drug

Julia, 33: When our little Cyril fell ill, the doctor offered us a choice of cough supplements for children. The list consisted of at least 5 tablets. It took 2 months, so I do not remember their names, except for two: Herbion and dry medicine. We used both at the same time, which is probably why the cough disappeared after 3 days. Kid and we were very happy about it.

Vera, 24 years old: From a wet cough, dry medicine helped me to get rid of it. I've known her for a long time: since my sister gave me a tool for her child. Medicine costs a penny, but do not underestimate it. I buy 5-7 packets, and they are enough for a complete cure. So do not spend a lot of money for expensive drugs! Dry medicine is more effective than all of them.

Elena, 31 years old: Yesterday I bought a dry medicine for my mother to treat bronchitis. She had previously suffered from a severe cough, especially in the morning and at night, but after receiving the miracle cure her condition stabilized. According to her, on the second day there were painful sensations, the throat became softer, the cough decreased. I hope that the remedy will not worsen her health (my mother has diabetes mellitus).


Tell the cough remedy for the baby !!!


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only tested sposabami.... and not some experiments.
ask your mom or granny !!!

yarik "The best"

Breast milk!

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I always save ordinary mukaltin.... for a year you can poltbletki (or quarters) in the powder to grind and dilute with water.... sour, but really helps.... he is done on the grass, there will be no harm


I gave Lincas. The grass. And soften the neck. And he clears his throat.


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Maria Prikhodko

The best LINEX checked


Linkas. He only helped us.


Children's dry mix of cough. It's called that. It is within 2-3 rub. We were helped.


Are not you afraid? And if there, God forbid, pneumonia, and you'll jam it with drugs. Can to the doctor?


A good remedy for children is phytostoptussin. Can all the same not to risk the health of the child and go to the doctor. Do not heal - complications are possible. And they will not force you into the hospital, write a written refusal from hospitalization.


burnt sugar


We need to give expectorants, we drink Prospan, but generally
should see a doctor! How can the Highest from the cough to the hospital put?? ?
Moreover, without your consent this can not be done!


Do not experiment - go to the doctor


My sonulka is 3 years old, when we cough we drink Asperil syrup and at night I smear a breast with honey or badger or bear fat, it is possible and other fat.


my very good helps: the banana floor grate (shallow) and pour half a cup of hot boiled water, all this is heated, but do not bring to a boil. eat before going to bed, at least warm (I do and immediately give). you get such a gruel.. . I still add a teaspoon of honey, but it's like a child perceives, some have an allergy, then you can sugar, so it's not disgusting.. . I feed from a spoon and read a book, in 10 minutes everything is swept away.. .
and that week helped us: just at the dacha there were suddenly a cough temperature and no drugs at all, even no aspirin! Well, they typed: leaves of currants, strawberries, mint, nettles, gooseberries and drank such infusion - everything as a hand took off!


The most simple "from a cough" 1 t 3 times a day to dissolve in tea. And if the temperature or strong cough should be biseptol (suspension) or bactrim or some kind of antibiotic. Also, give licorice root syrup with peppercorn, pozavariivat chest collection. A good remedy is a cough medicine for children. At me too often the child is ill, and in hospital at once begin to prick antibiotics. So if anything write, I'll be happy to help.

Marina Okuneva

If only begins - Syrup Althea, drinks with pleasure! You can make cockerels (remember, as a child - on a match of burnt sugar?), I delight over the edge, and my throat softens.
And so it is necessary to watch what cough, because different medications for different coughs. We were helped by dry powder, it's called-from a cough, you make it up and drink it. And so we are usually saved by Lazolvanom. Get well!

Elena Tsymbalova

the friends of the child were treated with only 3 months of what kind of drugs they did not try and helped to simplify the prescription for 3 days from traditional medicine is possible for children and adults: on the back and chest for the night, spread the mixture:
1 tbsp. a spoonful of honey
1 tbsp. l. vodka
1 tbsp. l. aloe juice
1 tbsp. fat (any what is in the house - oil fat - heated)
1 tbsp. l. garychica powder
should help my little markups can not drink any medicine

Inna Ignatova

Address all the same to the doctor, that would look and listen, and from the hospital in writing refuse - she did so. Forcibly you do not put it! I am a child from 4 months. treated bronchitis and tracheitis - immunopreparation IRS-19 - amazingly helped! By the way, bronchitis was treated at home - from hospitalization refused, but our district doctor came every day - for which she "thank you" great!

Vicks (syrup, powder, tablets) from a cough

Vicks from a coughVicks is a modern drug designed to eliminate the symptoms of respiratory diseases, among which, of course, there is a cough. This drug is sold in pharmacies without a prescription and at a price it is quite affordable. A lot of dosage forms of this remedy help to choose the optimal type for each patient.

Reviews of this medicine suggest that it is an active fighter with manifestations of symptoms and significantly simplifies the process of treatment, and the improvement from its administration occurs after the first use.

Composition and dosage form of preparations Vix from a cough

These cough remedies are available in a variety of forms, which differ in the way they are used and in dosage:

  • Viks in the treatment of coughViks Active cough syrup is a product with a variety of tastes, among which honey, ginger, raspberry and others. Produced in bottles of 120 and 180 ml. What is noteworthy, this syrup has even a children's formula, which is used in the treatment of babies, since their birth.
  • Vix powder - sachets, designed for dissolution in hot water. Lemon and raspberry flavor makes this a wonderful warm drink, used at night for warming.
  • Viks tablets from cough have an effervescent structure, which allows them to dissolve perfectly in water. They have lemon flavor and are allowed for use by children who have reached the age of two.
  • Vix ointment is a universal adjuvant, which is rubbed into the chest and warms the airways. It is produced in convenient cute jars, 50 g each. It is calculated for adults, as well as for children who have reached the age of two.

Despite the chosen form of the drug for cough, you will greatly alleviate the condition of the patient. This is evidenced by customer feedback and expert advice.

Recommendations for the treatment of drugs Vicks from a cough

Despite the simplicity of the produced forms of the medicine, they still require care with regard to their application. Here are some precautions that should be honored when treating:

  • Treatment of VieksWhen choosing a drug, it is necessary to take into account the form and severity of respiratory attacks. For example, a syrup will be more effective than an ointment. It will have immediate softening effect on the mucous membrane of the larynx. In turn, rubbing has a long-lasting effect, which makes them an excellent tool used to eliminate night attacks.
  • Before use, carefully study the composition of the drug. Vicks contains herbal extracts, which can cause banal allergies. Also, the individual intolerance of the components of the drug will be very deplorable.
  • Before treatment of children, we recommend that you get a preliminary consultation with your doctor. Some drugs have age limits and this must be taken into account.

Before treatment, you should always remember your safety. Do not be lazy to carefully study the instruction to the drug from cough and visit specialists who will help you in choosing the right medicines.


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