Bursitis joints: symptoms and treatment at home

Bursitis of the joints , is an inflammation of the mucous membranes of the joint bags. Cause: various injuries of the joints, their mechanical irritation and infection. In this publication we will analyze the types of bursitis of the joints, their symptoms and general principles of treatment, as well as how to treat bursitis and cure at home with folk remedies.


Causes of

The inflammation occurs in the synovial bag most often in the area of ​​the elbow joint( elbow joint) and the knee joint( knee joint), which is observed due to peculiaritiesprofessional activity( miners, engravers, watchmakers and others).Permanent mechanical action causes reactive inflammation of the bursa and the accumulation of exudate in it( serous bursitis).Penetration of foreign microorganisms into the bursa through microtraumas of the skin leads to the development of purulent bursitis. Microbes can also enter the bursa by the blood flow and lymphatic channels from nearby or distant foci.

Symptoms of bursitis of joints

Distinguish joint bursitis in the following forms and forms: acute and chronic.

Acute bursitis

With acute bursitis , a round, swollen, soft consistency is noted in place of the mucosa. Swelling is mobile, easily shifted to the sides. The walls of the bag are not soldered to the skin. The diameter of the swelling is usually 5-6 cm, but sometimes it reaches 9-10 cm. The pains are unstable and not very strong. The cavity of the joint bag is filled with a transparent or slightly yellowish liquid;with traumatic bursitis - often with an admixture of blood. When penetrating into the joint bag of the infection, purulent bursitis may develop. On the lymphatic vessels, the infection can spread to other organs and tissues, causing diseases such as erysipelas, abscesses, furunculosis.

With the timely treatment of pain and swelling gradually disappear, but often a tendency to relapse. At the slightest damage to the joint, the inflammation of the mucosa can develop again.

Chronic bursitis

Chronic bursitis is most often the result of an incomplete acute, as well as systematic mechanical irritation of the joint( miners, polishers, etc.).In chronic bursitis, all symptoms of the disease are usually smoothed, sometimes a large accumulation of fluid in the bag leads to the formation of a cystic cavity( hygroma).

Preventive measures are aimed at avoiding prolonged pressure on the mucous bag. When working with permanent trauma, special protective dressings should be worn on the joint.

Treatment of articular bursitis: general recommendations

Give the joint a full rest and do not think that you can work, overcoming pain.

Ice. Cold compresses .While the joint is hot, do not apply heat! Only after the joint feels the same as the surrounding skin, it can be warmed. A good effect is the ingestion of acetylsalicylic acid( 0.5 three times a day).

In chronic bursitis - a puncture with washing the cavity of the mucosa with a 2-5% solution of carbolic acid, solutions of Etacridine, Penicillin. Physiotherapeutic procedures( paraffin, ozocerite, mud, etc.) are also effective.

With purulent bursitis, an incision of the mucosa is necessary, followed by treatment of a purulent wound.

How to treat and how to cure bursitis at home

Traditional medicine advises home remedies for the treatment of bursitis.

Inside should take infusions and decoctions of herbs that have anti-inflammatory activity.

Well relieve pain compresses with castor oil. Oil should be applied to the affected joint, put cotton or woolen cloth on top, then a heating pad.

However, it is not recommended to treat bursitis on your own - consult a doctor surgeon and therapist! Accordingly, warn the doctor about the folk remedies used.

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Medical procedures and preparations

In the acute course of bursitis, complete rest of the joint is shown, pressing bandage on it, warming compresses on it, UHF and other thermal procedures. In chronic bursitis, a puncture is usually done( only a doctor can!), Followed by washing the cavity of the bag with disinfectant solutions and antibiotics. In stubborn cases, corticosteroids are injected into the cavity of the bag.

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