Inhalations of borzoi on coughing

What helps Borzhomi when coughing?

Borjomi with a coughOne of the first signs of a person having a cold, a viral infection and other diseases is often the appearance of a cough. While the disease is in the initial stage, and light reflex exhalations have not escalated into severe painful spasms of the respiratory tract, specialists recommend to facilitate their manifestations not with the help of pharmaceuticals, but using various traditional medicine. For example, the Borjomi mineral water from coughing both dry and wet helps perfectly. There are several ways to use it, helping to alleviate an unpleasant symptom.

How to drink Borjomi when coughing?

Before preparing the solution it is necessary to take into account that the composition is not subject to storage. This is due to the rapid loss of their healing properties. Therefore, it must be done in the volume required only for a single use, and drink immediately after preparation.

The recipe for a cough with Borjomi is quite simple:

  • Borjomi with milk from a coughOf the mineral water Borjomi produce gases. Doing this faster helps her transfusion into another container and stirring with a spoon for several minutes. If there is no special hurry, then the bottle is opened in the evening and left in such condition for the night.
  • Preheat Borjomi in a water bath to 50 degrees. In microwave it is forbidden to do this, since mineral water loses its healing properties.
  • Milk is heated to the same temperature. You can do this on an open fire and an electric stove. It is better to take a home product, more fatty.
  • Connect both fluids in equal amounts, mix.
  • Milk and warm Borzhomi from a cough drink in small sips. For one approach, you need to use 1/2 cup. A total of 3-4 times a day is taken.
  • The taste of the solution is brackish. If desired, you can sweeten it by adding a teaspoon of honey. If the patient strongly pershit in the throat, then in a warm solution is recommended to put a small piece of butter.

After using the composition, you need to roll into the blanket and sweat properly.

Treatment of cough: Borjomi for inhalations

It is possible to remove the intensity of reflex respiratory tract cramps not only with the use of this healing mineral water inside. Great effect is provided by inhalation procedures. To get rid of cough, you need:

  • Inhalations with borzoi on coughingRelease gases from Borjomi.
  • Pour liquid into the nebulizer (special device for inhalation) and breathe the resulting suspension for 5-7 minutes. If the procedure for coughing is carried out for the child, then the time should be cut in half.
  • In the absence of a nebulizer, you can use a conventional saucepan. 250 ml Borjomi poured into a container and heated on fire to 50 degrees. The liquid is removed from the plate. Cover the head and the pan with a towel. It takes from 7 to 10 minutes to breathe the steam. Children should not spend more than 3 minutes on this procedure.

Inhalations with Borjomi with a cough should be done no later than two hours before going out.

Treatment of a cough with mineral water Borjomi: the pros and cons

When using this liquid to get rid of the sharp spastic exhalations and reduce their intensity, there are positive and negative moments.


  • Borjomi from a coughThe composition creates an alkaline environment in the body, which has a harmful effect on pathogenic microorganisms.
  • Mineral water Borjomi perfectly dilutes sputum, accelerates the process of its exit from the body.
  • Borjomi effectively removes coughing spasms, promotes moisturizing, warming, calming irritated mucous airways and throat.
  • The remedy is quite affordable. It is sold in almost all pharmacies and stores.
  • Such treatment can be used even during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

It should be noted that the use of Borjomi mineral water with milk from cough has its disadvantages, although rarely, but concerning some people:

  • When you use the composition inside, you sometimes develop digestive system disorders.
  • Symptomatic treatment with this medication is contraindicated in lung diseases characterized by fever and cardiovascular pathologies.
  • It is not recommended to use such methods of getting rid of sharp spastic exhalations with gout, diabetes, arthritis, migraine.

Before using Borjomi for coughing babies should always get a consultation with a doctor.

Despite the ease of use and effectiveness of Borjomi mineral water, one should not consider it a panacea for coughing and ignore going to the hospital. It is important to remember that this folk remedy is only an additional symptomatic way of treatment. It does not relieve the patient of the underlying ailment causing coughing. Only a visit to the doctor will ensure a quick recovery and great health.

Inhalations with Borjomi

inhalation with Borjomi

Like any mineral water, Borjomi is good for health. It is recommended to drink with obesity, diabetes, cystitis, chronic gastritis, ulcer of the stomach and duodenum and other diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Very effective and inhalation with Borjomi. Minerals contained in water are saved from cough and runny nose in bronchitis, laryngitis, sinusitis, rhinosinusitis, pneumonia, asthma, fungal respiratory system diseases.

Benefits of inhalations with Borjomi nebulizer

Naturally, inhalations alone for complete recovery will not be enough. But in the complex treatment they are prescribed by many doctors. The principle of the procedure is simple: during the time when mineral water evaporates, the beneficial trace elements from it quickly penetrate into the nasopharynx, throat, and bronchi. This helps if necessary to remove the inflammation and remove unnecessary slime.

Inhalations with Borjomi - the procedure is absolutely natural. And the minerals released during evaporation for the organism do not present any harm at all.

How to do inhalation with Borjomi in a nebulizer with a dry and wet cough?

Prepare for inhalation is as simple as doing it:

  1. Remove gas from the water. This is quite a few hours. But experts advise leaving the bottle with Borjomi open for the whole night.inhalation with Borzhomi with dry cough
  2. Fill about 5 ml of liquid in a special tank.
  3. Do not breathe steam for more than ten minutes.

Since there are no contraindications to the use of a nebulizer, it is possible to do inhalation with Borjomi every hour. During the procedure, the water should not be heated above 50 degrees. Hotter air can burn the airways.

While you can not completely get rid of a cough and a cold, it's better to limit yourself to long walks along the street (especially in the cold season). And in any case you can not leave the house immediately after the procedure.

Inhalation for cough: what to do and with what is better

It's not a secret that one of the most effective ways to cure a cough is steam procedures - inhalations. As you know, when you inhale the vapors of essential oils, Borjomi, infusions of plants, decoctions of herbs, an internal moist environment, so you can easily get rid of sputum, which is especially important with a dry cough.

The science does not know for sure who made the first inhalation in the runny nose and cough, but the method has become popular, has become popular, and now the recipes are widely represented in the literature.

When coughing, inhalation can be differentiated into 2 types:

  1. natural (natural),
  2. artificial.

When coughing, natural inhalations are inhalation of highland, sea or coniferous air. In such natural favorable conditions, the human body receives, together with air, microelements that are positively affect the condition of organs and systems, and also serve as effective preventive measures against various diseases.

People who are sick with respiratory ailments often do not have the ability to perform natural inhalations, they resort to the use of funds for inhalation from cough.

Recently, many scientists have been thinking about the benefits of inhalation from coughing. Therefore, now produced devices that purify and ionize the air, which helps with a dry and barking cough.

inhalation for coughFor inhalation from cough apply special medical devices, which are called inhalers. The main effect of the devices is the provision of ingestion of medicines into the human body.

Previously, for cough inhalation, cumbersome mechanisms were used, which was inconvenient to use. Now on sale there are compact models of devices - nebulizers, allowing to make inhalations at a cough in any conditions.

The most common device for inhalation when coughing is a usual pot on fire with hot water, as well as essential oils of chamomile, thyme, pine, sage, menthol, fir oil and eucalyptus. With a dry or barking cough, you can choose any oil or Borjomi.

If you follow all the rules, then inhalation from cough will achieve a lasting result in the fight against the disease:

  • Inhalation from a cough is performed one hour before a meal,
  • after the procedure is complete, one can not eat, and load the vocal cords,
  • when treating the nose, you need to inhale steam with your nose;
  • inhalation for coughing means breathing through the mouth, exhaling through the nose,
  • for inhalation of cough enough 5-15 minutes,
  • Therapeutic course of inhalation with cough is approximately 10 procedures.

Inhalation from a cough, performed independently without taking into account the actual state, often leads to negative consequences, for example, an allergy to the components of the medicine.

Than to do or make inhalations at tussis everyone solves itself, but is better to consult in advance with the doctor.

Cough inhalation

Cough is considered the most common symptom of all colds. When a cough appeared, it is best to start steam treatments. Inhalation from cough has a curative effect, which is achieved through the influence of warm air on the respiratory tract. Inhalation from a cough has the following properties:

  1. improves blood circulation,
  2. dilutes viscous mucus,
  3. reduces discomfort in the throat.

Inhalation with dry cough

With a dry cough directly in the walls of the respiratory system, the inflammatory process proceeds. Infectious agents actively multiply and are not removed from the human body.

When the superficial mucous layer of the respiratory tract is destroyed, the elimination of the decay products begins as from the bronchi, as well as the inflammation of the tissues. With all this, the causative agents of the disease are derived, this facilitates the rapid clearance of bronchi from infection. Thus, these organs recover.

Inhalation with a cold and coughing, for example, with Borjomi or other mineral water, transforms the sputum into a liquid state, which is extremely important for dry coughing. There are recipes that are aimed specifically at diluting pathological fluids in the bronchi.

inhalation from dry coughFor inhalations from a dry type cough, medicinal solutions are used to facilitate the production of sputum from the bronchi. One of the most popular drugs is Ambroxol.

Ambroxol is a medicinal product that has expectorant and mucolytic properties. With Ambroxol, inhalations with cough are very effective, the remedy can be applied orally.

For inhalation from cough, you need to take Ambroxol's solution of the prescribed dosage, as well as Borjomi or saline solution, pour into the reservoir and turn on the device.

The vapors are inhaled with a mask that is placed on the face, as the patient is comfortable. In addition, you can inhale the healing cloud with a tube placed in your mouth. For inhalation from coughing, do not take deep breaths, as this can cause dizziness, breathing should be as usual.

The smallest parts of the solution coming from the device quickly penetrate and stay in the bronchi, helping them produce a surfactant.

In most cases, Ambroxol is well tolerated by patients, however, sometimes the following negative manifestations may occur:

  1. nausea,
  2. vomiting,
  3. dry mouth,
  4. allergy.

If at least one of the above signs of side effects occurs, it is necessary to carry out the procedures only after the doctor's permission.

Inhalation with cough with medicinal solution is the most effective treatment for dry cough.

Inhalation with a damp cough

Steam procedures are suitable for a damp cough. For inhalation from coughing is peculiar:

  • warming of the respiratory tract,
  • moistening of inflamed organs,
  • facilitating waste and dilution of sputum.

For inhalations from cough apply medicinal herbs and Borjomi. Most often choose:

  1. thyme,
  2. mint,
  3. chamomile,
  4. mother-and-stepmother.

From a cough for inhalation, you need to take 2 tablespoons of herbs, steam it with two cups of boiling water, hold the inhalation. After that, the broth should be infused and filtered. In the future, you can drink it in half a glass several times a day.

Inhalation from cough will become even more effective if the decoction of grass is improved Borjomi, Validol or balm "Asterisk". Decoction of the grass with these ingredients can not drink.

For inhalation from cough, you need to do the following:

  • use special devices,
  • roll a paper tube and breathe through it,
  • cover your head with a warm cloth and breathe over a plate with a decoction of herbs. In this case, you must be careful not to overturn the plate,
  • inhalation from coughing is not carried out at high arterial pressure and over boiling water.

Treatment with nebulizer

Inhalations from coughing at home with a nebulizer are the most effective method of treatment and prevention of this unpleasant phenomenon.

The nebulizer is better than other inhalers in that it can release a vapor cloud that gives drugs or medicinal herbs. The nebulizer produces particles equal to 1 micron.

Treatment with nebulizerSuch a small size is needed for antitussive drugs and herbs to go to the alveoli. When the particles of the medicine enter the body, the therapeutic effect immediately begins, and no harm is done to the body.

Using a nebulizer, the patient has the opportunity to choose medicines. It can be various drugs, Borjomi or herbs. All components are easily combined with each other.

Clinical trials show that the use of such a device significantly speeds up the recovery process. This device can be used for patients with bronchial asthma.

Cough for inhalation with a nebulizer can be easily disposed of, as immediately a stroke of suffocation is removed and breathing is facilitated. The procedure is absolutely noiseless, painless, it can be carried out at any time.

Cough inhalation nebulizer means using special ready-made solutions and Borjomi.

Recipes for thermal procedures

Solutions for inhalation for coughing can vary significantly. Their composition directly depends on the variety of cough.

With a dry cough, sputum and mucus are discharged, inhalation from cough with Borjomi is indicated. At the beginning of the disease, you can use potatoes for cough inhalation. The procedure will remove the hoarseness of the voice, soften the nasopharynx and make expectoration productive.

When violations of the bronchi for inhalation of cough can be used recipes with Borzhomi, garlic or turpentine. And how to do it all, the video in this article will show.

How correctly to do inhalations with "Borjomi"?

"Borjomi" from Georgia gained its popularity in the former USSR. Hydrocarbonate-sodium water with natural mineralization from the city of the same name is used for the treatment of gastrointestinal tract, and also with such diseases as gastritis, pancreatitis, stomach or duodenal ulcer, enterocolitis and liver diseases. However, its use is possible not only as a table water.


Inhalations with "Borjomi" for coughing, pharyngitis, pneumonia, bacterial and fungal infections of the respiratory tract are used quite often. Due to the large content of cations and anions, a therapeutic effect is provided.

inhalation with Borjomi

Also in the period of infection with many diseases, inhalations will help to increase the body's resistance. Stability of application of this method will lead only to a good result.

How to do?

How to do inhalation with Borjomi? Before the procedure, you should release the gas from the mineral water, it is advisable to leave the bottle open at night. If this is not possible, then a couple of hours can suffice. To do this, pour the water into a container and stir until the bubbles completely disappear. If you use an inhaler, then the water should be heated to 37 ° C. The duration of the procedure should be from 10-15 minutes, with the first half of the time you need to breathe through the mouth, and the second half through the nose. The frequency of inhalation is 3-5 times a day. The course is usually prescribed by a doctor, however most often the duration is from 4 to 5 days.

inhalation with Borjomi for children

Remember that inhalation during the acute period of the disease is prohibited, especially if you have a fever. Also, you should wait for a pause after eating and exercise. In pharmacies, you can buy inhalers, which for you warm water to a certain temperature, and you will only have to breathe. The most common version of such a device is steam. The advantage is that you can add any herbs or oils without fear of damaging the surface of the heating element.

In the nebulizer

Use "Borjomi" for inhalations in the nebulizer is allowed more often. And with this method there are no contra-indications by age. Water should be heated to 35 ° C, pour, depending on your device, from 3 to 5 ml. It under the action of a nebulizer will be transformed into an aerosol. Breathe here you need through a special attachment, which is included in the kit. Thanks to the nebulizer, the drug cloud penetrates easily into the lungs and bronchi, thus ensuring a quick recovery.

how to do inhalation with Borjomi

There are compressor, ultrasonic and mesh-nebulizers. Compressor - massive, heavy and very noisy. Ultrasound - compact, almost noiseless, but they do not allow the addition of antibiotics and hormones, in contrast to the compressor.

inhalation with Borjomi for children how to do

Mesh-nebulizers allow to conduct inhalations at an inclination, are very practical because of their small size and are simply irreplaceable for people suffering from seasonal allergic reactions.

With herbs

Inhalations with "Borjomi", reviews of which people leave mostly polzhitelnye, have an expectorant property, but with the addition of eucalyptus, St. John's wort or chamomile, it increases. Then the result will be visible in the coming days. Pairs of mineral water will soften the upper respiratory tract, help to remove irritation and accelerate the recovery process.

Old method

If there is no inhaler or nebulizer at home, the old proven method will do. In a normal pan, you need to pour 250 ml of water in which there is already no gas. Warm up to 50 degrees on the stove, then remove from the stove, bend over the water and cover the head with a large towel. Inhale couples need about 10 minutes, children - 3-5 minutes. Be careful, very hot water can cause a burn, and if it is cold, there will not be a therapeutic effect.

For children

Inhalations with Borjomi for children are quite a difficult test, they rarely go quietly. Sitting in one place and breathing in pairs is a very difficult task, therefore it is recommended to purchase a nebulizer for these purposes.

inhalation with borzoi on coughing

If the child is often sick, it will help to recover faster, and also to carry out seasonal prevention of respiratory diseases.

How many times a day do you need to inhale with Borjomi for children? How to do them correctly? Frequency of procedures should not exceed 3-4 times a day, and duration - 5 minutes. In order to distract the child, turn on the TV or ask him to listen to some song. Having reduced activity, interest him with something to make inhalations more useful. After the procedure, it is undesirable that the baby immediately started running or jumping. Need a little rest (play quiet games, watch cartoons, etc.)

Contraindications for inhalation with Borjomi

  1. Mental personality disorders.
  2. Problems with the heart, in which the patient has a strong puffiness.
  3. Hypertension.
  4. Renal failure.
  5. Various diseases of the stomach.
  6. Alcoholism.

In pregnancy

Is it possible to do inhalation with Borjomi pregnant or lactating? Here the answer is unequivocal - yes. Some drugs are forbidden for admission to this important period for women, since they have many side effects. Inhalations are not included in this list. On the contrary, during the season of colds they will help not to catch or quickly recover in case of illness. Microelements contained in water, will help strengthen the body of mother and child. For best effect, it is recommended to carry out the procedure at night. So all the substances will get into the body, and while you sleep, they will start to act.


For your complete and speedy recovery is not recommended to walk in the cold air, especially after inhalation with mineral water. Refrain from hiking on the street for several days. If you still need to go out, wait until 2-3 hours pass from the last inhalation with Borjomi. When you are in the street, do not breathe with your mouth. The fact is that cold air, coming through the nose, is more warmed by passing through the airways than through the mouth.

These inhalations are completely harmless, and in this their plus, useful substances quickly penetrate into the lungs and facilitate rapid separation of phlegm.

To engage in self-medication with cough or other diseases of the respiratory system is prohibited. All procedures should be prescribed by your doctor, from whom you are observed. After all, only he knows the reaction of your body to drugs and methods of treatment. He will tell you when you can start inhalation with Borjomi. Since in the acute period they can harm you. Often inhalations are prescribed together with the course of medications. Do not interrupt their reception, if you feel relieved after a couple of procedures with mineral water. To maintain immunity, many recommend drinking Borjomi (but only after consulting a doctor).

nalations with Borjomi reviews

So the healing properties will help in the work of the stomach, kidneys and other organs of the digestive tract, weakened by the disease. Be careful when buying water in dubious stores. Counterfeits of Borjomi can be found even in expensive ones. Since this brand has proved itself many years ago, its reliability has been proven and tested, and scammers use this to rush out ordinary water for an expensive brand. Inspect the bottle, the present is made of quality glass, there are no coarse seams, the deer's mark has clear boundaries, and the cork is an even carving and pattern. Buy water in pharmacies, where you can meet forgery, but much less often.

How does Borjomi help cough?

How does Borjomi help cough?

In the treatment of cough, the mineral water of Borjomi can help. Due to the alkaline composition, it is able to moisten and soothe the mucous, eliminating irritations in the throat. To strengthen the healing effect, folk medicine advises drinking Borjomi with milk.

"Borjomi" with a cough

Traditional medicine recommends using Borjomi with a dry cough. Mineral waters on alkaline basis soothe the mucous membrane of the respiratory tract, promote the production of sputum. It is necessary to consult a doctor beforehand, since cough can be a symptom of such a serious disease as tuberculosis. It is necessary to realize that folk methods of treatment are just auxiliary measures, which in no way will replace the basic therapy.

When coughing, it is useful to use Borjomi without gases and milk. Mineral water must be poured into a small container and wait until the gases come out. To accelerate the process from time to time, stir the liquid. After that, the water should be slightly heated to a temperature of 30 - 32oC. It is better to use a water bath. Do not put mineral water in the microwave, because water can lose useful substances.

Milk must be boiled, cooled to 50oC, and then mixed with Borjomi in a 1: 1 ratio. The mixture is consumed 1/3 cup before meals three times a day. To improve the taste of the drink, you can add honey to it in a small amount. With acute pain in the throat, the presence of a feeling of dryness in the mixture add a little cocoa butter or butter. "Borjomi" can be replaced with another alkaline mineral water or simply add a small amount of baking soda (5 mg per 1 cup) to warm milk.

Benefits and harms of "Borjomi" with milk

Taking "Borjomi" with milk, you can reduce the intensity of coughing attacks and improve the processes of sputum discharge, facilitating the condition. Mineral water allows you to create an alkaline environment in which the pathogenic microflora is killed. Thus, the reception of a warm mineral water accelerates the healing process. "Borjomi" with milk can be used for inhalation. To prepare the liquid, the same proportions are used - mineral water with milk 1 to 1. A warm drink should be poured into the inhaler and breathed for 5-7 minutes several times a day.

It should be borne in mind that mineral water with milk when ingested can cause indigestion. In young children, this remedy can be used only after consulting a doctor. Mineral water is contraindicated in diseases of the lungs, accompanied by an increase in temperature, with violations of cardiac activity. It is undesirable to use it for diabetes, migraine, gout and arthritis.

Inhalation with bronchitis, laryngitis - steam inhalations, nebulizer

When treating bronchitis, pharyngitis, laryngitis, tracheobronchitis, bronchial asthma, acute, chronic, obstructive bronchitis in adults and children in the composition complex therapy is very effective to use various inhalations of medicinal products, special solutions, medicinal herbs.

It is especially convenient to carry out inhalations with bronchitis using an ultrasonic inhaler - a nebulizer, a compressor inhaler, which in pharmacy networks have a wide choice.

The peculiarity of their use is that not all of them can use oily and herbal solutions, but only purified special pharmacy medicinal solutions or mineral water.

So, there are 2 ways of carrying out inhalations:

  • With the help of special devices - inhalers, nebulizers (ultrasonic type, compressor, combined)
  • Steam inhalations - with the help of a container and hot medicinal solution or with a kettle with a paper funnel, put on a teapot spout.

The main task of inhalation therapy in the treatment of diseases of the respiratory system:

  • liquefaction of the larynx, pharynx, nose
  • airway mucosa
  • when using drugs - bronchodilator effect, expectorant, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, decongestant
  • improvement of blood supply and microcirculation of the mucosa - this helps in the early regeneration of tissues

Important! In the presence of inflammatory processes of purulent nature - angina, sinusitis, sinusitis, apply hot steam inhalations it is impossible, because with purulent processes, warming promotes a faster growth of pathogenic microorganisms. Steam inhalations can be used only with prolonged runny nose, pharyngitis (without purulent foci), laryngitis.

Steam inhalation with bronchitis, laryngitis - pro and contra

There comes a cold, rainy weather, and most of the young children and weakened adults - catch a cold and catch a viral infection. As a result - a runny nose, sore throat, bronchitis, laryngitis and other respiratory diseases.

Steam inhalations are the oldest and most popular form of inhalation, but it should be used only on the advice of a doctor, since in all cases the positive effect of their use will exceed the adverse consequences, because:

  • With inflammation of the respiratory tract, the vessels are dilated, that is, the outflow of blood is slowed, and the influx is increased, which is manifested by nasal congestion, swelling of the larynx, pharynx. Hot steam with inhalation moisturizes and warms the mucous membrane, which of course contributes to the liquefaction of mucus and its better separation, but, as a rule, not for long. As after heating, the vessels expand, which increases the swelling, loosening the mucosa.
  • The heating and looseness of the inflamed tissues and mucous membrane in turn can provoke the multiplication of pathogenic bacteria and their penetration into the deeper parts of the respiratory system.

There are some rules - common for any inhalation, these are:

  • Begin inhalation only after half an hour after physical exertion.
  • The procedure should last at least 5-10 minutes, but not more.
  • Do not inhale immediately after meals, preferably 1-2 hours after eating, it is natural to talk neither during inhalation, nor after it for half an hour. Also, immediately after the procedure, you can not drink or eat.
  • With laryngitis, inhalation should be done through the mouth, and exhaled through the nose.
  • Breathe should be as calm, free, not deep.
  • Do not use inhalation with laryngitis, bronchitis over boiling medicinal solution.
  • If you are prescribed several medicines for inhalation, the following rules should be observed:
    1. First, bronchodilators
    2. After 15 minutes, expectorants
    3. When the sputum is gone - antiseptic and anti-inflammatory drugs.

Steam inhalation with herbs, garlic, onions

It should be very careful when carrying out steam inhalations from medicinal herbs, essential oils, especially in children, since it is possible to develop allergic reactions, bronchospasm. People prone to allergies (pollinosis) and individual sensitivity to other irritants, apply herbs and essential oils for inhalations is not advisable, and even dangerous.

In conventional ultrasonic and compression inhalers, decoctions of herbs can not be used, however in an inhaler the Dolphin F1000 is allowed their application with the proviso that the broth will be pre-filtered well and use the Rapidflay 2 RF2 sprayer.

  • For steam inhalation with medicinal herbs, such as: chamomile, sage, St. John's wort, calendula, raspberry leaves, Ledum marsh, peppermint, leaves of coltsfoot, leaves eucalyptus, juniper, oregano, pine buds, first you should make a decoction, give him a half-hour infusion, then add to infusion of boiling water and pour the solution into a small container. Breathe should be covered with a large towel.
  • You can use a teapot for steam inhalation, the water in which does not reach the beginning of the neck, but breathe directly over the neck of the kettle, putting on it a paper cone for inhaling medicinal vapors. Breathe should be exactly as usual, without taking too deep breaths.
  • You can also add a little chopped garlic or onions to the inhalation solution. They contain many phytoncides, natural antiseptics, these are natural medicinal antimicrobial agents.
  • Effective inhalation with saline solutions - 3 tbsp. tablespoons sea salt / liter of water. And also 1 hour. spoon of baking soda on a glass of boiling water.
  • In the absence of allergies, you can use essential oils - pine oil, Altai and Himalayan cedar oil, eucalyptus butter, tea tree oil, juniper oil, thuya oil, but only 3-5 drops should be added to a glass of water.

Dry inhalation of sea salt

If in the stupa finely grind sea salt, heat it in a frying pan, then pour hot powder into a small container - you can also breathe over such salt powder, periodically mixing it. This dry salt inhalation is very effective for bronchitis and any cough.

Inhalation with a dry cough or cough with a viscous, difficult to separate sputum
  • The collection includes: 15 grams of elderberry flowers, mullein flowers scepeter-like. Pour the floor with a liter of boiling water, insist an hour, filter.Inhalation in bronchitis
  • In the composition: 1 gram of thermopsis grass, 20 grams of primrose leaves, poured a glass of boiling water, insist hour, filter.
  • In the composition: 10 grams of leaves of mother-and-stepmother, plantain, ledum, also filled with a glass of boiling water, insisted for an hour, filtered.
  • In the composition: 25 grams of chamomile, the kidneys of pine, the floor is filled with a liter of boiling water, it is insisted for one hour, filtered.
  • In the composition: 10 grams of chamomile, licorice, sage, eucalyptus leaf, string, calendula, pour the mixture with a glass of boiling water, leave in a thermos for 2 hours.

Inhalation with nebulizer for bronchitis

How to do inhalation with bronchitis? It is best to use nebulizers that create aerosols from medicines without raising the temperature of the solution. There are different models of such devices that differ in particle size in an aerosol cloud:

  • Srednodispersny aerosol - it is used for inhalation in bronchitis, bronchial asthma, for the treatment of pneumonia. Particle size 2-4 microns, they are able to penetrate deeply into the lower respiratory tract, without lingering in the upper ones.
  • Large-dispersed aerosol - used for tracheitis, laryngitis, for the treatment of common cold and pharyngitis. The particle size is 5-20 microns, so they do not penetrate into the deep parts of the respiratory system, but concentrate on the mucous upper tracts - trachea, nose, pharynx.

To date, ready-made dosage forms have proved to be well suited for inhalation laryngitis or bronchitis alone at home under the recommendation of a doctor if there is a home inhaler. Such means include:

  • Inhalation by Lazalvan(Ambroxol) and Ambrobene

Lazolvan - a very effective tool, which includes hydrochloride Ambroxol, it promotes diluting sputum, making it less viscous, which helps the bronchial mucosa to get rid of it more quickly.

They are used for acute and chronic bronchitis for inhalations, for children over 6 years and for adults 3 ml for each inhalation 2 r / day, for children 2-6 years, 2 ml of solution, for children under 2 years, 1 ml.

To create an inhalation solution, the drug is diluted with saline 1/1, such inhalations can not be done more 5 days, and also combine with the use of antitussive drugs - Libexin, Codeine, Sinekod - instruction, Broncholitin and others. The use of Ambroxol is more effective than Ambrobene, and both drugs improve the absorption of antibiotics.

  • Inhalation with mineral water

Weakly alkaline waters such as Borjomi, Narzan moisturize the mucosa of the respiratory tract from the oropharynx to the smallest bronchi, dilute bronchial secretion and soften catarrhal phenomena, so they are good for inhalation in bronchitis for children and adults. To make 1 inhalation, you do not need 4 ml mineral water, you can do the procedure 4 times a day.

  • Inhalation ACS Injection and Fluimucil

It is used when the sputum is removed from the lower respiratory tract, to facilitate the departure of the mucous secretion in the upper respiratory tract. Dosages for babies 2-6 years 1-2 ml. 1-2 r / day, children 6-12 years - 2 ml., Over 12 years and adults 3 ml of ATSTS solution for 1 inhalation, also 2 times a day. Dilute the drug should be 1/1 with saline, do not inhale for more than 10 days.

  • Chlorophyllitis inhalations

To make inhalation with this drug, use its 1% solution, and dilute 1/10 with saline solution. It is an extract of eucalyptus, which has unique antiseptic properties. For inhalation take 3 ml. diluted solution, make inhalation 3 r / day.

  • Rhotokan Inhalations

This anti-inflammatory drug, based on extracts of chamomile, calendula and yarrow, is applied as inhalations for laryngitis, bronchitis, acute diseases of the upper and middle respiratory tract. To make inhalation, you should dilute the medicine 1/40 (1 ml. solution and 40 ml. saline solution), then 3 times a day, inhalation 4 ml. of the resulting mixture.

  • Inhalation Tonsilgon H and extract of calendula

Tonsilgon is also a homeopathic drug, it can also be used for inhalation with laryngitis. The extract of calendula can be added to steam inhalation or through a nebulizer, diluting 1/40 with saline.

Inhalation with nebulizer for obstructive bronchitis

Inhalations with such bronchitis can not be carried out with medicinal plants and other plant components, as well as essential oils, since most often obstructive bronchitis is allergic and excessive allergization will only aggravate the bronchial condition, increase swelling and spasm. Therefore, inhalations with mineral water, soda, saline inhalations and with special bronchodilators medicines, dosage, the multiplicity of procedures which should be indicated by the attending physician.

  • Inhalation by Berodualbronchodilator. Berodual for inhalations, for today is the most popular and very effective remedy with minimal side effects effects, it prevents suffocation when bronchial obstruction occurs during an infectious disease or an asthmatic attack.
  • Inhalation by Berotek. This drug is used to eliminate bouts of bronchial asthma, as well as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. The time between inhalations should not be less than four hours.
  • Salbutamol- Analogues Salgim, Nebula, Ventolin exists in the form of pocket inhalers, and also in the form of a solution for a home inhaler. It is used for relief of asthma attacks in emergency cases in children and adults, but it is much inferior to Berotek in effectiveness.
  • Atrovent -this drug is less effective than salbutamol and Berotek, but it is the most safe, therefore inhalation with it can be given to children in case of obstructive bronchitis, but only on the recommendation of a doctor. The effect of the action becomes maximum after an hour and lasts 6 hours.

After inhalation, a person should sit quietly for a while, it is better to lie down, and there should be no sharp differences air temperatures, drafts, open windows, and definitely can not go out immediately after the procedure.

What are the benefits of inhalations with mineral water?

Inhaler with mineral waterWith the onset of cold weather, the human body is attacked by a multitude of harmful microbes and viruses, the consequence of which are catarrhal diseases. In the fight against the virus, a person uses various means, and as a rule, the simpler the methods of treatment, the less confidence they cause in people. However, this is not the case with inhalations, because they have proven effective for a long time. Now in place of the pan with potatoes came a special inhaler. And such a simple substance as mineral water, in no way inferior in effectiveness to essential oils and medicines. Inhalations with mineral water have many advantages. Therefore, all need to know what is useful for such inhalations, and how to do them.

Is mineral water so effective?


With the help of an inhaler nebulizer inhalation can be carried out at home

The benefit of breathing a mineral water vapor is undeniable. Before ultrasonic inhalers became universally available, people visited special physiotherapy rooms for inhalation procedures, including those based on mineral water. However, going to the doctor is a necessity to go out on the street, which is especially dangerous in the cold season. And, as you know, after the procedure you can not stay in the cold air for several hours. Thus, a visit to a polyclinic calls into question the real benefits of inhalation with mineral water. To conduct a procedure at home can be easy and simple, despite the presence or absence of a nebulizer.

Mineral water is used to treat colds in which the upper respiratory tract is affected. You can do this in two ways:

  • regularly rinse the sore throat;
  • to carry out inhalations.

Inhalation is a way of introducing beneficial mineral water into the lungs, which helps to cope with inflammatory processes and alleviates the symptoms of the disease.

Mineral water contains useful substances, which, evaporating, easily penetrate into the lungs. Using mineral water, do not be afraid of its harmful effects on the body, since mineral water is a natural product, so it can not harm the body.

Inhalations with mineral water are used to treat diseases of the upper respiratory tract. As a rule, they are prescribed for the treatment of bronchitis, asthma, the effects of pneumonia. Such physiotherapeutic procedures have a beneficial effect on the mucosa of the respiratory tract, reduce the inflammatory process, promote liquefaction and separation of sputum from the bronchi, soften irritation when coughing.

How to do inhalation with mineral water?

Mineral water

For inhalation suitable carbon dioxide, radon, hydrogen sulfide mineral water

For inhalation various mineral waters are used:

  • carbonic;
  • radon;
  • hydrogen sulphide.

The most commonly used mineral waters are Borjomi, Essentuki, Narzan, Staraya Russa and others. To achieve a positive result, it is necessary to perform correctly all stages of inhalation with mineral water:

  1. First of all, you must first prepare mineral water. For this, we must release gas from it. It is best to do this in advance, leaving the water in an open dish for the night. If there is no such possibility, then let the gas evaporate at least 2 hours before the procedure.
  2. The most effective way of using mineral water during inhalations is to use an ultrasonic inhaler. This facilitates the procedure in terms of preparation: no need to get additional dishes, a towel, warm water. After all, such simple, at first glance, actions bring considerable discomfort to the patient, who only has enough strength to stay in bed.
  3. The inhaler should be disinfected before use. Then you need to collect 5 ml of mineral water and pour it into the reservoir of the inhaler. Breathing of secreted therapeutic particles should be 5-10 minutes. The procedure time for children is reduced by about half.
  4. In the absence of a special inhaler, you can replace it with the old traditional method. To do this, the mineral water is poured into a saucepan and heated to 40 degrees. The temperature below this will not give the desired therapeutic effect, and a high temperature can lead to burns of the airways.
  5. When the liquid is heated to the desired temperature, you need to bend over the pan, cover from above with a thick enough towel and breathe steam for 5-7 minutes. Children have enough and 3 minutes. This procedure should be repeated about 5-7 times a day, and children, respectively, half as much.

Considering the fact that mineral water does not have a side effect, you can not be afraid to repeat the procedure regularly until full recovery.

When treating with inhalation with mineral water, you must either completely abandon walks, or reduce the time spent in the fresh air.

It is important to remember that after the procedure must pass at least 2 hours before being allowed to leave the house. If you go out immediately after inhalation, then you can catch a cold even more.

This is primarily due to temperature changes: heated air, which has passed through the respiratory tract into the lungs, should not be sharply replaced by cold, and even more frosty, air from the street.

Mineral inhalation

Mineral inhalations have no side effects, are easy to apply

Simple stages of independent inhalation in the home, nevertheless, show the high effectiveness of the procedure: the bronchi are cleared of phlegm, resulting in coughing. In addition, the nasopharynx is cleared, making it easier for the common cold. This is especially true for babies, which can be difficult to blow your nose.

Inhalations with mineral water are one of the simplest and most effective ways to treat all the symptoms of a cold. It is suitable for adults and children alike. Having checked once the effectiveness of the method in practice, many people invariably use it when a cold occurs.

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