Treatment of gastritis with folk methods

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Gastritis is a disease of the stomach inflammatory nature, accompanied by damage to the superficial cells of the mucous membrane and deeper layers. Treatment of gastritis with folk remedies does not replace medicinal prescriptions, but it is intended to help eliminate pathology and prevent passage to an ulcer.

The most convenient period for using alternative therapies is to eliminate the acute phase of inflammation and the transition of the disease to a prolonged recurrent course, when the symptoms become dull, but at times the patients feel aching epigastric pains, nausea, belching, heartburn, and after eating, there is a feeling of heaviness in the upper abdomen.

Disorder of bowel functions( diarrhea and constipation) sometimes worries patients more than painful manifestations. In order to effectively use folk remedies against gastritis and not to resist the positive result obtained from medicines, healers must take into account the acidity of the gastric juice, the form of gastritis.

The main directions of the use of people's councils

Traditional medicine is very attentive to dietary recommendations. It does not make sense to take purchased or cooked phytopreparations, not observing a diet that prevents the gastric mucosa from irritation and stress.

The most effective remedies and medications are not able to cure the disease, if the patient does not quit smoking, continue to consume alcohol, fatty, fried and spicy food. Treatment of gastritis with increased secretion will require methods of binding the acid and protecting the mucosa.

And with a decrease in acidity, atrophic process, on the contrary, it is necessary to stimulate the remaining glandular cells in the stomach, to support the restoration of the lost epithelium. From herbal remedies in folk treatment of gastritis dry herbs, leaves, roots, flowers, fruits are used. Selected part of the plant, which maximizes the accumulation of useful properties.

There are not always sufficient conditions for self-collection and drying of the house. Therefore, it is better to buy ingredients in the pharmacy. So you can be sure of proper growing, absence of impurities from the polluted environment.

Often gastritis is a secondary pathology and develops against a background of chronic cholecystitis, pancreatitis, enterocolitis. An example may be reflux gastritis, associated with a reverse casting of the contents of the duodenum. To normalize the work of sphincters, coordination of the motility of the stomach and intestines, the means that remove spasm of muscles, cholagogue are used.

Special attention needs treatment of the stomach in children. Use medicinal plants can only be agreed with the pediatrician.

The child more often than adults gives an allergic reaction to the proposed means

In cases of erosive gastritis, which threatens the transition to a stomach ulcer, it is necessary to ensure the process of scarring, to prevent bleeding and transformation into a tumor. Therefore, it is better to refuse from an independent choice of therapy and use only the methods of official medicine.

What to include in the food?

We will not describe a complete diet for patients with gastritis. Let us dwell only on the proposals of traditional medicine for particularly curative products and describe what properties they possess. In the recommendations it is said that with the catarrhal( superficial) form of gastritis it is possible to cope only with the right diet and phytotherapy.

Apples of green varieties are recommended to take peeled, peeled, finely crumbled or in ragged form for breakfast. It is enough to take 2-3 apples of medium size. According to the prescription, the patient should not eat 3 hours before and after use to prevent fermentation processes.

You can repeat another "apple feeding" during the day, but not at night. The course of treatment - 3 months: the first - there are daily, the second - every other day, the third - once a week. Quail eggs are one of the popular means of treating gastritis at home. They are recommended to drink raw for half an hour before meals. It is permissible to eat 2-3 eggs a day.

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Folk healers call not to be afraid of salmonella, eggs do not require mandatory cooking. Quail can not develop infection, because birds have a body temperature of 42 degrees. This condition is not suitable for the survival of Salmonella. You can mix raw eggs in mashed potatoes, soups, porridges.

It is recommended to dry, finely grind the shell, mix it with fish oil and lemon juice, take a teaspoon in the morning.

Oatmeal is a wonderful remedy that relieves pain in the stomach, enveloping the inflamed surface with ulcerative gastritis and activating the regeneration of tissues. Oats have a general strengthening effect, very rarely causes allergies, so it is useful for children and pregnant women.

Prepare a real oatmeal jam is not easy:

  • grind 2 cups of cereals as small as possible, pour warm water( about 2 liters), stir and leave for 12 hours;
  • strain the resulting mass;
  • the liquid remaining part simmer slowly for half an hour before thickening, stirring occasionally, add salt and sugar, as in porridge.

Ready jelly fits well with a teaspoon of honey. You can eat as a separate dish or a little before meals. To increase efficiency, it is advised to prepare oatmeal with fennel leaves.

First, a tablespoon of ground flour is poured with a liter of boiling water and mixed well, then you need to cook for an hour with added dry fennel leaves. It turns a thick mucus-like kissel. The total volume is divided into 3 meals before meals. For taste, it is advised to add honey.

When gastritis with a low acidity of the stomach is recommended to include in the menu:

  • in the morning on an empty stomach half a spoon of honey of light varieties and half a cup of water;
  • carrot and apricot juice;
  • decoction of rose hips;
  • fresh apricots or dried apricots;
  • is useful to eat a bunch of grapes;
  • blueberries can be added to compote, vareniki, pie filling;
  • fresh cucumber salad;
  • grated turnips with vegetable oil;
  • beans are best added to the first dishes;
  • white cabbage can be stewed, boiled.

Fans of fasting argue for the benefit of cleansing the stomach and the entire digestive tract, activating the metabolism in the cells. The whole process needs a course of 3 weeks. Do not recommend it at home. For this, there are special clinics and centers.

Patients will need constant supervision of a doctor

How to treat gastritis with vegetable oil?

The use of oils in folk methods of treatment of gastritis is not contested by official medicine. Consistency and composition, of course, have useful properties and help with exacerbations, chronic course of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Pay attention to the purchase and shelf life of the drugs.

For therapeutic purposes, you need to buy fresh, first cold pressed oil. Suitability is not more than 6 months( preferably the first 3 months).Recall that some oils are still used in the culinary industry and for technical purposes. Therefore, you need to monitor sales attempts.

The process of obtaining oils is quite difficult for the home. It is better to buy drugs in the pharmacy chain or specialized stores. Any oil is enough to add to food( non-hot), you can drink one tablespoon on an empty stomach.

Olive oil differs from sunflower oil by its high content of unsaturated fatty acids and vitamins K, A, E, D. It helps with gastritis and for the healing of stomach ulcers. The content of special substances preventing the transition to cancer is proved in it.

Sea buckthorn oil is suitable for the treatment of all types of gastritis, especially with increased acidity. Has good wound-healing properties. In folk medicine recipes are offered mixed use with honey, aloe juice, tincture of propolis.

Flaxseed oil acts softer than olive and sea-buckthorn, not everyone will like the taste and smell. However, ingesting a teaspoon before eating makes it possible to relieve pain, inflammation, and healing of damage to the surface of the stomach.

Has a disinfecting effect on helicobacteria in the antrum and pyloric parts, other pathogenic microorganisms with acute bacterial gastritis. The milk thistle oil is better known as an invaluable "helper" for violations of the liver function.

In cases of lesions of the stomach secondary character has a healing effect, is shown after the radiotherapy and chemotherapy, stabilizes and delimits the growth of the tumor. Contains many biologically active nutrients, electrolytes and trace elements, unsaturated fatty acids, carotenoids, in addition to fat-soluble vitamins of group B.

It is known bactericidal, analgesic, ulcer healing effect. At a chronic atrophic gastritis it is necessary for stimulation of immunity.

Safflower acts on the process of disturbance of microcirculation, increased thrombogenesis

Safflower oil contains 80% of a rare conjugated form of linoleic acid. Helps in the assimilation of vitamins E and K. Does not contain squalene, like other oils, so it is recommended to combine it with other nutrients that enhance cell regeneration.

Effective in the combination of gastritis with diabetes, a tendency to bleeding, impaired motor skills( has a high concentration of vitamins K and B).Contraindicated in pregnant women.

Infusions and decoctions of

Infusions and decoctions are the extraction of water using nutrients from medicinal raw materials. They are widely used in the treatment of gastritis with folk remedies. In order for readers to better orient themselves in the home cooking methods, we will focus on differences and features.

There are rules that need to be adhered to:

What to drink if your stomach hurts?
  • observe the amount of raw material and liquid;
  • use suitable dishes( enameled only) or thermos;
  • to insist and store the required time;
  • always filter;
  • slightly warm up before use.

The classic way is cooking in the conditions of a "water bath": the vegetable raw materials are poured with boiling water in the right proportion, covered with a dense lid, "wrapped" and insisted in this form. Then some time is left at room temperature. In practice, a "water bath" is conveniently replaced by a thermos bottle.

To prepare the infusions are suitable leaves, flowers, herbs. They are kept filled with boiling water in a thermos for 15 minutes, then at room temperature for half an hour. Decoctions are prepared from seeds, bark, roots, fruits. In a thermos they should be held for half an hour, then at room temperature - 15 minutes.

If the recipe does not specify a specific ratio, then use the following proportion: the liquid is 10 times greater than the raw material.

Infusions and decoctions can be stored in the refrigerator for no more than 2-3 days

Decoction of flax seeds contains mucus, nourishing polysaccharides, lignans( plant fibers), phytohormones, vitamins. It is able to envelop, anesthetize, protect the mucous membrane, strengthen the vessels, improve microcirculation in the wall of the stomach.

It is applied at the lowered acidity and full ahiliija for half an hour before meal. Some healers advise to add it to the porridge. Contraindications concern persons with bronchial asthma, cholelithiasis, inflammation of the esophagus, with increased bleeding and pregnancy.

Infusion of chamomile flowers is prepared in this proportion: a teaspoon of dry raw materials for a glass of boiling water. The active substance of chamomile is chamazulene. It is able to eliminate the edema of the gastric mucosa, relieve pain, allergic mood, inflammation, improve the outflow of bile.

Chamomile helps with increased gas production and raspiruyuschih pain. Contraindicated with zero stomach acidity. Provitamins, flavonoids and coumarins contained in flowers easily break down when boiled. Therefore, infusions should be prepared in a thermos. Patients are advised to lie down after receiving, turning over to the right and left sides.

Calendula has a strong anti-inflammatory and bactericidal effect, due to the high content of carotenoids. In cooked infusion it is recommended to add lime honey. Contraindicated in pregnancy, a tendency to lower blood pressure.

In the treatment of gastritis, recipes for folk medicine are advised to use decoctions of:

  • sea-buckthorn berries;
  • roots of wild strawberry;
  • burdock roots;
  • bark and oak bark( with heartburn).

Infusions of leaves of mint, wild strawberry, yarrow.

Use of alcohol-containing infusions

Extracts of nutrients are not always well distinguished by boiled water. Therefore, some tinctures are prepared by aging for 10-14 days in vodka or 70-degree alcohol. Their use always requires additional dissolution in milk or water. Contraindicated in children, pregnant women, people who have been treated for alcoholism.

In the pharmacy chain, you can buy propolis tinctures, Japanese Sophora, aloe. It is recommended to take 10 to 15 drops three times a day. From aloe and calanchoe it is possible to prepare tincture independently. To do this, do not forget the following:

  • a week before cutting the leaves, the plant is removed from the light;
  • uses fleshy leaves aged no less than three years;
  • after cutting and washing for 3 days they are placed in the refrigerator.

Kalanchoe juice is produced by spinning
. For 100 ml add 500 ml of vodka and insist 45 days. Take recommended on an empty stomach on a tablespoon with the addition of honey.

Application of beekeeping products

Honey and other products are non-toxic, well tolerated by patients, relieve pain, disinfect the gastric mucosa, accelerate healing by affecting the immune system, normalize the function of acid formation.

Take honey advise:

  • on a tablespoon 15 minutes before meals;
  • on an empty stomach with cold water;
  • together with herbal teas and infusions;
  • with Kalanchoe juice.

Propolis is taken as in alcohol tincture, and a water variant is prepared. First, propolis should be held in the refrigerator, so that it freezes well. Then it is rubbed on a grater.

Pour boiling water in a proportion of 1: 5, stand in the "bath" hour. The result is a brown liquid. It is stored in the refrigerator for no longer than a week. You can drink every day for half a glass. When an overdose occurs drowsiness, dizziness.

Beekeeping products are contraindicated for people with an allergic mood, diabetes

What should I do if I have high acidity?

To cure gastritis and permanently get rid of digestive disorders, do not look for miracle cures. It is better not to waste time and follow the advice of a doctor, to choose the most convenient and simple folk remedy.

For people with high acidity of the stomach are recommended:

  • potato juice - has the ability to neutralize the acid in the stomach, the starchy substances envelop the mucous, is prepared from well washed tubers with a peel with a juicer, take 30-40 minutes before meals according to the scheme( daily,for 10 days with a break, in an increasing volume);
  • aloe juice - enough in a dose of 2 tablespoons before meals;
  • infusion of chamomile flowers;
  • gastric collection;
  • milk with honey;
  • vegetable oils with honey.

What is recommended for reduced acidity?

Initial signs of atrophy of the glands of the stomach are accompanied by focal lesions of the mucosa. But the stimulating effect of herbal remedies can support the attenuation of the function of acid formation.

Cabbage and carrot juice is a tasty and useful remedy, enough for half a cup of the mixture twice a day before meals. Infusion of leaves and seeds of plantain can be replaced by squeezed juice. It is indicated for the treatment of chronic gastritis.

Prefabricated phytotea for the stomach of mint, chamomile, plantain, root of ayr and dandelion, wormwood can be brewed in the morning in a volume of 0.5 liters for a whole day and take before meals. It is recommended to combine the use of propolis tincture with herbal infusions.

If, in addition to the stomach, diarrhea is worried, it is advised to cook: infusion of equal parts of calendula, chamomile, nettle leaves and plantain, yarrow, at every intake add up to 50 drops of propolis tincture, infusion of Ivan-tea leaves( kapreya narrow-leaved) - knownits disinfecting property.

With diarrhea, you can choose the gastric collection

Ready-made herbal remedies

For those patients with stomach problems who want but can not prepare preparations according to folk recipes, you can recommend purchasing ready-made dosage forms at the pharmacy:

  • Plantaglucid in infusion or granules - from plantain;
  • Romazulon - from the flowers of chamomile;
  • Rotokan - a combination of chamomile flowers, calendula, yarrow herbs;
  • Iberogast - alcohol extract of the best herbal remedies( chamomile, Iberian bitter, celandine, licorice root, caraway seeds, milk thistle, lemon balm, mint);
  • Kaleflon - from flowers of calendula.

There are many recommendations for the preparation of gastric fees and combinations. Everyone can choose the most suitable means.


Galina, mother of the five-year-old Dima:
The son got sick with food poisoning with a sharp gastritis, then refused food, lost weight. I was advised to make syrup from dandelions. In the spring we collected flowers together. And it's very easy to cook: for each layer of flowers, sugar is poured, it's all gone 0.5 kg, then crush and let it brew to let the juice. Children like it, try it.
Helena, 45 years old:
I have milk and honey in my fridge all the time. Husband, if tired at work, complains of pain in the stomach. Drinks warm and everything passes.
Larissa, 56 years:
I recently learned about the beneficial properties of safflower oil. I have diabetes, so you can not eat everything. Indeed, I noticed that the pain in the stomach is disappearing.