Treatment of a cold in children at home

How quickly to cure a runny nose at home in a child?

You rarely meet a person who has not experienced the symptoms of such a disease as rhinitis. Many consider it the most innocuous manifestation of the common cold, which is very common, especially in young children. In fact, in the absence of treatment, rhinitis can lead to serious complications. Therefore it is very important to know how to quickly cure a runny nose at home to prevent its transition to a chronic stage.

Causes of appearance

To achieve an effective result in the treatment of rhinitis, you need to know the reasons for its appearance, because infection and allergy require a completely different approach. The syndrome can be caused by hypothermia or overheating of the body, respiratory infection, allergies (pollen of flowering plants, household chemicals, animal hair, dust, etc.) or inadequate moisture in indoors. To quickly cure a runny nose in a child, you first need to establish what caused it, and on this basis to select methods of therapy.

how quickly to cure a runny nose at home

Rinsing of the nose

This procedure is included in the list of mandatory for the treatment of the common cold. Getting rid of pathogenic microflora when washing the nose is the first step towards recovery. Various solutions are used for this. Prepare them very simply. To do this, you need a small syringe (it can be replaced by a teapot with a narrow spout), sea salt or any herbal decoction.

In a glass of boiled water you need to dissolve a teaspoon of salt and do a rinse of the nasal passages several times a day. Herbal infusion should be filtered beforehand. The solution should be comfortable temperature.

You can make a more complex composition for washing: one spoonful of salt, half a spoonful of baking soda stir in one liter of water, add 5 drops of iodine. Quickly cure a runny nose in an adult will help such a procedure with the use of beet broth. It is very effective as an anti-inflammatory and antibacterial agent.

quickly cure a runny nose in a child

Warming up

If you start treatment at the earliest stage, then the desired result can be achieved very quickly. At the first symptoms of the common cold it is necessary to warm up your legs. A hot foot bath with dry mustard or sea salt is made. You should hold your feet in the solution for 15 minutes, wrapped your feet on top of a warm blanket or a terry towel. Hot water should be poured as it cools down. To enhance the effect, you can add a coniferous extract to the liquid. After the procedure, you need to rub your legs and put on woolen socks. Before such warming up it is necessary to measure the temperature of the body, if it is even slightly increased, then the procedure should not be done.

quickly cure throat and runny nose

Everyone knows how to quickly cure a runny nose at home by heating up the maxillary sinuses. But in order to get the result and not get burned, you should do this with precautionary measures. Heated in a skillet ordinary salt should be poured into small tissue bags and applied to the area of ​​the maxillary sinuses. If the tissue for the pouch is not tight enough, then you need to add a towel in addition to not getting a burn. Instead of salt, you can use two small hot potatoes or a boiled egg.


Quickly cure the throat and runny nose will help inhalation using natural ingredients. To carry out this procedure, you can use a special device sold in a pharmacy, or an ordinary teapot, a pan or a thermos bottle. In hot water, it is necessary to place finely chopped garlic, onions and horseradish. Breathing with these healing couples should be covered with a towel.

Very effective inhalation with the use of essential oils or infusions of herbs. If you need to quickly cure a runny nose in a child, you can use such oils as fir, orange, pine or mint. A few drops should be added to the pan with warm water and breathe this steam for 10 minutes.

Soda inhalation with medicinal herbs is very effective in the common cold and the first signs of a cold. In the boiling water should throw a little dry leaves of eucalyptus or calendula flowers, chamomile pharmacies, bring to a boil, cool a little and add a spoonful of soda. Steam should be comfortable, warm. Such inhalations are especially cautious for children.

how quickly to cure chronic rhinitis

Treatment of a cold in babies

The age of the child should be taken into account when treating the common cold and other colds. Children who have not yet turned a year old, nasal drops are better not to use, at this age there is nothing better than mother's milk.

It is necessary to clean the nasal passages, removing the crusts and mucus, and this may already be enough. This can be done with the help of a special suction device, which is available in any pharmacy. Very good effect gives herbal bathing baby. In the bath with warm water, add a decoction of chamomile, calendula or sage and bathe the baby for 20 minutes, then you need to wrap it in a towel and put on woolen socks.

quickly cure runny nose in an adult

Folk remedies for rhinitis

How to quickly cure a cold in the home, our grandmothers knew well. Therefore, it makes sense to seek the help of proven folk medicine. The methods that it offers are quite effective and safe even for young children.

The onion gruel wrapped in a napkin is applied as a compress on the wings of the nose for 15 minutes. Onion juice, diluted in half with water, when buried in the nose can destroy pathogenic bacteria, improve breathing and remove inflammation of the mucosa.

Household soap helps reduce the risk of developing rhinitis, if three times a day, apply a soap solution to the nasal passages.

Beetroot juice in the rhinitis is recommended for use even by otolaryngologists. It should stand for several hours before use, after which it is diluted with water (:). You can add a little more honey (in a teaspoon to one tablespoon of juice) into the diluted juice of the beet. Sometimes beet juice can cause burning, in this case it is necessary to impregnate them with gauze tampons and, slightly wringing them out, insert into the nasal passages for half an hour.

The combination of aloe and calanchoe juice makes it possible to obtain an effective remedy capable of quickly curing a cold and runny nose. Bury the mixture three times a day in each nostril for 4 drops.

Prolonged runny nose often leads to desiccation of the mucous, so instead of drops in this case, use oil solutions. In the vegetable oil sterilized on a water bath, it is necessary to add a crushed bulb and insist 8 hours in a dark place, then lubricate this composition with nasal passages with cotton tampon.

In folk medicine, there are also means for internal use in the treatment of the common cold. You can mix a glass of vinas with a glass of honey and drink one spoon up to 4 times a day.

Cure a cold and runny nose quickly

Treatment of a cold in one hour

It happens that the unpleasant symptoms of a cold prevent you from doing any important things. How can you cure a quick runny nose in this case? To the aid will come the most ordinary table salt. Dissolved in water at a concentration of 10%, it is a very active absorbent capable of removing in a short time the entire infectious environment from the affected area. It is necessary to soak this saline solution with a napkin and apply an airtight bandage on the nose. If a runny nose is accompanied by a headache, a circular bandage can be made on the forehead and the back of the head.

Medicinal products

As a rule, vasoconstrictive drugs are used to treat the common cold (Rinza Nazol and others). They are far from harmless, without the recommendation of a doctor to apply them undesirable. The fact is that, remarkably removing the swelling of the mucosa, they at the same time carry a lot of side negative effects. When applied for more than 4 days, accustoming the capillaries arises, when the vessels can remain spasticized for many years. Therefore, even specialists, answering the question of how quickly to cure a cold in the home, recommend the use of mainly herbal preparations that have anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties.

how can one cure a quick runny nose

Treatment of a cold in pregnancy

At a time when a woman is responsible not only for herself, but also for the health of the baby's future, self-medication is unacceptable. The use of medications can sometimes cause bleeding, premature birth and promote the development of pathologies in the fetus. Therefore, preference should be given to the people's means. Nasal washing with herbal infusions or usual saline, instilling carrot or beet juice, inhalation with the use of essential oils - the most harmless ways that will help to quickly cure a runny nose during pregnancy. The procedure for heating the nose with the help of cereals or salt placed in tissue bags is also effective. But to warm your legs or put mustard plasters pregnant can not be categorically.

The cause of the onset of a cold is often the over-dried air in the apartment. Therefore, it should be moistened with small small containers filled with water. In addition, you can place special humidifiers and do a daily wet cleaning of the room.

Do not self-medicate when it comes to chronic diseases. Therefore, despite the numerous recipes of traditional medicine, it is required to consult with a specialist who will tell you how to quickly cure a chronic cold home remedies.

How to cure a runny nose at home to a child


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How to cure a beginning runny nose at home?
To cure the beginning rhinitis, you need to warm up the sinuses several times a day. To do this, heat salt in a frying pan and put it in 2 pouches. On each side of the nose, put napkins, and on them bags. Instead of salt, you can heat the egg and apply it alternately on each side. If the cold is purulent, use special drops or saline solution to treat it. After it becomes transparent, bury your nose with 5 drops of juice from carrots and beets.

How to cure a runny nose at home in infants?
Treatment of the baby from the cold starts from the fact that the room was the right humidity. To do this, put a basin of water in the room. The temperature in the room should be from 22 to 23 ° C. It is better to take the baby and, having opened hot water in advance in the bathroom, go there. From the hot steam, the baby will start to escape, wash it. Repeat this procedure every 30 minutes.
The bathing of the baby in herbal baths will also be effective. Take calendula, sage and chamomile and brew them with boiling water. In the tray, pour the prepared broth and dilute with water, the temperature should be 36 C. Bathe the baby for 20 minutes.
With a strong cold you can use saline solution. Bury it every 30 minutes for 3 drops in each nostril.
Treatment of a cold in children at home
The baby needs to wash the nasal passages first. To do this, prepare a decoction of mint, thyme, sage, or chamomile, calendula. Pour 0, 2 liters of water and boil it. Add there 1 hour. spoon any of these herbs and mix thoroughly. After 2 hours strain the solution. Before use, the temperature of the infusion should be 37 ° C.
Place the baby so that the head is tilted slightly back. In each nostril, enter 1 pipette infusion. After the baby should raise his head and try to blow his nose. Repeat the procedure 3 times.
If the baby can not blow his nose, put it on the barrel, and under the head folded in 4 times a diaper. With the syringe, suck off the mucus from the left nostril, if the baby lies on the right side, injecting into the right nostril infusion. Then turn the baby over and try again.
The legs of the baby all the time should be warm, so put on it woolen socks.
Steam inhalations for the treatment of common cold in babies
With a runny nose in small children, steam inhalations can help. Doing it better when the baby is sleeping. For this, pour into a saucepan, l of water, boil. Add there 3 drops of fir, or eucalyptus, or menthol oil, you can use a balm asterisk, enough will be a small piece. All the mix and, after holding for 4 minutes on a slow fire, put in a warm place, closing the lid. After 15 minutes, check if it is too hot. To do this, place the pan at the level of your face and a distance of 50 cm from yourself. If the steam gives you a sense of pleasant warmth, you can use it if it burns, wait until it cools down a little more.

Then put the pot on the stool, next to the baby's bed at a distance of 50-60 cm and remove the lid. Cover with a diaper saucepan, and raise the second angle so that the steam gets into the baby's face. The inhalation time is not more than 7 minutes.

When treating a cold in infants and young children, you need to be especially careful. If the runny nose is accompanied by a high fever, a strong weakness should always consult a doctor, especially with regard to the health of your children.

Coryza can be cured at home using herbs, salt, steam inhalations with essential oils, walking in the fresh air. But try to prevent the development of the common cold from the very beginning. Take care of yourself and your loved ones.

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How to cure a runny nose in a child at home?

how to cure a runny nose in a child at homeSometimes children get sick, which is always sad. It happens that a child can get sick after a banal hypothermia. Symptoms of a cold can hardly be confused with anything else: a runny nose, watery eyes, weakness and a slight temperature. Coryza in a child can be cured both at home and by visiting the hospital. If you have made the decision to be treated at home with improvised means, then use some tips. Recipes of traditional medicine

To date, there are many ways how to cure a runny nose in a child folk remedies, while minimally exposing the body to harmful effects:

  1. Warming.If the baby is frozen, take measures to warm his legs. To do this, dress the crumbs of the socks, having previously put a little mustard powder in them, or draw a network of iodine on the feet. With the first method you need to be careful, because in some children, it can cause redness. In addition, it is recommended to warm up the nasal sinuses, attaching to them a hard-boiled hot egg or a well-heated salt, placed in a rag pouch. In any of the proposed options, you need to ensure that the baby does not burn.
  2. Nasal drops.The most common are drops, cooked on the basis of pressed juice from onions or garlic. It is diluted with warm boiled water in the ratio: 0 and digested a few drops in each of the nasal passages 3 times a day. Curing a child's runny nose at home can be both this and a more gentle method. To do this, use freshly squeezed carrot juice, diluting it with boiled water in the ratio: 0 and digging into each nostril for 3-6 drops 5-7 times a day.

Quickly cure a runny nose at home helps and instilling a saline solution into the nose, which can be prepared by dissolving a teaspoon of edible salt in 100 grams of warm boiled water. The treatment regimen is applied the same as in the case of carrot drops.

So, you can treat a cold at home. However, if it does not pass within three days, it is better to visit the doctor so that the rhinitis does not turn into a chronic rhinitis.

Folk remedies for children from the common cold. Treatment of a cold in children at home with folk remedies

With the arrival of colds, children are increasingly experiencing discomfort from rhinitis and constantly moist nose. As you know, if you do not treat a cold, then it goes through a week, and if you treat, you can forget about it 7 days later. But still, this statement is not entirely correct. If adults still can not pay attention to a runny nose, then the little guys (and especially the babies) suffer from his symptoms. However, the inconvenience that rhinitis brings is easily overcome by using folk remedies for children from the common cold.

Folk remedies for children from the common cold

Causes of rhinitis

Most common cause of cold is the general hypothermia of the body. A high risk of sickness exists when there is a sudden change in temperature. This is typical for the autumn-winter period. Rhinitis also occurs with colds caused by viruses. If the common cold appears too often, you can talk about reduced immunity and a weakened body. Rhinitis, if you do not pay attention to it, can provoke quite serious complications, such as inflammation of the maxillary sinuses, otitis, sinusitis. This disease is transmitted by airborne droplets.

Folk remedies for a cold in children

Symptoms of the disease

First of all, the baby has difficulty breathing, as the nasal passages are affected. In addition, children complain of dryness, burning in the nose. Stuffy nose, frequent sneezing also indicate the onset of rhinitis. Often there is a headache. In a couple of days you can see the discharge from the nose. At first they are rather liquid, transparent, resemble vodichku. But after a day or two, the discharge becomes yellow or green, has a specific odor. Against the background of all this, the body temperature can rise. The child does not smell, taste buds also become less susceptible.

Types of rhinitis in children

Most common cold is classified as follows:

  • infectious;
  • allergic;
  • atrophic;
  • vasomotor.

If rhinitis is caused by bacteria and viruses, then there is abundant secretions of mucus, followed by a change in color and consistency. Coryza, provoked by an allergen, is characterized by frequent sneezing and secretion of a clear liquid. Vasomotor rhinitis is possible in people who have just recovered from a cold. In this case, mucus is released when the temperature drops. Atrophic type is a consequence of frequent intake of drops from the common cold. Vessels from regular constriction cease to perform their protective function. The nose feels dry and burning.

The forms of the disease

Folk remedies for children 2 years old from the common cold

Like many other diseases, the common cold can occur in both acute and chronic forms. An acute course is known to everyone, since it is in this form that rhinitis accompanies all colds. Sometimes even there is a stuffy ears, inflammation of the mucous membrane of the larynx. If acute rhinitis is observed often enough, then a chronic rhinitis occurs. In this case, the discharge is of a permanent nature, the nasal mucosa can atrophy. Poorly helped by both folk methods and special drugs. Chronic rhinitis is dangerous because a partial or total loss of smell is possible. Therefore, it is very important to cure this seemingly minor ailment in time, using simple folk remedies for children from the common cold.

Rhinitis in babies

Treatment of a common cold with folk remedies in children up to the yearAny disease in newborns occurs with some peculiarities. First of all, a runny nose in babies leads to the closure of already narrow nasal passages. This greatly complicates the feeding, during which the child has the opportunity to breathe only with a spout. As a result, it becomes capricious and restless, the sleep regime is disrupted. Particular care must be taken when the child is asleep, as cases of suffocation are not uncommon. Rhinitis in infants can cause a number of complications, including weight loss (as it is difficult for him to apply normally to the chest). If the baby begins to breathe through the mouth, then the infection spreads to the respiratory tract. In this case, even pneumonia may occur. With prolonged runny nose, small ulcers inside the nose may appear. That is why it is very important to help the child in time. At first, it is best to use folk remedies for children from the common cold. They do not have as many unwanted components as traditional medicines. In addition, they are all quite affordable and have a small price. And yet it is important to take into account that folk remedies for children up to a year from the common cold require at least careful selection, as well as medical preparations.

Treatment of the smallest

Folk remedies for children 1 year from the common coldIn order to save the child from unpleasant symptoms, it is important to take into account his age and the extent to which unconventional means can be dangerous. One of the methods for fighting the common cold is the treatment of the decoction of Kalanchoe. This tool has a fairly gentle effect on the delicate mucous in young children. You can also use freshly squeezed Kalanchoe juice, previously diluted it with half boiled chilled water. Drip into each nostril about 2 drops to 3 times a day. Such folk remedies (for children 1 year) from the common cold, like beet juice or carrots, are also quite effective. But they should be diluted in half. For babies is also a good recipe: on a water bath about 50 grams of olive oil is heated. It should boil for 30 minutes. Then finely chop some garlic into it and let it brew for a day. The resulting mixture lubricates the nasal passages when the first signs of the disease occur. Folk remedies for the common cold in children include and recipes based on aloe and honey. The juice of this plant is also diluted with water or liquid honey and buried in the nose. You can also use dry heat, which is applied to the bridge of the nose. To do this, you can heat flax seeds, salt, put them in a bag of cloth. Such products keep the heat well. Another use is a boiled chicken egg. But in this case it is important to consider that it is impossible to perform such manipulations if there is a suspicion of maxillary sinusitis. Treatment of a runny nose with folk remedies in children up to a year is quite effective, if you start it at the first signs of the disease. And you can supplement it by spreading in the room cut onions and garlic, which will emit special essential oils. They are known to have antimicrobial properties.

Washing with salted water

Treatment of a runny nose at home with folk remedies for children

One of the most effective ways to combat rhinitis - washing the nose with salt water or saline. Due to this, the secretions become liquid, the viruses are washed away from the mucous membrane. Prepare such a solution is simple: a glass of boiled water should take 1 teaspoon of salt. It is better if it is sea. Nasal passages need to be irrigated with such water. Of course, it is not so easy for babies to do this, so they can be washed with a cotton swab dipped in a solution. Like other folk remedies for the common cold in children, washing will help ease the baby's condition and resume breathing. In addition, this method can be used for prevention in the period of epidemics or if someone is sick from home. It is necessary to ensure that the salt is completely dissolved, and the small crystals do not injure the tender mucous membrane. Often, to wash the nose and use a decoction of chamomile.

Folk remedies for children 2 years old from the common cold

Older children can be inhaled. For this use chamomile, sage, bark of oak, leaves of black currant. The mixture of herbs is steamed in a water bath. Then the child is given a breath with his nose and mouth. The secret of inhalation is simple - the therapeutic particles fall directly onto the inflamed organ, and not into the bloodstream. Here the main danger is high temperature. The steam should be warm, but in no case burning. If there is no temperature, folk remedies for children 2 years from the cold include and steaming legs. For this, 1 or 2 tablespoons of dry mustard are added to the pellet with hot water. The duration of this procedure is 10 minutes. It is better to spend it before bedtime. The legs should be wiped dry, put on socks. By the way, they can also put mustard. Such folk remedies for children from cough and rhinitis, like raspberry tea, fruits of viburnum, infusion of verbena leaves, a decoction of pine buds, are excellent in fighting against respiratory diseases. Beetroot juice with honey as drops is suitable for children over 3 years old.

Folk remedies for children from cough and cold

Prevention of colds

In order that rhinitis is not a frequent visitor in the house and no folk remedies for children from the rhinitis are needed, it is important not to forget about the methods of prevention. First of all, it is worth remembering the humidity in the room, often ventilating the rooms. During the heating season, dry air often causes diseases. Therefore, wet cleaning every day will be relevant. Do not overheat the child, you do not need to wrap it up. Walking in the fresh air is mandatory, despite what the weather is outside the window. Very good strengthens immunity hardening. For babies, sessions of general strengthening massage will be useful. It is not superfluous to wash your nose with saline solution, and when staying in crowded places you can use oxolin ointment.

Treatment of a runny nose at home with folk remedies in children is quite effective and painless. Among all the abundance of methods you can choose exactly the one that will suit the child, taking into account his age and condition.

How to quickly cure a runny nose at home: effective methods

RhinitisRhinitis is a very unpleasant disease that has many causes. Treatment of the common cold is carried out depending on the nature of its origin and the nature of the course. Many people want to learn how to quickly cure a cold in the home, because to visit the clinic does not always work.Some people wish to cure rhinitis in one day, however, in such a short time, it is impossible to get rid of the symptoms of the disease, you can only improve the patient's well-being.

How correctly to treat a rhinitis?

Treatment of rhinitisBefore starting treatment it is important to determine the causes of the disease. It is also necessary to choose the right medicine and an effective method of treatment. Obligatory actions in the common cold should be such events:
  • washing of nasal passages;
  • use of correct drugs;
  • administration of inhalations;
  • application of warming compresses.

To cure a runny nose at home, you need to wash your nose with special solutions. It is known that recovery can occur only after removal from the body of all pathogenic microorganisms, which is what the washing procedure is directed at

Rinsing of the nosenasopharynx. Therapy is carried out in the morning and in the evening, washing the nose until absolutely clean water or a solution without mucus admixtures begins to flow from the nasal passages. To prepare a solution for washing the nose, take a spoonful of salt on a glass of water. Adults can wash the nose with a decoction of beetroot, which has an anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effect on the mucosa. To carry out at home, fast treatment of the common cold can be done using such a solution: a liter of water is taken a teaspoon of salt, l. soda, 5 drops of iodine.

After the nasal passages are cleaned, you can apply drops from the cold. Among the drops that help with the common cold, homeopathic, vasoconstrictive, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory medications are prescribed.

Vasoconstrictors are mainly prescribed for the purpose of removing puffiness, they do not have a therapeutic effect.

Folk methods against rhinitis

If you seek help with traditional medicine, how to cure a runny nose at home, you can find many effective and safe methods. You can use such methods of treatment of the disease:

  1. Soap your finger with soap and apply it to the nose from the inside, carry out the procedure three times a day. This method can also carry out prevention procedures, which will reduce the likelihood of developing rhinitis.
  2. The mustard will help get rid of rhinitis. To do this, attach to the feet mustard plaster or pour mustard in the socks, leaving it for the night. Foot baths with mustard are also useful for colds. After the procedure, the nasal breathing and well-being of the patient improve.
  1. Onion is an effective remedy that will help with a cold. You can breathe in pairs of chopped onions, and it is also useful to keep onion gruel on the wings of the nose, wrapping it in a napkin. The compress should be kept on the wings of the nose for 15 minutes, repeat the procedure 4 times a day. In the nose, you can also insert small cotton swabs, soaked in onion juice.Drops of onions diluted with water: remove inflammation of the mucosa, improve nasal breathing, destroy pathogenic bacteria and viruses.
  2. Folk remedies for a coldWith a cold, children often use beetroot juice with honey. Take 1/3 h. l. honey, dilute it in a tablespoon of water, mix with a teaspoon of beet juice. Warm and drip into the nose 7 drops every 2 hours.
  3. At a question as in house conditions to cure a rhinitis, many people recommend to use juice of an aloe and kalanchoe. When a combination of these two plants produces a powerful medicine for rhinitis of bacterial and viral origin. In addition to the destruction of bacteria and viruses, the nasal cavity is well cleansed of mucus due to the sneezing property of the Kalanchoe. Mixing the juices, you need to drip 4 drops 3 times a day.
  4. The juice of the viburnum is also something that will help with the common cold. To prepare the medicine you need to mix a glass of vine juice with a glass of honey, but the prepared product is not intended for outdoor use, but for internal use. It should be taken on a tablespoon three times a day. The product should be kept in the refrigerator, but you need to drink it in a warm form. As a rule, mucus from the nose goes out within a day from the start of treatment.
InhalationNasal warming is another method that will help with a cold. The procedure uses a warm boiled egg or salt, which is wrapped and applied to a sore spot. Cure a runny nose will help steam inhalation, for which natural ingredients are used. Onion, garlic and horseradish finely chopped, put in a pan with hot water, breathe over healing couples, closing your eyes. A good therapeutic effect in the affected mucosa is eucalyptus oil, a few drops should be poured into warm water, breathed for 10 minutes. This essential oil is also useful to lubricate the mucous membrane of the nasopharynx.

If you need to cure a runny nose in a child, such essential oils are suitable:

  • fir;
  • mint;
  • orange, lemon, grapefruit;
  • pine;
  • oil of thuja.

In pregnancy, the runny nose should be treated with special care, excluding the use of drugs dangerous to the mother and child. It is important to know how to treat a cold in the home, because it is not always possible to consult a specialist.

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