Ways to know the sex of the future baby in the early stages of pregnancy by tables, signs, medical methods without ultrasound

A future mother with real motherly feelings eagerly awaits the appearance of her child. She beforehand learns to take care of the health of her baby, protecting him from all sorts of unfavorable harmful factors.

Both future parents sometimes really want to know who they will have - a son or daughter. To determine the sex of a boy or girl in the early stages of pregnancy - the first trimester, people resort to a variety of methods - folk - signs, signs in the appearance and behavior of a pregnant woman, medical methods.

Well, if before the second planned campaign on ultrasound is far, we will try to find an answer to this important question in another way.


Methods of checking the sex according to the table

The woman's agitating state makes her easy to believe in folk ways. Confirm or refute the validity of such signs can only be individually and in their experience. In any case, the curiosity will be satisfied.

Blood type and Rh factor

There is a theory of determining the sex of the future baby by blood group. The truth can cause doubt that in some combinations of the blood group, children of the same sex are not always born, another theory is the Rh factor, if it coincides, the girl will most likely appear in the parents, and if there is a conflict, the probability of the boy's appearance is high;

Blood group:

Blood group Mother I II III IV
I Girl( D) Boy( M) D M

Table "Rh factor»:

Rh factor Father
Mother + -
- Girl Boy
+ Boy Girl

Chinese table

Here, for example, the Chinese way helps to know the genderthe child at the early stage of pregnancy according to the table, whom to expect after 9 months, will allow to determine a simple comparison of the data, you need to know the month of conception, as well as the age of the woman, and find the letter designation "M" or "D" in the table, respectively.

Japanese tabular method

It should be noted that in the country of the rising sun - Japan, a more complex method, but it remains practical, without any scientific justification. It was used to increase the probability of conception of the boy as the future warrior and successor of the genus. According to the first table you need to determine the number of the couple - comparing the months of the birth of the couple, then go to the second table, find the number in the vertical column, choose the month for conception, and by the number of prevailing Y in the direction of the boy or girl, you can calculate the most favorable period,who will appear soon.

The first table

The second table

Folk ways of determining the sex of the child: a boy or a girl?

To determine the sex of a child in the early pregnancy can be due to the ways and signs that our ancestors used for centuries. To take as a basis one single sign is not necessary, but a whole series of coinciding factors can become an argument for guesswork. Elderly people passed this knowledge by word of mouth, helping parents learn much about the future family member.

Our ancestors could determine who the woman wears for only one of her appearance. Even there is a sign - the girls steal beauty from the mother, and the boys are healthy. If the face appears stains, rashes, swelling, noticeably increase the nose, lips swell - most likely, the daughter will be born. The gait becomes softer and more graceful. In early terms, the stomach is not yet noticeable, but one can already observe the appearing roundness of the forms. If a woman has a sporty, textured figure, the characteristic smoothness of the lines will appear.

Popular signs on the boy

Signs indicating that the fetus - the boy :

  1. can be affected by the sexual activity of the man, if he had regular contacts prior to conception, the boy is likely to be born, since such spermatozoa are dominant in the chromosomala set that determines the gender;
  2. in young women increases the probability of giving birth to the first child, the age of the mother to 25 years increases such predictions;
  3. with regular sexual life in the spouses, they will soon start buying cars and airplanes in the near future, the frequency varies from 2-4 times or more per week;
  4. on the external appearance of a woman can already judge who is beating under the heart, she literally blossoms, the skin becomes lighter, the facial features change, the only thing that sometimes distorts this method is toxicosis, it happens both with boys and girls, and with strongit is difficult to judge the appearance;
  5. regularly feels cold in the legs, even in hot summer, there may also be slight numbness, convulsions in the limbs;
  6. if the difference between 2 pregnancies is less than 3 years, and for the first time the daughter was born, then on the second, the son will be more likely;
  7. hair began to grow more intensively, especially on the legs, hands, a fluff appeared on the abdomen;
  8. if the woman notices the first stir in the right side.

There may also be new eating habits. I want to constantly dosalivat, pepper dishes, so that they have a more pronounced sharp taste. Pulls on marinades, pickles, meat products. Some mothers are awoken completely new addictions - watching football, hockey, love of extreme sports.

The main thing is to follow all the doctor's recommendations and not to endanger your health and the child, even under the force of instincts.

Popular signs for the girl

Signs indicating that the fetus is girl :

  1. is more difficult to pass the first months, it is toxic, nausea, there may be digestive problems;
  2. sharp mood swings, moods, spleen, depression, hysterics, unreasonable offensiveness, unstable psycho-emotional state - a clear sign that the daughter is expected;
  3. taste habits change, appetite sharply increases, I want all the time sweet, flour, dairy, the menu is dominated by vegetables, fruits, cereals;
  4. is important and the age of the parents, if this is the first child and both for 30 years, most likely, the daughter will be born;
  5. if the first stir appears in the left side of the abdomen, you can already look closely at the pink dresses.

Update the blood

There is another theory - the sex is determined by the renewal of blood. It is believed that in women this process occurs every 3 years, for men every 4 years. The formula is simple: you need to divide the age of each parent by 3 and 4, respectively, to the comparison the remainder is taken( the tenth after the whole).For example: mother 28, father -30, 28: 3 = 9.3 30: 4 = 7.5.Then the indicators are compared after the comma, the woman 3, the male 5, 5 more than 3, then there will be a boy.

In the , the first table of the finds the coefficients of blood renewal for the father and mother, opposite the age.

Age of mother Update rate of her blood Age of father Update rate of his blood
18 2 18 0
19 3 19 1
20 0 20 2
21 1 21 0
22 2 22 1
23 3 23 2
24 0 24 0
25 1 25 1
26 2 26 2
27 3 27 0
28 0 28 1
29 1 29 2
30 2 30 0
31 3 31 1
32 0 32 2
33 1 33 0
34 2 34 1
35 3 35 2
36 0 36 0
37 1 37 1
38 2 38 2
39 3 39 0
40 0 40 1
41 1 41 2
42 2 42 0
43 3 43 1
44 0 44 2
45 1 45 0

In the second table of needs to find the figure at the intersection of the month of birth of the parent and the month of conception of the child.

Now for each parent add the resulting 2 digits( from 1 and 2 tables).At whom the number has turned out less( "the blood is younger"), that sex most likely will be born the child. Example: my mother is 29 years old, father is 30 years old. Mom was born in June, father in March. According to the results of the first table, mum = 1, dad = 0.According to the results of the second table, mom = 10, father = 1.Based on the results of both tables, mother( 1 + 10 = 11), father( 0 + 1 = 1)."Dad's blood is younger" - a boy is born.

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Medical methods without ultrasound

Is it possible in early pregnancy to determine the sex of a child without ultrasound using scientific methods, with a high probability? Yes, it is carried out in 2 ways, in both cases it is already determined from 6-7 weeks. For this, the blood test is used, and it is also possible to determine the floor test with at home.

Blood analysis for DNA :

  • is performed from 6 to 12 weeks, accuracy depending on the time from 90% to 97%;The main purpose of
  • is to identify genetic abnormalities, but also provides an opportunity to know the sex of the child;
  • is a safe method, blood is taken from the vein for analysis;
  • the indicator of the boy's expectation is the presence of Y-chromosomes, if they are absent - there will be a girl.

Testing :

  • needs to collect morning urine( immediately after awakening);
  • insert a reagent into the cup with a syringe;
  • put on a flat surface and wait 5 minutes;
  • yellow and orange color - there will be a girl, dark, saturated - a boy.

Future parents are looking forward to the birth of a baby. They make every effort to prepare everything necessary for the moment of birth. Regardless, who will appear - a boy or a girl, he will present the most important thing - a sense of happiness.

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