Herbion from wet cough instructions

"Herbion" from a damp cough. "Herbion's instruction manual

Cough accompanies a large number of diseases, delivering and coughing person, and those who hear it, a lot of inconvenience. Therefore, the question of getting rid of this painful symptom is always acute. One of the most popular remedies for both dry and wet cough is Herbion, a syrup produced by the famous Slovenian pharmaceutical company KRKA.

With this disease helps to fight three types of this drug: "Herbion Plantain" Herbion Ivy "and" Herbion Primrose ". About how they help to cope with the cough, and how is treated with these syrups, we'll tell in this article.

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How to determine which of the syrups will be useful

To heal from coughing was the most effective, you first need to determine which type of person is following the patient. Of course, it is better if the doctor does this, but you will also help him very much if you describe in detail all the signs of a symptom.

Dry cough - unproductive. He does not bring relief, arising paroxysmally - on inspiration, at the moment of laughter or at the beginning of a conversation. Sputum with such coughing is not allocated, and in the throat there are constant sensations of scraping and drying.

Cough syrup "Herbion Plantain, like any other remedy, in this case is designed to alleviate irritated mucous membranes, create an enveloping effect and remove inflammation. The extract of the named medicinal herb, which is part of its composition, helps to reduce the cough reflex and remove small foci of inflammation in the airways, leading to constant coughing spasms. And vitamin C and mallow flowers, available among its components, create an excellent vitamin support to the weakened disease organism. Thanks to the listed properties, "Herbion Plantain" is a very effective remedy for dry cough.

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In which cases, "Herbion Plantain" is contraindicated

"Herbion" is a syrup that is shown not only for various diseases of the respiratory system, accompanied by an exhausting, unproductive cough. It is recommended by doctors also for smokers, as they are known to often have attacks of severe cough, interfering with normal life.

But children up to 4 years of age, as well as patients with diabetes, women in the first months of pregnancy and during lactation, this drug is contraindicated. It is also not recommended for patients who have inflammations of the gastric mucosa, as well as gastritis and peptic ulcer.

Attentive to the consequences of taking the syrup is necessary to be a patient who is intolerant to galactose and fructose, as well as suspected of an allergic reaction to the components of this drug facilities.

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What to do with a damp cough

"Herbion" from a damp cough is used to facilitate the process of divergence of viscous sputum. It is used when correcting the so-called productive cough, which is accompanied by abundant sputum formation. In cases when it does not depart well, causing a person to cough again and again, the patient needs an anti-inflammatory, softening and expectorant.

"Herbion containing primrose extract possesses all these qualities and helps liquefaction and rapid elimination of accumulated sputum from the lungs and bronchi, facilitated by the glycosides and saponins contained in the root of this drug plants.

"Herbion" from a moist cough is recommended for pharyngitis, tracheobronchitis, acute respiratory infections, obstructive bronchitis, and also with an irritating cough.

How does the syrup affect the productivity of the cough

The effectiveness of the Herbion syrup is high, thanks not only to the saponins contained in the primordium, but also to essential oils rich in thyme herb. They expand the bronchi, and also, by increasing the motor function of the cilia of the epithelium lining them, help to withdraw phlegm and facilitate the expectoration process.

In addition, thyme, which enters the "Gerbion" from a wet cough, has an antiseptic (destroying infection) action, and menthol, also available as part of the described agent, is also characterized by analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties.

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Is "Herbion" with primrose suitable for everyone?

Like any drug, "Herbion" from a wet cough has its contraindications. Due to the fact that there is still no reliable information on the effect of this medication on the fetus, during pregnancy and breast-feeding it is not recommended to use it.

As well as syrup with plantain, this drug can not be taken with diabetes, with intolerance to fructose, as well as for violations of glucose uptake and allergic reaction to components of the syrup.

The instruction attached to the preparation "Gerbion" emphasizes the undesirability of its appointment to children up to the age of two, and also suffered a false croup.

"Herbion" with ivy - new from the company

A novelty from "Herbion" is syrup with ivy. This drug is useful for a damp cough, it dilutes sputum and relaxes the bronchi, and also has a soothing cough and helps to bring out phlegm properties.

Herbion syrup with ivy contains sorbitol, coriander oil, lemon, and it does not contain sugar, which, by the way, allows it to be taken to people with diabetes. Another comfortable quality of this drug is the possibility of its use, regardless of food intake.

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Overdose and side effects

As the accompanying "Herbion" emphasizes, do not use the drug in doses exceeding the recommended ones. If you exceed them 2 times, then the symptoms of poisoning are possible: nausea, vomiting, an agitated state and diarrhea. In such cases, seek medical attention. The treatment is symptomatic. It is not necessary, trying to make up for a missed dose of a medicine, to take at one time a double portion of it.

When applying the syrup, side effects may also occur in the form of an allergic reaction to any components of the drug: rash, hives, or shortness of breath. In this case, it is necessary to stop the treatment immediately and consult a doctor. Occasionally, it is possible and the appearance of diarrhea, as well as a feeling of nausea or vomiting.

"Herbion's instruction manual

Adults "Gerbion" should take 3-4 times a day for two measuring spoons, and children from two to seven years give one measuring spoon three times a day. Children from 7 to 14 years are offered 1-2 spoons 3 times a day, and after 14 years - 2 spoons 4 times a day. As a rule, the course of taking the drug takes 2-3 weeks.

A mandatory requirement for syrup "Gerbion" instructions for use indicates the need to wash it with plenty of water or warm tea. Before use, the vial should be shaken.

This drug is stored at a temperature of up to 25 ° C for two years, but in the open state - no more than a month. Do not chill!

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Cough medicine "Herbion price in Russia

You do not need a prescription to purchase this syrup. But to consult with the attending physician about the need for the use and dosage of this medication in each specific case is necessary. Especially if it's a child!

In pharmacies of the Russian Federation for syrups "Herbion" the price varies from 200 to 250 rubles. Do not self-medicate and be healthy!


Herbion from wet and dry cough instructions for use

From cough, there are many various drugs. One such is the herbion from wet and dry cough. Instructions for use are described below.

Herbion from wet and dry cough - features of the drug

1. Dо-first, ergion is a combined cough drug, is made on a plant basis and contains the root extract of the primrose;

2. Secondly, in the root of the primrose in the herbion are vitamin C and saponins. These are nitrogen-free glycosides of plant origin with active properties. They can be found in plants (roots, leaves, stems, fruits and flowers). Also there are glycosides of the triterpene series. Triterpene saponins include thirty carbon atoms, and they contain many different chemical structures.

Herbion from wet and dry cough - effect from application

As a result of the presence of saponins, the antitussive effect of this drug occurs, is diluted and the amount of sputum is increased, a film is formed on the upper respiratory tract, which protects them. And this lowers the cough reflexes. Herbion from wet cough instructions for use is intended and effective for older people who have an "old cough". This drug promotes a better cough and at the same time has a positive effect on blood circulation, and, thereby, increases the excretion of fluid from the body.

In the extract of thyme in Hecrbion there is essential oil - thymol. Thyme extract possesses a diuretic property, anesthetizes. Menthol in the herbion kills inflammation and facilitates breathing with a wet and dry cough, increases the effects of thymol.

Herbion from wet and dry cough - instruction for use

Indications for use herbion: expectorant in ARI, which irritates the mucous membrane of the upper respiratory tract and there is a cough with sputum, with tracheitis and bronchitis;

Instructions for use herbion: adults - one tablespoon three times a day. From 2 to 5 years - 1/2 teaspoon three times a day. From five to fourteen years - one teaspoon three times a day. Children over the age of fourteen - two teaspoons three times a day. After eating and drinking with water;

Side effect Herbion from wet and dry cough: vomiting, nausea, diarrhea, allergies. Contraindications to the use of Herbion: fructose intolerance, diabetes mellitus, violation glucose absorption, congenital sugar deficiency, hypersensitivity to the drug components, children up to 2 years. Store Herbion at 30 ° C.


Herbion from dry and wet cough - how to take?

herbionCough protects the airways from foreign agents that irritate them - mucus, pus, foreign body, phlegm. Cough can accompany various diseases - a cold, pneumonia, a virus, an infection, is dangerous when it is a symptom of a malignant tumor. To ease the patient's condition with a dry cough, turn it into a productive cough, clear the bronchi, withdraw phlegm from them, if a long time disturbs a moist cough, you need to use Gerbion syrup, it is available for adults and children alike.

Application of different types of syrup Herbion

The most commonly used syrup, with plant components. For example, plantain for children, this remedy is natural, with the help of it you can cure a dry, unproductive cough. Herbion differs from other symptoms in that it is uncharacteristically central. The effectiveness of the syrup is proven, you can cure an adult cough, if there is no allergic reaction to its components.

Patients respond positively to Herbionum with a dry cough. Also it is often used for wet coughing, if the sputum is viscous and leaves badly. The drug will help improve your condition with various pathological processes in the airways, in which there is a wet cough.

Adults need to drink 15 ml in the morning, afternoon and evening. Children 2-5 years of age 2, 5 ml three times a day. Children 5-12 years of 5 ml. Senior after 12 years can be 10 ml of syrup.

The action of syrup Herbion

Syrup with plantain is used to stop the inflammatory process. Herbion, in the composition, which primrose will help to quickly withdraw phlegm, which accumulated in large quantities due to wet cough. It is advised to use smokers if they are concerned about a dry cough for colds, bronchitis, pneumonia, laryngitis, tracheitis. Adult, Herbion will be able to replace synthetic harmful drugs that affect the cough center. Compared to Libexin, Sinecode, the syrup has virtually no side effects.

Who can use Herbion?

1. Those who prefer to use only preparations of plant origin.

2. Patients who have chronic cough.

3. Patients who undergo a comprehensive course of therapy.

4. Children after 2 years can use syrup, it is not dangerous for them.

5. To those children who are constantly ill. Herbion contains immunomodulating components, with which you can reliably protect the mucous membrane in the respiratory tract, strengthen the immune system.

Despite the fact that the preparation is of plant origin, it can be used only for the intended purpose

Instruction for the preparation Herbion with Psyllium

This drug is used for dry cough. The composition includes vitamin C, psyllium grass, mallow flowers. It refers to a combined phytotherapeutic agent, has an anti-inflammatory and expectorant effect.

In the plantain grass contains a large number of iridoid glycosides, so it softens the upper respiratory organs and actively removes bacteria. The herb extract contains mucus, so it effectively cures dry, unproductive cough, so you can protect the respiratory tract from irritation, which causes pershit in the throat and a cough appears.

In the flowers of mallow contains a large amount of mucus, tannin, anthocyanin glycosides, they have enveloping effect, it excellently eliminates the cough that has appeared due to the fact that the mucous membrane is irritated shell.

The composition of the Herbion syrup includes vitamin C, this is the best way to strengthen the immune system, help to remove inflammation from respiratory organs, restore cells, tissues. Please note that cough after taking syrup may first increase, this indicates that the sputum begins to thin and the respiratory organs are cleared from it.

Herbionum does not allow stagnating sputum in the area of ​​the bronchi, reduces the development of pathogenic microflora.

Application of Herbion syrup with plantain

The doctor appoints, if for a long time disturbs a dry cough, with infectious diseases in the upper respiratory tract. Also this is the best medicine for colds, flu, you can use it for those who abuse smoking.

Pregnant women and nursing mothers can be treated Gerbionum with plantain only as prescribed by the doctor, if the mother's risk exceeds the risk of the fetus. Until now, it has not been determined exactly how Herbion affects the development of the fetus.

Contraindications Herbion with plantain

Prohibited taking the drug, if a person has an intolerance to the flowers of mallow and grass plantain. Side effects include allergy in the form of edema, rash, dermatitis, itching, vomiting, nausea may occur. In this situation, you must refuse to take the drug. You can not drink syrup with other cough medicines that reduce sputum, because of this, the disease can seriously worsen.

Using Herbion with Primrose with a wet cough

As part of the syrup, a little thyme, the root of the primrose, menthol. Due to the fact that in the syrup one of the main components is the primrose, it exerts an expectorant effect. Menthol - this is one of the best tools for pain, advised to use for bronchitis, sinusitis. Thyme relieves spasm from the bronchi, relaxes the muscles of the respiratory organs.

Herbion has anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, expectorant effect, half a dose of sputum is better. They are advised to treat them with bronchitis, influenza, SARS, tracheitis. During pregnancy, the drug is not allowed in the first trimester. Also it is contraindicated with Herbionum with Primrose for allergies, diabetes mellitus. Contraindicated for people who have impaired glucose uptake. Do not recommend to use the baby and children with a false croup.

If you take Gerbion with primrose in large quantities, the work of the stomach, intestines may be disrupted, because of this there will be nausea, vomiting, severe diarrhea. In case of an allergic reaction and other symptoms, you need to abandon Herbion.

So, Herbion from dry and wet cough is an effective medicine. It contains only plant and natural ingredients that do not harm the body. Carefully it should be used by those who suffer from various allergic reactions.


Herbion syrup for cough

In the treatment of cough apply a variety of drugs, available in the form of tablets, pastilles, potions and syrups. Very often therapists and pediatricians appoint Herbion from dry cough to their patients.

Composition and properties of the preparation

Herbion Syrup from cough is an enveloping, antibacterial and immunostimulating agent that allows to remove inflammation in the respiratory tract.Due to the rich composition and complex effects on the body, this drug is indicated for use in wet and dry cough.

Syrup of plantain

HerbionHerb of cough is made on water extract of plantain, this substance has a mucous enveloping action, creating on it a thin protective layer, as a result of which there is no irritation of the throat. Due to this softening effect on the mucous membrane of the throat, the reviews of Herbion from dry cough are predominantly positive, the drug has helped many adults and children recover.

When the plantain extract gets into the body, the amount of sputum increases and its viscosity decreases, thanks to which, after applying Gerbion syrup from a dry cough, speeds up the excretion of sputum to the surface of the respiratory ways. Adults on the basis of plantain can be prescribed in the presence of this symptom, the cause of which became such factors:

  • respiratory tract infections;
  • colds;
  • the appearance of a symptom caused by the use of nicotine.

Syrup of primrose

Flowers of the primroseThere is another kind of antitussive, it is not based on plantain extract, but when using a plant such as primrose. It is prescribed by specialists for respiratory disease in the case when the patient has poor separation of sputum. Taking this antitussive medicine, the expectoration process is accelerated. This kind of syrup includes such components:
  • root extract of the primrose;
  • herb of thyme;
  • herb of menthol.

Herbion from moist cough based on the primrose is indicated for use not only for colds, but It is also quite effective in other pathological processes accompanied by a damp cough.

CoughThe therapeutic effect of the use of syrup is achieved due to the content of saponins in it - substances that help dilute thick viscous mucus, which causes relief of the patient's condition. The thyme extract contains thymol, which in turn exerts an expanding effect on the bronchi.The antibacterial effect of Herbion is due to the presence in it of an extract of menthol, which also has an anti-inflammatory property. If you read reviews about Herbion from a damp cough, you can conclude that this is one of the most effective antitussive drugs.

Syrup of the primrose helps to get rid of coughing attacks with respiratory diseases, which are characterized by difficulty in moving away or forming sputum. It is also effective in bronchitis and tracheitis.

How to treat?

How to treat?Before using the medication it is important to read in detail the instructions of the syrup from Herbion cough. Using a plantain-based remedy, the drug should be taken this way: adults 10 ml, children 2-7 years - 5 ml. The drug is taken 3 times a day, adults with severe coughing attacks the amount of syrup intake can be increased up to 5 times a day. In Herbion's instructions for dry cough, it is indicated that the drug should be administered regardless of the meal.

When treating the disease, a drug based on an aqueous extract of the primrose is taken antitussive drug 3 times after eating. Adults are prescribed 15 ml, children from 14 years - 10 ml, 5-14 years - 5 ml, 2 - 5 years - 2, 5 ml at a time. Adults and patients aged 14 years, as prescribed by the doctor, the amount of medication can be increased up to 4 times a day. On average, therapy lasts 7 days.

Possible side effects

Like other drugs, Herbion has its own contraindications, which it is important to know before starting treatment. Despite even strict adherence to the dosage indicated in Herbion's instructions from a wet cough or dry, patients may notice the appearance of allergic reactions. Most often they appear in the form of rashes and irritations on the skin, after which it is necessary to pick up another antitussive syrup.

In the event of an overdose, the patient may experience nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea.

It is strictly forbidden to conduct treatment for diabetes mellitus, hypersensitivity to the active components of the drug, inflammatory diseases of the stomach mucosa.

Proceeding from possible side effects, in order to prevent dangerous consequences, Gerbion can only be used for the doctor's prescription.


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