Folk remedies against coughing

Means for coughing adults

Effective cough for adults

Means for coughing adultsInfluenza and colds are characterized by pathological conditions of the respiratory tract, accompanied by clusters of sputum in the lungs and bronchi. When looking for cough medicine, one should not forget that the nature of the symptom determines the choice of remedy for eliminating the cough itself. On whether a wet cough or dry, then depends on the presence of allergic reactions to the constituent components of the drug.

An effective cough remedy for people of all ages, from child to adult, is inhalation. If it comes to an infant, it should be kept for a few minutes in a bathroom with steam and high humidity. Older children and adults can be inhaled over a wide saucepan with boiling water. It is necessary to cover the head with a bath towel. You can add a few spoons of soda, fir oil or juniper oil to the water. You can carry out inhalation over the bay leaf or boiled potatoes.

In order to stop coughing for adults, it makes sense to drink warm milk, which contains lemon juice and a small amount of honey. As additives, milk of black radish, tea from lime flowers, mother-and-stepmother, infusions of elderberry or crimson leaves also will suit the milk. If you combine the juice of a bulb with honey it will also be a good result.

Folk remedies for coughing adults

Folk cough remedies are good for their simplicity and availability of application. They eliminate the need to flee to the pharmacy for pills and do not give any contraindications at all. In every kitchen, you can find many products that can help in cough. One such product is honey, which can be called the most effective remedy in this matter. If the cough is not very strong, it can be quenched by means of a glass of water, in which to dissolve a spoonful of honey. The effectiveness of honey is enhanced when adding garlic, lemon and other products to the water.

Garlic is a known folk remedy against colds. Garlic cloves can be kept constantly with you during the riot of epidemics of colds, and also put it in your children's pocket, sending them to school. To quickly and effectively cure a runny nose, you can regularly rub your feet with garlic.

A good cure for coughing in adults is warming up. It can be performed in the following ways:

  • I use a mustard compress that has a local effect of irritation and relieves inflammation of the lung tissue. It is the application of mustard plasters to the chest;
  • Lubricating the breast of an adult with liquid honey, heated in a frying pan to about the body temperature of a person. The compress is closed with permanent paper, then it remains until a sensation of warmth in the chest appears;
  • you can take an ordinary bath towel, moisten it in vegetable oil and wrap around the perimeter of the chest. Within half an hour all symptoms of lung diseases and cough are eliminated;
  • a good compress of mashed potatoes. To cook it, you need to put warm boiled potatoes in a cellophane bag and attach to your chest.

Folk remedies for dry coughing adults

In the event that an adult has a dry cough with almost complete absence mucus, the body experiences difficulties with the elimination of infection, because it is not excreted from the body mucus. The pathogenic bacteria and microorganisms accompanying the spread of infection are not deduced, as a result of which a dry cough begins to disturb the person. It is precisely the method of such a conclusion.

To eliminate dry cough in an adult human medicine, the following methods are suggested:

  1. The use of hot milk with the addition of alkaline water and honey, thus the formation of a significant amount of mucus will occur, resulting in an early cessation of dry cough. Also a good result provides the use of fatty cream. If there are any individual contraindications to the use of dairy products, you can drink strong tea with added butter.
  2. For an adult, a mixture of sugar and onions is recommended for the treatment of dry cough. To the previously prepared onions, sugar is added, the mixture is well mixed and infused over one night to form juice. The medicine should be taken in the morning, first of all the juice, then you must eat the onions. Gradually, the dry cough begins to recede.
  3. An ancient means of eliminating dry cough in adults is the combination of honey with a radish. For its preparation, the head of a black radish is taken, in it a hole is made, into which honey is placed. Insist should be for three hours. Eat in the morning before breakfast, before dinner and in the evening before dinner. You can increase the effect of the application if you add carrot juice.
  4. Effective honey with the addition of lemon. For proper preparation, add glycerin to the lemon. The composition is thoroughly mixed, after which it must be added honey. In the event that the dry cough is not too intense, use should be three times a day. If the cough is dry and very strong at the same time, it is necessary to apply the remedy up to seven times a day. The dosage of the syrup can be reduced if the cough goes down.

Folk remedies for coughing adults expectorant

To date, there is a large number of traditional medicine that can help clear the sputum from the adult person's respiratory tract. They are characterized by minimal costs when using them, and a sensitive effect.

Most often in order to prevent cough, infusions from all sorts of herbs, rubbing, inhalation and other methods that require the use of natural remedies are used. If the cough has passed into an acute form, there is a sense in the application of medical treatments in combination with folk recipes. In this case, before direct application it is necessary to get advice from a doctor to avoid side effects from the joint use of the medications.

In most cases, expectorants contain various herbs in their composition. It can be a root of licorice, oregano, thyme, coltsfoot and others, used in the form of broths. A good folk remedy that causes an expectorant effect is the onion with its broad spectrum of action, including anti-inflammatory and antiseptic effect.

An excellent expectorant has proven to be honey. Its composition has to provide a remarkable bactericidal action, which does not allow the reproduction of bacteria. In diseases of organs and respiratory systems, it makes sense to use honey for internal use and for inhalation.

An excellent expectorant is the syrup of their horseradish with honey, performed in equal proportions. It should be noted that people who are allergic to honey, use this tool is not recommended. In large quantities, you should eat foods that contain vitamin C, such as lemon and viburnum.

Sputum expectoration is facilitated by inhalation with the use of iodine, the addition of soda, eucalyptus and essential oil. You can make rubbing with the use of turpentine and alcohol. It is best to rub yourself immediately before going to bed, in order to take shelter and sweat well.

Pharmacological means for coughing adults

Coughing occasionally bothers a person and people from all ages can suffer from it. The level of development of modern pharmacology makes it possible to apply a wide variety of cough suppressants. A variety of drugs for treating cough act differently, so they should be used skillfully, in order to avoid negative consequences. It can be complications in the respiratory, nervous and other systems of the human body.

An agent for dry cough in adults

To date, there is a wide variety of pharmacological drugs effective in eliminating dry cough in adults. Often this causes additional difficulties associated with the inability to determine the appropriate means for treating dry cough. If the treatment is carried out without conducting a preliminary diagnosis, it should not only help but also not harm the health of the person.

Below is a description of some remedies for dry cough that are very popular.

A remedy for the dry sine "Sinekod". The drug is characterized by an action directed at the center of the cough. Apply it should be in the acute phase of coughing. Contraindicated in pregnancy.

Means of combined action "Gerbion". The basis of the preparation is made up of natural ingredients. In addition to the action aimed at eliminating cough, the drug has antimicrobial properties. With increased susceptibility to the components of the drug is contraindicated for use. People with diabetes should take the drug only after consulting a doctor. There may be side effects from the use of the drug, such as an allergic reaction.

Broncholitin. The agent is characterized by the ability to influence the center of the cough. It has excellent antispasmodic and antimicrobial qualities. Causes the enlargement of the bronchi, promotes the removal of edema mucosa, improves breathing. Contraindicated in persons suffering from cardiovascular disorders. In the treatment of dry cough in adults, this drug can cause various side effects, such as insomnia, tremors, nausea and tachycardia.

Pharmacological means for coughing adults

Means for a strong cough in an adult

Recommendations for the treatment of severe cough in children are enough, but there is practically no way to eliminate a severe cough in an adult. Commonly known cough syrups may not have a proper effect, especially if a cough in an adult person persists for a fairly long period of time.

It should be taken into account the fact that cough does not always indicate the onset of a cold. This fact makes it necessary to visit a physician-therapist in order to make sure that cough is not a symptom of any serious illness. In the case of diagnosis, tracheitis or bronchitis should be prepared to treat these diseases long enough. This requires the implementation of all recommendations that will be issued by the attending physician. Since there is a danger of the transition of the disease to the chronic stage, it is necessary to take the procedures and medications in the physiotherapist's office for a certain period of time.

Expectorant against coughing adults

Expectorants for cough for adults have an effect on the epithelial tissue of internal organs, contribute to improving the motor activity of bronchioles. Sputum is moved from the lower parts of the respiratory tract to the upper ones, after which it is excreted. The use of expectorants can significantly increase the function of the bronchial glands, because in this case sputum will be released in large quantities and will not be viscous.

Expectorants for coughing adults are prescribed with a damp cough, if necessary rapid withdrawal of sputum in the acute form of bronchitis, pneumonia, inflammatory diseases of respiratory ways. Expectorants are made on the basis of medicinal plants. They can be presented in a variety of forms - herbal preparations, syrups, tablets and all kinds of suspensions are very popular.

Most known are expectorants for adults:

  • cough syrup, tablets with plant, thermpsys lanceolate;
  • syrup containing althaea root, altemix. The root of the althaea is part of the drug mukaltin, working with which you should follow the dosage, as exaggerating the norm can cause vomiting and nausea. Effectively the combination of the root of althea with licorice, sage, anise fruits, kidneys of pine. To prepare the solution, it is necessary to brew one tablespoon of herbal tea in a glass of boiling water, insisting for half an hour. You can drink after eating 100 ml.

Home remedy for coughing adults

A good tool for home use in case of coughing in an adult is a cocktail containing a mixture of honey and milk with soda. It should be heated milk, not bringing it to the boiling point, then stir in it half a teaspoon of soda with two teaspoons of honey. Formed broth should be drunk immediately, without tightening.

Compress from an adult cough

The effect of a warming compress from a cough is familiar to many even from childhood. This tool is effective for adults too. At home, you can apply a variety of ways of setting compresses from cough, the most famous of which is a potato compress. It is prepared as follows:

  1. Choose potatoes smaller, which will not be a pity to throw out and do not want to be cleaned.
  2. The potato is boiled in a uniform.
  3. After draining the water, the potato is folded into a polyethylene bag and wrinkled. Puree should not be done, you can only press down to give the potato a flat shape.
  4. A towel is placed on the chest for the patient, a potato pancake in the plastic bag is placed on top, another towel is placed on top and the patient is covered with a blanket.
  5. After the potatoes have cooled, remove the compress and cover the patient with a blanket.

Banks for coughing

To date, there are two varieties of medical cough coughs. Glass banks have been used for the treatment of colds for a long time. Nevertheless, they represent a certain danger, because they can poke around the edges and require an open flame for installation. There is another kind of cans - vacuum, made of polymers, which look like thick rubber. Their installation does not require fire, which makes the banks almost safe. In order to install such a jar, you just have to squeeze it in your hand and attach it to the installation site.

Cough inhalation for adults

Inhalations from coughing adults are divided into two varieties depending on the temperature of the incoming substances. They can be cold and hot. With cold inhalations, the person inhales the drug substance at room temperature, and the substance is not heated by anything. Hot inhalations involve the inhalation of heated vapors of a drug substance. If the temperature of the inhaled medicine is above 30 degrees, the inhalation is considered hot and the technique of its execution differs significantly from the cold inhalation. In general, inhalations are a great way to deliver medications to the mucous membranes of the respiratory system.

Folk remedies for cough, bronchitis and tracheitis

With the onset of the first colds, the number of people suffering from colds increases. Frequent companions of acute respiratory infections are inflammations of the upper respiratory tract causing a debilitating cough, which will be very difficult to cope with. There is a whole arsenal of medicines designed to fight the common cold. However, their use is not always possible. Then people's remedies for cough, bronchitis and tracheitis come to the rescue. The most popular are herbal decoctions, honey and inhalations. They help to cope with the disease, without harming the body.

Advantages of folk methods of treatment

A girl cures coughing folk remedies

Traditional medicine during its existence contained a huge number of methods of treatment. Each of them, before reaching us, was tested not on one generation. The effectiveness of using folk remedies for cough, bronchitis and tracheitis is confirmed by the recognition of official medicine. Herbal preparations are prescribed as part of complex therapy in parallel with antibiotics, and sometimes they are also used as an independent remedy for the treatment of ailment. This is explained by the presence of the advantages of folk methods over medicines, among them:

  • Environmental Safety.
  • Mild effects on the body as a whole.
  • Long-term effectiveness check.
  • The ability to combine several treatments.
  • The minimum number of contraindications.
  • Lack of addiction.
  • Minimal chance of side effects.
  • Vitaminization of the body and strengthening of immunity.

The most effective folk remedies for coughing

How to get rid of a cough? There is a huge arsenal of folk remedies that help to defeat the disease. An important condition for the effectiveness of their use is to determine the characteristics of the disease. Cough can be morning, night, dry, with phlegm, constant or intermittent. In addition, when choosing a remedy, it is necessary to take into account the age of the patient. Particular attention needs an approach to the treatment of infants. Let's consider, effective folk remedies for a strong cough, bronchitis and tracheitis:

For adults

How fast can an adult be cured? Folk remedies for cough, acute bronchitis and tracheitis in adults include decoctions, infusions from plant raw materials, applications and inhalations. Chronic bronchitis treatment with folk remedies:

  • Goose fat for oral administration. Helps cure dry, rending cough. The main effect of goose fat is to dilute sputum, removing it from the lungs. For the manufacture of the drug, use the interior fat of the bird, which is heated by over-frying. To cure a prolonged cough, drink in the morning one tablespoon of fat on an empty stomach. Relief comes on the second day. Completely get rid of a prolonged cough is obtained within 7 days of fat treatment.
Folk remedies for cough
  • Milk, honey, onion and garlic. The broth, prepared with the help of these ingredients, helps with a strong wet cough, relieves wheezes. To get the drug, take a half-liter of milk, boil in it for 10 minutes, three pre-chopped bulbs, the head of garlic. After that, allow to cool slightly and pour all the contents into the blender, where it is ground to the state of gruel. Then add a couple tablespoons of honey, better than lime. Drink this cough drug at least 5 times a day, pre-heating a little. Relief of the condition comes after the first admission.
  • Bogorodskaya herb (thyme). This fragrant plant helps from chronic dry cough, including the smoker's cough. Very good expectorant folk remedy. The broth is made from 250 ml of water and one tablespoon of dry herb. The grass is added to cold water, brought to a boil and tinned for 5 minutes. The broth must be filtered. Adults drink a remedy in a warm form instead of tea. Children are given 1/3 cup morning and evening. Receiving a decoction from a cough will dilute sputum, which helps to clear the lungs, even from tobacco products. You need to drink medicine for at least two weeks.
  • Potatoes. With the help of this vegetable, an effective application is made, helping to cope with a chronic cough. To do this, take 2-3 potatoes, peel and boil. Without letting to cool, the ready potatoes are mashed, put in a plastic bag. On the back of the patient put a cotton napkin, on top of which a bag of mashed potatoes is applied. It is necessary to check if the hot compress is not too hot before applying. Top cover with a blanket. The application from the cough is kept until the potatoes cool down.

For children

Children's cough is cured more difficult, if only because it is more difficult to clear the respiratory tract from sputum. But there are a number of folk remedies that cure even a protracted cough for a child. Dr. Komarovsky suggests easing it by diluting sputum. To this end, the doctor recommends the use of cough treatment in children by folk remedies. Among them, the following methods are distinguished by their efficiency and ease of use:

  • Eggs, milk, honey. With the help of these ingredients, a sweet potion is prepared which will quickly cure a slight cough. To prepare the preparation, take a glass of boiled milk, add 30 g of honey and butter. Separately, we'll take out the egg yolk, put it in milk. To drink such a medicine is better at night.
Syrup from onions and sugar for cough
  • Onion, sugar. A sweet syrup made from these ingredients weakens a strong cough. For him, you need 2 bulbs, a liter of water and a glass of sugar. The washed bulbs are dipped in boiling water with sugar dissolved in it and are pressed for about an hour. Then the syrup is drained. Children are given one tablespoon of warm medication every three to four hours.
  • Honey, cabbage. These products make the application of a cough to the chest. The remedy is very effective, relief comes the day after the first procedure. To prepare, you need one cabbage leaf and a couple of spoons of honey. Sheet smeared with honey, put to the chest. The coughing application is kept all night. In the morning they remove the sluggish leaf of cabbage. Honey is completely absorbed into the patient's skin. Before using folk remedies for cough, bronchitis and tracheitis, it is necessary to measure the temperature, if it is above 3 degrees, then it is better to postpone the procedure.

Recipes for treatment of bronchitis at home

Bronchitis is a serious disease that begins as a simple cold, which results in inflammation of the bronchi. Accompanying the ailment with hard breathing, first a dry cough, then wet, sometimes almost squelching. In patients, the temperature rises and there is pain in the chest with a cough. Chronic bronchitis symptoms are diagnosed only by a doctor. The presence of this form of disease is indicated by thickening of the walls of the bronchi. It is more difficult to treat the disease and you can not do without folk remedies. The causes of bronchitis are normal seasonal infections.

If the child is sick, then how to treat bronchitis in children? In this case, you need to get a doctor's consultation. Signs of bronchitis in the child do not manifest immediately. From the moment of the disease can take about a week. In such cases, excretion of sputum becomes very important. Otherwise, complications in the form of bronchopneumonia, the treatment of which is made only in a hospital. We offer the most effective, easy ways to treat bronchitis:

Folk remedy for bronchitis
  • Black radish. The juice of this root will help to cope with acute bronchitis. To do this, you need a couple of vegetables that are thoroughly washed. In each root crop, using a knife, cut off the cap and take out the pulp in the form of a funnel. In the lower part, only a small puncture is made. Take a tea cup, put a radish in it. Put a teaspoon of honey into the resulting funnel. Bottom of the puncture after 30 minutes begins to drip sweet juice. Give it on a tablespoon 5 times a day. Apply this syrup with a dry cough. Relief of bronchitis symptoms comes on the third day.
  • Ginger. This miracle root has antiseptic, expectorant, bactericidal action, cures a severe cough, relieves bronchospasm. Can be used as a prophylaxis for pneumonia, bronchitis. To make a drug, you need one teaspoon of lemon juice, ginger and honey, a glass of boiling water. Juices are mixed, honey is added. Give the mixture to stand and pour boiling water. Cover the container with something warm and let it stand for 10 minutes. Drinking a drug from bronchitis should be one hour. l. every 30 minutes.
  • Badger fat. Strong means of atrophic and obstructive bronchitis. They drink fat from cough in undiluted form on one tablespoon in the morning. The agent helps to restore the epithelium of the bronchi. You can drink not only at the time of exacerbation of the disease, but also for prevention in the autumn-winter period. Children are not recommended to give this medication for bronchitis: it can provoke a strong allergic reaction.

How to treat tracheitis with folk remedies

Tracheitis is a catarrhal disease that often takes on a chronic form. Accompanies SARS, sinusitis, bronchitis. They are often affected by women and children. Characterized by perspiration in the throat, dry "barking" cough, change in voice for the time of illness. Than to treat a tracheitis? Traditional medicine offers a lot of easy ways, eliminating this problem. The most effective are the following:

Birch tar for the treatment of tracheitis
  • Birch tar. This ingredient is used to make a strong cough remedy. To do this, take 1 spoonful of tar and dilute it with 8 tablespoons of boiled water. Stir and insist for two days. Then remove the film from the surface of the liquid, pour it into another dish and put in the refrigerator. Drink this drug you need one spoon at night. In the morning, tar should be rinsed with tar water. To cure a severe cough, three procedures are enough.
  • Cacao butter. This product helps cure tracheitis, dry, hard cough and bronchitis. Chocolate aroma of oil allows you to use the medicine in the treatment of children. To do this, mix the butter with hot milk in the proportions: 0 and drink. At a time, take no more than 100 ml of the drug. It is allowed to eat 3 times a day.

Video: inhalations that cushion cough

How to cure a cough? For colds accompanied by a runny nose and cough, inhalation is used. This procedure helps reduce the viscosity of phlegm and mucus in the nasopharynx and removes them from the body. For her, you need an inhaler, decoctions of herbs (sage, marigold, eucalyptus, chamomile), soda, iodine, Borjomi mineral water, fresh onion juice and garlic. In some cases, with a strong cough, combinations of these ingredients are used. In order for the procedure to work, follow certain rules about which you will learn from the following video:

Feedback on results after treatment

Alisa, 34 years old: I'm a teacher, and I, like many teachers, have weak vocal cords. In addition to the peaks of the spread of infection, when all the children get sick, I get infected from them and I suffer from tracheitis for a long time. The only salvation for me was inhalation with mineral water. They soften the throat, relieve dryness and help quickly get rid of cough with phlegm. In addition to inhalations, I do a castor compress for the night, which helps me cope with the disease without the sick.

Oksana, 24 years old: I have a little son. He's 2 years old. He is very often sick. Cope with a cough helps a cake of honey, mustard and flour. I take all the ingredients in equal proportions and mix. In order not to get irritated, I lubricate the skin with baby cream. I put a flat cake on the back, I put a diaper on top and wrap it around. I hold three or four hours and shoot. Cough completely passes for a week.

Victor, 48 years old: I have chronic bronchitis. But I have not remembered it for years because of badger fat. I drink this folk remedy in the autumn every year on a teaspoon before breakfast. On the course I use a half liter jar. Very tasteless medicine with a peculiar smell, but it always saved me from coughing. When absolutely unbearable, I add honey. This means is not suitable for everyone. My wife has a sick liver, she can not drink it.

Effective popular cough recipes for children and adults

Find today a person who has never experienced in his life what a cough is, probably impossible. Moreover, many people have to spend a huge amount of time and effort to get rid of this disease, not to mention the money. But before you run to the pharmacy for medicines, it's worth trying to apply folk recipes from coughs for children and adults.

Types of cough

The beginning of treatment should be preceded by a clarification of the cause. After all, not always it is a question of a cough obtained as a result of a cold or any infection, and accordingly, not in all cases it can be eliminated at home. The use of folk remedies can eliminate coughing of the following types:

- Wet. It is characterized by cyclicity and stops after the removal of phlegm, which is why there is relief. This cough with sputum accumulation resumes. To treat it should be mokrotorazhizhayuschimi means for the preparation of which you can use the national recipes from coughing to children.

- It's dry. In the people it is called "barking" cough. It appears at the beginning of the disease. In this case, it is necessary to cause sputum expectoration.

folk recipes from cough for children

Folk recipes for a strong cough should not be used with such types of it as spastic, pertussis, night, prolonged, appearing with physical exertion, and also psychogenic.

Moist cough. Folk recipes of medicines

The main task in the fight against wet cough is to relieve sputum. The most difficult to achieve this with a child's cough, because sputum in children is more viscous than in adults. It is important that the mucus from the baby's bronchi is removed as soon as possible, since it is the center of bacterial development.

There are the following folk recipes for cough for children:

- 1 tbsp. a spoon of chopped figs is poured over 300 ml of boiling water, the mixture is simmered on low heat for about 10-12 minutes, then it should be filtered, cooled and given to the child 100 ml after eating;

- mix the juice of black radish and chilled boiled milk in a ratio of one to two, add 1 hour. a spoonful of honey and use 1 tbsp. spoon after eating;

- Cut a medium-sized onion into a saucepan, add 500 ml of milk, boil and insist on for four hours, take the remedy every four hours; likewise you can make a beverage made from garlic (5 denticles).

Each recipe for a strong cough, given above, can be used to treat not only children, but also adults.

Dry cough - the better to treat?

When fighting dry cough, there are special features. However, folk medicine is not powerless here either. Very good in this case helps a hot decoction of dates. For its preparation you need to take about 10 dates, pour, l of water and cook for 30 minutes. In many cases, after such treatment, dry cough stops.

folk recipes from a strong cough

Folk recipes also imply the treatment with chocolate butter, which can be prepared as follows: place in a pan 3 tbsp. spoon of pork fat, 100 g of butter and melt them, then add 3 tbsp. tablespoons of cocoa and 100 g of chocolate. The mixture is cooled and, spreading it on bread, eat 4-5 times a day. To drink this kind of delicacy for a child is best with warm milk with a pinch of soda. Such treatment is especially pleasing to children, because, unlike numerous medicines, broths and infusions, this oil is very tasty.

Considering folk recipes from a dry cough, it is also worth mentioning one more remedy. To make it, you need to pour a medium-sized lemon over the water and boil it over a small fire for 10-12 minutes. Then the lemon should be taken out and, cut in half, squeezed out the juice, add 2 tbsp. spoonful of glycerin and honey to a full glass. Take should be 2 hours. spoons three times a day.

Treatment of cough with the help of mother-and-stepmother

The mother-and-stepmother is also very popular in the treatment of cough. This plant, thanks to the substances contained in its leaves (acids, glycosides, polysaccharides, carotenoids, mucus, tannins), has an excellent expectorant effect. In addition, it reduces pain when coughing, disinfects and has an anti-inflammatory effect. Traditional medicine recipes for cough with maintenance of mother-and-stepmother offers the following:

  • 1 tbsp. Spoon the leaves of the plant with water (200 ml) and, stirring, heat for 15 minutes on a pair. Then cool, strain and dilute with boiling water to 200 ml. Take 100 ml. The daily dose should be 300-400 ml.
  • Fresh flowers should be poured with alcohol in a ratio of one to one and insist for a week in a dark place. Take 30-35 drops inside before meals. It should be noted that this tool can be used only in the treatment of cough in adults.
folk recipes for cough

Folk recipes for the treatment of cough in young children

Great attention is required treatment of cough in the home in children under 3 years old. Not every recipe for folk cough remedies can be used to treat a small child. The most popular among the people are freshly squeezed juices of vegetables such as carrots and cabbage. Carrot juice for infants should be given by first mixing it with sugar syrup in the ratio:. A cabbage juice should be diluted with sugar syrup in the ratio:.

A good effect in eliminating children's cough can be achieved with the help of infusions of pine buds, for the preparation of which it is necessary to put 1 tbsp. spoon the pine buds into a saucepan and, filling them with 500 ml of milk, bring to a boil and insist. Give the child 50 ml of infusion once every 1-2 hours.

Some folk recipes for coughing for children provide for the use of funds that need not be taken inside, but rubbed by them the chest and back of the baby. It's about badger fat. After grinding the child should be warmly wrapped, so that it sweats, then necessarily change into dry linen.

Recipes for cough with onion

Excellent and helps the onion from coughing. Folk recipes could not do without this root, because it is indispensable in the treatment of cough and cold, as well as the prevention of the latter. For treatment, it is necessary to mix the juice of two medium bulbs with 100 g of sugar and cook the mixture for 10 minutes, cool it, add 2 tbsp. spoons of honey, take 1 h. spoon several times a day.

cough onions folk recipes

There is an easier way to prepare an anti-cough remedy for onions. It is necessary to cut the onion and, having folded into a jar, sprinkle it with sugar. Allow to stand for several hours, after which to give the juice of the child with a discharge in a dosage of 1 h. spoon three times a day.

The decoction of onions prepared as follows is also effective: put 1 liter of water in a saucepan, 2 onions in a peel, 200 g of sugar, stir and boil for an hour over low heat. Take warm for 100 grams, for children, enough 50 grams. These popular cough recipes for children will surely please, because such medicines are sweet, despite the slightly poignant taste of the onion itself.

Folk recipes using black radish

A number of useful properties and has a black radish. From a cough recipe to find it is not difficult at all, and it is possible to apply such means at treatment both adults, and children.

black radish from cough recipeSo, there are the following recipes:
  • Radish thoroughly rinse and use a sharp knife to make a deepening in it, removing part of the pulp. The resulting notch should be filled with honey and let stand for 24 hours. Take 1 hour. spoon in the morning, lunch and evening.
  • Radish clean and cut into small cubes, then put it in a bowler and sprinkle with sugar. Place in the oven and bake for two hours, then strain and give the patient for 2 hours. spoon before eating.
  • Wash and clean 6-7 pieces of radish. Slice the vegetables in thin slices and sprinkle with sugar. After 10-12 hours, juice will separate. After that, the black radish itself is no longer needed. From the cough, the recipe recommends taking only the allocated juice 8-10 times a day.

Folk recipes for the treatment of cough in adults

Adults can use both folk recipes shown in the treatment of cough for children, and many others. For example:

  • Tincture prepared on the basis of wormwood. To do this, pour 20 grams of Artemisia 500 ml of vodka or alcohol and let it brew. The best means is that which has been insisted for as long as possible, but 24 hours, as a rule, is sufficient for this. Take should be three times a day for 1 tbsp. spoon.
  • Hot mix of pepper and white wine roots. It is prepared by boiling these two ingredients in the following proportion - 250 ml of wine and 60 g of pepper roots. Drink 4 times a day.

Drinks that contribute to an effective fight against coughing

prescription for a strong cough

When treating both dry and wet cough, children and adults need to drink as much as possible. It can be any drinks, the main thing is that they are warm. Effective in the fight against cough is a drink made from ordinary hot milk and alkaline mineral water in the ratio:. It is better for young children to drink milk and figs. Anti-inflammatory effect is provided by warm tea with jam from the viburnum or raspberry.

It is good to drink various herbal infusions and decoctions. For example, a decoction of birch leaves, Ledum grass, oregano, nettle and birch buds, a decoction of ordinary Kalina, which, by the way, is also an excellent expectorant. A positive effect is provided by the decoction of the fruits of the viburnum, cooked with 200 g of berries and 1 l of water.

Inhalation in the home

recipe for folk cough remedies

Folk recipes for treating cough also include inhalation at home. This method does not require special knowledge or preparations, you just need to add to boiling water chamomile, thyme, sage, baking soda and eucalyptus oil and, covered with a towel, breathe evolved steam. The advantage of inhalation is that the beneficial substances, once ingested into the body in the form of vapors, immediately begin to have a beneficial effect on the inflamed areas.

Folk recipes for coughs for children and adults are presented quite widely, but what helps one man, powerless in the fight against the disease of another, and it is worth bearing in mind, rather than despair after the first failures. In any case, most folk remedies can not harm the human body, in contrast to numerous drugstores.

Use of folk remedies against dry cough

Folk remedies for dry cough are known for their miraculous properties. They help to ease not only the attack, but also contribute to the dilution of sputum, which means rapid release of the bronchi from mucus and speedy recovery.

Folk remedies for cough

What is a dry cough?

Dry cough is not in itself a disease, it is a symptom of many diseases. In most cases, dry cough is the first stage. After a few days, he goes into the wet with sputum. But, depending on the diseases that caused it, the cough can be protracted - up to 3 months, and chronic - more than 3 months.

The problem of dry coughMany are helped by medicines used together with folk remedies. In children, the main causes of cough are colds, in adults they can be different. Therefore, before proceeding to treatment, it is necessary to determine the nature of the disease, after consulting with a doctor.

Traditional methods of treatment help the body, create favorable conditions for the appearance of sputum.

The list of folk remedies and methods of treatment is quite impressive. Those who prefer traditional medicine traditional, are prepared in advance for the fact that the body can fail, and are stocked with herbal preparations for future use. Benefit and relief bring products that are in every home.

Decoctions and other folk remedies for oral administration

To accelerate the departure of phlegm, you need to drink more liquid. It can be infusions of herbs, warmed mineral water, and also milk. Heated milk with honey is a very popular remedy for dry cough.

Use of milk with dry coughTake a glass of milk and bring it to a boil. Then add half a teaspoon of honey, a little butter and a small amount of soda (at the tip of a teaspoon). Such a remedy is the first aid for relieving the attack of dry cough and has enveloping properties.

Stimulate the expectoration of breastfeeds from dry leaves of plantain, camomile flowers, lime and dried hips of wild rose. The rosehip is crushed before brewing. The broth is boiled for ten minutes and added with sugar. It can be replaced with honey, but on condition that it is added to the cooled vzvar. Rosehip is taken in moderate doses, since it lowers blood pressure.

Pour a tablespoon of sugar on a dry frying pan and warm it. After the sugar begins to melt, add half a glass of hot water and stir until the sugar dissolves completely. Pour into a glass and pour in equal parts for 1 hour. spoons of tincture of lilac flowers or half a tablespoon of vodka, add honey and butter. If you drink the drug before going to bed in a warm state for a week, you will no longer be bothered by a night cough.

The use of aloe in dry coughAloe - a healing plant known for its miraculous properties. There is one secret that increases its medicinal qualities: the plant is abundantly watered, and after not watering for three weeks. Leaves, from which they receive a useful juice, are stored in the refrigerator for 10 days before use.

Connect, art. spoons of aloe juice and the same amount of honey, hold in the mouth for several minutes and then swallow.

Will help and beer with sugar. A tablespoon of sugar is added to the glass of beer and brought to a boil. They drink hot.

Carrot juice can be mixed with sugar syrup in equal proportions. Take 1 tbsp. spoon 5-6 times a day, before it heated.

To facilitate spasms, it is recommended to include in the diet mashed potatoes with lots of milk.

Expectorant properties are possessed by decoction of needles and spruce young cones on milk. He not only fights with a dry cough, but also lowers the temperature.

The use of hawthorn with a dry coughFruits of hawthorn (1 tbsp. spoon) steamed for 1-2 hours with one glass of boiling water in a thermos. Then add honey and take up to 3 times a day before meals.

Crushed leaves of mother-and-stepmother (1 tbsp. spoon) pour a glass of boiling water and insist 30-40 minutes. The broth should be filtered and drunk 5-6 times a day for 1-2 st. spoons.

At home, when fighting dry cough, a bow helps well. The onion is ground (300 g), 40 g of honey, 200 g of sugar and 1 liter of water are added and brewed for about an hour. Take 1 tbsp. spoon up to 4 times a day after meals.

Grate finely chopped onions with honey and eat on a tablespoon 3 times a day.

Will help in the fight against dry cough and licorice. 1/3 h. a spoonful of ground licorice powder must be absorbed into tastelessness 2 times a day.

For the transition of dry cough to wet it is also necessary to brew 1 tbsp. spoon of leaves of plantain and chamomile in a glass of boiling water. Take 1 tbsp. spoon every hour during the day.

Benefits of honey with a dry coughIn a three-liter jar, place 5 eggs, art. a spoonful of honey and pour the milk serum. Put in a dark place for 3 days and stir occasionally. Drink 1/3 cup for 30 minutes before meals 3 times a day. Keep refrigerated.

Radish with honey is also a good tool. In a whole radish carved cavity, which is filled with honey. For a day the radish will give juice. Use it for 1 tbsp. spoon 3 times a day.

In addition to the above, a good effect with a dry cough is burnt sugar. Sugar sand should be placed in a frying pan and warmed so that it turns into dark pieces, which should be resorbed.

Cough Inhalation

Steam inhalations based on decoctions of chamomile herbs, calendula, coltsfoot, eucalyptus accelerate the excretion of mucus from the lungs. Natural antibiotics such as onions and garlic are used. They have a strong antimicrobial property. Sage and pine essential oils are often used for inhalations for 15 to 20 minutes. Such procedures cause a strong attack of cough, which is normal.

The benefits of inhalation with a dry coughSputum separation and output is facilitated by inhalation on a soda solution. In 200 g of boiling water is diluted 1 tbsp. a spoonful of soda. To cure an old dry cough potatoes cooked in a uniform will help if you breathe over his steam for 10-15 minutes, putting a terry towel on your head so that the steam does not dissipate.

Collected early spring, thin branches of birch (new shoots) with tarry buds are ignited on a saucer (duration 10-15 minutes). Aromatic smoke cures cough and relieves the cold. To achieve a positive effect, 2-3 procedures are sufficient.

A small onion to clean and gnaw. Take a few minutes to inhale through your nose and exhale with your mouth.

Massage, rubbing and compresses

Helps with a dry cough massage and rubbing the back, chest and heels with melted honey. For rubbing, the internal fat of animals (badger, goat, melted beef fat) is still used. When rubbing, blood flows to the skin.

After such procedures it is important to keep warm and properly wrapped. It is important to know that rubbing can not be done in the heart area and at elevated temperature.

The benefits of compresses with a dry coughUsed for grinders and camphor oil. To rub it it is necessary till the moment when there will be an insignificant burning sensation. Then on the back put mustard plaster. It is important to avoid burns. Mustards keep no more than 20 minutes.

To facilitate coughing helps the grinding of vodka mixed with honey and a drop of iodine.

Compresses are also a good remedy for treatment. For their production in equal proportions (1 tbsp. spoons) mixed flour, dry mustard, vegetable oil, honey and added, Art. spoons of vodka. The resulting mixture is heated in a water bath. By its consistency, the substance becomes like a dough sticking to the hands. It is placed on gauze, folded in several layers, and is applied to the place on the chest where the pain is felt. It is also necessary to wrap it up warmly. This procedure takes several days in a row.

Compress from honey is very simple and at the same time effective. Honey is rubbed on the chest, a piece of cloth is placed on top, soaked in vodka, covered with cellophane and wrapped.

As an aid in the fight against the first signs of dry cough well rinsed throat. Rinse is done with herbal decoctions, saline solutions or water with dilute soda. Gargle should be after eating and several times a day.

Applying treatment with folk remedies, it should be remembered that many plants and foods can cause allergic reactions.


This is especially true for the treatment of cough in pregnant women and young children. Folk remedies are excellent at the first sign of coughing. Quickly started treatment will help to avoid complications, in which there is a need to go to a medical institution.

Effective folk remedies for dry cough for children

Folk remedies for dry cough for children are used by very many parents in the period of their baby's illness. Often, some folk remedies can cure a child faster and without harm to health. Catarrhal and viral diseases are almost always accompanied by a cough in children. Very often he is dry, prolonged and barking, the child does not sleep well at night because of a debilitating cough. The child in such cases should be shown to the pediatrician who will prescribe the medication - medicamental or homeopathic, depending on the severity of the disease. In most cases, doctors prescribe antibiotics and antitussives, but what should children do that are allergic to sweet syrups and suspensions? Folk remedies and compresses come into the fight against this disease.

Dry cough in children

Recipes from improvised products

A very large number of recipes are prepared at home from the products available in the refrigerator of each hostess, or herbs, which can be purchased at a pharmacy or a store, and they will cost much less than ready-made syrups from dry cough.

For example, the most proven recipe for dry cough is a black radish with honey. The preparation is very simple: we cut the radish into cubes and fill it with honey; After the radish leaves the juice, the syrup is ready for use. It is very important to make fresh syrup every day, and take it up to 5-6 times a day for 1 teaspoon or dessert - depending on the age of the child. Cough is literally in a matter of days.

Dry cough well softens warm milk, which is added a little honey, a piece of butter and soda at the tip of the knife. This drink not only eases tracheal cough, but also soothes perspiration in the throat.

Mother-and-stepmother with dry coughFrom coughing helps out a pharmacy decoction of herb-coltsfoot. 1 tbsp. l. herbs pour 1 cup of boiled water at room temperature, bring to a boil in a water bath, filter and take 25-30 minutes before eating.

There are other herbs, and ready-made antitussives, which are brewed in a manner similar to mother-and-stepmother. The effect of taking such herbal decoctions is a hundred times better and more useful than ready-made suspensions.

For cough, sugar is also used: 1 st. l. sugar-sand. When heated, it begins to melt and changes its color to caramel. Then the resulting candy is bred in a glass of boiled water. Thus, a ready-made syrup from a cough prepared at home is obtained.

Are inhalation effective?

In the old days our grandmothers knew that inhalations and heat were the best healers from coughing. To do this, they heated the bathhouse, brewed the herbs and inhaled the medicinal compounds in the steam room. Even in the fight against dry cough, the native stove helped: she warmed the sick child to the bronchi, as a result, the cough passed very quickly.

In our time, inhalations can be carried out in the bath and under the blanket with a hot water bottle, as well as buy a special inhaler. And the heating was replaced with mustard and all kinds of compresses from cough.

Inhalation with dry coughInhalations can be done with:
  • eucalyptus;
  • baking soda;
  • decoction of calendula flowers;
  • boiled potatoes;
  • chamomile medicinal;
  • mother-and-stepmother.

After inhalation of a cold, a child needs to go to bed. Usually inhalations are carried out at night. After them, the child's well-being improves and sleep becomes normal.

Cough compresses

With the help of compresses, mustard plasters and rubbing, getting rid of a child's cough can be much faster. In places where the compress is applied, blood circulation increases, and thus the inflammatory process decreases.

Compresses are liquid, in the form of lozenges and alcohol. They can be prepared from pharmacies and antibiotics, but the composition of the compress is prescribed by the doctor. Gorchichniki and compresses are put to a sick child in the absence of increased fever. Consider the simplest and most frequently used recipes in everyday life.

Applying a compress to the throat when coughing
  1. Recipe number 1. Cake. It is made from honey, corn oil and flour.
  2. Recipe number 2. Another cake can be prepared from boiled potatoes in a uniform, which must be crushed with a fork, add a little alcohol tincture, honey and mustard powder.
  3. Recipe number 3. Honey compress is an excellent treatment for dry cough. Honey is heated in a water bath to the body temperature of the person, spread on the chest or back of the baby, on top put a cabbage leaf, cover with cellophane and wrap. This compress is done for the whole night or at least 4 hours.
  4. Recipe number 4. Oil compress. It is prepared in a ratio of 1: from olive oil and the addition of essential oils of pine, eucalyptus, pine needles.

All the above compresses help cure dry cough in children, but the compress, which includes alcohol tincture, it is not recommended to put children under 2 years old or children suffering from thyroid disease glands.

In diseases of the respiratory tract it is important to replenish the body with vitamins. Perfect for these purposes is a decoction of rose hips. This berry is used as one of the best remedies for restoring the body's immune system.

Get rid of coughs

Benefits of honey with a dry coughHoney and plantain can be used in the fight against coughing. You need to take honey and plantain juice in equal proportions, cook them on low heat for 20 minutes, then cool and take 1 tbsp. l. for 20-30 minutes before meals 3 times a day.

A very effective cough remedy is badger fat. Children up to 3 years of age are only used as rubbing for the feet, chest and back. Rinsing is carried out at night, the child is then wrapped in a warm blanket and woolen socks are put on feet. A few days of such treatment is enough - and the cold recedes. Older children can be given for 1 hour. l. badger fat, diluted with warm milk or mixed with honey, inside 20 minutes before meals 3 times a day.

It helps a lot from celery bronchitis. 4 g celery root pour 1 liter of water and insist 8 hours, filter and drink this infusion for 1 hour. l. 3 times a day.

Children are very fond of drinking delicious teas and compotes with raspberries, and this berry helps fight dry cough. If the house is not jam, you can break the sprig of raspberry or brew 2 tbsp. l. her leaves for 300-350 ml of boiling water, let the broth brew and take it half a cup 3 times a day. If desired, you can add sugar to it.

Cure a child can cure a currant. In a juice processor or a juicer, you need to make juice from 2 kg of currant, add 2 tbsp. l. honey or sugar. Such juice can be drunk instead of tea without restriction: it not only relieves of cough, but also saturates the body with vitamins.

To children prepare a decoction from oats, it perfectly fights with a cough. For this recipe take 1 cup of raw oats, pour, l fresh milk, dampen in the oven for 2 hours on low heat. Then wrap in a warm towel and leave until completely cooled down for about 4 hours, then filter and give a child a drink during the day for several receptions.

Onions in the fight against coughing

Onions for the treatment of dry coughTraditional medicine has a large number of recipes containing this golden vegetable. This product is in every house, it is loved in many countries. Onions have curative properties: it contains volatile substances phytoncides, which destroy pathogenic and putrefactive bacteria. In the fight against colds and coughs, he proved himself only on the positive side.

Onion recipes:

  1. To prepare onion syrup, it is necessary to grind 1 onion, add to it 2 tbsp. l. sugar and leave to infuse for the night. The next morning you need to start giving your baby a half-hour syrup. l. fractional throughout the day.
  2. 2 bulbs in the husks and 1 glass of sugar pour 1 liter of water, bring to a boil and languish on the stove for 1 hour, after which we cool to a warm state and take it inside.
  3. 2 bulbs of medium size pour 1 glass of milk, cook on low heat for 4 hours, then insist in a dark place. Such milk-onion syrup is given to children three times a day for 1 hour. l.

In conclusion, I would like to wish all children health, because traditional medicine is an excellent doctor in the fight against colds and cough, the main thing is to observe the proportions and follow the prescription exactly. If you treat complex, then the disease very quickly recedes, but if you treat negligently health, then a slight malaise can result in a number of complications. Be healthy!

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