To remove a hangover: as correctly after a long binge

A hangover is a whole complex of psychosomatic symptoms that appear after excessive alcohol consumption on the eve of or a prolonged abuse of alcohol - a binge. You can simply, for a while, endure, as they say "Time heals everything."But it is better to use proven and very effective ways to combat alcohol intoxication.

The hangover is a natural consequence of any violently conducted feast, drinking, and also a drunken current of alcoholism. The human body reacts so much to the introduction of alcohol. Any poisoning carried by the body is always difficult. After all, the body has to process not only the poison itself - alcohol, but also toxic products derived from it.

The severity of intoxication, a hangover depends a lot on what. The individual tolerance of alcohol, the amount of alcohol, the number and quality of snacks, age, sex, and so on is important. Some get sick from a hangover just from one glass of champagne, a glass of wine, one glass or a glass of vodka. A drunk man breaks his head for the morning, how to get rid of a hangover, how to remove a hangover quickly.


Symptoms of hangover

Hangover symptoms knock people out of their habitual life rhythm so that they somehow have to be docked.

Hangovers happen:

  1. General disgusting condition, general discomfort.
  2. Lethargy, apathy, lack of appetite.
  3. Any movement is accompanied by an increased headache.
  4. In the stomach is not good, can podtashnivat and even vomit.
  5. All over the body pain - in the muscles, aches in the joints.
  6. Sensitivity to external stimuli: noise, bright light.
  7. Dizziness.
  8. Bad and depressed mood, irritability.
  9. Testing of feelings of guilt, dysphoria, even - depression.
  10. Appearance of hallucinations of auditory and visual perception, awesome character( this is in case of drinking alcoholism in the second and third stages of alcoholism).Alcoholic psychosis.

After a long binge, the patient may need the services of the psychiatric and resuscitation departments of the hospital. With abstinence, all existing diseases become aggravated and new ones appear. You need to pay attention to everything: vomiting coffee grounds, severe pain in the chest, lack of air - talk about serious disorders that can lead to the death of the patient. It is not always possible to relieve the condition of home remedies for binge drinking.

After binge - in the hospital, hospital, clinic!

The most effective, correct and timely help in removing the hangover will be doctors. The doctor-narcologist will appoint and prescribe the necessary rehabilitation and restorative procedures:

  • Infusion therapy in the form of a dropper with glucose and saline solution that will help to withdraw the ethanol more quickly, normalize the water-electrolyte balance;because the glucose solution is a good food for the brain.
  • The drug "Reamberin" will purify the blood from alcohol, inactivate the products of its metabolism, revive the activity of cells.
  • Antidepressants and analgesics stabilize mood, emotional state, relieve pain syndrome.
  • Injection of vitamins activates the body and improves the condition of nerve cells and fibers.

For each individual, the narcologist will prescribe a therapeutic regimen. Although sometimes, in uncomplicated cases, you can get out of the binge at home. But this is only not quite in chronic cases of alcoholism. If the patient already had an alcoholic psychosis, for example, white fever, or delirium, after drinking it should be sent to a hospital. Therefore, do not break your head: call or do not call a doctor - call!

In those cases when nothing threatens for the life and health of the drinker and his environment, you can try to get rid of the hangover on your own, given the following.

How to get rid of the hangover

What to say about how many people are trying to find out how much alcohol you need to drink again to remove the hangover! This is what happens in drinking. Alcoholism is aggravated. The consequences of it become even harder and more dangerous."Wedge wedge a wedge" - in this situation is not suitable. To remove a hang-over alcohol it is impossible!

The correct recipe how to remove a hangover after a long drinking-bout!

Withdraw toxic toxic substances:

  1. Two to three enemas of 1 to 1.5 liters with lightly salted water( 1 to 2 teaspoons per liter - otherwise simple water will simply suck in the large intestine) will help to clean the intestines of old stools.
  2. Drink plenty of plain water and induce vomiting. Do this 2 - 3 times.
  3. Drink water with dissolved in it activated charcoal - 1 tablet per 10 kilograms of your weight.

Also, in addition to anti-alcohol drugs that can be bought at the pharmacy, tea with lemon, kvass, sour-milk drinks, tincture of Eleutherococcus prickly is used for detoxification. The condition of the patient after drinking will become much easier.

The contrast shower, steam, diuretic preparations for removing edema will help.

If you do not have time to sleep, and you need to go to work, then do not drink strong coffee. After a binge condition is accompanied by increased irritability, nervousness. Drink something soothing without a hypnotic effect: tea with mint and honey, herbal tea with lemon.

Food at the time of removal of the hangover should be moderate and frequent. Little by little and often - such a principle. It's good to eat oatmeal on milk with butter. Avoid fatty, fried and spicy food.

After exiting the booze

, the person feels bad while he has acetaldehyde in his blood. And alcoholics - especially - the liver can not cope with the neutralization of alcohol, acetaldehyde. The work of all organs is broken. Blood is not cleared naturally. Therefore, alcoholics are the hardest to survive a hangover after drinking. They prefer to drink again and again to erase the symptoms of a hangover.

Modern methods and methods of getting rid of alcohol dependence - coding, acupuncture with acupuncture, hypnosis therapy can help any sick person. Alcoholism successfully cured, perhaps. But the treatment costs as early as possible. Otherwise, irreversible changes in the liver, brain, pancreas will lead the patient to death. And the way to remove hangover syndrome with alcohol intake should be forgotten forever.