How quickly to remove a headache without drugs?

Headache can occur with severe fatigue, stress, emotional or physical overexertion, most people periodically encounter it. In this case, it happens that pain medication is not always available, with some diseases, during pregnancy, small children, they can not be taken at all. It is worth knowing about a few simple techniques how to quickly remove a headache without drugs.

  • Than to remove a strong headache in house conditions
  • How to relieve a headache from stress
  • With a hangover
  • With migraine
  • With cervical osteochondrosis
  • How to relieve a headache for pregnant women
  • How to relieve a child's headache
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Despite the fact that in more severe cases, usually not without anesthetic drugs, the implementation of several recommendations will always help even with an extremely severe pain syndrome. Anesthetics always affect only the effects of malaise, some of the home techniques help to influence the cause of the headache.

Important!If headaches are repeated too often, they are severely removed by domestic methods and conventional medications from the pain syndrome, you need to urgently consult a neurologist.

Than to remove a strong headache in house conditions

Methods for removing headaches will depend on the specific cause that caused pain and other symptoms. The most common cause of pain - overwork and stress, they can provoke severe pain, accompanied by severe fatigue, weakness, heart rhythm disturbances.

Other common causes of headaches include migraine attacks, a hereditary disease common in women, cervical osteochondrosis, leading to blood flow disorders and jamming of nerve endings, leading to severe pain syndrome. In addition, you often need to relieve the pain with a hangover.

Also, in home methods against pain often women need during pregnancy, because during pregnancy, most pain medications and other drugs are strictly prohibited. Also, without the use of drugs, they usually try to treat a child's headache, most pain medication is not recommended for use at an early age.

How to relieve a headache from stress

With stress, mental and physical stress, you should first relax, postpone the affairs that require increased concentration of attention. Recommend drinking water, lying down, you can drink tea, preferably green, based on good quality tea leaves.

In tea it is advised to add leaves of dried mint, it has a sedative effect and helps to cope with a headache. Tea is best to drink without sugar, if you want a sweet, it can be eaten with honey. Also in the drink advise to add milk.

There are also points for relieving the headache, they can be lightly massaged to relieve the condition. Carefully put your fingers on the temples and lightly massage them clockwise, easily pressing. On the fingers can be applied on a drop of lavender essential oil, which has a sedative effect and helps to relieve pain.

Important!It is better not to use acupressure if there were head injuries before.

With a hangover

If after drinking alcohol on the eve of a hangover, coping with its consequences can be domestic methods. First and foremost, if possible eat enough, if there are no symptoms of intoxication, advise to sleep and take a contrast shower.

Apply a cold compress to the head. You can use a package with ice cubes wrapped in it, a cloth soaked in cold water. Cold will help the vessels to narrow, the headache will go away.

It is advised to drink plenty of water. You can recall the folk remedies like cucumber pickle, kefir, other fermented milk products. These drugs are quite effective, they help to cope with the consequences of dehydration and disturbance of water-salt metabolism in the body.

With migraine

With migraine headache can be so intense that it can not be removed completely without medication. However, the drugs will not be effective enough if you do not remove the sources of irritation that enhance pain.

People with migraine are advised to endure an attack in a well-ventilated, darkened room, avoid sources of bright light, loud sounds. You can also drink green tea with a sedative effect, it is desirable to avoid occasions that can provoke anxiety.

With cervical osteochondrosis

With this disease of the spine, the headache arises from the jamming of nerve endings, vessels in the cervical spine. Such painful sensations are usually accompanied by dizziness, impaired pulse, concentration of attention.

When headaches due to cervical osteochondrosis usually helps massage the cervical spine, it can be done by yourself. You should sit with your back straight, head slightly tilted forward. Hands on both sides need to be put on the neck and start rubbing, easily pressing, from the base of the neck to the shoulders. Massage helps relieve pain in the occipital part of the head.

Important!When back massage, in no case should you press on the spine.

How to relieve a headache for pregnant women

When pregnancy is usually impossible to use most of the most common pain medications, so usually you have to rely on folk and home remedies.

Pregnant women are also recommended first of all to relax, herbal teas with a slight sedative effect are the best way out with a headache. In addition to green tea with mint, you can make mint tea. One packet of dried grass should be taken in one glass of hot water, it should be brewed for twenty minutes. If the infusion is too strong, you can dilute.

How to relieve a child's headache

Children are always advised to first try folk and home remedies before giving an anesthetic medication. Most often in children, headaches arise from fatigue and cold, when due to the inflammatory process in the nasopharyngeal organs there is a sensation of squeezing, pain syndrome.

In addition to various teas with a relaxing effect based on mint, chamomile, lemon balm, rosemary, the children are helped by another remedy, usually it is used during a cold. It is necessary to warm up a little ordinary milk, do not make it too hot. Then in milk it is necessary to add one teaspoon of honey, stir.

Such a drink helps relieve pain and tension, it is advised to drink at night, as it can cause drowsiness. He has no contraindications, except for individual intolerance to honey or milk.

If headaches with fatigue occur in the child too often, it may be a sign of the development of any disease, it is advised to see a doctor. Home methods help to cope with only single bouts.

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