Angina in an adult: treatment with antibiotics

Angina is an inflammatory disease that is usually characterized by severe sore throat, often accompanied by plaque, fever and a number of other symptoms. Often the cause of this disease is a bacterial infection, in this case antibiotics are necessary in case of angina in an adult in tablets, only this way one can completely defeat the inflammation.

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  • How much to drink antibiotics
  • What antibiotics to take with angina
  • Amoxiclav
  • Cephalexin
  • Sumamed
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Another name for angina is acute tonsillitis, this disease is always contagious - infectious. The most common cause of inflammation are staphylococci and streptococci, but there are other pathogens. It is from the variety of a particular pathogen that the choice of the correct treatment regimen and antibiotics depends.

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When tonsillitis is often affected tonsils, it can happen in different types. Typically, the following types of damage to the tonsils in acute tonsillitis:

  • lacunar angina, in which there is a yellowish coating reminiscent of the film;
  • follicular angina, with it appear small pimples - nodules of white or yellow, they usually shine through the mucous membrane;
  • ulcerative-pleated, with which appear jaundice and film plaque.

Regardless of the form of angina, it is important to immediately begin the appropriate treatment. A neglected disease can lead to severe consequences, the infection can spread further along the respiratory tract, possibly the development of severe inflammation, which can lead to the complete removal of the tonsils.

Important!Before taking antibiotics, you should always consult with your doctor and clarify the cause of the inflammation.

Can I cure a sore throat without antibiotics?

Angina is of different types, antibiotics are required only for diseases caused by bacterial infection. Often acute tonsillitis is provoked by viruses that are not sensitive to antibiotics, other medicines are needed to control them.

Thus, the antibiotic for herpes angina, for example, is not suitable. This disease is caused by viruses, drugs of another series are required.

In addition to viruses and bacteria, the development of angina can provoke a fungal infection, it is usually provoked by improper intake of antibiotics against various diseases, a sharp decrease in immunity against other diseases. In this case, the plaque is curdled, very loose, if removed, the mucous under it will be smooth and shiny.

If acute tonsillitis is caused by a bacterial infection, antibiotics can not be dispensed with. As a rule, bacterial inflammation is purulent, with such damage, the temperature rises, lymph nodes increase. As a rule, there is no rash on the body.

If the symptoms of angina resemble a bacterial lesion, you need to urgently see a doctor for an accurate identification of the pathogen. A number of studies are prescribed, a blood test is performed, only after that tablets are prescribed. If angina has a viral or fungal nature, antifungal or antiviral drugs may be needed instead of antibiotics.

How much to drink antibiotics

Duration of admission depends on the specific medicine, the severity of the disease and other indications of the doctor. Usually, these drugs take from five to ten days, the drug is usually selected depending on the specific bacterial infection that caused the disease.

In no case should you take antibiotics yourself, without the doctor's advice to stop or prolong the reception. Irrational use of these drugs can trigger a worsening of the condition and development of a fungal infection in the body, which often occurs when taking antibiotics.

Important!However, three days after the start of antibiotic therapy, signs of improvement should appear. If they are absent, you need to see a doctor again, you may need to change the drug.

What antibiotics to take with angina

In acute tonsillitis take several different types of antibiotics, their choice depends on the specific bacterium - pathogen. Most drugs have cheap tablets - analogues, so in each case you can choose the most suitable medicine without any difficulties.

The most effective drugs based on penicillin, they are the best choice of antibiotic for angina adult. If there is no allergy and other contraindications, it is recommended to apply to the drugs of this particular series, their action is most pronounced, the effect of the application comes quickly. It should be given a small list of drugs that are most effective in acute tonsillitis.

Comparing different drugs based on different active ingredients, it is easier to determine which is better.


One of the most common antibiotics based on penicillin, is used against most diseases of the pharynx and respiratory tract caused by bacterial infections. Produced in the form of tablets and powder for the preparation of a suspension, the course of treatment lasts for an average of five days.

Before using Amokiklava, you need to read the instructions carefully, this medication can cause many side effects if incorrectly applied. The dosage of the medicine depends on the severity of the disease and the weight of the patient.

The average price of the drug is from 200 to 500 rubles, depending on the form of release. The closest analogues of the drug are drugs Augmentin, Flemoxin Solutab and others.

Important!Despite the similarity in action, the analogs can not completely replace the drug.


This antibiotic belongs to the group cephalosporin, it is used against various inflammatory diseases of bacterial nature. It is quite effective antibiotic for purulent angina in adults caused by streptococci.

This drug is available in the form of tablets, the dosage depends on the weight of the patient. Before use, it is necessary to read the instructions for use, the antibiotic can trigger many side effects.


This drug belongs to the group of macrolides - azalides. It is a more powerful remedy against various bacterial infections that provoke the onset of pneumonia, acute tonsillitis and other respiratory diseases.

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This drug is always available in the form of injectable solutions and tablets, usually three tablets per package, it should not be used on its own without prescribing a doctor. The dosage depends on the specific disease and weight of the patient. The average cost of the drug is in the range of 200 - 500 rubles, depending on the form of release.

The main analogues of Sumamed are Zitrolid, Azitrox and others. Before using them, you should read the instructions for use.

After the end of the course of drugs, there should be a noticeable improvement in the condition, in rare cases repeated courses of antibiotics are required, they are recommended to take a break before them. If there are no positive effects from the antibiotic, you should consult your doctor and change the treatment plan.

Also, with angina, a number of other medicines are used to relieve the main symptoms of the disease. It should be remembered that antibiotics do not help to fight with the symptoms, therefore, to ease the condition, a number of other drugs are required.

In acute tonsillitis and other similar diseases, it is permissible to use antipyretics if there is a temperature above 38.5 degrees Celsius. If the body temperature is lower, it is not recommended to knock it down. With a temperature not reaching critical levels, the body is easier to fight infection.

Also do not forget that bacterial infections are often quite infectious, so patients with angina caused by this pathogen, it is desirable to limit contact with healthy close people.

If the antibiotic is selected correctly, all the recommendations of the treating doctor for the treatment of acute tonsillitis are observed, the main symptoms of the disease will begin to disappear quite quickly. The main thing is not to self-medicate and monitor changes in your condition.