How do pinworms look in the intestines and stool of a person

When a parasite settles in the human body, it can become a serious threat to health. Without timely treatment, internal organs suffer. Enterobiosis is a common parasitic disease that occurs in children and adults. To protect yourself, your family, it is important to know how the pinworms look, where the consequences of their life also live.

  • Than are dangerous for the person
  • Life cycle of pinworm
  • Where live
  • Symptoms of infection
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Than are dangerous for the person

Pinworms settle in the intestine and destroy the mucous membrane. They actively eat and allocate the products of life. This affects the work of internal organs. Harmful substances, produced by pinworms, cause intoxication, allergic manifestations.

Suffer from such systems:

  1. Nervous. Pinworms, like ascarids and many other worms, provoke insomnia, loss of strength and energy, mental retardation, apathy or violent irritability. Symptoms are associated with painful itching.
  2. Digestive. Gastrointestinal organs suffer more than others, because pinworms live in the intestines. Because of their vital activity, the composition of normal microflora varies.
  3. Genitourinary. Especially dangerous pinworms for women, because the eggs laid by females in the anus are close to the genitals. Infection leads to vulvitis and vaginitis.

Any helminthic invasion, including enterobiosis, is dangerous for women breastfeeding. Doctors explain that during pregnancy the risk of fetal damage is absent, but it is easy to infect a baby baby. Most anthelmintic drugs are contraindicated in lactation, so you have to give up feeding during treatment, which involves additional difficulties.

Important! The selection of antihelminthic drugs should be handled by specialists - infectious disease specialists, parasitologists, gastroenterologists! Self-medication is especially dangerous for pregnant, lactating women.

Life cycle of pinworm

It is important to know not only how the pinworms look, but also what their life cycle is. The appearance of parasites is not noticeable. Pinworm is a small worm of white color. There are rare specimens of yellow shade or pink. The color of the helminth depends on the food.

How to see pinworm? For this, it is not necessary to have special laboratory equipment. The size of adult individuals reaches 1-2 cm, so with a natural exit with feces, they can be noticed with the naked eye. Especially a lot of parasites appear in the stool after taking anthelmintic drugs. In it can be found both dead pinworms and other individuals.

The life cycle of worms passes in the human body. Eat eggs in the mouth with food. Immediately after this, the larvae move to the small intestine. After they become adults, they move to a permanent habitat - the duodenum.

After mating, the male dies and immediately exits through the natural way. Usually such small worms in a small amount remain unnoticed. A female with eggs, serving as a weighting, can no longer rest on the walls of the intestine, so she moves to the anus.

When the muscles of the anus walls relax, usually at night, it lays eggs. Together with them comes a sticky substance that causes itching in the anus. This symptom is the main one for enterobiosis.

Pinworms are unusually fast multiplication. The female can postpone up to 18,000 eggs, so start the treatment as soon as possible. If the following pinworms will also postpone the larvae, a large number of parasites will accumulate in the body, the complications will develop quickly.

Interesting! The female dies immediately after the laying of eggs, so the larvae are the main menace!

Where live

In adults and children, the same risks of infection with pinworms. Some mistakenly think that worms can appear only in a person who lives in unsanitary conditions. In fact, enough of several larvae to get infected. You can meet them anywhere.

Although animals are not susceptible to enterobiosis, they can be carriers of larvae. In nature only man is the master of these parasites. After laying eggs by the female, within a few hours they become dangerous.

If the eggs enter the environment, they can safely last up to three weeks. Adult individuals die immediately when they leave the body. The structure of the larvae is unique, because they survive even under the influence of chlorine-containing drugs.

Symptoms of infection

Begin to treat enterobiasis as early as possible, especially in children. If a child complains of severe itching, redness appears on the pope, this is the first alarming sign to parents. There are other signs of the possible appearance of pinworms in the body:

  • nausea, vomiting;
  • dry mouth;
  • loss of appetite;
  • pains in the abdomen, similar to contractions;
  • irritation around the anus;
  • proctitis;
  • diarrhea, other problems with stools.

If these symptoms are found, the doctor should be consulted immediately. The specialists know what the lack of treatment threatens, so they prescribe powerful anthelmintic drugs. Most of them are applied only once. Supplement the treatment can folk remedies, diet, the use of immuno-fortifying drugs.

Pinworms differ from other parasites, have their own life cycle features. They pose a danger to humans, so timely diagnosis and treatment is the key to rapid recovery and recovery of the body.

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