Uncovertebral arthrosis of the cervical spine - symptoms and treatment

When diagnosing "unco-vertebral arthrosis of the cervical spine," most patients want to know what it is and how to treat it. In order to obtain answers to these questions, it is necessary to understand what causes lead to pathology and what are the mechanisms of its development.

  • Features of pathology
  • Symptoms of pathology
  • The causes of the appearance of pathology
  • How to treat a pathology
  • Treatment of pathology by folk remedies
  • Gymnastics for elimination of pathology
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Features of pathology

Osteoarthritis of the unco-vertebral articulations of the cervical spine is a disease characterized by dystrophic changes of one, and in some cases of a number of intervertebral discs. During the development of pathology lesions often affect the facet joints, or only applies to them. These changes negatively affect the anatomy of the transverse canal, squeezing the bundles of nerves located there.

With the spread of the disease, thinning of the cartilaginous tissue located between the vertebrae and serving for depreciation occurs. It becomes less flexible due to the rapid loss of fluid.

The next stage in the development of pathology is the growth of bone formations on a number of standing vertebrae, pointed to each other. This phenomenon is possible due to the calcination of tissues. This process also negatively affects the ligaments of the spinal column, contributing to the loss of strength and flexibility.

Important!The most susceptible to squeezing the neurovascular bundle are patients who are diagnosed with uncovertebral arthrosis C5 C6, which means that the disease affects the disc of the fifth and sixth vertebrae.

When the intervertebral disc is markedly protruding, which results in the compression of surrounding tissues and tendons, the patient begins to experience characteristic regular pain in the neck region.

Symptoms of pathology

The first to manifest a symptom, to which many do not pay due attention - painful sensations in the cervical spine. First, it has a background character, but eventually degenerates into a very painful intensity. Its peculiarity is strict localization in the area of ​​squeezing muscle tissues and nerve endings with a disc. The constant tension of the muscles and not the possibility of their full relaxation leads to the restriction of any movement of the head.

At the beginning of the development of the disease, discomfort in the neck region passes after the massage or even by itself. If you seek medical help at this stage, the prognosis for a quick and effective cure is quite high. But delaying medical procedures leads to the further development of complications, which are not easily eliminated in later terms.

Other typical signs of unco-vertebral arthrosis of the cervical vertebral column are a crunch arising from head inclinations, as well as instability of the neck joints.

Concomitant symptoms of the disease, indicating a rapid spread, are:

  • loss of balance due to frequent dizziness;
  • occurrence of headaches;
  • rapid loss of vision;
  • sharp ups and downs of pressure indicators;
  • noise in ears;
  • numbness of the lower and upper extremities;
  • omission of upper eyelids;
  • painful sensations in the sternum.

The causes of the appearance of pathology

The appearance of unco-vertebral arthrosis of the cervical spine is facilitated by several causes, which are usually divided into congenital and those that arose in the course of life. The first category includes pathological changes in the cervical vertebrae in intrauterine development. For example, the syndrome of Olenik, characterized by the fusion of the first cervical vertebra with the occipital bone.

To the acquired factors influencing the development of this arthrosis, include the following violations in the body:

  • mechanical injuries of the spinal column;
  • acquired flat feet;
  • dislocation of the hip, which led to the displacement of her head;
  • polio;
  • thyroid dysfunction.

In addition, excess weight, sedentary lifestyle, sedentary or, on the contrary, overly active work, implying regular heavy loads and other physical stresses, become prerequisites for the appearance of the disease.

How to treat a pathology

Treatment of unco-vertebral arthrosis of the cervical spine in ambulatory conditions is aimed at ensuring complete rest of the affected area for relief of painful sensations. Therefore, the first recommendation, which must be strictly observed for effective recovery, is the reduction of motor activity to a minimum. This purpose is served by the collar of Shants, which is assigned to fix the neck.

Unco-vertebral arthrosis c4 c6 is also treated with physiotherapy procedures. These include:

  1. Magnetotherapy. Artificially created magnetic field, acting on the place of manifestation of pathology, relieves pain syndrome.
  2. Electro- and phonophoresis. When the disease is used, procedures using anesthetic medications - lidocaine and novocaine. Penetrating with current into inflamed tissues, they contribute to the elimination of discomfort.
  3. Amplipulse therapy. The procedure is based on the penetrating property of sinusoidal simulated currents. They are effective for removing the spasms of blood vessels and tissues, as well as feeding the affected areas with oxygen and the necessary substances.
  4. Acupuncture for the stimulation of reflex sites and therapeutic exercises are prescribed only when pain is removed, which in time is observed with proper treatment.

A full-fledged treatment is impossible without medical intervention. For relief of acute pain prescribed medications related to NSAIDs - diclofenac, nimesul, celecoxib. To activate blood circulation in the affected area, actovegin, prodektin, pentoxifellin are prescribed. And for the speedy regeneration of ligaments and fibers - various chondroprotectors.

Treatment of pathology by folk remedies

To eliminate the painful sensations caused by uncoovertebral arthrosis, folk remedies are used. But only in complex therapy and after consultation with the attending physician.

Traditional healers advise the following recipes:

  1. Mix fresh pork fat with chopped hop cones in equal parts until a paste-like consistency is obtained. We rub the ointment every night in the place of pain localization before bed. We store the product in a clean jar in a cold place.
  2. Mix 300 ml of alcohol or vodka with bearberry flowers (50 g). We insist for two days, after filtering and use as a filler in compresses.
  3. 10 grams of crushed stalk of celery pour a liter of no hot water. After insisting for nine hours, strain and drink on a tablespoon once a day.
  4. We mix camphor alcohol (200 ml), medical bile (300 ml), chopped hot pepper (3 pcs.) We insist for seven days, and then we put on the compress and apply it every day for a week at night.
  5. Mix alcohol, honey and aloe juice in the proportions of 3: 2: 1. We insist for two days and apply it to compresses from arthrosis.

Another effective agent with an anti-inflammatory property is a flat cake made from coarse flour, which must be applied to the pain site after it has been baked.

Gymnastics for elimination of pathology

Special exercises are assigned to restore the mobility of the cervical vertebrae. In the process of performing gymnastics the joint functions, so that it begins to actively feed and regenerate.

In order not to injure the damaged department even more, exercise therapy consists of sparing exercises, which should be performed in conjunction with a therapeutic massage.

Important!Correctly chosen classes, which are performed in accordance with the prescriptions, contribute to the effective removal of pain in the shortest possible time.

In gymnastics for elimination of unco-vertebral arthrosis include:

  • swimming, combined with exercises on the water;
  • classes on special simulators;
  • exercises with the ball for gymnastics.

Not timely initiated or inadequate treatment of unco-vertebral arthrosis of the cervical spine leads to negative results - permanent pain, deterioration of general condition, nervousness and loss of coordination in space. With a neglected state of the disease, a disability associated with a progressive inflammatory process is possible. To avoid such consequences, you should listen to your body and do not brush off anxious symptoms.