Thrush in women - symptoms and treatment

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Thrush is an inflammatory disease caused by a fungal infection of the Candida species. Often this fungus affects the genitals, especially in women. Contrary to popular belief, thrush does not belong to sexually transmitted diseases, but is often treated with them because of the similarity of certain symptoms.

  • Why is the disease in women - the causes
  • Is a thrush passed from woman to man
  • Symptoms of the disease
  • Diagnostics
  • A photo
  • Than is dangerous for women
  • Than it is dangerous at pregnancy
  • Than you can treat the disease
  • Local funds
  • Oral antifungal agents
  • Diet
  • Treatment with folk remedies
  • Prevention
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Thrush is quite common among women, according to statistics, three-quarters of those who have reached puberty at least once in their life face this unpleasant disease. Fungus of this type is present in the body of every woman, but the disease most often develops with the fall of immunity. If you do not take action during the first manifestation of the fungus, there is a high probability that the disease will go into a chronic form and will periodically remind you.

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Why is the disease in women - the causes

Factors, because of which the disease begins to develop, a lot. However, it is not necessary that they accurately provoke thrush. Sometimes it does appear for no apparent reason. The most common cause of thrush associated with the following factors:

  • reception of antibiotics, especially incorrectly selected and for a long time;
  • weakened by a change in the situation, climate, stress, disease immunity;
  • pregnancy, especially in the last months;
  • presence of diabetes mellitus;
  • taking hormonal drugs;
  • HIV.

In some women, thrush develops with external well-being, it is believed that their body simply has an allergy to the fungus, and even its small presence causes a severe disease. In this case, you should maintain a special diet throughout life and sometimes undergo local preventive treatment.

Is a thrush passed from woman to man

Contrary to popular belief, the chance of getting a milkwife through sexual contact is small, because the fungus is already present in the body of every person. However, there is a possibility to pass the milkweed to your partner, therefore, it is recommended to limit sex during the disease for this and other reasons.

The main danger of thrush in men is the asymptomatic of this disease in them. Therefore, if a woman has a disease, her partner should be tested for bacterial culture to find out whether it was transmitted or not. If passed, the therapy should be better together. In addition, an infected partner who does not know about this, can pass the thrush back to the woman after she has been treated, which will cause a relapse.

Symptoms of the disease

Not always the thrush flows with noticeable symptoms, sometimes the disease is detected only at the reception of a gynecologist and becomes a surprise for the woman herself. However, the appearance of the following signs should be alarmed in any case.

  1. Whitish rashes, rapidly spreading through the mucous membrane. Usually they are noticed during hygienic procedures, for example, washing. Eruptions can appear on the vulva, and can inside the vagina, so it often happens during thrush during pregnancy.
  2. Itching and burning. Appear before the visible signs of the disease. These sensations do not disappear after washing.
  3. Pain during sexual intercourse and urination. It appears because of the microcracks accompanying the disease. The skin is severely injured, so any effects cause pain.
  4. White curdled discharge. Particularly noticeable is their appearance on their underwear, so if at some point the discharge becomes especially large, they get an unpleasant smell, there is an occasion to turn to a specialist.

Important!If any of these symptoms are found, you should consult a doctor who treats thrush, they can talk about more serious diseases.

Since thrush does not always manifest itself immediately, the best way to identify it at an early stage is preventive routine check-ups with a doctor. If the disease is detected immediately, treatment can begin before the appearance of severe symptoms.


If the rash is noticeable, there is inflammation, the gynecologist can immediately determine the presence of the disease. Without a primary examination, the diagnosis can not be made in any case.

Additional studies include the analysis of microflora. The main thing before taking a smear is to refrain from taking medications and sexual contacts on the eve, then the result will be as reliable as possible.

Also, bacterial sowing is sometimes carried out, this method is the most reliable. In addition, this analysis can be conducted in men.

Important!Only after all the studies can begin treatment.

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Than is dangerous for women

Thrush is not life-threatening and does not cause severe damage to the body as a whole, but it can go on into a chronic form, which is quite unpleasant physically and psychologically, and harm the reproductive function. In addition, this disease often only points to already existing problems. The appearance of thrush is a sign that something went wrong in the body.

Inflammation may eventually pass to nearby organs, which can lead to other diseases of the genitourinary system. If the infection rises higher along the genital tract, it can lead to infertility or cancer.

Than it is dangerous at pregnancy

This disease during pregnancy is dangerous for several reasons. First, the body is very weakened during illness, which can negatively affect the fetal development of the unborn child.

Thrush increases the risk of miscarriages and difficulties during childbirth, because because of the disease the mucous tissue of the birth canal becomes coarser.

There is also a risk of passing the disease on to the child during childbirth, it happens in most cases. It is worth remembering that taking medications during pregnancy, during lactation and in infants is very limited, so it is very difficult to treat an acute stage of a thrush in a future mother.

Important!It is worth remembering that the thrush carries a certain harm to health despite apparent safety. Details on the treatment of thrush during pregnancy, you can read in the article under the link.

Than you can treat the disease

Treatment for thrush is aimed at removing unpleasant symptoms, inflammation and fighting with the fungus itself.

Local funds

With mild degree of lesion, only local treatment of thrush at home is needed. Use cream, ointments, inexpensive candles on the basis of various antifungal agents, on this basis they can be divided into several groups:

  • Clotrimazole ointment (Kandizol, Antifungon);
  • Mikosanol (Mikogal, Gineson 7);
  • sertaconazole (Zalain);
  • nystatin (Polizinaks) and others.

Suitable medicines will help you choose a doctor depending on the form and severity of the disease.

Important!If you want to find out what cheap and effective candles can be used to treat thrush, then read about it here.

Also, various disinfecting agents for douching are used, which do not contain antifungal elements, but help to reduce painful discomfort and reduce inflammation. These include the following:

  1. Tetraborate sodium or borax is an effective antimicrobial substance. Used to treat candidiasis and upper respiratory tract diseases. After syringing with boiled water or herbal decoction, the impregnated gauze swab is injected into the vagina for no longer than half an hour. Apply once a day until the symptoms disappear.
  2. Miramistin. Antibacterial agent with a wide spectrum of action, sometimes it is used to treat thrush as a monotherapy, it helps to quickly get rid of most of the symptoms. Dampened with a solution miramistina napkin gently rub the genitals, do it after douching.
  3. Iodinol. This remedy is effective at visible manifestations of thrush. The solution is diluted with boiled water in equal proportions and washed by the genitals. This remedy is not suitable if there is an allergy to iodine.

There are other means, the effectiveness of which with thrush is more likely false. They include trichopol. This remedy does not fight the fungus of the Candida species, which means it is absolutely useless.

Oral antifungal agents

Also, there are situations when local treatment can not do, then use various antifungal drugs in the form of tablets. The course of treatment usually lasts a couple of weeks.

Important!In pregnancy, oral medication can not be used.

  • Fluconazole (Flucostat, Diflucan, Miflukan and others);
  • Ketoconazole (Nizoral, Fungavis and others);
  • nystatin in tablets;
  • pimafucin in tablets.

Independently to select oral antifungal drugs is not recommended, they may not be appropriate for a particular case of the disease and have a lot of side effects. Therefore, their reception is necessary only if local therapy does not work.

When there is nausea, dizziness, seizures and other side effects, you should abandon the drug and consult your doctor for a different therapy.

Important!The necessary course of therapy is selected by the attending physician.


With this disease, it is recommended to follow a special diet, aimed at reducing the activity of fungi in the body. The diet includes the following nutrition rules:

It should be excluded any foods high in sugar.

  1. Temporarily will have to give up fruit and sweet juices.
  2. It is necessary to exclude products with a high content of starch: pasta, potatoes, white bread, flour products, because in the body they are processed into glucose.
  3. Products based on yeast.

In the diet should include foods with a high content of beneficial bacteria. These are dairy products: kefir, yogurt, other food with active microorganisms. They advise eating a few spoons of honey a day, this substance strengthens the body and helps fight the milkwoman.

During treatment, immunity should be increased. This will help fresh vegetables, intake of special vitamin complexes and a balanced diet in general.

Treatment with folk remedies

There are folk remedies against thrush, which we have already described in detail, they are effective in the early stages of the disease, when complex therapy, including tablets, is not yet required. Traditional medicine knows many different medicines on a plant basis and not only.

Syringe with chamomile

Chamomile is a plant with a strong anti-inflammatory effect. It does not fight the causative agent of the disease, but it removes itching and burning, reduces inflammation. Chamomile is suitable as an adjuvant against negative symptoms.

  1. Two glasses of cold water are taken for two tablespoons of a dried plant.
  2. Chamomile is infused for several hours.
  3. Received infusion can be syringed no more than three times a day.

Douching with sage

Sage - a known bactericide, which has an anti-inflammatory and soothing effect. It is also used for therapeutic syringing against thrush.

Two tablespoons of dried plant takes two liters of water, insist for several hours. Douching is carried out twice a day - in the morning and in the evening.


When thrush is syringing soda. With this tool you should be careful, soda can adversely affect the mucous, do not make the solution too strong.

  1. A liter of warm boiled water is taken no more than one teaspoon of the substance, it should be thoroughly stirred.
  2. Douching is done twice a day, it can be in the morning and in the evening.

If only external tissues are affected, it is enough just to wash out this solution several times a day.

Also on the basis of medicinal plants, you can make short baths, they soothe the skin and help to recover more quickly.

Important!Folk remedies often cause allergies, so when manifesting an individual intolerance from them it is worth noting.


Prevention of thrush is especially necessary if the disease has already appeared one day. Candidiasis tends to recur throughout life, it can occur again every time the immunity decreases, a woman experiences severe stress, an allergy occurs.

If the woman is a thrush woman, her partner is also recommended to undergo treatment, the risk of infection exists. Moreover, the partner can transfer the disease back, and it recurs. It is recommended to avoid any sexual contact during the acute phase of the disease, and in chronic cases, always use protective equipment.

If candidiasis occurs during pregnancy, you should immediately begin treatment with local means, otherwise during childbirth there is a risk of infection of the newborn. The use of antifungal agents during pregnancy is limited, so it is important to consult a specialist who will help to choose the right dosage, which can not harm the child or the mother herself.

Treatment of any diseases with antibiotics should always be under the supervision of a specialist, it is better, if antifungal medicines are prescribed for the main therapy, then the likelihood of candidiasis will be minimal. You can not prescribe antibiotics yourself.

Avoid stress and reduce immunity. To do this, you need to maintain a suitable regime of the day, enough time to give rest. In the cold season it is desirable to take vitamin complexes. Poor health in general can trigger the occurrence of thrush.

In chronic thrush, excessive consumption of foods high in sugar should be avoided, this causes a relapse of the disease. It is better to eat more sour-milk products, they contribute to the fight against the disease and are an additional means of therapy.

If you follow simple recommendations, the likelihood of a collision with such a disease as thrush is extremely small.

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