Aloe from cough for children

Aloe and honey from cough: recipes for the treatment of adults

In life, it happens that the runny nose, cough, temperature and other symptoms of cold caught unawares.

In such situations, do not immediately grab for pills and nose sprays. Sometimes it is possible to quickly and qualitatively alleviate the condition of a sick person, to eliminate cough will help quite ordinary means available to everyone.

So, an excellent solution will be the use of aloe juice and bee honey.

If you cough cough with their help, you can not worry about the development of adverse reactions. But only on the condition that the patient does not have allergies to beekeeping products.

Vitamin Bomb

scarlet from coughThe most useful part of the plant is the juice. It is extracted from the thickest prickly leaves. Thanks to the impressive amount of antimicrobial substances contained in aloe, it is possible to quickly repair damaged tissue, to stop inflammation, to bring the cured recovery closer.

Before applying aloe, you need to familiarize yourself with the technology of leaf preparation. So, the lower leaves of the plant, the largest ones, are considered valuable. At the same time to ensure that they were without damage, looked fresh and juicy.

After that, you need leaves:

  1. cutting down;
  2. rinse with warm running water;
  3. dry in a paper towel.

Prepared a leaf of aloe is put for several days in a cool place. Ideally, the refrigerator is suitable for these purposes. Low temperatures help accumulate all the beneficial properties of aloe.

Another important point: before cropping the plant, it is best not to water the plant for 3-5 days. This will allow:

  • do not allow excess moisture to enter;
  • to save useful substances in a concentrated form.
sheets of aloe from coughingAfter 2-3 days, the aloe leaves are removed from the refrigerator, cut into pieces, folded into gauze, folded in several layers. Only now you can start to prepare a medicine with aloe from a cough. It is better not to squeeze too much juice at one time. Since all substances from this liquid are most effective, if they are freshly prepared.

It is desirable to cut an aloe leaf with a ceramic knife. Upon contact with the metal, the useful substances of the plant volatilize.

If you mix the juice of the century with natural honey, you will get an excellent cough medicine. Both components successfully cope with pathogenic microbes, and together they can cure any cold.

After drinking aloe juice you can count on:

  1. strengthening the body;
  2. a rush of extra forces;
  3. saturation with minerals, vitamins.

It is under these conditions that a speedy recovery comes. It's also good to use a lime color from coughing together with this recipe.

When the cough is protracted, the medicinal properties of the stonecoat and honey have a beneficial effect on the respiratory tract, relieve the inflammatory process, and have an excellent expectorant effect.

Aloe and honey juice

Stoletnik will help treat inflammation of the mucous membrane of the throat. Aloe during bronchitis dilutes the accumulated sputum and promotes its rapid evacuation. The recipe for the preparation of the remedy is simple:

  1. juice and honey are taken in equal shares;
  2. carefully mix.
Aloe and honey juiceTake this treatment is required three times a day on a teaspoonful. The use of the drug is not dependent on food intake, but it is better to use it after eating and not to drink.

Honey is good to take lime or buckwheat. These varieties are characterized by an increased medicinal effect.

Store the finished medicine in tightly corked utensils for no more than 12 hours. After this time, the useful properties disappear, the mixture of juice and honey becomes useless.

Aloe, honey and butter

Aloe with honey from cough can be supplemented with other components. So, there is a recipe with the addition of butter. The drug will be effective against obstructive bronchitis, pneumonia (pneumonia).

Prepare a remedy will not be difficult:

  • 100 g of oil;
  • 100 g of honey;
  • 1 tablespoon of aloe juice.

Components carefully mix with each other, use a tablespoon twice a day.

Doctors recommend such treatment of obstructive bronchitis with a glass of warm cow or goat milk. Usually after 3-4 days even a protracted cough passes.

Aloe, wine and honey

Another recipe requires the addition of red wine to honey and a century old, better than Cahors. It will be necessary to prepare:

  • half a glass of juice;
  • 350 ml of wine;
  • 250 g of honey (ideally lime).
Aloe, wine and honeyThe ingredients of the remedy are mixed, insisted for 3 days in a dark and cool room. Take the treatment you need 1 tablespoon 3 times a day. It is advisable, if it will occur 30 minutes before meals.

The proposed medicine helps cure cough, has a tonic and antiviral property. It is ideal to apply it from obstructive bronchitis, tracheitis.

Due to the presence of the alcoholic component, it is not possible to treat small children with the drug.

Juice, alcohol, honey

Well-established and this simple recipe with aloe plant from cough. Freshly squeezed juice of the century, vodka and honey are taken in equal parts, mixed, insisted in enamel or glassware for 10 days.

When the mixture becomes saturated and transparent, it can be used. Cough can be cured if you take 1 teaspoon of this medicine. It is also shown for the prevention of seasonal viral diseases.

With systematic use in the spring and autumn, it will be possible to stimulate the immune system and increase vitality.

Aloe, honey, cocoa

You can also prepare aloe from cough in such a variation. It will be required to mix:

  • 15 g of juice;
  • 100 g of honey;
  • 100 oils;
  • 20 grams of chicken fat (can goose);
  • 50 g of cocoa.

The mixture is heated in a water bath, but does not allow boiling. As will be ready, take as an additive to tea, milk at least 6 times a day. The last reception of the remedy should be before night sleep.

The prescription is suitable for the treatment of bronchitis, pneumonia and even pulmonary tuberculosis. In general, cocoa butter from cough is used in many combinations and recipes.

Whatever the prescription with aloe in bronchitis, each of them will help to speed up the treatment and return the patient to a full life. The main condition - do not delay with treatment and do not forget about the need to visit the therapist.

Actually, the video in this article will show how to implement in practice the recipe for aloe with wine and honey

Aloe with honey from cough

width = Cough often occurs with a variety of colds. And to get rid of this unpleasant symptom is not at all easy. Many people, having consulted with their attending physician, use not only all kinds of pharmaceutical preparations, but also folk remedies. For example, aloe with honey from coughs perfectly helps not only adults, but also children.

Beneficial features

Healing properties of the plant, which is called aloe, are known to mankind already for three millennia. Its leaves are filled with juice, which has a pronounced flavor and slightly bitter taste. This juice has a truly unique composition, because it contains mineral salts, vitamin C, micro and macro elements, tannins, valuable organic acids, carbohydrates, etc. This juice has wound-healing, bactericidal and antiseptic actions, therefore it is very widely used in folk medicine, in particular, for cough relief.

Honey is very highly valued, because it is able to help in the treatment of many common diseases. This wonderful product contains a large number of important microelements, vitamins and other substances useful to humans. Since it is high-caloric, in combination with aloe it helps to strengthen the weakened organism and make recovery much quicker.


With a strong, dry and suffocating cough, a potion that is easy to prepare will help. For this, it is best to use aloe, which is older than three years. Leaflets should be carefully peeled off or cut off from the bottom of the plant. Then they must be thoroughly washed, dried and ground into a slurry with a blender.

After that, the gruel should be wrapped in clean gauze and squeeze out the medicinal juice from it. In it should be added a tablespoon of vodka and honey, 5 grams of butter and egg yolk of one egg. All this mixture should be put on a small fire and, stirring, keep it on the stove until the oil is completely melted. The resulting medicine should be drunk before going to bed, making small sips. Usually the course of such treatment is no more than five days.

You can use a healing mixture of coughs, the recipe of which is unusually simple. To make it, you need to take 250 grams of honey, aloe and butter, and a tablespoon of cocoa powder and 200 grams of pork fat. Aloe should be ground with a blender, and fat and butter - melt on a sufficiently slow fire. Then all these ingredients must be mixed, transferred to a 1 liter glass jar, tightly closed with a lid and placed in a cool enough place. Take this mixture three times a day before eating a tablespoon.

When coughing, a mixture of aloe and honey juice helps, and the ingredients should be taken in equal proportions. This medicine should be stored on the refrigerator door and taken on a teaspoon three times a day.

For children suffering from bronchitis, a medicine made from boiled aloe with honey is very suitable. To make it, you must dilute 300 grams of honey 125 ml of boiled water. Then in it it is necessary to add finely chopped sheet of an aloe and to put a mix on enough small fire approximately for couple of hours. After this, remove the saucepan from the fire, mix its contents and cool. This medicine should be taken on a dessert or a teaspoon three times a day.

Features of honey and aloe

Of course, honey and aloe are far from safe, which means that you must always consult a competent specialist before using them. After all, honey often causes allergies, especially in babies. And aloe should not be used with a tendency to bleeding and if they are present, for example, with hemorrhoids, gastric and uterine bleeding and even with menstruation. Contraindications for the application of this plant are the pathologies of the gallbladder, gastrointestinal tract, liver, and cystitis.

Who knows the recipe for aloe from coughing (after bronchitis), tell me. To the child of 7 years.



Folk remedy for cough and bronchitis for children
Bronchitis often affects children and, sometimes, it is very difficult to persuade them to drink a bitter tincture or other medicine. This therapeutic chocolate oil (a remedy for colds, coughs and bronchitis) will surely appeal to all children. For the preparation of therapeutic chocolate oil take 100 g. butter, 100. g chocolate (1 tile), 3-4 tablespoons of pork fat and 3 tablespoons of cocoa powder. Oil and fat are melted on low heat and crushed chocolate and cocoa are added to the resulting mass. The mixture is well kneaded and cooled. The resulting oil is spread on bread and eat 3-4 times a day. You can drink this "sandwich" with warm milk with a pinch of baking soda.

Aloe, honey and fat - a wonderful folk remedy for cough and bronchitis E
that mixture can be procured for future use and used to treat cough and bronchitis in the whole family. To prepare the mixture take 250 g. aloe (4-5 large leaves), 250 g. butter, 200 g. of internal pork fat (it can be bought in a store or on the market), 250 g of honey and a tablespoon of cocoa. Aloe is allowed to pass in a meat grinder, and butter and butter melt over low heat. Then honey, aloe and cocoa are added to the fat and oil and mixed well. The resulting mixture is placed in a 1 liter jar, tightly closed with a lid and stored in a cool place. When coughing and bronchitis, this folk remedy takes 1 tablespoon before meals 3 times a day throughout the period of the illness. This folk remedy is suitable for preventive purposes. For the prevention of colds, coughs and bronchitis, this drug should be taken on half a tablespoon before meals 2-3 times a day in the cold season.

Anton Steinengel

Have pity on the child.. I tried somehow with this prescription to be treated - an abomination rare, bitter awful and simply disgusting, sick like this after it.. If even an adult could not drink this.. I do not know, I would not give the children... There are a lot of children's cough syrups in pharmacies. Effective and quite edible. It will be more useful and much more pleasant for the child. And this is important enough

Aloe from coughing

Such an unpleasant illness as a cough is well known to all people, almost without exception. Cough often appears at the most inopportune moment. Anyone, at least once in his life, thought about the question, how quickly can you get rid of a cough without taking any special effort? The answer is simple - it's really possible. However, in order to easily cope with the cough, you first need to find out the reason for its appearance. Eliminating the cause will save you from coughing.

Aloe from coughingCough is a frequent companion of many colds, and you should not underestimate it.

Therefore, for your own safety, you should always consult a doctor. A professional doctor will easily assess the situation and appoint all necessary treatment.

But you can try and an additional type of treatment, which will effectively and easily overcome the cough. This type of treatment refers to folk medicine. However, it should always be that prior to the use of a medicinal or folk remedy, a specialist consultation is always necessary. This will not exacerbate your condition.

Many people are familiar with this plant. Its leaves are made up of juice. Aloe vera juice is a bitterish liquid with a characteristic odor. In the aloe juice there are many useful substances, this is vitamin C, and macro - and microelements, and mineral salts, and carbohydrates, and also tannins and organic acids. Therefore, aloe juice for treating cough, especially in children - is a very suitable.

The healing properties of aloe were discovered three thousand years ago. In Europe, it was imported by Arab merchants along with other goods.

Aloe juice has bactericidal and antiseptic properties. Thanks to him, almost any wound will heal faster. Aloe is a component of many medicines. Its juice has found its application for the treatment of burns, wounds, trophic ulcerative lesions, purulent skin diseases and abscesses.

Aloe in truth can be considered a real home doctor. Aloe juice is perfect for cough, prevention and treatment of gynivitis and stomatitis. It has an excellent preventive effect. With inflammation of the oral cavity, aloe juice can be used as rinses and oral baths.

Aloe is quite successfully used in both traditional and traditional medicine. It is effective in bronchial asthma, anemia, stomach ulcer and duodenal ulcer. It can be used for the prevention of chronic gastritis, as well as for other various diseases, since aloe has the properties to increase the body's resistance in the fight against different diseases.

Aloe is widely used as a restorative. Aloe with the addition of bee honey and fat is an excellent remedy in the fight against coughing. It is truly a miraculous remedy that has proved itself for years.

To prepare such a therapeutic mixture, you need to take about 250 grams of butter, about 200 grams of pork fat, one tablespoon of cocoa and 250 grams of bee honey. Fat and oil must be melted on low heat, scarlet can be crushed through a meat grinder or in a blender. Later it is necessary to add honey, crushed leaves of aloe and cocoa. This is all carefully mixed. Ready mixture should be transferred to a jar and closed with a lid. Store the prepared mixture preferably in a dry and cool place. With different types of cough, especially with bronchitis, the prepared gruel should be consumed before meals about three times a day.

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