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Advise resorptive candies from the throat (I have laryngitis, a region with unqualified doctors)



There are many different "candy tablets" for treating throat. They all contain approximately the same set of active ingredients - usually 2 antiseptics, effective for to the main pathogens causing pain in the throat, some have additional components that improve their effects. To this group of drugs is Strepsils (Great Britain) - the first representative of this series, registered in Ukraine. The structure of Strepsils, in addition to antiseptics, includes honey, lemon and essential oils (peppermint, aniseed, orange), which have additional anti-inflammatory, analgesic and "cooling" effects. In the presence of diabetes it is necessary to take into account that only strepsils with lemon and herbs does not contain sugar.
In the subsequent, many drugs-analogues of Indian production - Adzysept, Vokasept, Gorpils (with honey, lemon or menthol and eucalyptus), Deinstril, Neo-Angin, Traicils were registered. Preparations are issued with various flavor additives - with orange, lemon, raspberry, honey taste. All of them are usually used for 2-4 days, if after that the pain in the throat does not go away, you need to go to reception of stronger antimicrobial agents for oral administration (selected with reference to a doctor's recommendation) .

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Recently we have registered a new variant of Strepsils - Strepsils plus, in which In addition, a strong local anesthetic lidocaine (with allergies to lidocaine applies!). This drug is recommended for severe pain in the mouth and throat.
"Novelty" in a series of antimicrobial topical actions - tablets for resorption Trachsian, characterized by pronounced antimicrobial activity due to the presence in its composition of not only antiseptics, but also antibiotic tirotricin, harmful to microbes, some viruses and mushrooms.
"Distracting" effect for sore throats are lollipops containing menthol - Minton, Rondo and Tunes. They practically do not affect microorganisms and viruses that cause pain, but have an analgesic and refreshing effect. Anti-inflammatory effect is Lollipops with sage. With pains in the throat (angina, pharyngitis, coughing associated with them), you can take Dr. Mohm's lozenges containing licorice, essential oils and menthol, which reduce inflammation and pain.
Do not have a fruit taste, but have a good effect with sore throat tablets for resorption, containing a powerful antiseptic chlorhexidine. This drug acts not only on microbes, but also on fungi and some viruses, it enters the tablets for resorption of FERVEX from pain in the throat (contains only chlorhexidine), Sebidine (in addition, contains more ascorbic), Antiangin (has a strong analgesic effect due to the presence of the drug with local anesthetic activity and menthol). A similar formulation, but a more convenient dosage form (aerosol), has a preparation called Collustan. All these drugs are used in both ENT diseases, and in dental practice, with infectious lesions of the oral cavity.
Not bad proved to be the tablets for the resolution of Septotelet, also containing an antiseptic of a wide range of benzalkonium in combination with vegetable components - essential oils of mint, eucalyptus, plant antiseptic from thyme and menthol. A narrower spectrum of effects has Pectussin, containing only menthol and eucalyptus oil.
The natural antiseptic lysozyme, which has an antimicrobial effect against pathogens of the oral cavity, is contained in the preparations Hexaliz and Lisobakt. Each of them has its own characteristics: Hexalise has an anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect, as well as a stronger antimicrobial effect due to biclutymol - plant antimicrobial preparation from thyme, and Lysobakt improves metabolic processes due to the presence of vitamin B6, the need for which for catarrhal diseases increases.

Mom Serezha and Julia.

Strepsils. There are also tablets for resorption of Tharyngept.


doctor mom, and you can ask the pharmacist, a doctor doctor, and this one should know


Yes, strepsils are good, and they are also sugar-free, there is also a Falimint - a muck rare but effective.

Serg Sundukov

The best candies are strepsils. But with laryngitis vryatli they are effective. Go to the pharmacy and ask for an aerosol from the laryngitis. Eat more honey.


well, besides the candies, you still need to drink antibiotics or spatter. About strepsils and pharyngosept you already said, but I would still advise rinse your throat with chamomile (sold in a pharmacy already in bags) and buy ordinary candies, such as sucking candies, will suit even Chupa Chups.


Irrigation of the throat Tantum verde (eat in the pharmacy) and drink warm milk with soda (a glass half a teaspoon)

* *

Lollipops will not help. As well as strepsils (well, at worst, pharyngocept, but you will be treated for a long time) There is such a drug (tablets for resorption) - falimint. It's just for such cases. Helps to do well and quickly without putting the voice finally (We know, because we work on stage and laryngitis is our professional problem)


Milk drink do not advise! !
Alkaline inhalation! soda with water!
A candy is just the sea in pharmacies (on your budget)
Many of them have already advised you!
there are also "Laripront" - also good for pharyngolaringitis of any etiology.


The best are the TRAVELS!!! ALWAYS dissolve only them. Pain removes like a hand!

Amelia Pond

Hexoral sprays buy or stopangin (it is burning, but effective). I got rid of laryngitis for 2 days using stopangin. Lollipops are long and often inefficient. In any case for me.

Yulia Vakula

I only use Tonzilotren. This is a safe and reliable homeopathy. Removes all symptoms of sore throat. For children, too, is suitable. They always help me.

Sore throat. Prompt quality and inexpensive medicine. Maybe a folk remedy. Thank you!



Eat lemon with a crust and without sugar. Very effective.
Also gargle: 3 cups of water and in turn salt, soda, iodine. 1 tbsp. spoon on a glass of water. And rinse out all 3 glasses at a time. Need to do several times a day. Good luck)

All Killer No Filler


Olena ttt

very good "bioparox" but it costs about 10 dolars


Rinse more often. Chamomile, soda.


people's remedy, which is always helped by boiled milk with butter and honey)))
I do not recommend taking pills... =)

Akimov Eugene

boiled beer


rinse well-lemon ...

Alina Konovalova

honey, honey and honey again, with milk or even with tea

KateriNochka @

Hexoral - spray from the pain in the throat, very effective, spray 2 times a day in the morning and in the evening.

Elena Zyryanova

Try to make a decoction of calendula (15-25 rubles) and warm rinse your throat for 2 days 3 times a day, cheaply, effectively and without side effects, Health!


unique recipe... squeeze the lemon juice on a saucer wrap the bandage on your finger and put it into the juice and wipe the neck. can be repeated. or squeeze it straight into the throat. oochen effective recipe. Get well.

Mikhail Khokhlov

In addition to honey, I do not use other medicines.
It helps.
Health and success.
And another warm "Borjomi" (or a solution of soda and three drops of iodine for half a glass of water and rinse)


Gargle with the eucalyptus broth, eucalyptus natural antibiotic, it helps very well


onions, garlic chops

Natalia Eksatova

If your throat hurts you can rinse with soda, or salt. A teaspoon on a glass. The tincture of calendula will help.

Marianna Basyuk

works well the good old septefril, I usually use stomatidinom (a bottle, and there as necessary-a tablespoon rinsed, pain becomes less), good reviews of tantum -verde, but she did not try, recommend tera fl-lar-there is lidocaine, which reduces pain. normal tincture of marigold for rinsing... lysobakt. do not be ill.


Lugolom smear 3-4 times a day, 2 tablets streptotsida and at night compress from honey with alcohol on the neck - and you are healthy!

Black cat

Soda. salt, iodine, lemon, honey - all these folk remedies dry their throats even more. Various sprays, alcohol and oil solutions also dry the throat. Rinse with herbs also does not help, and sometimes it also dries up the throat, icicles are generally meaningless. The best folk remedy is warm boiled milk, your throat will pass for 2 days, you will feel relief on the first day. Checked.


I managed to rinse the tincture of Chlorophyllitis (hourly), on a glass of water 1 tsp. And a solution of apple cider vinegar (a teaspoon to a glass of water). After rinsing, lubricate the throat with Chlorophilipt oil. Get well!

Galina Ermolina

The best detergent is kerosene. Regardless of infection or chronic pharyngitis. You can buy at an Orthodox exhibition at VDNH at mothers 100 gr. 100 rubles. When the exhibition is held, you should watch the calendar on the VDNKh website. I tried my throat hurting endlessly, now everything is in order.

Means for sore throat

means for sore throat

Sore throat is a symptom of many diseases. The main ones are viral and bacterial infections, colds. Also, the throat can ache due to various factors of non-infectious origin: prolonged loading of vocal cords, irritation of mucous membranes with dry air, smoke, allergic reactions, etc. If the sore throat is not treated, it can lead to the development of complications, so with this symptom it is recommended to consult a doctor more quickly. Consider what means of sore throat more often and are considered effective.

Medications for throat pain


A great remedy for sore throat with colds and infectious and inflammatory lesions of bacterial nature. The preparation is produced in the form of a spray and as the main active component contains a solution of phenol, which possesses powerful bactericidal properties and somewhat eliminates pain.


Tablets for resorption based on ambazone - a potent bacteriostatic substance. The agent is active against most pathogens of the infections of the throat, without affecting the intestinal microflora.


Homeopathic preparation, effective both in acute infectious processes in the throat, and with exacerbation of chronic, and also has a positive effect in hypertrophic pharyngeal tonsils. Form release - tablets for resorption.

Doctor Mom

Cough syrups and sore throats, produced on a plant basis (licorice and ginger root, fruits of the medicated officinalis, levomenthol). They have an emollient, anti-inflammatory effect and facilitate the departure of phlegm.

Grammidine with anesthetic

Antibacterial preparation of local action in the form of tablets for resorption. Contains the antibiotic grammidine C, antiseptic cetylpyridinium chloride and a substance for reducing pain oxybuprocaine hydrochloride. This is one of the best and fastest acting remedies for sore throat bacterial etiology.


Inexpensive means of pain in the throat, which is an aerosol for irrigation. Has a combined composition: streptocide, sodium norsulfazole, thymol, eucalyptus and mint oil. Has anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and antifungal effects.


Tablets for resorption based on natural antiseptic lysozyme and pyridoxine (form of vitamin B6) - a substance that exerts a protective effect on the mucous membranes.


A popular drug for sore throat, which contains amylmetacresol and dichlorobenzyl alcohol. These substances exhibit antimicrobial activity against most infectious agents. A means is prepared in the form of lozenges for resorption with various flavor additives.


Means in the form of a spray based on povidone-iodine and allantoin. Has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effect, promotes tissue regeneration of the mucous membrane of the throat.

Tantum Verde

a remedy for sore throat with colds

The drug, the main substance of which is benzidamine hydrochloride (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug). Available in the form of tablets for resorption, spray and a solution for rinsing the throat. Has anti-inflammatory and anesthetic effect.

Home Remedies for Sore Throat

Sufficiently effective are numerous home remedies for inflammatory processes in the throat, among which is:

  • infusions of chamomile, sage, calendula, eucalyptus;
  • solution of soda food;
  • propolis;
  • honey;
  • tea mushroom;
  • pine grease;
  • viburnum and others.

The best remedies for sore throat: sprays, lollipops, tablets, lozenges

Practically for any catarrhal disease, there is a sore throat. This symptom is also a sign of a viral illness. However, sore throat can become a signal that there is a more serious disease in the body. Therefore, before starting treatment, you need to find out the reason for the appearance of such a symptom. Pick up a remedy for sore throat, as well as make an accurate diagnosis can only a doctor.

When choosing a drug, it is worth remembering that each medicine works in its own way. Today, various means are used for sore throat: sprays, pills, lozenges, lozenges and rinse solutions. Each of the drugs has certain properties and has contraindications. So, choose a remedy for sore throat.

means for sore throats


This remedy for sore throat comes in the form of tablets that have a pleasant taste. The drug "Grammidine" allows you to quickly eliminate discomfort. In addition, the tablets have antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic effect.

Such a drug can be given to children whose age is over 6 years. Such a remedy is allowed even for pregnant women. However, during the lactation period, Grammidine tablets are contraindicated. It should be noted that the drug does not give side effects, if you take it, strictly observing the instructions and recommendations of specialists. Use the drug "Grammidine" is possible with the treatment of many diseases that are accompanied by pain in the throat. The average cost of the drug is approximately 120 rubles.

the best remedy for sore throat


This remedy for sore throat comes in the form of an aerosol. The preparation is used exclusively for topical application. The composition of the medicine includes an antibiotic. The drug can not only eliminate discomfort, but also cure the throat. Aerosol Bioparox has an anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect.

The drug is contraindicated in children, whose age is less than two and a half years. Also, the spray can not be used during lactation. Pregnant women should not use this medication without the permission of a doctor. After all, it has an antibiotic in its composition. There is an aerosol "Bioparox" within 400 rubles.

"Septolet Neo"

Some remedies for sore throat have a pronounced antiseptic effect. One of them is "Sepeto Neo". Apply it mainly to eliminate the unpleasant symptom. Thanks to the antimicrobial effect, the drug can cope with the manifestations of infection at the local level.

anti-sore throat

It is worth noting that "Septotelet Neo" can be used not only to combat sore throat, but also with inflammation of the oral mucosa. With care, it is necessary to use the drug for pregnant women, as well as for lactating women. Contraindication to the reception of "Septotelet Neo" is the child's age (less than four years). The average cost of the drug is 120 rubles.


Among drugs that are available in the form of dissolution plates, Strepsils, according to many, is the best remedy for sore throat, Medication has an antiseptic and analgesic effect. It helps to overcome the pain in the throat and soften it, while eliminating the symptoms of colds. As part of the drug Strepsils has natural components that help in the therapy of certain diseases. Use such a drug is possible for children over the age of twelve and adults. During pregnancy and lactation, the Strepsils plates should be prescribed by a doctor. It is worth about 140 rubles.


Choosing a cure for a cold, you always want to get the best. Means of sore throat "Geksoral" like many. Issued "Geksoral" in the form of a spray. The drug has a powerful antifungal and antibacterial effect. Apply it not only to treat pain in the throat, but also to combat the inflammatory process with certain dental or ENT diseases. Assign the spray "Geksoral" not only to adults, but also to children over four years of age.

choose a remedy for sore throat

With caution, it is worth taking this drug to pregnant and nursing. After all, "Geksoral" is a strong drug. If the rules for taking the spray are not observed, the spray may cause additional irritation, as well as sore throat. That's why such tools should be used with caution and only in accordance with the recommendations of specialists. The cost of the drug is about 250 rubles.


At the moment, completely different funds are available for the pain in the throat. Methods of treatment of diseases depend on the type of infection. In some cases, drugs that contain an antibiotic are required. However, there are medicines made from natural ingredients. These are the tablets for resorption of "Lizobakt". The drug contains lysozyme. This substance has antiviral, antifungal and antibacterial effect.

The drug "Lizobakt" enhances the action of all antibiotics and regulates local immunity. You can take the drug during pregnancy and lactation. Contra-indication is less than three years old. It is worth "Lizobakt" about 130 rubles.

drugs for pain in the throat sprays tablets lozenges lozenges

Lugol's solution

Continue to consider the funds for pain in the throat. One of the effective drugs is Lugol's solution. Apply it with a conventional cotton swab on the mucous membrane, where there are signs of inflammation. The composition of the drug is iodine. This component has antibacterial action. In some cases, after using the solution, the pain can only increase. This is a temporary phenomenon, which is caused by drying out the mucous membrane.

In addition, the drug has some contraindications, which relate for the most part to compatibility with other medicines. It is also forbidden to use Lugol's solution for lactation, hypersensitivity to iodine and children under 5 years old. The cost of the drug is 15 rubles.

"Tantum Verde"

Means for sore throat often have not only anesthetic, but also anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial effect. One such is "Tantum Verde". The medicine can be taken by adults and children. In this case, there are no age restrictions. In addition, the drug is allowed to use during lactation and pregnancy.

means for sore throat methods of treatment of diseases

"Tantum Verde" softens and anesthetizes the throat, allows you to effectively fight infection at the local level. The preparation is produced in the form of a spray. Apply it is allowed several times a day. The cost is approximately 300 rubles.


Considering the funds from the pain in the throat, you can not ignore the "Tharyngept". These tablets for resorption not only give an anesthetic effect, but also have a bacteriostatic effect. It is worth noting that the "Pharingosept" is a powerful tool. It can not be used for the treatment of ailments in children under six years of age, pregnant and lactating women. Take the drug immediately after eating. After eating, you can not drink and eat for about three hours. There is a medicine within 80 rubles.

Tablets for resorption from pain in the throat

tablets for resorption from sore throat

The pain in the throat is never left without attention, because it is sometimes unbearable. Often a similar symptom appears at the most inopportune time. Usually treatment includes hot tea, honey, lemon and in some cases antibiotics. When the first symptoms appear, it is recommended to immediately buy a tablet for resorption from pain in the throat. They will remove the itching, eliminate perspiration and calm the larynx.

The best pain reliever for sore throat


The most effective are drugs with menthol and eucalyptus. The composition of candies includes many active useful elements and substances. So, for example, mint oil reduces pain, and anise - it removes inflammation. In addition, these pills will be able to facilitate breathing for a long time.

Doctor Mom

The drug is usually positioned as an adjunct to the complex therapy aimed at fighting the cough. During its use, instantly coughing, pain and choking occur in the throat. These tablets have an anti-inflammatory and expectorant effect. They are allowed for use by persons who have reached the age of 18, but most doctors often prescribe them and patients younger. As the main raw material in the medicine used natural herbs.


The composition includes the oils of ten different alpine herbs. These tablets for resorption from the throat are offered at once in several versions: with vitamin C and without it, for children and adults, with sugar and without. Often sold in small pharmacies. For children, you can choose options without menthol.


These candies remove irritation and sore throat. In addition, they reduce the congestion of the nasopharynx and generally improve overall well-being. Often, Adjicept is issued to people whose work is directly related to constant conversation - to the speakers, teachers and others. You can take the medicine every three hours.


These cheap tablets for resorption from the throat have antibacterial elements in the composition, which helps to quickly cope with diseases of the oral cavity and larynx. The manufacturer offers two options - simple and with anesthetic. It is necessary to emphasize that this drug is produced exclusively in tablets. Therefore, all kinds of ointments or sprays are fake.

Pharyngosept (ambazone)

These resorption tablets remove perspiration and sore throat. The medicine is shown to children from three years, every four hours. The course of treatment lasts a maximum of four days.

Strepfen (flurbiprofen)

These pills are issued to adults and children from 12 years. You need to dissolve them every time after a meal, but not more than five pieces a day. Used as an adjunct to the main therapy. The course of treatment lasts no more than three days.

Tablets are contraindicated:

  • children under 12 years;
  • pregnant women or during breastfeeding;
  • people with peptic ulcer;
  • with increased sensitivity to individual components of the drug;
  • with a deficiency of glucose;
  • with asthma or rhinitis;
  • during the reception of simple analgesics.


A drug that performs deodorant, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic functions. In its composition - anise oil, peppermint and menthol.


from the throat tablets for resorption

Destroys the infection, reduces pain and inflammation. Begins to operate after half a minute after application.

Septolete Plus

This drug removes perspiration and well relieves discomfort.


Tablets from the throat for resorption with antibiotic and analgesic (lidocaine). In addition, the composition includes chlorhexidine and tirotricin. They fight well against spasms of the larynx and microbes in the oral cavity. Can be given to children from four years old.

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