Alcoholism and its prevention: methods, measures, tips

Prevention of any disease, including alcoholism, is always more effective than her treatment, there are no complications and relapses of the disease. Prevention of alcoholism will help to improve the nation, avoid high costs, raise and reproduce healthy offspring. Therefore, the prevention of alcoholism is understood as a set of measures aimed at preventing healthy people and eradicating morbid dependence on alcohol in sick people.


Main measures and activities

The main prevention methods are the advocacy of disclosure of harm informationalcohol, its negative effect on the human body, the causes of the formation of alcohol dependence, symptoms and signs of alcoholism. People should develop a negative image of alcoholic beverages. The state should take measures to limit not only the release, but also the sale of alcoholic beverages. It is necessary to train professional specialists in narcology, develop new drugs for alcoholism, new rehabilitation projects, create new and update existing drug treatment clinics, making them available for treating people with low financial income. The fight against alcoholism should be carried out purposefully, systematically and full-scale.

It is necessary to stimulate the formation of a sober way of life in people. You need to gradually forget about alcohol.

Very important:

  1. To monitor the quality of alcohol produced.
  2. Prohibit the sale of alcohol to minors.
  3. Limit places of sale and drinking of alcoholic beverages.
  4. Prohibit the use of alcohol in the workplace.
  5. To impose an administrative penalty for drunkenness in public places.
  6. Inform about the harmful effects of alcohol on the psyche and health.

Prevention of alcoholism among adolescents is urgent and necessary. Among young people, it is necessary to conduct lectures, talks about the negative impact of alcohol on the growing body of a teenager. Visual aids in the form of leaflets, booklets, posters, wall newspapers, presentations, reports, Internet resources can very much help in this. The growing and growing generation should also be informed about the consequences of alcoholism, its complications, and varieties.

Prevention of adolescent alcoholism also consists in organizing an acceptable and healthy leisure for young people. Here you can apply club, club work, participation in sports, sections and so on. One-sided, exceptionally prohibitive measures in the fight against drunkenness and alcoholism will not be effective. People should be distracted from bad and lured, interested in something healthy, correct, interesting, developing personality as fully as possible.

Prevention of alcoholism in those who have been treated

For people who have been treated for alcoholism, prevention of alcoholism has a special and qualitatively different from preventive measures in healthy people. Here the task is to forget alcohol, forget the "thrill" of alcoholic intoxication, most fully and completely switch and reorient to useful and interesting activities and activities. The former alcohol addict needs a recurring recovery course of the nervous system, the general functions of the body, one must treat and prevent other chronic diseases. Social rehabilitation and psychotherapy stand in a special place. Without them, alcoholism can not always be cured completely.

Healed from alcoholism and his surroundings must not forget that alcoholism is cunning and can arise again in the form of grooming in drinking-bout. The situation in the family should be calm and the relations between its members are balanced. Completely, the former patient, it is necessary to exclude communication with alcoholics. Free time the patient should devote to physical and spiritual self-improvement, home affairs.

Coded individuals from alcoholism can sometimes experience emotions of irritation, anger, anguish, anxiety, anxiety, apathy, sleep disturbance, a desire to drink. It is recommended that an immediate appeal to a doctor-narcologist for appointment against relapse treatment. Also in the prevention of alcoholism is an examination of the internal organs and treatment of hepatitis, pancreatitis, gastritis, fatty degeneration and cirrhosis of the liver. A former alcoholic must know that it is not possible to drink moderately, like ordinary people. The regime of absolute sobriety is important.

Just like for sober, not yet drinking people, and for those who have recovered from alcohol dependence, presentations, lectures and conversations about the negative influence of alcohol on the body and its internal organs will always be useful. Of great importance is listening to personal stories of former alcoholics, their difficulties and joy in overcoming addiction. This becomes an authority, an example for those who are still ill with alcoholism.

How not to succumb to the desire for alcohol

For the effectiveness of measures to prevent alcoholism, the conscious and good will of the sick person is needed. After all, no one for him can not overcome the craving for alcohol!

Tips for distraction from the desire to drink:

  1. There should not be any alcoholic beverages in your house.
  2. Live for your family, its problems, tasks and goals.
  3. Get a job, if possible - to your liking. Let you not have the first time of a free minute, avoid boredom and laziness. Let your activity inspire others.
  4. Find your vocation. It can be a hobby. Or maybe you are able to draw, sculpt figures, write poetry, stories, articles.
  5. Find your mentor, ie, a person who can listen to you and tell you something in the right direction.
  6. Adjust your physical shape, shape, appearance, like the opposite sex, win his recognition, admiration and love.
  7. Improve your psyche by finding your goal, calling, for melancholy and depression, there should be no place. TAKE YOURSELF SUCH AS YOU ARE.With all the shortcomings and weaknesses. Find the ADVANTAGES IN YOUR FAILURES.
  8. Remove the feeling of guilt. You are not guilty of anything, it's just the circumstances, but it's all in the past. For you begins an endless new life, full of interest, discovery and peace of mind.
  9. Remember where sadness and anxiety are the enemy. In your life there is no room for disappointment! Do not worry about the future. The future itself takes care of itself, and the past is in the past. You are here and now, you are not bad yourself, you can become even better, stronger, more beautiful, more interesting. You will be a good example for others!
  10. Any difficulty is only one of the stages of development. Love difficulties, overcome them, do not get irritated and do not get angry.
  11. Listen to music that often inspires you, sometimes you see good films, comedies for relaxation and mood enhancement, to bring up a healthy sense of humor.
  12. Start a cat, cat, dog, in order to remove some of the void in your life.
  13. Observe the events in the world, read, analyze, be active and socially.
  14. Enter the mode of family and personal life walks, trips to nature with members of his family.
  15. You can communicate with people who have overcome alcohol dependence in the society of anonymous alcoholics, in sobriety societies at the place of your residence.

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