How to improve sleep

In most cases, you can solve the problem of insomnia and sleep disorders. Therefore, we will talk here about how to improve the sleep of to an adult and elderly person by performing simple tips and recommendations for quick falling asleep and waking up in the morning fully rested and full of vivacity and fresh energy by a person.


What influences sleep

At firstIt is necessary to determine if you are sleeping enough. In the article, insomnia - sleep disorders can be read about the normal duration of sleep in different age periods. After all, one person needs 10 hours of sleep to fully recover, and the other to 6. When the person feels fully rested and with a good cheerful mood in the morning, this means that he slept enough. But, if you really are insomnia, then probably you:

  1. do not sleep part of the night, because you often wake up;
  2. experience a morning feeling of weakness and fatigue all day long;
  3. wants to sleep in the daytime and you can fall asleep in the most unsuitable place, even sitting at the table in front of the computer monitor;
  4. you feel a sharp decrease in efficiency and absent-mindedness of attention, you can not really concentrate on the tasks that are being performed.

In order to overcome insomnia, the first thing to do is to organize the regime of the day. It is important for adults and children to go to bed and get up every day at the same time. This will help adjust the biological clock( biorhythms) in the human body.

Recommendations and advice

Comfort in the bedroom

Your bedroom should have comfort and good sound insulation. That the light does not interfere with sleep, the curtains must be tight. Good airing the room through an open window for the night will also help improve the quality of your sleep.

The bed should be comfortable. Let the pillow be lower, so as not to cause pain and discomfort in the neck. Someone will be more convenient to put a pillow or a roller under the back and knees. For pregnant women - this is just what you need. Sometimes change the mattress, it is desirable medium level of rigidity.

For easier morning awakening, turn on the light in the room or open the curtains. The corresponding signal of the beginning of the active time of the day will pass into your brain and help you to adjust and activate the whole organism for a wave of vivacity. In the evening, on the contrary, muffle the intensity of lighting and this will give the effect of easy falling asleep, a corresponding conditioned reflex will be formed.

Move more during the day

In the morning, it's important. A walk in the fresh air is good in the evening. Walking by itself causes easy fatigue and reduces anxiety interfering with falling asleep. And saturation with fresh air of the body will make your sleep sound and calm.

When you are feeling drowsy, do not doze off during the day. Switch to any other activity in order to avoid monotony, you can take a refreshing shower. Your biological rhythms will be easier to tune in to get a real rest at night.

Try not to eat at bedtime, at least, three hours before bedtime. By the way, the chemical substance discovered by scientists - amino acid tryptophan helps in improving sleep. It is found in bananas, cheese, dairy products, turkey, chicken.

Timely treat diseases

In order to normalize sleep, some take aspirin. It has a small hypnotic effect and helps to get rid of joint pain, reduces involuntary movements of the legs. Since aspirin adversely affects the gastric mucosa, it should only be used after a meal.

To combat insomnia, caused by flying through several time zones, you need treatment with light. At night feeling of vivacity, after 15 hours of local time, try to avoid bright daylight. It's good to wear dark sunglasses on the street and to dim the lighting indoors. In the morning, on the contrary, try, more is in the bright light.

When insomnia is associated with discomfort in the lower limbs, walk on foot will help. Upon its completion, take a foot bath. Experiment with what temperature water is right for you - cool or warm. Which calls for the greatest physical comfort and relaxation. Massage your feet with hands or a rug with spikes. Try to take vitamins, in which iron and folic acid.

Learn how to relax

Feeling of relaxation can be obtained as a result of a change in activity. These are creative pursuits in a fit of inspiration, listening to good melodic music, reading useful books, taking warm baths.

Techniques for stress relieving:

  • Stretch upwards on inspiration, slowly spread your shoulders. Exhale slowly as well. Feel how the air is relieved, muscles relax.
  • Wash your face with cool water several times.
  • Warm your hands with a jet of warm water.
  • Massage with the fingers of the region of the temples. Bioactive points will help to cause relaxation in the spasms of the face and head.
  • Relax muscles around the mouth. To do this, open your eyes several times and simultaneously mouth, then move the jaw from side to side.
  • Focus on breathing. Breathe deeply, slowly and rhythmically.
  • Brew a cup of fragrant herbal tea: melissa, mint, chamomile. Drink it in small sips for five minutes.

Lying in bed, engage in auto-training

Strain for two or three seconds, the muscles, then completely relax them and focus your attention on the sensations. Do the exercise with all muscle groups in turn from the toes to the head. Pay attention to the muscles of the face and neck. Usually we do not notice tension in them, and this prevents sleep. Next, relax the whole body and evoke a feeling of lightness and peace. Let your breathing be deep and slow, blow your belly on your breath like a ball, think about peace and comfort.

You can also consider inhaling and exhaling or simply making an account.

For quick falling asleep, you can not cover your body with a blanket, let it become cool, relax. After a while you can take cover, and the return heat will help you to fall asleep quickly.

If you can not get to sleep for 15 minutes, you can get out of bed, get some fresh air, drink milk. When you feel sleepy, go back to bed.

Remember that you need to get up every day at the same time and never go to bed during the day! Then there is a chance to improve sleep.