Quit smoking: the most effective way to quit smoking

There are a lot of the most effective ways and methods of quitting smoking. Along with the traditional methods of medicine, the right to exist and methods of medicine are unconventional. And, although people leave controversial and sometimes even contradictory reviews of certain methods and directions, nevertheless, why that which did not help one, certainly should not help you personally? And vice versa.

A smoking person who has decided to actually quit smoking must experiment before obtaining an unambiguous positive result - a complete refusal to smoke tobacco. It may be necessary to conduct a series of experiments on smoking cessation in various ways, technologies, options.


Methods of traditional medicine

  • Alternative medicine - methodology
  • Antidepressants and alternative to nicotine
  • Effect of magnetic field and acupuncture
  • Psychotherapeutic directions and techniques
  • Dovzhenko's method and hypnosis
  • Homeopathy and herbal medicine

    Traditional medicine methods

    Modern official medical experience with regard to quittingconditionally subdivided( why conditionally, because these methods are used mainly in combination with each other):

    1. cleansing the body of the toxic substances of nicotine and the products of combustion of tobacco leaves for the purpose of arresting withdrawal syndrome;
    2. active use of antidepressants and sedative medical drugs and drugs;
    3. use of nicotine substitutes in order to soften and smooth the acute phase of nicotine breakage.

    Thus, in narcology, a medicinal version of the solution of distorted, constant use of nicotine, chemical reactions of the body is proposed.

    Alternative medicine - methodology

    Different from the above ways to quit smoking, alternative medicine uses the internal capabilities of the body and some physiotherapeutic procedures:

    1. herbal therapy - phytotherapy;
    2. acupuncture, zhen-tszyu therapy( moxibustion), acupuncture, acupressure, massage;
    3. homeopathic treatment option;
    4. hypnotic effect;
    5. magnet therapy;
    6. psychotherapeutic techniques and stuff.

    There are still options for how to quit smoking effectively, not described in this article. And it's impossible to describe everything. Need to try. But the attempt to quit smoking should not be reduced to a banal collection of methods of quitting smoking. The main, decisive moment in the breakthrough to a healthy lifestyle is a person's own desire, backed by personal will and determination to act. And the best way to quit smoking is to be the one with which the bad habit was over.

    Antidepressants and nicotine alternative

    If without a tobacco smoking a person just bites his lips into the blood, swollen and falls off his ears, but quitting is also very desirable, as well as smoking a cigarette, you can use the method to quit smoking in a slightly different form of nicotine intake into the body. Here, electronic cigarettes, nicotine chewing gums and patches are used.

    The main thing that a person who wants to quit smoking does not get stuck on applying the above methods with the use of nicotine in a slightly different form. Otherwise, nicotine dependence will not be overcome. And the craving for smoking will continue.

    But not only one nicotine is used in all anti-smoking medications. There are analogues of nicotine. For example, Tabecs tablets contain the substance "cytisine".Against the background of taking these pills, smoking becomes very unattractive, even before the appearance of nausea and vomiting.

    When treating tobacco dependence, you need to pay attention to the state of the patient's psyche. Admission of antidepressants will help significantly in the development of additional endorphins - natural opiates, which raise the mood, vitality, have analgesic effect. Thus, a person will survive the nicotine withdrawal syndrome in a softer form. Among the drugs of this kind is the "Ziban".The drug is dispensed in pharmacies according to the prescription.

    Effect of magnetic field and acupuncture

    One of the many types of treatment with a magnetic field is the impact on biologically active points( BAT).These points are also called acupuncture. In general, the acupuncture points are massaged, cauterized( chen-tszyu therapy), they are stuck with special needles( acupuncture).The main goal of all these influences is to stimulate the flow of CHI energy along the energy meridians of the surface of the human body.

    The impact on biologically active points, as a way to quit smoking, has not yet been formally recognized, but it is popular. Orthodox medicine does not prepare such specialists-masters of exposure to the biocurrents of the body. Because the concept of official medicine is not bioenergetic, but purely materialistic. But in China, several thousand years of knowledge about the points and energy flowing through them passed from master to student. Ignore this method and direction to quit smoking - you can not. If the impact on biotochki holds a real Master of acupuncture and zhen-tszyu therapy - the effect will be.

    Stimulation of energy channels by stimulating points cleans the body, stimulates its vitality and immunity, insures against possible diseases and treats existing diseases. The psychological state will be filled with a sense of comfort, lack of anxiety, nervousness, and the body will be easy.

    The master can cure even an opium addiction, if. .. of course - he is a Master.

    Psychotherapeutic directions and techniques

    An experienced psychotherapist will find the most suitable way for you to quit smoking. The developed program will include strengthening of motivation and conviction in order to correct a way of life towards improvement. You will be taught autogenous training, relaxation skills and complacency. You will be at home at home to follow all instructions and quickly get rid of cravings for nicotine.

    True treatment here will be more in your hands, because it's not a treatment, but learning and learning, getting skills to fight anxiety and anxiety, self-discipline.

    Do not expect a quick result in the form of a complete quitting. Be patient. The result will still be. Even if it is very hard to quit smoking, at least tune in to the fact that you, for example, will not smoke for one to two months.

    Dovzhenko's Method and Hypnosis

    Some people consider that hypnosis is the most radical way to stop smoking. In a state of hypnosis, the patient is taught that the appearance, smell, and process of smoking is unpleasant and disgusting. True, not all are malleable to hypnosis.

    A variant of hypnotherapy is the Dovzhenko method. Dovzhenko AR added psychotherapy to hypnosis. Here the hypnotic trance is shallow. The patient is aware of what is happening. The hypnologist suggests the idea of ​​refusing to smoke.

    Less, or lack of hypnosis - is the passivity of the patient. Another's will will not replace one's own. Then, with programs for smoking cessation, the patient may enter something that is not desirable, for example, if the person conducting the session is ill or in an unstable positive emotional state.

    Homeopathy and herbal medicine

    You can quit smoking using phyto drugs and homeopathic remedies. The effects of drugs develop gradually, you need time. But you need and strongly want to refrain from smoking tobacco!

    Homeopathy and herbal medicine works like this:

    1. Removes the effects of intoxication by removing poisons from the body.
    2. Lower cravings for nicotine and tobacco.
    3. Calms and relieves internal nervous-psychic tension.
    4. Relax the vascular walls, and the metabolism in the body improves.

    Do not forget that there may be allergic reactions from the body when using any medicinal, folk and homeopathic remedies.

    Choosing the best way to quit is always difficult. Or maybe you'll invent your own method of getting rid of nicotine addiction?