We treat pneumonia in the home

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It happens that after a hard working day you come home and you realize that you're sick. And then, how, all the symptoms on the face: aches all over the body, cough, a suspicious absence of a cold, high fever, like an application headache. We think that we just got cold. We drink tablets and miss the time, use antipyretic drugs and only on the second, third day, we call the doctor. He pleases us with a disappointing diagnosis: "pneumonia." What is this disease, how to treat pneumonia in the home, we will tell in this article.

  • Symptoms of pneumonia
  • Treatment of pneumonia with antibiotics
  • Folk remedies, so different, almost safe
  • Fees, tinctures
  • Expectorant fees
  • Compress of radish
  • Collection number 1
  • Collection number 2
  • Licorice-based charges
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • General recommendations
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Pneumonia (pneumonia) is a serious infectious inflammatory disease of the respiratory tract characterized by swelling of the lung tissue (alveoli, bronchi, bronchioles).

Symptoms of pneumonia

Inflammation of the lungs is dangerous for its cunning, it is difficult to diagnose, it happens that the doctor can not correctly diagnose it. But everyone who has ever had an inflammation of the lungs, most likely will describe the following symptoms:

  1. Incredible weakness, with the following signs: a cold, sticky sweat.
  2. The temperature, which keeps at the level of 37.5 - 37.7, while exhausting very much.
  3. A strong cough, sputum is secreted, but it may not be.
  4. Pain in the chest or under the scapula.
  5. Dyspnea.
  6. Rarely, but there is nausea, vomiting is possible. Diarrhea may occur.

Pneumonia - this is the scientific name of pneumonia, a contagious thing, and with weak immunity, you can pick up anywhere. Children often suffer, elderly people. In children, viral pneumonia is accompanied by such symptoms: chills, fever, aches in the joints, there is a runny nose, dry cough, chest pain.

If you do not treat pneumonia, it can develop into focal pneumonia - acute pneumonia, and concentrate on one area of ​​the lungs. This disease can occur in both children and adults. The diagnosis is made by the therapist on the basis of listening to the lungs and the radiograph. He also, often, offers hospitalization, does not always refuse, and insists on home treatment.

Important!Running pneumonia can result in a fatal outcome. On the topic, can you stay home and treat pneumonia (especially in children), consult your doctor.

In any case, you will be prescribed antibiotics, because the cause of pneumonia is bacteria or viruses, so it is strictly necessary to take them. It is also recommended to use folk remedies to complement the healing effect.

Treatment of pneumonia with antibiotics

In the treatment of viral pneumonia in both adults and children, it is necessary to take antibiotics. In most cases, such treatment occurs in the inpatient department, because it is required to undergo a course of therapy. The doctor determines what antibiotics are needed for treatment, the necessary dosage for the patient and the course of treatment. Preparations that are used to treat pneumonia: cefotaxime, cefricoxone, erythromycin, etc.

Folk remedies, so different, almost safe

Why are they almost safe, because there are also poisonous herbs in nature that we can use unknowingly. But, in this article, we will not talk about them, in all the collections listed below they simply do not exist. Herbs do not act like a pill from the head, and sometimes you need to act quickly, this is also taken into account. Let's find out what to treat the inflammation of the lungs in adults, and what folk remedies to use.

Important:Grass acts gently it's not instant preparations!

People's means can be divided into several categories:

  • collections, tinctures, possessing increasing abilities of the organism to resist diseases, the same dog rose perfectly raises immunity;
  • expectorant charges;
  • anti-inflammatory.

And now consider them on examples.

Fees, tinctures

In connection with the fact that the immunity is weakened, you are sick, so you need to strengthen it. And remember that as long as you're sick, you need to drink as much liquid as possible, so drink the infusions of herbs and fruit.

  • brew the dog-rose, it has a lot of vitamin C, which excellently raises the immune system;
  • brew leaves and fruits of raspberries, raspberry natural antipyretic, tasty, aromatic;
  • to make lime blossoms also lowers the heat, causes the body to intensively allocate sweat, stimulates immunity;
  • Morse from the viburnum and cranberry - a storehouse of vitamin. C and PP, which has a very positive effect on immunity;
  • tea with lemon and honey, lemon has a lot of vitamin C;
  • you can brew immediately rosehips, raspberries, linden, pinch of black or green tea, a few berries of viburnum, and drink instead of water throughout the day, adding honey to the cup.

Expectorant fees

It is necessary to take drugs that help to sputum, it can be not only pharmacy products, but also natural. They provide softening and an early escape of phlegm.

Important!Be sure to consider which cough is dry or wet. With dry take herbs that make the phlegm more liquid, which improves her departure (mother-and-stepmother, nettle nettle, blackberry flowers, violet flowers). And when "moist", the plantain, anise, licorice, sage, thyme contribute more quickly to the accumulated mucus.

When dry cough in children and adults can offer the following fees:

  1. Take an equal amount of mint, St. John's wort, lemon balm and linden. Pour 1 liter of just boiling water.
  2. We make a small hole in a black radish and pour in 2 spoons of melted honey. Put it in a bowl, cover with a previously cut maculose or plastic lid for cans to wait until the juice begins to separate about 3 hours. Use 1 teaspoon of the resulting drink before eating.

The same number of fruits of anise, althea root, licorice root, pine buds, sage leaf. One spoonful of cooking in one glass of boiling water, insist for 30 minutes, you can brew in a thermos, use 1 glass every 3 hours.

Sometimes, sputum is poorly separated and makes breathing difficult, it is worth taking a decoction of sage leaves, licorice root and pine buds. Herbs are taken in equal quantities, pour 1 tablespoon of collection boiling water, two glasses, insist 3 hours, drink six times at intervals of 3 hours, 2 tablespoons. The same infusion is used in a hot form for inhalations.

Important:If the cough is dry, it is very useful to do inhalation with narzan, or with any of the above collection, but inhalation can be done only in the complete absence of temperature. Inhalation perfectly softens the dry cough, moisturizing the respiratory tract.

Compress of radish

You can make a compress in the projection of the lungs, in no case superimpose on the heart area. For this, the radish is rubbed on a fine grater, applied to a dense napkin, covered with a polyethylene film, wrapped in a warm scarf or a handkerchief. If the skin is sensitive, before applying a compress, you can place a lubricated oil under the compress.

If the cough is wet it is good to use herbal preparations:

Collection number 1

We take the same amount of herb oregano, althea root, grass, mother-and-stepmother, 1 tablespoon of the collection to pour cups of boiling water, wrap, insist for 20-30 minutes to take half a glass after eating.

Collection number 2

We take the same number of herbs: licorice root, plantain leaves, mother-and-stepmother leaves pour boiling water glasses, wrap it, insist 20-30 minutes, take half a glass after eating.

Licorice-based charges

  1. We take the same amount of licorice, althaea, sage, anise fruits, pine buds. Pour a glass of boiling water, wrap, insist for 20-30 minutes to take half a cup after eating.
  2. 1 tablespoon licorice root, 1 tablespoon marigold, 1 tablespoon chamomile flowers, 1 tablespoon mint. All pour 1 liter of boiling water, wrap, insist 20-30 minutes to take half a glass after eating.
  3. Licorice is naked - 40 grams, linden heart-shaped (flowers) - 60 grams. Use it in a glass after each meal.

Sometimes coughing continues for a long time after the end of treatment, already there is no sign on the x-ray, but it does not pass. There is a good way, take 1 glass of fresh milk, two pieces of dried figs, bring to a boil and set aside. Eat hot in the morning and in the evening one glass after eating.

Mix 1 dessert spoon of pine buds, two dessert spoons of the root of a violet fragrant, and four dessert spoons of Icelandic moss. Pour into a saucepan one glass of filtered water 4 teaspoons of the mixture, let it brew for 2 hours, bring to a boil and simmer 4 minutes, cool and strain. Take a drink should be warm after eating.


There are special herbs that, with their anti-inflammatory properties, help the body cope with the disease in the home, perfectly complementing antibiotics. Herbs gently remove swelling, gently remove excess water from the body.

To such plants it is possible to carry - horsetail, sporish, medicinal medynica, plantain, mother-and-stepmother, chamomile, sage, St. John's wort, elecampane, honey. All this is included in the collection of grasses mentioned above. Brewing herbs from cough, you also activate the anti-inflammatory properties of herbs.

General recommendations

Remember that pneumonia is a serious disease, and if you are not in a hospital and are treated at home, you must strictly observe bed rest, you need to ensure peace. At this time it is useful to sleep as much as possible. Eliminate all stressful situations. Be sure to ventilate the room in which you are every three hours.

The menu of the patient also changes, it should include easily assimilable foods with lots of vitamins. The total calorie content at this time should reach 2000-2500 Kcal - this is achieved by proteins, complex carbohydrates. It is useful to eat fruits in any quantity, preferably fresh, lemons, tangerines, grapefruits, kiwi in them are a lot of vitamin C, which stimulates the immune system, dilutes the blood. Meat should be steamed, or cooked, you can steam cutlets, stewed meat pieces, use at this time it is desirable only beef, chicken, turkey meat, rabbit. Strictly exclude pork from the diet.

Fish can only be consumed by sea, rich in fatty acids, cooked steamed, boiled, completely eliminate fried and fatty fish. Avoid products with fast carbohydrates, and a lot of fat. It is recommended to eat porridge buckwheat, oatmeal, as a source of complex carbohydrates. Exclude white bread, replacing it with a bran.

It is desirable to enter into the diet cottage cheese all kinds of syrniki, mashed casseroles, steam omelettes. Eggs can be consumed, but only in cooked form, or cooked for a couple. Eat small meals at intervals of two to three hours.

While you are sick, physical activity is contraindicated, moreover, even after recovery, you can not load for eight, nine weeks. Loads must be given, gradually, slowly increasing.

You can cure pneumonia at home, but remember that without antibiotics it can not be treated, and their reception is strictly required.