How to relieve cough

How to soften dry cough

How to soften dry cough

Dry cough is typical for diseases of the upper respiratory tract, such as the larynx and trachea. Since in such a situation mucus is produced in extremely small quantities, the body does not simply get rid of what provokes its development.

You will need

  1. - expectorant drugs;
  2. - baking soda;
  3. - Eucalyptus oil;
  4. - salt, iodine;
  5. - mint, St. John's wort, oregano;
  6. - Mustard plasters;
  7. - milk, honey, butter;
  8. - medical banks;
  9. - lollipops for coughing.


  1. Do not take antitussive drugs. In the body has already got a pathogen and it must be disposed of, so that harmful substances do not get into the blood and do not cause even more harm.
  2. Contribute to sputum discharge. To do this, you need to drink expectorant drugs that will promote the formation of sputum and cleanse the body of various bacteria.
  3. Do inhalation. For them, you can use baking soda, eucalyptus oil or just breathe over the steam of boiled potatoes, covered with a blanket.
  4. Rinse your throat. It is best to do this with sea water. You can prepare it yourself by adding a few drops of iodine, a teaspoon of soda and a half teaspoon of salt to the glass of water.
  5. Drink herbal decoctions. They should be soothing and anti-inflammatory. Especially effective are mint, St. John's wort and oregano. They can be brewed individually or mixed grass in equal proportions.
  6. Put the mustard plaster. It will be especially useful to put them on the chest so that they warm up and relieve the inflammation, and also soothecough.
  7. Drink water. In order tocoughsoftened, and the body produced mucus need to drink a sufficient amount of mineral water.
  8. Ventilate the room. During the illness, many people try to wrap themselves warmer and take care that the room is very warm. In fact, this only aggravates the situation. It will be correct to open the window and take care that the room is about + 18 ° C, and the patient is well wrapped in a blanket.
  9. Put the jars. A can of massage effectively curescoughby stimulating the circulation of blood and inflowing it to the affected organ. One procedure is enough.
  10. Drink milk with honey. It is a proven and ancient remedy. If you want, you can add a little butter to the preheated milk, so that it envelops the throat. And it is desirable not to add honey to the cup, but eat it with milk, since at high temperatures useful substances are lost in it.
  11. Dissolve the lollipops. Pastilles and sweets from cough are sold in any pharmacy and greatly facilitate the patient's condition.

How to soften cough folk remedies

How to soften cough folk remedies

Cough is a symptom of numerous diseases. Therefore, when it appears, you should consult your doctor. There is a large number of folk recipes, which can soften the cough.

You will need

  1. Recipe 1
  2. - 200 g of onions;
  3. - 1 cup of sugar;
  4. - 0.5 liters of water;
  5. - 2 tablespoons of honey.
  6. Recipe 2
  7. - 1 onion;
  8. - 2 tablespoons of sugar.
  9. Recipe 3
  10. - 2 bananas;
  11. - 1 glass of water;
  12. - 2 tablespoons of sugar.
  13. Recipe 4
  14. - 1 black radish;
  15. - 2 tablespoons of honey.
  16. Recipe 5
  17. - 1 black radish;
  18. - 2 tablespoons of sugar.
  19. Recipe 6
  20. - alcoholic tincture of eucalyptus;
  21. water.
  22. Recipe 7
  23. - 15 g of fennel fruit;
  24. - 20 g of leaves of mother-and-stepmother;
  25. - 25 g of licorice root;
  26. - 40 g of althei root;
  27. - 1 glass of water.


  1. Recipe 1. To prepare a remedy softening a dry cough, grind 200 g of peeled onion. Add a glass of sugar, 0.5 liters of water and cook over low heat for 2-3 hours. The resulting syrup cool. Add 2 tablespoons of natural honey. Pour out the finished product in containers. Take the cough remedy after the main meal for 4-6 tablespoons.
  2. Recipe 2. A simpler recipe for cough remedies can be prepared by chopping a large onion in the evening and filling it with 2 tablespoons of sugar. The next morning the medicine is ready. During the day, you should eat the prepared preparation, dividing the portion into several meals.
  3. Recipe 3. More and more popular is the next cough remedy. For its preparation, ripe bananas rub through a sieve. In the resulting mass, add steep boiling water and granulated sugar at the rate: for 2 bananas 1 glass of water, 2 tablespoons of sugar. This product is cooked over low heat for 15 minutes. Take the medicine received for 1 tablespoon every 2 hours.
  4. Recipe 4. From black radish, you can also prepare an excellent remedy that softens the cough. For this, the radish is washed well, the tip is cut off and the inner part is taken out for a third. In the groove you put a sufficient amount of natural honey, as a rule, 1-2 tablespoons are placed. After 5-6 hours the product is ready. Such honey should be sucked every 2-3 hours. The very next day you will feel a positive result.
  5. Recipe 5. If you are allergic to honey, you are well suited to the following remedy. To make it, cut a small, cleaned black radish into cubes. Put them in a saucepan and pour 2 tablespoons of granulated sugar. Bake the radish in the oven for 60 minutes. After that, wipe the resulting product through a sieve. Take ready-made mash for 2 teaspoons 5-6 times a day.
  6. Recipe 6. As a folk remedy, alcoholic tincture of eucalyptus, take 10-15 drops per 100 grams of water 2-3 times a day.
  7. Recipe 7. Mix 15 grams of dried fennel fruit, 20 grams of coltsfoot leaves, 25 g licorice root and 40 grams of althea root. Collect the collection, pour a glass of boiling water and insist in a tightly closed container for 2 hours. After that, strain it. Take medicinal tincture of 2 tablespoons 5-6 times a day. Such a preparation perfectly softens cough, alleviating the main symptoms of colds.

How and how to soften the throat with dry cough: drugs and folk remedies

Dry cough is one of the most common symptoms of upper respiratory tract diseases. But sometimes it can be caused by other reasons.

In any case, with a dry cough, the sore throat is irritated even more, the mucous membrane is injured, there is pain in the chest and hypochondrium.

You can soften the cough at home using folk recipes.

What is a cough

What is a coughUnderstanding the nature of the occurrence of cough, where it comes from and what is needed, it will be much easier to cope with it at home. At its core it is a protective reaction of the throat, bronchi and lungs.

When you cough, there is a sharp, spasm-like muscle contraction, the lungs then push the air out - a cough arises.

On the inner surface of the lungs there are receptors that react to stimuli and cause a cough reflex. Cough reflex is necessary, thanks to it foreign bodies, slime, dust, microorganisms are removed from the respiratory tract and they are cleaned.

But with a dry cough, sputum is very small, it is also called unproductive. Do not try to suppress cough, on the contrary, you need to stimulate the formation and departure of sputum in order to speed up recovery. If the dry cough is not treated, it will go to chronic.

And then already treatment at home with folk remedies will not be effective, more serious drugs will be needed and much more time to restore health.

Treatment at home with a dry cough

With a dry, non-productive cough for softening the throat at home, you can use these tools and methods:

  • Back and chest massage;
  • Steam inhalation with dry cough;
  • Medications;
  • Folk remedies.

Massage of the chest will be more effective if carried out using various flavors and ointments, which are easy to prepare yourself. For example, you can try this simple recipe:

  1. Take one medium sized bulb, peel it and chop it with a knife or a small grater.
  2. Obtained onion gruel in equal proportions to combine with goose fat.
  3. Rub a mixture of onions and fat in the neck and chest for the night, after which heat wrap your throat with a woolen scarf or handkerchief.
decoction of mother-and-stepmotherThis remedy almost never causes allergies and side effects, it can be used until the dry cough disappears completely. But it is worth remembering that the onion smell is very persistent - it can become an obstacle if the patient is forced to go to work. Although with a dry cough and cold, it is better to stay at home for a few days.

Also well calms the throat with a dry cough broth mother-and-stepmother. You can use this medicinal plant in both dry and fresh forms, stems, flowers and leaves are used. The recipe for cooking decoction from mother-and-stepmother to soften the throat is as follows:

  • Take a handful of chopped herbs;
  • Fold in a saucepan or enamelled saucepan;
  • Pour two glasses of hot water and bring to a boil;
  • Remove from heat and press under cover for one hour;
  • Strain, take one third of the glass three to four times a day.

The same broth can also be used for gargling or steam inhalations. To dry cough quickly moved to moist, folk medicine recommends a comprehensive treatment. First you should drink half a cup of warm nettle decoction. In half an hour, take the same decoction of licorice root or elecampane.

Before going to bed, you need to do inhalation using eucalyptus leaves or pine buds - these two medicinal plants very well remove the inflammation of the throat and promote liquefaction and sputum discharge. And at night rub it with ointment from goose fat and onion gruel.

If all these prescriptions are fulfilled exactly, it will be easier for the patient on the second day, and after a few days the dry cough will go to the wet one and sputum will begin to depart.

If the condition does not improve, you should consult a doctor and start a medication.

How to treat a wet cough at home

onion syrup.From wet cough, in contrast to dry, you need to get rid of - the faster will be withdrawn from the lungs and bronchial sputum, the sooner the patient will recover, as pathogens, pathogens, viruses or bacteria come out along with the mucus.

First of all, you need a copious drink. You should drink at least two liters a day of warm herbal tea from linden, mint, sage, broth of wild rose or ordinary tea with leaves of raspberries and strawberries. It is useful to drink currant from currants or cowberries, drink from lemon and honey.

Very good not only relieve cough, but also strengthen the immunity of hazelnuts and honey. But you need to know how to properly use them to get the most benefit. To do this, hazelnut is cleaned and pounded, then 50 gr. crushed nuts mixed with 100 gr. honey.

This medicine should be eaten in small portions throughout the day, washed down with warmed milk. Alkaline mineral water that can be added to milk will strengthen the healing effect of the drug.

It promotes the dilution and spillage of onion syrup. Prepare it this way:

  1. Two heads of onion peeled and finely chopped, folded into a glass jar.
  2. Fall asleep with the same amount of sugar.
  3. Cover and let it sit until the sugar is completely dissolved, and the onions will not let the juice go.
  4. Take onion syrup on one tablespoon 4-5 times a day. It usually takes 3-4 days to get rid of a cough.

With a moist cough, you can also do inhalation by adding soda, iodine, essential oils of conifers to the water.

What else do you need to know

Causes of CoughA dry, intractable cough can be provoked by external aggressive factors. It is indoor or outdoor dust, gassed air, evaporation of chemicals in the production, pollen of flowers and plants. Bad habits can also be the culprits of a dry cough.

Therefore, to soften the throat and quickly recover, it is not enough to use only medicines or medicines. At least for the duration of treatment should stop smoking, monitor the cleanliness of the house, regularly ventilate the room and do a wet cleaning.

Avoid staying in areas where the air is polluted, do not enter the smoky premises. And if the cause of dry cough is in allergies, it is necessary to establish an allergen-stimulus and eliminate it.

Some prefer to treat cough with traditional means, which were used even dozens of years ago - these are cans and mustards with a dry cough. Both procedures help to quickly eliminate the symptoms of sore throat and bronchi. But you need to be able to properly carry them out and not break the technology, otherwise you can burn the patient's skin.

In addition, both mustard plasters and banks should not be placed on the heart area. And if the patient has fever, such activities are strictly prohibited. It is better to drink milk with honey and soda, while honey should be eaten separately, and washed down with warm milk - so it stores more nutrients.

Another thing is to constantly dissolve the lozenges and lollipops from cough, which you can cook yourself from burnt sugar and decoction of medicinal herbs. How to cure a cough and soften it will tell Elena Malysheva in the video in this article.

How to quickly relieve dry cough?


Gulyaeva Maria

Onion milk: bring to a boil or almost to a boil 0.5 liters of milk, this time cut finely 1 medium onion. Put in milk and in the oven for 1.5 hours. The temperature is 150-200 degrees. Then take out, cool a little, filter. Onion, which will remain in the strainer, put in gauze and squeeze into the milk juice. That's all. You can put more honey - to taste! You can make 1 liter - 2 bulbs... In the oven, it's better to burn in a clay pea! The medicine is very good. She herself did a little daughter (2 years 3 months). Cough was in 4 days... but coughed, could not sleep at night. And without any medication. I gave before bedtime 200 ml before going to sleep - day and night. Another excellent cough remedy is radish with honey - the main thing is not on an empty stomach or you can dilute a little with water.
But a delicious recipe!
Take 2 bananas, cut, pour a liter of milk and fry in the oven for 2 hours. Take 6 times a day on a tablespoon. This remedy will help to get rid of a cough for bronchitis, colds or bronchial asthma. It is a good wrapping and expectorant.
Get well! I hope my advice will help you! (if that ask).

Olga Kazakevich

syrup of licorice, ATSTS, Ambraksol

™ Miracle ™

as much as possible to suck lollipops from coughs such as Strepsils, Travisil, etc.

Happy Mom

Syrup of licorice root. The pharmacy costs 20 rubles. 1 teaspoon to dissolve on third of a glass of water. To give to drink on 1 teaspoon to the child till a year, from a year - on 2 after meal.


At the lecture, at the lesson chew gum with peppermint, immediately relief. But this is not a cure.


Cough dry, obtrusive, painful, painful, the child is disturbed by sleep and appetite. - Antitussive medicines (Sinekod, Libeksin, Broncholitin (for children over 3 years old), Stoptussin).
Cough with thick, viscous, poorly expectorated sputum - Mucolytic drugs (ATSTS) and mucolytic drugs with expectorant effect (Bromhexin, Bronhosan, Ambroxol, Ambrobene, Ambroghexal, Lazolvan, Khaliksol, Medox, Fljuditek) preparations based on plant extracts (Prospan, Herbion syrup primrose). Cough is unproductive, but not intrusive and does not disturb the sleep and appetite of children - Expectorants (Dr. Mom, Altey, Mukaltin, Licorice, Pertussin, Suprima-bronho).

Lena Evsyukova

Try Prospan, it relieves spasm of the bronchi and trachea, facilitates coughing, dilutes sputum. when the cough becomes damp (days after 5), start taking ACC also for 5 days without canceling Proscan, the dosage depends on the child's age (see the insert). If there is a runny nose in the pharmacy Protargol (3-4 p / d), and for the throat, Sebidine or Aerosol Oracept is also 3-4 r / d.

KRISTINA Yanovskaya

Inhalation for 15 minutes 3 times a day until relief (sage, eucalyptus, with mineral water and soda), milk is warm 1 glass + soda at the tip = knife at night

karolina plavina

I did not believe it until I tried it (ACTS, Ambroxol, mucaltin did not help). She took a black radish, cut out the middle and filled the hole with honey. She closed it with a film. After three hours or four, the resulting juice was given to the son on a tablespoon once every 3 hours. When the juice was coming to an end, she added honey. On the 2nd day the cough became productive (wet), the 4th passed.

Ksyu Grabina

I'm always cared for from a cough. It facilitates coughing, transfers dry cough to wet. Before going to bed, you can put more mustard and a glass of warm milk with butter and honey.

How to relieve night cough / How to calm night cough

Cough is a protective reaction by which the body tries to remove dust, mucus and other foreign bodies from the respiratory tract. A variety of diseases, such as bronchitis, laryngitis, tracheitis, etc. accompanied by a cough that usually becomes stronger at night. This is due to the difficult withdrawal of mucus from the body in a supine position. Attacks of a night suffocating cough are a content unpleasant phenomenon, which must be combated. How to calm a night cough, read further in the article.

How to relieve night cough by traditional means?

1. If a night cough is caused by swelling of the respiratory tract or allergic reactions, then before going to bed should take an antihistamine a drug, for example, "Loratadin", "Tavegil" or "Suprastin", which will prevent spasms and relieve swelling. Before you start taking it, you should consult a doctor who will prescribe you a regimen and a daily dose.

2. To calm a night dry cough, you need to start taking expectorants, which you should appoint a doctor.

3. Herbal preparation "Mukaltin" can help an adult to calm a night cough. It is necessary to dissolve 3-4 tablets in one glass of warm boiled water and drink this solution during the day.

4. If the cause of dry cough at night is excessive dryness of air, then at night in the bedroom you should use a special humidifier. In addition, the bedroom must necessarily, as often as possible, air and vacuum, so that the dust does not provoke night coughing attacks, and the air was as fresh as possible.

How to relieve night cough with traditional medicine?

1. Relieve the night cough can be stopped in the following way. Add one teaspoon of butter to a glass of milk, boil the mixture. Then add a small pinch of soda into it. After you drink this remedy hot, you will sleep peacefully. If a strong fit of coughing does not give you an opportunity to boil the milk, drink, at least warm water - any warm liquid can soothe for the time a night cough. Using a lot of fluid, you provide an easier exit of sputum from the body. As drinks you can use tea with currants, lemon, raspberries, honey, breast picks.

2. A useful remedy to soothe night cough is the decoction of pine needles. Do inhalation from this decoction or just put it near the bed. Inhaling a pair of pine needles relieves respiratory tract spasms.

3. A good expectorant effect to relieve night cough, have the following herbs: licorice, mother-and-stepmother, elecampane, Ledum. Please note, with expectorant infusions should not simultaneously take antitussive.

4. Relieve the pain in the throat can be with warm vegetable oil. Take a little oil in the mouth, hold it a little and gradually swallow.

5. From dry night cough and perspiration in the throat can be got rid of by rinsing sodo-salt solution with a drop of iodine, and also, infusions of sage, chamomile and oak bark.

Thus, if your child or you are constantly disturbed by coughing attacks at night, you should urgently consult a doctor. Coughing is not a disease in itself, but, it can be evidence of any bacterial or viral infection, laryngitis, bronchitis, violations of the normal functioning of the organs of the gastrointestinal tract and the mass of other diseases. Only an experienced specialist can correctly diagnose a possible disease and prescribe a competent treatment. Coughing attacks, of course, can be alleviated and stopped by various folk methods, but self-medication is not recommended.

Why there is a night cough?

Basically, night cough manifests itself almost at the very beginning of the common cold, initially coughing attacks at night are dry and only later, gradually the cough becomes moist. In general, get rid of dry cough is not always, because bacteria are very irritating to the throat, thereby provoking new attacks. Now let's figure out how to calm a night cough.

Usually, a dry night cough is characteristic only in the first days of the disease, at this time sputum is still coming and nothing clears up. It is because of this that the patient is so hard to get enough sleep and has a very severe headache in the morning. To get rid of dry cough, you can use various procedures that effectively moisturize the respiratory tract. You can resort to folk remedies and methods for treating dry cough, and you can use the pharmacy medications that your doctor will tell you.

How to calm a night cough - proven ways

1. How to calm night cough, if you just get sick, and cough while dry, and accordingly a coughing effect for the present is not present, it is necessary to accept preparations in which codeine is contained. This drug successfully coughs, but it can not be used for more than three days. Therefore, before using this tool, it is best to consult your physician. If you find any side effects, then the medication should be stopped immediately so that your general condition does not worsen, and an even more violent allergic reaction does not develop.

2. The safest way to relieve night cough is by inhalation with steam. To do this, you need to boil one liter of water, add a teaspoon of baking soda. Inhalation occurs in this way, take a container, lean over it, cover the head with a towel and breathe fumes, after the procedure should immediately go to bed. Why soda, first, it softens the mucous membrane, and effectively eliminates pathogenic bacteria. Inhalation is recommended to be performed regularly, best every day 3 or 4 times. You can use essential oils instead of soda, for example, fir, useful tea tree oil.

3. To calm night cough, you can take special expectorant drugs, or make broths from herbs. Very effectively helps the broth from the wild rosemary or from thyme. To make it you will need to boil water and brew 2 tablespoons of the herb in a glass. Take a decoction of 50 ml three times a day. With such a decoction you can cure a dry cough in almost one or several days.

4. To relieve night cough, it is recommended to buy in the drugstore peppermint or other cough drops. They should be absorbed before bedtime, with the help of candies you can soften the mucous throat. And another sudden night attack of a dry cough will be easier. Usually in the pharmacy you can buy pastilles to choose from, with different tastes, different costs, there are quite a lot of them and you can choose from what. Some pastilles in the composition have a decoction of medicinal herbs and essential oils. Such pastilles produce a lot of brands, so you should ask the pharmacist questions, which will tell you on their account. The most common side effects when taking such pastilles are absent, the maximum you can come across with is allergic reactions to individual components.

5. Another way to relieve the attack of a night cough is to dissolve a teaspoon of honey in a cup of warm milk. It is also recommended to add a pinch of soda, stir and slowly drink milk, then immediately lie down to rest.

Chronical bronchitis. Cough just horror. Advise how to soften the cough.


Natalia Nosova

From the fact that there is a syrup: Gerbions, Doctors of the Theissa are good syrups (Plantain), Plantain with Mother-and-stepmother, Sinekod.
Grasses to brew: Алтей, Licorice, Mother-and-stepmother, Devjasil.
This I tell you and as a physician, and as a personal experience, my mother as a child from asthma can be said to have saved herbs, there was strong bronchitis, then look asthma.


I know that before going to bed, hot cocoa on milk should be drunk to sleep. While all ((((

[email protected]

in the healing cave

Alain Gleykin

syrup of licorice root, radish with honey, lime color infusion


mustard before bed and rubbing alcohol. then tightly wrapped. Most likely bronchitis will have to be treated for a long time If antibiotics will be given Still milk with a raw egg is good Still a glass for the night

Marina Zaluzhskaya

I would have drenched antibiotics, and then folk remedies. Radish with honey. And you need to breathe a shallow method Buteyko to master.


Ambulance - melt the sugar, pour into the spoons oiled and in cold water by the bottom, until it freezes. sugar to be dark brown, suck like candy. To drink it is not necessary.
Collection: mother and stepmother, yarrow, cowberry, chamomile - mix on a tablespoon, take from this collection 1 table. spoon, brew on a glass of boiling water, after 30 minutes you can drink, 1/4 cup 4 times a day. Before meals or after the value does not matter.


1 tablespoon of honey, 1 tablespoon pharmacy 10% tincture of propolis, 1 tablespoon of aloe juice (you can buy at the pharmacy), mix and drink throughout the day for 1 teaspoon every hour.
, the disease process can be stopped by a course of oil inhalations: once a day for 10 minutes for 7-10 days. It is most effective to use sea-buckthorn, dog-rose, olive, almond, anise, eucalyptus, camphor oil. They cover the mucous membrane of the respiratory tract with a thin layer, relieve the feeling of dryness, restore the voice.

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