HIV anonymously, free of charge: where you can donate blood for analysis-test

Probably, now, any person has to undergo an HIV test( AIDS).This examination is mandatory in pregnancy, in preparation for surgery and hospitalization. It is desirable to have an HIV test with accidental sexual contact.

The information in this article, where you can take HIV tests anonymously and for free, will not be superfluous. HIV testing can be of two types: anonymous and confidential. In anonymous testing, you do not inform anyone about yourself about the data, and when confidential, tell your name, patronymic and surname( plus give contact details) when you pass the analysis in a medical organization.

Medical workers, regardless of the result of the analysis and test, are required to keep medical confidentiality.


Possibility of anonymous examination

For citizens of the Russian Federation, there is the possibility of anonymous testing for HIV( AIDS).Any person has the right to receive a doctor's consultation before taking the test and after receiving the result, if a person needs treatment.

You can get a free check-up at health facilities and AIDS Centers. Find out the address and contact information of the nearest emergency room and a survey where you can take HIV tests for free, you can on the Internet or call the hotline.

The Russian Federation has a program to combat AIDS, because this incurable disease poses a threat to public health in Russia. Regardless of where the material will be taken for analysis, in a public or private blade, there are several methods for conducting the study.

Two options for taking HIV tests:

  1. In a laboratory, donate blood from a vein for analysis. It can be reliable when at least three to four weeks have elapsed from the moment of infection. The result of the analysis will be ready within two to ten working days. Here, in a laboratory study, a PCR method is used that can detect the virus itself or by an enzyme immunoassay that shows the presence of antibodies to HIV in the blood.
  2. Just buy a rapid test in the pharmacy, for which you need blood sampling from your finger. You will receive the answer in a few minutes, but from the moment of infection it should take at least ten to twelve weeks!(three months).

Which option to choose is up to you, but remember that there are clinics where you can take HIV tests for free, plus - get qualified help and support, in cases of positive result. In other cases - a negative result is also informative, if, of course, there were no more casual sex connections and enough time passed after the probable possibility of infection. Keep in mind that the human immunodeficiency virus has a certain incubation period.

Remember that HIV infection is not determined by the presence or absence of symptoms. It is the blood test that can reliably confirm or deny the presence of the virus in the body.

When to take an HIV test, it depends on the method used to study the biological material. When diagnosing HIV infection, hepatitis, most venereal diseases( syphilis and chlamydia), studies are conducted no earlier than three to four weeks after possible infection. Earlier this period, a negative result may not be reliable. And before passing the tests, you need to know how to prepare for them.

Hunters deliver blood on an empty stomach( do not eat, do not drink( except clean water) for at least 8 hours), in order to achieve the most accurate result. How much time do the HIV test, depends on the laboratory. Typically, the time ranges from one day to two weeks.

Where you can anonymously donate blood for HIV

In the Russian Federation, anonymous blood can be donated to HIV in a hospital, in the AIDS center. For citizens, the analysis is free and confidential. It is possible to conduct it completely anonymously. In these cases, a person is "encrypted", assigned a number to him, he does not report any data about himself.

When for any reason you can not go to a medical institution for testing, you can buy a test for self-testing at home. This happens when people are very busy or afraid to go to the clinic. The result of this kind of research does not need to wait a few days, it's convenient, and do not be afraid of information leakage.

If you decide to do your own HIV testing at home, buy a test at a pharmacy or order online at the nearest retailer. This is the easiest way to anonymously donate blood for HIV.This method of research has some advantages in the form of some money saving, complete anonymity and speed. The accuracy of the home test for HIV is about 99.6%.

What is included in the rapid HIV test kit?

In the instructions for use, everything is detailed, the procedure for carrying out the rapid test does not require special skills and additional equipment.

The contents of the package with the test before use should be at room temperature.

Conducting the test at home

  1. The test strip is removed immediately before use and placed on a flat and clean surface.
  2. Next, take biomaterial and apply a small amount of it to a special membrane or container.
  3. The test can show one violet strip( negative result) and two strips if antibodies to HIV are detected.

Keep in mind: if the result of anonymous blood donation is positive, consult a doctor.

The evaluation and interpretation of the results obtained in the laboratory is performed by a physician. The results of an anonymous free HIV test can be positive, negative or questionable if there are markers of the virus. After a certain period of time, the tests must be retaken. If a negative indicator is obtained, whether it can be trusted, depends on the anticipated period of possible infection. With a positive result, always - a doctor's consultation is mandatory.

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Where can I take an HIV test anonymously and free of charge on the territory of the Volgograd region

for an HIV test. Here are the addresses of the anonymous HIV testing offices in Volgograd and the Volgograd region: name, address, working hours andcontact phone number where you can call to clarify the information.

"Volgograd Regional Center for the Prevention and Control of AIDS and Infectious Diseases" Volgograd:

  • Address: 400040, Volgograd, Krasnooktyabrsky District, ul. Bazhova, 2.
  • Working hours: from 8.00 to 18.00.
  • Contact phone:( 8442) 72-38-45.

Volgograd Regional Clinical Skin and Venereal Dispensary: ​​

  • Address: 400064, Volgograd, Krasnooktyabrsky District, ul.them. Marshal Eremenko, house 70.
  • Working hours: from 8.00 to 19.00.
  • Phone for contacts:( 8442) 73-23-77.

Volzhsky branch of the Leningrad Regional Clinical Hospital "Volgograd Regional Clinical Skin and Venereal Dispensary":

  • Address: 404130, Volgograd Region, Volzhsky, ul. Moscow, house 8.
  • Working hours: from 8.00 to 15.00.
  • Contact phone:( 8443) 41-21-71.

Trakttorozavodsky branch of the Regional Clinical Hospital "Volgograd Regional Clinical Dermatovenerologic Dispensary":

  • Address: 400065, Volgograd, Tractorozavodskiy reg., Ul.Обливская, дом 5.
  • Working hours: from 8.00 to 19.30.
  • Phone for contacts:( 8442) 71-49-22.

The Soviet branch of the Volgograd Regional Clinical Dermatological and Venereological Dispensary: ​​

  1. Address: 400002, Volgograd, Sovetskiy reg., Ul. Novosibirsk, house 71.
  2. Working hours: from 8.00 to 14.00.
  3. Contact phone:( 8442) 47-82-49.

Central Department of the Soviet Branch of the Volgograd Regional Clinical Dermatological and Clinical Dispensary: ​​

  1. Address: 400005, Volgograd, them. VI Lenin, house 45.
  2. Working hours: from 8.00 to 14.00.
  3. Phone for contacts:( 8442) 23-12-10.

Krasnoarmeysky branch of the Leningrad Regional Clinical Hospital "Volgograd Regional Clinical Dermatological and Venereological Dispensary":

  • Address: Volgograd, Krasnoarmeysky reg., Ul. Arsenyev, house 10.
  • Working hours: from 8.00 to 19.00.
  • Contact phone:( 8442) 67-04-00.

Kamyshinsky branch of the Regional Clinical Hospital "Volgograd Regional Clinical Dermatological and Venereological Dispensary":

  • Address: 403886, Volgograd Region, Kamyshin, 6 md., Building 13.
  • Working hours: from 8.00 to 15.00.
  • Phone for contacts:( 84457) 2-73-66.

State Institution "Consultative and diagnostic polyclinic №2":

  • Address: 400007, Volgograd, Metallurgov Ave. 26a.
  • Working hours: from 8.00 to 15.00.
  • Contact phone:( 8442) 73-13-93.

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