How to get rid of stuttering problems - effective ways

Stuttering (logoneurosis) - violation of the speech act, which consists in the repetition of sounds, syllables, words. The smoothness, the rate of speech is distorted, the person is forced to pause in conversation. In parallel, there is a marked general tension, stiffness, fear of speaking. All these signs in most cases lead to psychological problems (social phobia, self-isolation). How to get rid of stuttering, consider in more detail.

  • Causes of stuttering
  • Types of stuttering
  • Which doctor will help
  • How to cure stuttering at home
  • Therapy with folk remedies
  • Medication and methods
  • Preventive measures
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Causes of stuttering

The exact etiology is not known. Stuttering is characterized by a combination of genetic and neurological disorders:

  1. Convulsive readiness of speech centers in the brain.
  2. Violation of speech in adenoids, which interfere with adequate nasal breathing, the brain experiences oxygen starvation. Speech centers suffer.
  3. Excessively emotional type of people (embarrassment, shyness, fear of speaking in public), which everyone misses through themselves. Excitement triggers a spasm of the speech apparatus.
  4. Postponed a strong fright or psychological trauma.
  5. A consequence of chronic stress.
  6. Contusions, concussion, concussion of the brain.
  7. Violation of the development of speech (acceleration or deceleration). Observed in children, when the speech apparatus does not manage to provide a rapid flow of verbal formation ("lexical explosion"). Characteristic for a child of 3 years old, who for a long time was silent and for the first time began to speak.
  8. Unfavorable atmosphere in the family (scandals, screams, fights).
  9. Diseases of the nervous system (encephalitis, cerebral palsy, meningitis).
  10. Imitation of a stuttering member of the family.

Types of stuttering

There are such types of disease:

  1. Clonic is the repetition of sounds, syllables, words ("s-s-s-s-s-s-s-s-c-obaika", "ma-ma-ma-ma-bus").
  2. Tonic - sounds, syllables, words are stretched ("l...... anastik", "x...... leb").
  3. Mixed.
  4. Neuro-like. There is an organic change in the central nervous system. Children lag behind in physical and mental development.
  5. Neurotic. Occurs with a healthy nervous system. Appears during a stressful situation, fright. In a calm environment, there are no symptoms of stuttering. With this type of people have a strong fear of performance, excessive tension.

Stammering is often accompanied by grimaces due to spasm of facial muscles, nervous tic - these are the protective mechanisms by which a person tries to quickly overcome the stumbling block.

Which doctor will help

The disease is treated with the participation of several specialists:

  1. Neurologist. Assesses the state of the nervous system and appoints the appropriate remedy (soothing, nootropics).
  2. Psychotherapist. Will help to track the moment of violation of the speech act, cope with the excitement. This specialist has hypnosis, which is an effective method of treating stuttering.
  3. Speech therapist. Teaches you to speak correctly, without hesitation, keeping the right tempo and fluency of pronunciation.
  4. The doctor-reflexotherapist. Manual therapy with acupuncture.

How to cure stuttering at home

Stuttering is a neurosis, so the methods of treatment will be aimed at relaxing the nervous system, strengthening the psyche. Can I stop learning once and for all? From a strong logoneurosis help to get rid of doctors - a neurologist, speech therapist, psychologist, psychiatrist.

Therapy with folk remedies

These recipes are used as an additional method of exposure:

  1. Apply phytotherapy. Herbal preparations usually include lemon balm, peppermint, white ash, calendula, chamomile. Prepare broths or tinctures, which are used twice a day. The course is about a month.
  2. Aromatherapy. They use oils of lavender, orange, melissa, patchouli, bergamot, valerian. Apply when taking a bath, you can add to the aroma lamp, into the massage cream.

Folk remedies have a calming effect on the nervous system. Fighting stuttering at home is possible with the help of other methods.

At home, you can conduct such manipulations:

  1. Singing. It is a very effective way to improve your speech. During singing, stuttering is excluded. You can take this trick on the armament and try to speak in a sing-song manner.
  2. Breathing exercises. Very popular methods Strelnikova. Exercises are available to the child and adult. They promote better coordination of breathing, relaxation of the diaphragm. Calm breathing is a necessary condition for fluent speech.
  3. A pause in communication. It is necessary to stop communicating with other people for a while by oral speech, replacing it with a written one. In the process of writing there is no hesitation, mentally speaking words and sentences. The method teaches you how to express your thoughts clearly.
  4. Do not get ahead of events. Modern parents want to grow up a child prodigy, load it with a stream of information. They want the child to know several languages, teach poetry, and attend several developmental sections. To cope with such volume the growing organism is not always capable. It is necessary to take a break for rest.
  5. Full rest. If possible, you can change the situation and go on a trip. Very relaxing activities: yoga, swimming, massage, meditation, walking outdoors.
  6. Exercises for the language. It is the main speech muscle. There are many exercises for all groups of muscles in the tongue. Very useful tongue twisters.

Medication and methods

Medicines can be prescribed only by a doctor. Use drugs of two groups - tranquilizers and anticonvulsants. A clear representative in the treatment of stuttering is Phenibut. Tablets contribute to reducing or disappearing feelings of anxiety, fear, tension, normalize sleep.

Methods of treatment of stuttering:

  1. The program of the three-day sickness disposal by the Snezhko method, which is based on the belief that speech is a skill, is not treated, but is being developed. In the treatment program there is a complex of special training of speech.
  2. What is the Malcom Fraser method? The program is designed so that a person can independently adjust his speech. A set of special exercises is presented that justified their effectiveness and helped many people recover from stuttering.
  3. Mobile applications. For example, "Voice fixer". Helps slow the speech of the stutterer and become more understandable for others. Gradually the person gets used to a new tempo and speaks better. Represents a psychological phenomenon.

Everyone who suffers from stuttering, in the process of life, devises his means of combating pathology. For example, clenching a fist in your pocket. Muscular contraction distracts from the agitation and spasm of the speech apparatus. Someone sorts the rosary or any other small object. Dale Carnegie came up with a great way to tighten his toes in boots. Some people feel comfortable folding a paper sheet.

Preventive measures

It is necessary to observe the child's speech development. At the slightest distortions in the pronunciation of words, violation of the pace of speech, stretching phrases, pauses during a conversation, you need to contact a speech therapist. It is necessary to find out, whether the pathology arises only at excitement. Assisting a specialist in the early stages of the disease will help the child prevent difficulties in communication. The adolescent is more difficult to cope with stuttering, because children at pubertal age often experience excitement and suffer from neuroses.

The best prevention is the prevention of the logoneurosis. It is necessary to create favorable conditions for the development of the child, to ennoble the climate of the family with tranquility and love. A very important role is played by parents and their relationships.

  1. It is necessary to protect the child from an overabundance of information in the form of television, gadgets, computer games.
  2. It is necessary to ensure the correct mode of work and rest. The child should sleep 8-9 hours.
  3. Organize a full-fledged diet with enough vitamins and minerals.
  4. It is very useful to sing and listen to good songs.
  5. Recommended quiet games, reading books with a good storyline, walking in the fresh air.

The correct development of the child's speech is based on:

  • widening of horizons, formation of knowledge about objects, their properties, studying the phenomena of nature and their analysis;
  • teaching a measured pace of speech, for this you should listen carefully to the child so that he does not hurry to share his experiences and thoughts;
  • correct pronunciation of words, you need to correct it, do not overload with unnecessary information.

The main problem of stuttering - after recovery symptoms of the disease may again appear. Do not focus on it. People who have got rid of stuttering, will cope with it again.

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