Is it possible to walk in ARVI?

With ARVI, you can walk?



doctors are allowed, but I do not mind walking at the beginning of the illness, only getting worse


if there is no temperature and wind on the street, it is even necessary.

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we are walking. only I do not really let him jump.
At home he does not sit, and the air is needed

irina irina

As Dr. Komarovsky says, "There are no such diseases, because of which it is necessary to deprive the child of fresh air")))))

Olga Bravina

I was walking with my daughter at the end of the illness, when there was no temperature and when it was hot in the street!! but now we have a cool and there is a temperature of 37.1 - sometimes rises - while we are at home! And if there is no temperature, then you can walk - the doctor's friend said))

Baranchuk Ivan

It is necessary if there is strength and desire, and it depends a lot on the weather.


If there is no temperature and a cough, the doctor in good weather allows us to walk.

Do I have to walk during ARVI?


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I asked this question in my time to my Pediatrician.. .
The answer was the following - if a child has a bad cold, then walking is not recommended, because slime, draining on the back wall of the nasopharynx, cools it... nasopharynx... and you can only complicate the situation.. .
About walking at a high temperature and a strong cough does not speak.
I always try to ensure that the child is already in a fairly healthy state... and then - to walk... .
After all, going out into the street is not completely recovered, you can again be off for an indefinite time... But this will be even more offensive! !
Health to you!

Patri Key

It is possible, but it is not necessary.

Abakum Kravets

despite how many years. If there is no temperature, of course. They say that without t-r even walking with pneumonia. BUT! I myself did not drive, och. I'm afraid.

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Let in general do not come home until the evening and will replace ORVI in ORZ))))))

Anna Ilyina

If there is no temperature, the doctors even recommend half an hour walks for all growth in the street.

Not an angel

It is possible, but not desirable


Well, half an hour still did not harm anyone)


for the good weather in the sun


No temperature, you can, but not for long!

Korolev Alexander

If there is no temperature, then you need to go out into the fresh air. The truth also depends on the temperature on the street.


In no case is it a viral disease. which can easily be complicated by any bacterial infection!! ! Perhaps only airing the room, but not in the presence of the child, the bath is also contraindicated-only hot leg, ARVI not so long and lasts-on average 5 days, so be patient and speedy recovery!))))

Ruslan Yakupov

Walking is not necessary, and a walk of 10-15 minutes will not even hurt and will be beneficial ...

Natalia M

"as in school, so we are more, but how to walk, then all at once all are healthy. "
if the baby is small, you can just ventilate the room


even necessary. the child needs fresh air.


Also it is necessary. ARVI is a disease of weak respiratory organs, stuffy rooms, stale air. It is obligatory to walk. After all, there is no bad weather - there are bad clothes: not for the weather, not for the season, etc. And the fresh air will only be healthier. The task is not to cool down, dress well. And that's all.

Vladimir Koshkin

It all depends on the objective state of the child! If, there are symptoms of intoxication-temperature, chills, sweating, weakness, poor sleep and appetite, it is better with walks to wait, but if these symptoms are minimal - gradually increasing the time, walk, just look at the weather.

sUnset man

You can with a mask gauze, but not for long.

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walking in ARVI vprintsipe possible, only then there can be a real complication. with the correct preparation for a walk in the street you can visit but not more than 10-15 minutes.


You can walk... but not for long.. .
And sometimes a wedge-wedge is knocked out ..


Of course you need... .
the truth is not long and wear it warmer
let them breathe fresh air.


It is possible, but warmly dressed and not long ...

Is it possible to walk in ARVI?





You can walk no more than 1 hour. Wear a mask or cover your mouth when you cough and sneeze.

valerafromsplus valerafromsplus

It is not possible, but necessary. Only warmly dress.


If the temperature is or cold, then no. And in the daytime, when the air can get warm.


It is impossible at all

Natasha Platonova))))

in principle, it's up to you, if the temperature is high, then no

ღ Diana Magleli ღ

You think? for going to the store you cough and 30 people will get infected, so the epidemics begin.


Only if there is no temperature! I went sideways with a disease on my legs suffered from fever, there were complications, I never thought that it was serious, but it turned out differently.. do not risk health! a couple of three days at home to endure nothing is worth ....


at a virus infection it is impossible, you infect all (

valja titova

All your life - walk up yet. Cold: Mefenamic acid-2 tabl right at night, and 1tabl morning = everything! Soar your feet. To drink hot milk + oil sl + honey. Breathe "potatoes in a uniform" - boil, drain and breathe water, covering the head with a blanket over the potatoes. Be healthy!

At the child ORVI, whether it is possible to go with it or him?? How many??


Just Svetl @ n @

With a cough and runny nose you can walk. I walked when, after the temperature, a couple of days passed, and if it was not, a couple of days after the onset of symptoms and at first not for long. For treatment of a cough, walks are even useful, because the air in the street is more humid than at home. And when walking with a cold the nose should not be laid, so that the mouth does not breathe. But with a sore throat I would not have led. Well, depends on the weather conditions, too. Walk in the windless weather without precipitation.

Tatyana Ivanova

You can if you want complications. walk after the throat and runny nose will pass and cough at least become mild


It's better to stay at home with your child - until you get medical treatment.
Just often ventilate the room, well, make sure that the child does not freeze.

Whether it is possible to walk with the child if at it or him ORVI, rate. 3, , and on the street +23 gr.?



No, of course, until the temperature subsides

caterina rex

when the child has a temperature, it is strictly forbidden to walk

Yulia Timoshenko

No. It is better to observe the home mode. Even a small temperature is a burden on the body, do not make any complications. It is better to suffer a few days.


If the child feels well enough, there is no weakness, etc. and you will not walk in a crowded place, you can! Even useful - after all, how - fresh air. Our family doctor always says so.

Lusine Manukyan

naturally is not.


Of course you can... at home at elevated temperatures recommended bed rest!


if only away from drafts, other children and direct sunlight


And how much baby? If you can and need it in the wheelchair, it's easier to carry the temperature in the fresh air. I was with my when I was in a wheelchair and walked at the same time. Excellent sleeping in the air. And if the child is already walking, then it is better not to.


No you can not. Even a small breeze can provoke a complication, and it is not necessary to infect others.


we always walk! Fresh air is the best medicine.


Far from other children you can not infect.
And so on the self-awareness of the child. I would not go for a walk with a fevery child ...


Well, if there's no wind, you can sit for half an hour on the street. Although it depends on age, if it's small, then it's okay if he sleeps on the air, and if he walks, it's not worth it

malinina katya

until the temperature can not be kept, as the temperature can pass, even with the nozzles and cough, but not in the windy weather ...


You can walk with the child, only you need to isolate it from other children

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