Treatment of mixed astigmatism, symptoms and causes of the disease

Astigmatism is an ophthalmic disease, which is the inability to focus vision due to the curvature of the cornea of ​​the eye. Most often, such an ailment is transmitted genetically. One of the most serious types of the disease is mixed astigmatism, what kind of ailment is this? People who suffer from astigmatism do not see clearly the subject from a distance, or near. Therefore, it is also called mixed myopic astigmatism, because it is accompanied by myopia.

  • Symptoms of the disease
  • Mixed astigmatism in children
  • Mixed astigmatism and army
  • Treatment of eyes
  • Charge for the eyes
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Symptoms of the disease

Poor vision is not always accompanied by astigmatism. Occurrence of such signs can give suspicion on the given illness:

  • sharp decrease in visual acuity;
  • fast eye fatigue;
  • frequent headaches;
  • visibility of distortion of objects;
  • objects do not look clearly from afar, but also near;
  • difficulty in determining distance;
  • distortion of the size of objects.

It is important to know!If you experience at least one of these symptoms, you should consult a specialist!

Mixed astigmatism in children

This ailment in a child appears only because of a genetic predisposition. This means that one of the relatives suffers from this disease. This disease can occur even in an infant.

There are 2 types of disease in children:

  1. Mixed astigmatism of both eyes. It is characterized by an uneven deformation of both lenses.
  2. Amblyopia. It is a situation where one eye is not involved in the functioning of vision.

Read it!Details about what is astigmatism in children.

At an early age, the disease is often combined with strabismus, which adversely affects the development of the child and its adaptation in the team. There is a disruption in the normal operation of the visual cells. Therefore, it is very important to identify the pathology of the child as soon as possible in order to begin treatment.

Important to remember!If at least one of the parents has this pathology, the child after birth is required to undergo a survey! The earlier the disease is detected, the less the risk of complications.

Mixed astigmatism and army

Many young people at the age of conscience are concerned about the question: are they taking mixed astigmatism in the army? Some eye problems are not always a guarantee that a young man is not fit for military service. To begin with it is necessary to enter the name to the doctor - to the ophthalmologist. He must do a detailed examination and measure the optical power of the eyes. If there are any deviations, the potential conscript is sent to the expanded medical commission, where the final decision is made.

In the survey results, the refractive index plays a conclusive role. If it exceeds 6.0, then the service in the army is contraindicated. When this figure is at least 0.1 less, the recruit gets a military ticket.

Treatment of eyes

The most effective type of treatment for mixed astigmatism is surgery. The only drawback is that you can intervene in this way only after reaching the age of 18. At this age, the person has fully formed the apparatus of vision.

Important!We have already written about the treatment of astigmatism in our article.

There are 2 methods of surgical intervention:

  1. Keratomy. It is the creation of incisions on the cornea of ​​the eye, which removes the curvature and leads the vision into a normal state. The disadvantage of this procedure is a long-term recovery after it is carried out. And also painful sensations for a certain period.
  2. Laser correction. The most modern way to bring the vision to a normal state. The essence is to remove the outer layer of the cornea and restore the correctness of its surface for correct focusing. The operation is expensive, but the restoration of vision comes in a very short time and pain during the intervention is not felt.

As for patients under the age of 18, their treatment consists in wearing special glasses. They combine cylindrical and spherical glasses, which corrects the difference in optical power. For this, contact lenses are also used. The disadvantage of this method of treatment is the underdevelopment of lateral vision.

Important to remember!In time, the discovered disease and its rapid treatment will save you from possible unpleasant consequences!

Charge for the eyes

A very important point in the fight against mixed astigmatism is the fulfillment of charging for the eyes. They help to relieve eye strain and help to improve vision in the early stages of the disease. Examples of such trainings:

  1. It is necessary to do circular movements in different directions, then to the right - to the left and upwards - downwards. These manipulations are slow.
  2. Raise your eyes up as far as possible. Stay in this position for about 10 seconds. In the same way, look down. It helps to stretch the muscles of the eyes.
  3. Exercise is required near the window. The bottom line is to look closely at objects that are close, and then to those that are far away. Watch is required slowly and in turn.
  4. With the help of pads of the fingers to do massage movements on the closed eyes. Then open them and blink intensively.

These exercises can be done as prevention of astigmatism, as well as with a genetic predisposition to this disease. It should be understood that a high degree of development of mixed astigmatism can lead to severe vision loss and strabismus. Therefore, each person's task is to prevent the visual apparatus as much as possible. Appeal to the oculist or ophthalmologist at the slightest deviation from the norm should be mandatory.

A good prevention of this eye disease is eating foods that contribute to the normal operation of the visual apparatus. It is necessary to include daily in your diet vegetable juices. Especially useful are spinach, carrot and cucumber juices. It will also be useful to use various herbal infusions. Fresh green must be in the dishes. Observe this diet is also useful during the treatment period.

It should be responsible for treating the disease, because the consequences of mixed astigmatism can lead to a strong loss of vision.