Benefits and harm of radishes for the health of men, women and pregnancy

Radish is the first product that we manage to try right from the bed, because it ripens much earlier than other root crops.

Radish aroma is always associated with the spring, its pleasant acute taste, it miraculously shades any salad or okroshka, makes the dishes fresh and bright.

In addition to taste and beautiful pink peel, radish is loved for its useful, healing qualities of tops and root crops.

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The hero of the beloved old movie "Gentlemen of Fortune", "Associate Professor", once said that a radish is a bad person.

Most likely, he meant her ability to slightly bitter in the language, because, fortunately, nothing more can be found in her, and bitterness itself is exactly what the fruits love and appreciate.

A good ripe root crop grown in the right conditions has so many useful properties that it is unlikely that we will be able to list them all, but for your sake we will try to do it.

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Do you remember your summer holidays in the village?

Our grandmothers have always tried to feed us all useful and tasty, so we know from the very childhood that there are a lot of vitamins in the radish and that a few fruits replace the portion of ascorbic.

And, although ascorbic drinks have always been the most favorite tablets in children, radish is not the worst alternative, because it is delicious, juicy, pleasantly crunches and suitable for a simple daytime snack.

This root crop has a very low calorie content - a find for girls who want to lose weight quickly and tasty( 10 simple exercises for weight loss, yoga at home for beginners), especially as radish is growing, just in the bathing season.

It helps to break down fats, sets the metabolism necessary for this time of year, reduces the appetite( about the herbs that reduce appetite and weight is written here), despite the fact that such vegetables, with peppercorn, usually, on the contrary, cause a desire to eat tightly, it brings eatersenjoy your stunning taste.

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Everyone is interested in why the radish has such an interesting sharp taste. The secret lies in the special mustard oils that make up the vegetable. In addition to radish, these oils are found in radish, turnips, onions and garlic, which are often used to get rid of parasites( written in this article).

This fruit contains a large amount of protein, fiber, fat and a large variety of vitamins, the main ones of which are found in eggplant, squash and tomatoes.

So, while your favorite tomatoes will only try to be born, the radish will already be on our table, and will be no less useful and tasty. Most of all in this vegetable is vitamin C, B1 and B2.

Substances that are contained in the radish: potassium, sodium, iron, phosphorus, magnesium - they all bring the body benefits and make it extremely useful and valuable.

Radish has a valuable property - it helps metabolism and restore the digestive function of the body.

Even those people who have never suffered from obesity or stomach diseases( hernia, symptoms treated with folk remedies), can feel how it works.

Useful vegetable substances help the body to excrete gastric juice, so digestion intensifies, lightness in the abdomen, discomfort due to other, more severe food.

In addition, vitamin C acts on the body in such a way that it pulls out of the radishes, as much as possible of nutrients.

If you eat root vegetables, for example, in salad, then in combination with vitamins and minerals in other vegetables, the benefits will be incredible.

But be careful! If you have a stomach or bowel disease( recipes for treating ulcers are published here), then the use of radish may damage, because the mustard oils contained in it, used in large quantities, have a particular effect on the gastric mucosa.

Radish is a good preventer of cardiovascular diseases. It is recommended to eat people who have initial stages of vascular disease or heart disease, as well as anyone who wants to carry out prevention against these diseases.

There are three vegetables that can successfully remove cholesterol( about cleaning the blood vessels from cholesterol plaques with folk remedies read in this article) from the body - it's turnip, radish and radish.

The first letter is not the only thing that these roots have in common. They are all rich in fiber, which is fighting cholesterol.

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Diabetics prefer to keep a delicious fruit on the table, because it restores blood sugar level, makes it stable and constant.

Among other things, the radish contains a bright natural color - anthocyan, which gives it this attractive appearance. If you believe the latest scientific data, the anthocyanin is able to prevent cancer .

Radish juice treats a cold, and if you mix it with carrot juice, you will get a pleasant cooling drink filled with the maximum amount of vitamins.

Traditional medicine moves forward almost as quickly as the scientific one, so you can not write off home remedies for various diseases prepared on the basis of radishes.

  • Old people say that with the help of radish juice you can get rid of a severe headache.
    It is enough to rub the juice with your fingers in the whiskey and wait.
  • If you are suffering from constipation, then prepare the following drug:
    • Separate the tops from the radish
    • pour it with boiling water for one hour.
    • The resulting infusion should be drunk in small amounts after eating.
      Two or three days is enough to completely get rid of the disease.

  • To people suffering from radiculitis, it is enough to grate the radish on a grater and make of it a simple compress.
  • If you do not have any pain, you can still use the root crop for your own purposes.
    Radish is an excellent mask for the face or body - it nourishes the skin, restores it, refreshes and helps to cope with dryness.

It is curious that the most valuable and useful part is not the root vegetable, but the tops. Green has a lot of useful properties, for which radish is so loved.

It is not necessary to neglect the tops for food purposes. Not only does it leave good face masks - it can serve as an excellent alternative to any other greens in a salad or soup. The leaves have a pleasant taste and do no harm.

If before the radish was mostly of a pleasant pink color, today so many varieties are grown, that eyes run out.

To taste, varieties, in practice, are no different, but, you see, she decorates the table quite well and gives simple dishes brightness and variety.

When choosing a radish in the store, pay attention to the hardness and shape of the root crop. It should be strong and smooth, any black spots or dents - mean its stale.

Radish is stored in the refrigerator for a long time.

On useful properties and contra-indications of radish, look in the video.

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