Alcoholism in women: causes, features, how to cure

A woman differs from a man with greater endurance, the ability to withstand severe pain and longer life expectancy. The female organism is able to bear all the hardships of life, with the exception of alcoholism. Female alcoholism has the most pronounced signs and symptoms in contrast to male alcohol dependence. The symptoms of alcoholism in women are rapidly growing and developing.

Causes of female alcoholism:

  1. Social problems: insufficient level of income and earnings, poor housing conditions, difficulties at work, unemployment, unsatisfactory status, lack of education and upbringing.
  2. Psychotransforming events: loss of work, loss of a loved one and so on.
  3. An unfortunate and antisocial circle of friends, which includes drinking friends and men.
  4. Leading position in the production and trade of alcoholic beverages.
  5. Propensity to bad influence, emotional immaturity and personal infantility.
  6. Criminal environment, prostitution.

Alcoholism in women, according to statistics - a serious contemporary problem of society.25% of women drink alcohol all the time. Drugs are found in 45% of women drinking.3% abuse alcohol is not regular.27% - alternate daily domestic drunkenness with drunken periods.

Features of alcoholism in women

The problem of female alcoholism, in comparison with the male - in the faster formation of hangover syndrome. If for men the path to the second stage of alcoholism is stretched for 10 years( plus or minus), then for women it is shorter by half - 5 years.

Symptoms of alcoholism develop so quickly( or rather imperceptibly, gradually) that treatment of alcoholism in women is greatly complicated. The harmful effect of alcohol on a woman's body manifests itself earlier than on a man's body. The weakest targets for alcohol in the female body are the pancreas and liver.

Under the influence of alcohol, female behavior becomes cheeky, the norm is random sex with unknown men and drinking companions. The spread and transmission of skin-venereal diseases and infection of the genitourinary system is increasing. The function of the genital organs and glands is retained only in one-tenth of women who suffer from alcoholism.

The consequences of alcoholism in women are also expressed in the appearance of mental disorders: changes in character, the appearance of nervousness, aggression, hysteria and increased egocentrity. Encephalopathy develops, which leads to personal degradation and dementia. These pathological neoplasms become a barrier to awareness of the need for treatment. There is no seriousness of self perception and self-criticism.

Can we cure female alcoholism? It is not necessary to answer unambiguously that alcoholism is incurable for women. Although it is very difficult to return a woman to a sober regime.

How to cure female alcoholism

Principles and treatment regimens for female alcoholism are not particularly different from those used for treating men. Although women need longer care and support from medical personnel, relatives and relatives in the treatment of alcohol dependence.

Physiological prerequisites for a more severe course of alcohol dependence:

  1. The percentage of water in the female body is lower than that of men. The concentration of alcohol and toxic substances in the blood is higher.
  2. In premenstrual syndrome, the absorption of alcohol in the stomach and intestines increases and increases the degree of alcoholic intoxication.
  3. In women, the activity of enzymes that dispose of alcohol is reduced.
  4. The withdrawal syndrome in the fairer sex is milder, which gives a positive prerequisite for the effectiveness of treatment.

And although the mechanism of formation of the disease in women is similar to men, but the margin of safety in the female body creates resistance to the destruction of cells of the body and its organs from alcohol. And. .. how to treat female alcoholism - as well as male.

How to get rid of female alcoholism, if women very rarely seek help from a narcologist. Women hide the addiction to alcohol and hide their problem for a long time, because they are afraid of publicity, social condemnation. If a woman drinks, it becomes an object of discussion from the side, if a man is not so condemned.

External signs of female alcoholism - on the face: reddens the skin, bags under the eyes, swelling, bruises, excessive use of cosmetics, slovenliness. Side effect of alcohol on the female body for a long time is depletion of the subcutaneous fat layer. The woman is losing weight, looks much older than her years. Hair, teeth, skin becomes wrinkled and flabby.

Probably, a woman needs more support from her relatives. To defeat women's alcoholism can only be complex methods, combined with support and understanding of close people, psychotherapy and psycho-correction methods of psychology.

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