Than to be treated pregnant at cold

Than to be treated pregnant with a cold ??



it is better to ask the therapist and the gynecologist. We do not know all the symptoms of your cold and the severity of it.


folk remedies, just do not have a hot bath and soar your legs. if very hard, you can sprinkle bioparox


it depends on how long! I'm also interested in this question, it's the second day of the temperature!


Juliana. decoctions of herbs, do not take a bath, shower before healing.

Nadezhda Sorokina

Folk remedies-honey, tea with raspberries.

The Dog-Ulybaka

I was treated with influenza ...

Lilia Chudinova (Tikhonova)

it is better to ask the doctor... but in general, now there are different means, local antibiotics are permissible, which do not enter the blood... but again, all on the advice of a doctor ...

Natalya Penkova

Homeopathy. Coryza I treated euphorbium (Pts. helps), and the cold itself - otsilokoktsinum. broths of herbs and hot drink are not always useful for the baby. And sometimes they are dangerous. You can rinse your throat with soda. Raspberries in no event !!!

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*** JULY ***

the therapist told me that it was more to drink, prepare morsels, herbal teas with lemon and honey, milk with honey. Morse from a cranberry as antipyretic to prepare most of the frozen berries - to fill in with boiled water, to crumble. gargle rinse with sugary broths, calendula. tea with chamomile. Still looking what cold if the throat is sharply inflamed with that still furacilinom to rinse or gargle. elecampane, you can not take the grass! can mukaltin if cough as an expectorant, or a decoction of mother-and-stepmother. at a high temperature of wiping water + vinegar, well, the therapist said that paracetamol can be from the temperature. legs can not soar because it leads to an outflow of blood from the placenta and little oxygen to the baby. but your hands can soar. I have a period of 25 weeks. Here such treatment have registered.


I was treated with folk remedies tea with honey and lemon, rubbed the breast and nose with ointment with eucalyptus for example Dr Mom, dripped influorphon, pregnant women can use sprays to treat the throat, I was treated with tantum verde! get well and do not get sick anymore! health to you and baby!

What can be treated for a cold?


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1) To begin with, when you are pregnant, wherever you go, lubricate your nose with Oksolin Ointment 3 times a day, so as not to catch any virus.
2) At the first signs of a cold, drip the interferon for 5-7 drops every 1-2 hours for the first 2-3 days and the next days 3-4 times a day. It is absolutely harmless and quickly fights against colds.
3) IRS-19 action is the same as in interferon, it is very convenient to use and besides it can be used for prevention and treatment.
4) drink warm tea with raspberries, honey, light infusion of chamomile.
5) Insti tea. He's on grass and also harmless.
6) For the night, place a finely chopped garlic wrapped in a rag or handkerchief near the pillow, it also kills the microbes well.
7) smear the wings of the nose with ointment "doctor mom" kofol ".
8) If the temperature rises to 38 degrees, you can drink a tablet of paracetamol or call an ambulance.
Take care of yourself and your future baby! be healthy!


folk remedies or medicines for children


Only folk remedies, in extreme cases homeopathy.

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It is better to consult a doctor!
From a cough there is a syrup Stodal! He is allowed to be pregnant.
From the temperature you can grate carrots with honey!


Depends on the nature of the cold and the timing, consult a doctor


I drank infusions of herbs. Camomile, linden. Cough radish with honey

tamara kirshina

Tea with honey and lemon, broth of dogrose, warm bed. And to endure, endure, endure.


only by popular means.

Cold during pregnancy - 1 term

Colds during pregnancy 1 term

It is obvious that no one wants to get sick, but what if you suddenly get caught cold during pregnancy and term - 1 trimester? This is an excuse for worrying about the health of your baby for any future mother.

The fact is thatcold in the first trimester of pregnancyis fraught with complications and possible pathologies of the organ that forms at the time of onset of the disease. This is a very important stage in the development of your child. The cold even at the 10th week of pregnancy is not so terrible as at earlier dates, since the most critical period is already over. The main thing - do not panic. The lion's share of expectant mothers suffer a cold, and at the same time they give birth to a healthy full-fledged child. But you do not need to relax either - you now have a big responsibility and you need to approach this problem with all possible seriousness.

We hope, you do not doubt, that at cold in the first trimester of pregnancy it is necessary to consult with the doctor. He, and only him, can prescribe medication to a future mother, based on the period of her pregnancy, condition, the presence of chronic diseases and contraindications to medicines. Suffice it to mention that such a popular antipyretic agent as aspirin is for prospective mums under prohibition. Widely advertised antitussives Ambroxol and Ambrobene are also contraindicated for colds during pregnancy, and especially in the first trimester. Even the use of such drugs from the common cold as Galazolin and Naphthysin - and it is undesirable. What can we say about the uncontrolled use of antibiotics for colds in the first months of pregnancy?

What to do? Is everything so bad and there is nothing to relieve the unpleasant symptoms? Of course not. It's time to remember the good old remedies that surely were treated in your childhood! A cold in the first trimester of pregnancy is not a verdict at all! Cough is good inhalation with herbs that do not cause you allergies. With a cold, you can wash your nose with regular saline. Have you heard of such a drug as Aqua Maris? It's just sterile sea water, only in a convenient vial with a dispenser. Colds during pregnancy in 1 trimester are an ideal occasion to make sure the effectiveness of such a simple remedy as a weak aqueous solution of salt. All that we need from him and with what it perfectly manages, is the moistening of the nasal mucosa.

Be sure to ventilate the room, leaving it in the cold season, and moisten the air in it. This rule is valid not only forcolds in the first months of pregnancy- watch this forever!

To remove from the body harmful toxins that have arisen as a result of the insidious virus, will help abundant warm drink. These can be herbal teas with honey and lemon, warm, but not scalding milk with honey and butter, decoctions of dried fruits.

In the first trimester of pregnancy with a beginning cold, you can help and gargle with soda or salt.

Colds in the first trimester of pregnancyTry not to make too saturated solution, so as not to cause irritation of the mucosa. You can suck a piece of lemon or aloe. Do not lean on vitamin C, and synthetic vitamin dosage forms should prefer freshly squeezed juice. After all, today it is not a problem to choose a useful and necessary juicer in the household, especially as it will be useful in the future for the child. With its help, the preparation of a glass of juice will become quite an easy procedure and will take no more than a few minutes. The need for vitamins is so high in the first trimester of pregnancy, and even for colds the benefits of living vitamins are simply invaluable.

Of course, it's easy to diagnose a "cold" for yourself - after all, it seems that we have known all about it a long time ago. And there are so many ways to be cured. Butcold in the first trimester of pregnancy- this is not a reason for presumptuous and bold experiments on the health of the long-awaited and desired child. Do not neglect the advice of competent doctors and be healthy!

What medicine to drink for a cold to pregnant women

What medicine to drink for a cold to pregnant women

Because of the weakened immunity during pregnancy, women are often exposed to colds, ARI and other viral diseases. But most of the drugs at this time is strictly prohibited, so it is very useful for future mothers to know with what safe for the baby the drugs can withstand the diseases.


  1. At a high temperature, women in the position are contraindicated in such drugs as & gt> and other complex preparations, for example, & gt & gt;>. They contain flavors and preservatives that can cause an allergy in a child. In addition, such drugs often have aspirin, caffeine and phenyramine maleate. In general, at a temperature below 38 degrees, do not take antipyretic drugs, t. heat is a protective reaction of the body from various viruses and infections.
  2. If the body temperature is above 38, then it can be assumed & gt & gt & gt; they have antipyretic and analgesic effect. Their reception is allowed at any term of pregnancy in small courses up to 3 days. Subject to observance of the admissible norm of taking the medicine, no harmful effect on the child was detected. At one time, a maximum of two tablets can be taken, there should not be more than three tablets per day.
  3. Rhinitis is an unpleasant companion of colds, but it's also not worth it to relieve your condition with vasoconstrictive nasal drops. These include & gt & gt & gt> and others. All due to the fact that during pregnancy they are much more quickly addictive, which often leads to an overdose. At high doses, these drops adversely affect the child's heart, which can cause disturbances in the baby's heart activity in the future. The best effect in treating a runny nose is to rinse the nose with salt water, in the proportion of a half teaspoon of salt per 200 ml of warm water. Procedures should be conducted at least 4 times a day. If the nose is heavily clogged and washing is not possible, a good result will be the use of sprays with a strong salt solution such as & g; whether>.
  4. When you have a cough, it's better to see a doctor right away. it can be caused by a variety of reasons. First of all, for prevention and at the first signs of the appearance of a cough, one must adhere to the regime: try not to breathe a cold air, do not eat cold foods and drinks, do not walk barefoot, do not strain your vocal cords and drink more warm liquid. In most cases this is enough to ease your condition, in the absence of temperature you can use mustard plasters or pepper patches for the night. Steam inhalations with tea tree oil or eucalyptus oil are also effective.
  5. If you can not do without medicines, then you can apply syrup & gt> and> (>). The first of them does not contain dyes and harmful impurities, it is allowed for treatment during pregnancy and lactation, but long-term use is not recommended. > It can be used after the 12th week of pregnancy. > promotes liquefaction of sputum, its use is permissible at any time, during intake it is recommended to consume as much fluid as possible.
  6. Sore throat can cause both a viral infection and bacteria. It can be a pharyngitis, a tonsillitis, a tonsillitis, in any case for the exact diagnosis it is necessary to address to the doctor. Many drugs are prohibited for women in the situation. These include all sprays, which include alcohol - this, for example,> or>. Tincture of marigold or propolis can also not be used for gargling.
  7. > - this safe drug, not sucked into the blood, well renders with pharyngitis and sore throat. It is used as a rinse solution without dilution. > is a clear rinse solution, is not absorbed into the blood and does not penetrate the placenta. It is used for pharyngitis and angina. Also does not need breeding. With severe angina, you can lubricate the tonsils with a solution & gt; in its composition iodine, potassium iodide and glycerin, which are not forbidden to use during pregnancy.
  8. Lozenges from a pain in a throat are forbidden to pregnant women. The only exceptions are just two drugs based on the enzyme lysozyme, such as> and> gt capable of curing even severe angina. They can be used 2 times a maximum of 4 times a day.

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