Drops for eyes from conjunctivitis for adults and children

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Eye drops from conjunctivitisConjunctivitis is a fairly common disease of the organs of vision. It affects both adults and children. Reddening of the mucosa, itching, scarring, purulent discharge - these are the characteristic symptoms of the inflammatory process.

For the treatment of conjunctivitis in pharmacies, there are many eye drops for adults and children. How to understand this variety and choose the right ones? To do this, you need to know exactly the cause that caused inflammation of the conjunctiva, and in accordance with this select the medicine.

All drops for eyes from conjunctivitis are divided into several types, each drug is suitable for the treatment of a certain type of conjunctivitis:

  1. Bacterial- can be easily treated with antibiotics, in the form of ointments, drops, and in some cases, tablets.
  2. Viral- drops eye antiviral and antiviral drugs of general action.
  3. Allergic- passes as soon as the effect of the allergen on the eye mucosa ceases.

The first two species are contagious, so always use caution when dealing with people who have signs of inflamed eyes. Among ointments and drops for the eyes from various kinds of conjunctivitis, there are both cheap means and more expensive. The choice of a particular drug should be determined by a specialist, taking into account existing contraindications and effectiveness in each specific case.

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Drops from bacterial conjunctivitis

The choice of effective drops for the eyes in the treatment of bacterial conjunctivitis is quite wide.

Most often used such eye drops, as:

  1. Albucid- 65 rubles. Issued in the form of a 20% solution used to treat conjunctivitis in children and 30% for adults.
  2. Levomycetin- 35 rubles. Relate to drugs with a wide range of effects. Their use adversely affects the development of gram-negative and gram-positive pathogens of inflammation.
  3. Tobrex- 190 rubles. The main substance is tobramycin, which fights against staphylococci, intestinal, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, etc. bacteria.
  4. Zipromed- 140 rubles. They contain ciprofloxacin, a fluoroquinolone antibiotic with a wide spectrum of action, active also in relation to gonococci, spirochetes and klebsiella.
  5. Floxal- 180 rubles. Antimicrobial eye drops containing the antibiotic ofloxacin, which has a bactericidal effect on streptococci, fungi, staphylococci, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, chlamydia.

These drugs are basic for the treatment of bacterial conjunctivitis in children and adults, but the choice should be made by a specialist, taking into account the severity of the disease and individual characteristics.

Drops from viral conjunctivitis

Eye drops from viral conjunctivitis are designed to strengthen the immune system and prevent the growth of the pathogen in the tissues.

A sample list of good antiviral eye drops:

  1. Actipol. A solution with antiviral, antioxidant and regenerative properties. The active ingredient is para-aminobenzoic acid (inducer of interferon). The average price is 220 rubles.
  2. Poludan. The drug is designed to eliminate adenovirus and herpetic infection, developed on the basis of a polyribonucleotide complex. The price is 120-130 rubles.
  3. Ophthalmoferon. A drug containing alpha-2 interferon. Has antiviral and immunostimulating effect. It helps to relieve inflammation and reduce pain in conjunctivitis. The average price is 294 rubles.

It should be understood that a viral infection is quickly transferred from one eye to another. As a consequence, if there is inflammation on one side, the second eye must also be dripped.

Drops from allergic conjunctivitis

Such drops are used for conjunctivitis of allergic origin, as well as for infectious inflammations of conjunctiva to reduce unpleasant pathological manifestations - itching, redness, etc.

Here are some anti-allergic medicinal solutions for the eyes:

  1. Allergodyl. A powerful antiallergic drug, has a long-lasting effect and almost does not cause side effects. The price is 310-330 rubles.
  2. Cromohexal. The main active substance of the drug cromoglycium acid prevents the release of inflammatory mediators for allergies. The price is about 100 rubles.
  3. Opatanol. A powerful antihistamine drug, the composition includes olopatadine. The price is 380-420 rubles.
  4. Lecrolin. Prevent the release of mediators of an allergic reaction and effectively relieve allergy symptoms, the composition contains cromoglycic acid. The price is in the range of 120-135 rubles.

The main components of the above drops are antihistamines.

Drops from conjunctivitis for children

Eye drops from conjunctivitis for children as such do not exist. Treatment of inflammation of the mucous membrane of the eyes in the child should be carried out under the supervision of a doctor.

  1. Whenbacterial infectionThe use of eye drops based on antibiotics is indicated.
  2. Whenvirus infectionsprescribe drugs that have an antiviral effect.
  3. Whenallergic conjunctivitisantihistamines are indicated. Signs of the disease disappear immediately after the removal of the allergen.

Means of topical application are the most safe for children, because they are practically not absorbed by the body and do not cause side effects on the part of its various systems.

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