Magnets treatment of the eyes, spine, knee joints at home

Magnetotherapy is the use of magnetic fields to influence them on the human body in order to achieve a preventive and curative effect.

Magnetotherapy as a method of physiotherapy doctors successfully used in ancient Egypt, Greece, China and India.

Many magnets were attributed to the effects of magnets, but scientists were interested in the useful effect of magnets only a century later and turned magnetotherapy into a scientific method of treatment.

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  • What is the method of
  • Mechanism of exposure
  • Indications for use
  • Contraindications and side effects
  • Recommendations for the treatment of magnets

What is the essence of the

method Magnet treatment as a method of physiotherapy is quite effective:

  • is felt to nine out of ten patients whoit is used.

This can largely be explained by the very essence of the method, since every human organ, inside, has its own magnetic field, which is a part of the whole organism.

Its violation can worsen a patient's condition, which can lead to the disease. Correction in the magnetic field acts as a recharging mechanism, which brings the patient's body back to normal.

Magnetotherapy has a number of advantages in relation to other methods of treatment: it does not require the use of complex equipment, it is expensive, painless, has a wide range of indications for use.

This is the most mild of the methods of physiotherapy. It is suitable for those that may be contraindicated because of health conditions or age other methods of physiotherapy.

Due to the fact that magnetic fields can penetrate various surfaces, they are used in the presence of gypsum or other honey.adaptations.

Mechanism of action

Magnetic fields affect the body at different levels: tissue, cellular, subcellular and at the level of the whole organism.

During magnetotherapy sessions, an ordered, directed magnetic field has an effect on a person protecting tissue cells from the influence of "unfriendly" fields,

These include environmental pollutants of the environment. Thus, for the duration of the procedure, the patient's tissues can focus on self-healing processes.

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Useful effect of magnetotherapy:

  • Anti-inflammatory effect of .Magnetotherapy has a positive effect on immunity, increases the working capacity of the body, leads to a surge of energy.
  • The edema of tissues is reduced, the condition of aqueous media is improved, and the fluidity of the blood increases.
  • Removes spasm - muscles can relax with the removal of pain.
  • Analgesia .
    This effect is achieved due to the fact that the magnetic field has a positive effect on the nervous system:
    • decreases the sensitivity of peripheral receptors,
    • releases more hormones that relieve pain.
  • Improves tissue nutrition, as a consequence, improve microcirculation in the area of ​​the problem.
    Stops the process of destruction, allowing the body to begin regenerating tissues at the site of exposure.
  • acts as a substitute for non-steroid drugs , which have similar effects, but which can have many side effects and contraindications.
  • Expands blood vessels, reduces pressure .
    This can be useful in hypertension.

Indications for use

At the moment, magnetotherapy is increasingly used in the treatment of inflammatory processes occurring in the body tissues and various diseases.

And, thanks to the fact that magnetotherapy has a number of advantages in comparison with other methods of physiotherapy, in laboratories and institutes, the study on the treatment with magnets is still going on.

Effective treatment with magnets, even at home, noted:

  • For burns.
  • In overwork, insomnia, neurosis.
  • When frostbite.
  • For fractures, wounds and slowly healing trophic ulcers. The destruction of tissues caused by a fracture leads to a large number of painful sensations, which makes magnetotherapy, thanks to its analgesic properties, the most effective method of treating fractures.
  • With chronic form of sinus or laryngitis.
  • With diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.
  • With rheumatoid arthritis of mild and moderate severity.
  • For arthrosis.
    The magnetic field has a positive effect on the inflamed areas in the body, reduces pain, normalizes metabolic processes.
  • For osteochondrosis and osteoarthritis.
  • For allergic reactions.
  • With atherosclerosis or head problems.
  • In the gynecology of .
    Magnetotherapy has a positive effect in the treatment of inflammatory processes in the uterus and appendages.
    Sometimes, this method of physiotherapy is used during exacerbations.

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An important feature of the treatment with magnets is harmlessness:

  • , with the exception of contraindications, procedures, are absolutely safe, even for people with complications in the body, regardless of age.

From other physiotherapy procedures, magnetotherapy is notable for its availability, although it does no less good.

One of the main advantages is the ability to affect most organs. This procedure has an effect not on any one part of the body or its system, but on the whole organism, improving its general condition.

Contraindications and side effects of

Possible side effects and contraindications:

  • Diseases of the respiratory system.
  • In the presence of pustular inflammation in areas that can contact the magnetic field.
  • If a patient has a pacemaker, then the magnetotherapy procedure can disrupt his work.
  • The effect of magnetic fields has the ability to cause bleeding, so people with a tendency to their appearance should not undergo this physiotherapy procedure. Systemic blood diseases .
  • Since magnetic fields have the ability to lower blood pressure, it is forbidden to undergo a magnetotherapy procedure for people suffering from hypotension.
  • It is not recommended to use magnets treatment for pregnant women .This can have a negative effect on the development of the fetus.
  • Do not use if you have any acute inflammation or malignancy. The influence of the magnetic field can enhance their development.
  • Alcohol intoxication.
  • Magnetic fields have different effects on people, some may have an intolerance procedure, such a risk can not be ruled out.
  • Acute period of impaired cerebral circulation.

Recommendations for the treatment of magnets

For the procedure:

  • You should not drink alcohol during the treatment period.
  • A small amount of food should be taken shortly before the magnetotherapy procedure begins.
  • For better efficiency, sessions are best spent at the same time.
  • The procedure must be canceled if the patient feels unwell.

The list of contraindications is not small.

This depends on the specific magnetotherapy device.

Therefore, if you are going to carry out the procedure at home, before using, you need to study the instructions for use. As far as magnetotherapy does not seem harmless, this, as well as any other physiotherapy procedure, should be treated with all caution.

Before beginning treatment with magnets, it is best to make sure that you do not have, even the smallest, contraindications. Only the specialist can determine this reliably. Therefore, it is strictly recommended that the doctor participate.

Magnetotherapy is one of the methods of treatment, including at home, and it can be used alone or in combination with other folk methods.

Before treatment, it is necessary to establish an accurate diagnosis, determine the course of treatment.

It is possible that for the treatment of your particular disease folk remedies or preparations will be much more effective. On the other hand, if the physician considers it expedient to undergo a magnetotherapy procedure, then it can replace medicines, thereby reducing the side effects from their use.

Magnetotherapy, benefit or harm? Watch the video and get answers to questions about treating magnets at home.

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