Cleaning of blood vessels by folk remedies - herbs that improve cerebral circulation

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The human circulatory system is a fragile mechanism.

It is influenced by factors that include diet, habits, physical activity, the environment.

Vessels become less elastic with age, lose their tone, become clogged with cholesterol and other deposits.
As a result, chronic diseases of the cardiovascular system develop, there is a risk of heart attack and stroke.

Contents of the article:
  • What it takes
  • Herbs for cleansing
  • Head circulation improvement
  • Therapeutic food
  • Important specification

Who needs it

The opinion that the problems with blood vessels only arise in the elderly are mistaken.

It is also common misconception that cleaning the vessels is relevant, only for chronic patients.

We care for our appearance - we wash our face, my hair and body, brush my teeth 2 times a day, and this is considered the norm.

While internal organs are forced to cope with accumulated garbage independently. But not always the organism has enough resources for this.

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Therefore, by the age of 30, people are starting to get tired quickly, become sluggish and lazy, complain about a decrease in working capacity, headache, high blood pressure.

But at this age life is just beginning.

Periodic cleaning of vessels with folk remedies will return the body to its former form and prevent many dangerous diseases( coronary heart disease, angiopathy of vessels, hypertension, atherosclerosis).

Herbs for cleansing

Ancient medicine men relieved the ailments of medicinal plants. When no one had any idea about the system of blood supply.

However, the effect of infusions and broths was amazing - even deadly diseases were cured.60% of modern medicines are produced on the basis of miraculous grasses. And they are unreasonably expensive.

So why overpay, if you have access to numerous and proven traditional medicine?

The most effective herbs for getting rid of cholesterol, triglycerides and other slags are:

Immortelle ( medicinal properties of grass) contains flonanoids, potassium and magnesium( for strengthening the heart muscle), unique resins, tannin components.
It is used for preventive purposes and helps to restore the body after a heart attack;

And what do you know about the root of elecampane? At what diseases it is recommended folk medicine is written in a useful article.

About the healing properties of the immortelle sandy read on this page.

Blossoming clover flowers - will save from atherosclerosis, dissolve and remove lipid deposits in the vessels, it acts soothing.
In addition to blood vessels, they also clean lymph. Contain vitamins of beauty - A and E, essential vitamins of group B.

Mint - moderately expands blood vessels with spasms, activates the circulatory system, starts the processes of regeneration and self-purification, calms the nerves.

Used as a mono-herb or as a main component in medicinal herbal teas.
It is used fresh in salads and soft drinks;

The dandelion root of ( about the benefits of reading here) will dissolve the cholesterol, will strengthen the vessels.
Take 200 g of roots, pour a liter of boiling water, drink 50 g before eating.

Seeds of dill ( contraindications) restore elasticity of vessels, reduce varicose manifestations, normalize blood pressure, improve blood circulation and patency of lumens.
Used as a decoction.

Favorable effect on the joints state is the joint intake of herbs, inflorescences and fruits:

  • ashberry,
  • linden flowers( about their benefits written here),
  • blackberry leaves,
  • sophora Japanese fruit,
  • wormwood.

Improvement of the blood circulation of the head

Herbs for improvement of cerebral circulation are indicated not only for impaired memory, concentration, headaches, dizziness in adults.

In prophylactic purposes, curative decoctions will help to cope with exams for schoolchildren and students, adjust the increased excitability of the nervous system in hyperactive children.

Plants that help improve the blood circulation of the brain:

St. John's wort ( see photos and learn about the therapeutic properties and contraindications can be on this page) - removes vascular spasm, improves tone, restores the endothelium, improves memory;

Fruits of hawthorn ( how to take tincture) - improve cerebral circulation.
They are used as an additive to phyto-collections, it is better to grind them beforehand;

And what do you know about the symptoms and treatment of parasites in the human body? About popular ways is written in a useful article.

About sedative collections of herbs for the nervous system of an adult is written here.

On the page: http: // narodnye-sredstva / lekarstvennye-rasteniya / listya-maliny.html it is written how to make raspberry leaves.

Melissa - stimulates the blood flow of the brain, promotes the feeding of the bark, regulates the work of the central nervous system.
Melissa produces a delicious phyto-drink, as a flavor it is added to black and green tea.

Purity of - helps improve hemodynamics in the brain, cope with the consequences of a stroke.
One tablespoon pour a glass of boiling water, after 15 minutes drink a third.
Another two-thirds of the divided into 2 admission during the day.

Health food

Not only infusions and broths of herbs have therapeutic effects. The habitual vegetable products, which are present in the kitchen of a caring hostess, have vasoconstrictive and purifying properties.

Sweet cherry - a juicy spring greens with pleasure is eaten both in fresh form with sour cream, and salty.

As the pickles do not benefit the vessels, it is better to be content with fresh wild garlic.

Or make a tincture based on vodka: pour one part of the finely chopped wild garlic with two parts of vodka, insist 3 weeks in a bright place, strain.

Drink 10 drops mixed with water.
The course is 3 weeks.

Garlic competes with any other "green doctor" in invaluable use for the body.

Vessels are his profile. Even ancient Chinese healers made recipes based on garlic, treated migraine, forgetfulness, clouding of reason.

Pour a half clean and chopped head of large garlic 150 g of alcohol or vodka.

With alcohol, the concentration of nutrients is much higher. Insist in a dark cool place for 10 days, strain, leave for 2 more days.

Ready tincture take before eating, dripping in 50 g of milk, 3 times a day.

You need to start with one drop, then each addition is added one more.

So six days.

Then, on the contrary, the drops go into decline. So 5 more days.

This recipe is contraindicated in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

Green and red onion, red and white - dilates blood vessels, dissolves cholesterol plaques.

Including fresh onions in the daily diet, you will get rid of the beginning trouble with the vessels without chemical medications.

Effective recipe - a combination of 100 g of lime honey( as defined here) with 200 g of onion juice. This tincture should be taken at lunch every day for 50 g.

It will also strengthen immunity, save against the flu during the rampant virus, protect against bacterial infections of the throat, bronchi.

Walnuts ( recipe for men) - in a grinded form, eat one tablespoon daily, two months.

You will feel, how headaches will pass, blood pressure will stabilize, painful sensations in the legs, connected with angiopathy of vessels will disappear.

The products popular with Russians have a positive effect on the vessels: cranberries, beets, carrots, grapefruit, lemon( along with zedra).

These natural healers work in full force only fresh!

Purify the vessels without special recipes for spices and condiments. Effective and tasty helpers in the fight against bad cholesterol and slag are:

  • cinnamon,
  • red hot pepper,
  • bay leaf,
  • basil,
  • dill.

Important specification

Traditional medicine sometimes eliminates even those problems that traditional medicines can not cope with.

The main thing is that the treatment with herbs should be comprehensive, should take at least two weeks. In this case, take into account contraindications, which exacerbate the state of health with the independent use of folk remedies.

How to prepare a folk remedy for cleaning the vessels at home using lemons and garlic, you will learn while watching the video.