Drops in the nose for allergies

The most common form of allergy caused by different stimuli is rhinitis. To eliminate his symptoms, drops are used in the nose from allergies. If there is no necessary treatment, a complication in the form of bronchial asthma may appear.

  • Allergy and sources provoking her
  • Varieties of drugs against allergies
  • Hormonal drops
  • Immunomodulating drops
  • Vasodilating drops
  • Antidiarrheal preparations
  • Homeopathic remedies
  • Antihistamines
  • Combined preparations
  • Nasal drops for babies
  • Drops from an allergy at pregnancy
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Allergy and sources provoking her

The term allergy means the emergence of an acute reaction to the pathogen, which acts on human immunity. It can be caused by plants, in particular, ragweed. Wools of animals, medicines, food, dust, cigarette smoke, cosmetics, detergents can also provoke its appearance.

The form of allergy is different. When flowing to a weak degree, you can not even notice her symptoms. The severe form proceeds with enough expressed signs when there are a runny nose, coughing, sneezing, tearing. There may also be:

  • the appearance of dyspnea;
  • cardiopalmus;
  • characteristic allocation of sweat;
  • the occurrence of nausea and stomach cramps;
  • dizziness, convulsions.

When such symptoms appear, specialist consultation is necessary to prevent the occurrence of anaphylactic shock.

Varieties of drugs against allergies

Drugs used in the form of drops in the nose, differ in their effect. Use them only need to determine the source, which triggered an allergic reaction, and the characteristics of the course of the disease. Before starting treatment, you should carefully read the instructions, and follow all the recommendations listed in it.

Prices for drops are very different from each other. After consulting with a doctor, you can pick up whiter cheaper products, but with a good range of effects.

Do not forget!Drops in the nose can appoint only a doctor. Self-medication is strictly prohibited.

From nasal congestion with allergies help the following types of funds:

  • on the basis of hormones;
  • immunomodulating;
  • vasoconstrictive;
  • decongestants;
  • homeopathic;
  • antihistamines;
  • combined.

Hormonal drops

The most effective drugs for allergies are hormone drops. They are anti-edematous and anti-inflammatory. Their appointment is appointed when others do not bring the proper result. At the first symptoms their use is inexpedient. It starts with light drops.

Hormonal sprays are now widely spread. What are the names:

  • Baconase - is intended for adults and children from 6 years;
  • Avamis - for children from 2 years;
  • Fliksonase - applied from 4 years.

Attention!Before starting treatment, it is necessary to consult with the doctor.

Immunomodulating drops

During the administration of the drug, T-lymphocytes responsible for the work of cellular immunity are stimulated. The action of the drops is aimed at restoring the affected tissues of the mucosa and reducing hypersensitivity. It is worth considering which drops are good:

  • Derinat - its action is directed to the activation of humoral and cellular immunity;
  • Vilozen - it is recommended to adult patients, it will help to remove allergy to pollen.

Vasodilating drops

These drugs are used to provide quick relief for a runny nose in an acute form and in case the nose is heavily laid. When they are exposed to adrenaline receptors, which are located on the nasal mucosa, there is a narrowing of the vessels. There is a decrease in nasal congestion, which facilitates breathing.

List of drugs:

  • Xylometazoline;
  • Pharmazoline;
  • Otrivin;
  • Tysine;
  • Nazivin;
  • The Rhinostop.

Droplets are applied, the percentage of solution of which is 0.05% and 0.1%. Children from 1 year are recommended to take drops with the lowest percentage in accordance with the instructions for use. Breast milk is recommended for the use of Otrivin.

Pharmazolin is allowed to be used for children from 6 months. Drug solution, the percentage of which is 1%, is allowed to apply for children from 6 years.

Drops of vasoconstrictor can cause dependence. Time of application should be limited. If possible, it is better to use a spray.

Antidiarrheal preparations

From the swelling in the nasal cavity will help special preparations in the form of drops and sprays. Using these tools, the hypermission is facilitated. The doctor combines their administration with antihistamines.

The action of decongestants is as follows. If an allergic reaction occurs, the nasal mucosa may swell as a result of contact with the allergy source. The consequence is the formation of fluid and mucus. Using the drug, swollen tissues in the nose and blood vessels shrink. Symptoms of swelling of the nose, mucus secretions, stagnant phenomena and redness reduce

Otrivin is based on xylometazoline, has good anti-edematous properties. Its action begins 1 min after the instillation of the nose. The duration of action is 4 hours. You can use no more than 5 days.

Well-proven drug Allergoodil. It can be used from 4 years. When lactating and nursing mother, its use is prohibited. Recommended for children from 2 years. In pregnancy, its use should be extremely cautious.

Homeopathic remedies

Drops, made on the basis of herbs, are harmless and without addictive. Their effectiveness is manifested in the acute form of allergic rhinitis. For treatment, new generation drugs are used;

  • Eforbium compositum;
  • Edas.

These funds will help from nasal congestion with allergies. Their main advantage is that they are without hormones.


The pharmaceutical industry produces several types of antihistamines. Drops in the nose - one with their kinds. They differ in the composition of the active components of vasoconstrictive and antiallergic action. Their complex action on the body removes all the symptoms of the disease. In addition to droplets of the nose, often in parallel appoint and other forms of drugs. For example, tablets and drops for internal use. Thus, the body can fight the disease from the inside. The most effective drugs of this kind: Erius, Eden, Vibrocil, Levocabastine, Claritin (one of the best drugs against seasonal allergies). For children under 1 year, it is recommended to use Fenistil.

Under the action of antihistamine drops, the manifestations of allergic rhinitis are quickly eliminated. They operate for 5 hours. Symptoms of vasomotor rhinitis with these drugs are not treated.

Caution!With prolonged use of antihistamines, allergies to nasal drops may occur.

Combined preparations

In the fight against allergies, the drugs of the combined spectrum of action have proven themselves well. They have anti-edematous and anti-allergic properties.

Cromogexal and its derivatives are the best anti-allergy drugs that help patients of different ages to return to normal life.

Nasal drops for babies

The most common pathology of the child's body is allergic rhinitis. The child has a more thin mucous membrane with a superficial arrangement of blood vessels. Therefore, the concentration of drops used to relieve its symptoms is much less than that of an adult. The most common children's drops are Vibrocil and Sanorin.

Drops from an allergy at pregnancy

It is also a threat to life for a future child. Use of drops against allergies should be carried out only under the constant supervision of a doctor. The safest drugs are 3 generations (Telfast, Gismal). They can be used for pregnant women and children from 3 years. Taking medication at home should be extremely cautious.

Attention!Self-medication of not only allergic rhinitis, but also other diseases can cause complications in a pregnant woman.

Rhinitis in pregnant women can occur as a result of hormonal failure. Drugs against allergies in this case will not help.

At the first appearance of the symptoms of an allergy, you should not choose your own medicines yourself. Only with the help of a specialist who will prepare a comprehensive treatment, you can get rid of the disease.