Than white lime honey is useful: medicinal properties and contraindications

One of the most valuable and long-standing varieties of honey is, namely, linden.

It contains more than 35% of glucose and a little more - levulose, and crystallization occurs without changing the light shade to the dark one.

The use of honey for human treatment has not yet been fully disclosed by the official medical science. But folk recipes have proven effective in getting rid of ailments for various diseases.

Quality and appearance
  • Therapeutic properties
  • Recipes for internal use
  • For external use
  • Take note
  • Quality and appearance

    Honey obtained from linden color( which is useful for women written here) is sweet, sometimeshaving a slight bitterness.

    The aftertaste is considered one of the most pleasant, therefore it is eaten by adults and children with great pleasure.

    The product is well absorbed in the body.

    Just deflated, it is completely transparent and clean, like a tear. But after 3 months begins to thicken and change color a little.

    In the people this change is mistakenly called candy. But it's not right!

    Honey - crystallizes.

    Lime honey necessarily thickens to winter, otherwise, a fake was purchased. A characteristic shade of this product is yellow with amber tint or completely light.

    The bees collect the nectar from the greenish-yellow color of the tree. Approximate amount of obtained honey from one linden - 15-16 kg.

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    The composition of the product is rich enough for useful substances:

    1. Glucose and fructose - from 36% each.

    2. Enzymes: peroxidase, invertase, diastase, catalase, lipase.

    3. Carotene.

    4. Vitamins K, E and belonging to group B.

    5. Trace elements and BAS.

    6. Amino acids: arginine, leucine, histidine, licin.

    The healing properties of

    The value of honey from linden, first of all, is determined by the essential amino acids contained in it. For example, arginine favorably affects protein metabolism, and is also actively involved in it.

    The amino acid of histidine promotes the transport of oxygen to the cells of the body, as it is involved in the formation of hemoglobin.

    Methionine is an essential amino acid in fat metabolism processes, and lysine is useful for the growing organism .

    All of the above amino acids favorably affect the nervous system.

    Therefore, lime honey can be added to tea after the water has cooled down a little.

    This drink acts soothingly, eliminates insomnia or received stress.

    The above enzymes, which are part of the product, promote digestion processes, accelerated metabolism.

    Honey has also antibacterial properties, is an additional treatment for:

    1. Inflammation of the liver( treatment increased folk remedies), as well as kidneys( pyelonephritis in women, symptoms and treatment) or gallbladder.

    2. Colds, bronchitis, flu( read how to bring down the temperature at home).

    It is recommended for ARI, inflammatory processes in the nasopharynx( sore throat, tracheitis, laryngitis), runny nose and asthma.

    Sputum contained in the respiratory organs, go away much faster if you consume honey, even for a few days. It acts as a restorative and restores the vital forces of the body.

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    Recipes for internal use

    The easiest and most useful recipe is the preparation of tea with lime honey. It is necessary to use as an additive linden flowers, about 15 g.

    They should be poured with boiling water, wait for the drink to cool slightly and drink with honey, a snack. Very useful lime tea in pregnancy.

    This is an excellent way to further combat colds, as well as strengthen immunity.

    No less useful for human health and royal jelly, mixed with honey.

    We advise you to prepare an antioxidant, bactericidal drink that you can drink every day.
    For this it is necessary: ​​

    • for 0,5 l of boiling water to use 1 tsp.ginger, grated,
    • 3 tsp.linden honey,
    • 1 tsp.squeezed lemon juice.

    First you need to pour lemon juice and ginger with boiling water, and after a couple of minutes, add honey.

    Eat 1 tsp.lime honey on an empty stomach, drinking glasses of cold or a little warm water and you will never have problems with appendicitis.

    This promotes the metabolism of , acceleration of the digestive processes and obtaining a charge of energy per day.

    For external use

    Lime honey has bactericidal properties, so it can eliminate pathogenic flora on the skin or mucosa.

    If you smear it with a thin layer, like ointment, then the flow of blood and leukocytes to the affected area will increase. There is a regeneration of tissues or mucous membranes.

    Honey ointment relieves a little pain, makes the skin area smoother. Therefore, often, linden honey is used as a face mask, wrapping.

    After application, it is necessary to hold it for no more than 20-30 minutes and rinse with warm water.

    Dissolve honey in warm water and make compresses for it with inflamed skin .The same solution can rinse the larynx, removing inflammation from the tonsils and throat.

    For the same purpose, you can use a nebulizer with a sprayer, adding a 50% solution of water with honey.

    There are also many other methods of application of this beekeeping product.

    Some of them are:

    1. Tampons with honey with erosion of the uterus.
    2. Small tampons or pieces of crystallized honey for nasal administration in the common cold or colds.
    3. For local baths.
      The product( 3-5 tsp) is dissolved in 1 liter of water and immersed in it the affected part of the body, for example, the hand with a purulent wound.

    Thus, you can remove the pain, inflammation and remove the focus of infection.
    Make a face mask, from wrinkles on the eyelids( written here) and neck.

    Take note of

    Never buy liquid honey, especially in the cold season. According to the current legislation, Rospotrebnadzor prohibits the sale of liquid honey in the markets during the autumn-winter period.

    Any honey must settle( crystallize) during the year .If this did not happen, then you became a "happy" owner of falsified beekeeping products .Lime honey possesses pleasant taste qualities and is actively used in folk medicine, being an excellent bactericidal agent.

    Look at the benefits of honey and find out which is better.

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