It hurts my throat painfully to swallow

What to do, it hurts my throat, it hurts to swallow


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A tablespoon of raspberry jam is mixed with a tablespoon of liquid honey, warm this mixture on fire, let it cool down a little, use it still hot! For reliability, wash down with warm milk with honey and butter dissolved in it, squirt the Hexoral, suck the candy! And lie down under a warm blanket! The next day forget that your throat hurts!
You can spoon a teaspoon of soda for a glass of warm water, drip a drop of iodine and rinse.
I also know yoga exercise: it helped my daughter very much,
It is called "TIGER"
Stand on your knees and on your hands, the back is parallel to the floor
Blow My Eyes
Stick your tongue as far as you can and swallow 20-30 times as much as you can, keep your tongue sticking out, uncomfortable, funny, my daughter and I got on our knees and who will pull out the tongue and eyes will bulge more, but it helps a lot fast.
Such an exercise should be done every 15 minutes for 2 hours! The temperature drops, so the blood rushes to the throat takes all the microbes and cleans the body, but only you need to drink tea with raspberry honey, etc. to quickly remove toxins.

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Get well!


Drink hot milk and butter and go to bed, tomorrow will be much better


Just do not swallow :)


The lion's pose is beyond competition !!

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Listen, it's very important to look into your throat if you have white spots there, it's an angina urgently to the doctor, but angina is terrible and can cause complications and big problems.

Natalya Sumarokova

drink a hot tea with honey and rinse with warm water and soda: a glass of water - a spoonful of soda

Zhenya Eugene :)

Pour a glass of warm water into a glass, stir a spoonful of tea and salt + a drop of yoda =)... and rinse throat, rinds every hour until it becomes easier, but first you can first put water + citric acid (shock dose) =)


at you an angina most likely, tablets sosi pharyngosept, eat a lemon with a peel and after that at least do not drink anything and do not eat (acid lemon kills microbes) and rinse soda throat, or even better at night vodka compress or vinegar. Get well! I hate angina!


it is necessary to drink hot, eat lemon, and suck a teaspoon of honey, and also put on the throat for the night, so that the throat is warm


If God forbid the tears of the inflamed tonsils (even when it hurts to swallow.) Do not eat honey, it can get worse!! I remember because I was sick with this for a long time, when I was still in the children's polyclinic, I remember something from what the doctor said. You can and should rinse your throat every half an hour hot (as much as you can tolerate) tincture of calendula, kutai throat, and then - run to the doctor, he should look into your throat and determine. If you mess with tonsils, you can run into an operation to remove them, so - run to the doctor, but I hope that you still not so launched, get well soon!)

Aqua Irina

I've been treating angina all my life. You need to remove the snacho, ozmi any sucking peppermint pills or candy, open your mouth wide and spread the glands of Lugol, do not eat or drink 30 min. and before bedtime, sprinkle with an anthracite. But tomorrow, a lot of ne, ai from the daisy, ai with malinoi.s lemon, drink indefinitely, for dinner you will feel relief. Angina does not like to drink, therefore will retreat. And the smear Lugolei's throat 2-3 times a day after eating.! Be healthy!

Elena Kiseleva

Sore throat is well removed (albeit temporarily) with topical preparations containing an antiseptic and anesthetic (anti-inflammatory and analgesic substances). These can be lollipops or spray Strepsils plus, dragee Falimint, Anti-angina troches. You can use local products containing lysozyme (antimicrobial substance) - Lizobakt, Kipatsid. Good and sprays - Geksoral, Tantum Verde. And more often gargle with solutions of soda, decoction of chamomile, sage.
With severe symptoms of general intoxication, as well as in the presence of rheumatopharyngeal diseases - please, see a doctor. He will examine you and prescribe a course of antimicrobial therapy.
Good luck and get well!

Lomakin Vasily

To me the ingalypt very much helps or assists. rinse your throat every half an hour with furacilin

Aalbert Sakov

Buy either Hecoral or strepsils plus with Lidocaine! Then take a steel spatula in the drugstore and move the bow of the tonsils. The tonsils are in the recesses between the anterior and posterior palatines, if there are Traffic white and, stinky, it's tonsillitis. To the doctor nor che for a long time does not help.. I know all about it.

Nadezhda P

First of all, go to the mirror, open your mouth and stick out your tongue. If you have a lot of specks on the tongue, it's a disease. It is called sore throat. If there's nothing left, then look at the tonsils. If they increased it's a cold. In a cold, there is a phenomenon that hurts the throat and painfully swallow. But there are several ways.
Brew tea and in tea, add a spoonful of strawberry jam and add a little plain water to the tea.
Brew tea and add there 2 slices of lemon and squeeze and then lower and pull out. And in the tea, add half a glass of water.
Brew tea and add there 4 teaspoons of sugar and dilute with water. Well, if it does not help, then go to the doctor or bring home.


You can gargle with "sea water". It is necessary to add 10 drops of iodine into the glass of water, tea
a spoonful of soda and salt. And gargle at least 5 times a day, at intervals before meals. But all the same it is desirable to consult a doctor for an otolaryngologist, so how can this sore throat, and this disease causes various complications. You can make an appointment at It is better not to delay this

Vadim Dymov

Salt, soda and water ...

Plugina Lyudmila

Previously, too, rinsed my throat with soda. Then she moved to Tonsilotren. Tablets are more pleasant to taste and more effective. To the same after a few hours the pain in the throat passes. And for a few days and the inflammation itself. It always helps me.

Igor Petrov

To be treated :)


Medka with a varenec and a seagull is more naebashte, all zaebis in 1-2 days will be!

Help!!! A terrible throat! painful to swallow and talk!! Advise ways of treatment in the house. conditions. Thank you in advance!



Than to treat a throat, if laziness to go to a drugstore?

There are a lot of ways and each of them is good in its own way. Surprisingly the opponents of traditional medicine, almost all of them help, it remains only to choose which one you prefer. Therefore, so that you do not get confused in the Internet, I offer you a list of the best ways to treat a sore throat at home.
From own experience:

Method 1. "With me" Pour milk into the glass, add a teaspoon of honey and a small slice of butter. The glass is placed in a microwave, heated to heat the milk and the butter to melt. Stir until the honey dissolves, and then drink necessarily through the tube with small sips

Method 2. "Pop" An abundant drink of hot tea with honey and lemon. Honey can be replaced with raspberry jam.

Method 3 "Basque rests" As soon as you feel that you start to ache a bit - sing, better note Sol. Loudly sing, do not be shy. And do not be surprised, this is a very effective way, singing enhances the circulation of the pharynx and larynx, and hence the immune cells resorts more to the place of recovery.

Method 4. "The warmest" This procedure is best done at night. We need a bag for breakfast ), a long woolen scarf, cotton wool and vodka. We make a compress. We put a sachet on the scarf, top the cotton wool and water the vat with vodka. Then we apply this design to the front surface of the neck and reel, and winding along with the ears, that is, one turn must be made from the chin to the nape. Personally, I still stuff a cotton wool in my ears, slightly moistened with a tincture of propolis, so my ears usually begin to ache with my throat. In the morning you wake up usually healthy and happy =))).

Method 5. "Well, of course rinses! "Rinse your throat, almost anything. Saline solutions, soda, onion tea, all sorts of folk tinctures such as calendula, even garlic heard. In general, than you want, within reason

Method 6. "Babushkin" This method is most likely used after the hypothermia occurred and you are afraid of getting sick. My grandmother and I used to do this with my brother, after every winter walk. Take the knitted (better grandmother and better loved one color) woolen socks, there is filled with ground mustard (you can tear the packet with a mustard plaster) and pour it right into sock. The sock is also put on the bed for the night.

Method 7. "Mr. Potato" Boil the potatoes in a peel, pre-wash well. Then we take a big towel and how in a tent in it we breathe a mouth with potato steams. Children like much more than gargling.
The Earth rumors are full of (she did not try):

1. Rinse your throat with a warm beer.

2. Leaf the cabbage to the throat and wrap it in a scarf, overnight.

3. Put under the tongue of honey, a teaspoon, and do not swallow, but let it resolve.

4. Hot water + salt + 2-4 drops of iodine, and rinse.

5. Rinse several times with a throat with vodka or cognac, preferably swallowed. And, if there is a lemon at home - eat them.

6. Make green tea with honey + half a lemon + garlic. Lemon practically kills the smell of garlic.

7. Feet in the pelvis with water temperature of 38 degrees, for 10-15 minutes. Then grind the contents of the pelvis of the lower leg, feet. Dry your feet with a towel.

8. If you are too lazy to go to the pharmacy, then in principle you can not go out for a few days. And if so, then make yourself comfortable, turn on comedies and get pleasure. And you will not notice how you will recover.


Brush the throat with kerosene. It's disgusting, but the effect is 100 %%.

Vrednoe Solnyshko

Tie a warm scarf around your throat.
Maybe it's a laryngologist with a cold.
Plus do not interfere with teas on herbs

Uncle Misha!

two tablets fursilina dissolve in warm boiling water, place and gargle 3 times a day!
after it is advisable not to smoke, drink, eat.


Has she caught a cold? Poor thing... Tie a scarf. Drink plenty, hot tea with lemon and honey, legs in warm toes, sweater and under blankets

Crozensius Fabian

Eat pills, honey and tea with lemon. Proven! The result is 99% !!)))

Vladimir Kopelev

The American method is much tastier and more effective. Drink ice cola (or any other soda water). Ice will slow down the growth of bacteria, and soda water will wash them off. Checked. The result in a couple of hours.

Miroslav Alexandrovich

Warm beer (though, it is disgusting) but the result is at what soon.

Dina Erbit

Gargle with lemon juice and honey, honey must be previously dissolved in lemon juice, then as long as possible, with head thrown back, hold the mixture in the throat.


Volodya, but you will not die after such a rinse with kerosene, hrypnash so all remember how called hehe

Aalbert Sakov

Buy either Hecoral or strepsils plus with Lidocaine! Then take a steel spatula in the drugstore and move the bow of the tonsils. The tonsils are in the recesses between the anterior and posterior palatines, if there are Traffic white and, stinky, it's tonsillitis. To the doctor nor che for a long time does not help.. I know all about it.

Mila Krokova

What kind of kerosene? We live in the 21st century. The pharmacy is full of all sorts of sprays, pills and other things. I take Tonzilotren tablets with the first symptoms of tonsillitis. Assigned a good homeopath. Help to remove pain in a short time. In a complex with a rinse of a throat sea water I act even faster.


rinse the soda + salt

Naila Galieva

I could not swallow, I can not speak, I could not be treated as best I could. I went to Laura. The doctor said not a cold, but cervical osteochondrosis for massage. My throat still hurts.

Matvey Doroshevich

insane you dolban, he said to cover and do not rinse the idiot

Oleg Bocharnikov

Strepsils buy!!! It works very well.


Gramidin with antiseptic helps me with a sore throat

Kristina Isaeva

To the doctor!

Severely sore throat, painful swallowing and talking: proper treatment

Each person throughout his life encountered discomfort in the throat. Some experience such problems only occasionally, others quite regularly. And they often begin in different ways. There may be perspiration, hoarseness, general malaise. And in some cases the mucous membrane immediately becomes inflamed. Despite the different manifestations of the symptomatology, all the pathologies are united by a common problem: the throat is sore, it is painful to swallow and talk. Even a drop of water can provoke serious pain and become a real test for the patient. How to get rid of painful discomfort?

it hurts my throat painfully to swallow and talk

The main causes of discomfort

Patients who have a sore throat, painful swallowing and talking, it is necessary to take extremely careful attention to such anxious signs. Since even minor, at first glance, symptoms can lead to the development of unpleasant diseases in the future.

Sore throat sometimes signals not only a cold. Sometimes it indicates the development in the body of a bacterial infection or an allergic reaction. Of course, each pathology needs individual adequate treatment. To pick up it is possible, only having found out, why the throat strongly hurts.

The main causes of discomfort are:

  1. Viruses. The patient may have fever. Often there is a runny nose. This symptomatology is sometimes accompanied by inflammation of the mucosa. The mouth feels dry. The patient experiences acute burning sensation near the larynx. Such sensations are greatly enhanced during swallowing. Periodically they are capable of giving into the head. Diseases can be triggered by respiratory viruses. But sometimes pathologies occur against a background of more serious causes. To cause sore throat viruses of measles, chicken pox, influenza, infectious mononucleosis. It is very important not to allow the aggravation of the disease and the development of its complications.
  2. Allergy. Pathology can provoke inflammation of the mucous membranes of the nose and mouth. As a result of skin irritation, the patient experiences pain during swallowing. This is a rather dangerous pathology. Because an allergic attack can cause serious negative consequences. In this case, specialists are required.
  3. Angina. Tonsillitis is a disease that always causes severe pain in the throat. Especially increases discomfort during swallowing. To recognize pathology it is possible and for a number of other symptoms that accompany angina, it is inflammation of the tonsils, swelling in the throat. In addition, often the patient feels a lump in the throat, which makes it difficult to drink water, swallow food.
  4. Foreign body.Quite by chance, a person can swallow a foreign object, and sometimes a piece of food that provokes throat irritation. In this case, the pain intensifies with every minute. The foreign body scratches the shell of the throat, causing the patient extremely unpleasant sensations.
  5. Cold. This pathology is often accompanied by a cough and fever, a runny nose. Sometimes a common cold causes unbearable pain while swallowing. In this case, you need to use special drugs that can reduce discomfort.very bad sore throat

This is not the only reason why the throat is very sore. Sometimes discomfort can be provoked:

  • bacterial diseases - influenza, pharyngitis;
  • dry air;
  • contamination or irritants;
  • muscular tension (after the speech);
  • gastroesophageal reflux;
  • a tumor;
  • HIV infections.

When self-treatment is unacceptable?

Insidious bacteria and viruses, if not on time to take action against them, are able to affect any human system. Infection that spreads into the lungs can provoke pneumonia, and if it reaches the brain it can cause meningitis. When lowering it into the kidneys, the patient may develop pyelonephritis.

But, unfortunately, most people postpone the visit to the doctor. If the throat is badly sore, it is painful to swallow and talk, patients often make attempts at self-treatment. However, there are certain signs accompanying discomfort during swallowing, which indicates the need for medical intervention.

As soon as possible, consult a doctor if the sore throat is accompanied by the following symptoms:

  • weight loss;
  • severe dizziness;
  • occurrence on a skin of a rash of red color;
  • increased lymph nodes;
  • increased heart rate;
  • labored breathing;
  • joint pain;
  • the appearance of blood veins in saliva and sputum;
  • education on tonsils whitish plaque;
  • temperature exceeding 3 degrees;
  • ear pain;
  • swelling in the throat and on the neck;
  • painful discomfort, dividing more than 1 week.

Pregnant women who have a sore throat, painful swallowing and talking, must definitely see a doctor. This recommendation is also relevant for those people who once were treated for rheumatism.

Where should we start?

People who have a sore throat when swallowing can significantly reduce discomfort if they listen to the recommendations of doctors:

  1. Try to minimize motor activity and mental stress. It is advisable for a while to completely disconnect from home, work problems. In this case, the body will direct all its resources to fight the disease. Consequently, recovery will come quickly enough. But in a furious modern pace, few people follow this advice. If the sore throat arose as a result of a cold, many prefer unpleasant symptoms to relieve symptomatic means. The danger of this approach to treatment is that often symptomatic preparations for cold contain phenylephrine - a substance that increases blood pressure and causes the heart to work for wear. In order to avoid complications of colds, you need to choose medicines without components of this kind. For example, "Antigrippin" (better from "Natur-product") is a preparation for cold without phenylephrine, which eliminates unpleasant symptoms of ARVI, without provoking an increase in pressure and without harming the cardiac muscle.
  2. Smoking with severe discomfort in the throat is not the best solution. Say goodbye to your bad habit at least for the period of treatment.
  3. Be sure to rinse your throat. For these purposes, you can buy in the pharmacy special compounds or use folk remedies. This procedure should be repeated more often. Rinse will calm the mucous membrane, in addition, eliminate the microbes. Severe pain will gradually subside.
  4. With discomfort in the throat, it is recommended to talk less. It is best to remain silent during an illness. This will give the necessary rest to the vocal cords.
  5. Very warm neutral drinks are very useful. You can eat mors, water, juice, tea, mineral water (still), herbal decoctions. These drinks will fill the lack of fluid in the body and soften the dry throat. The recommended norm is 8-10 glasses.
  6. In case of severe pain, the doctor will prescribe pain medication for use.
  7. Your throat needs warmth. Therefore, tie the neck with a warm scarf. Such manipulation will warm your throat and significantly reduce pain.
  8. Moisten the air. The procedure can be performed by any available methods. It is useful to use a humidifier. If it does not exist, you can put a container of water in the room or hang wet sheets and towels. Remember, dry air for the throat is extremely damaging.
much sore throat than to cure

Symptoms of pharyngitis

This pathology often occurs in the case of viral respiratory tract infection. The patient feels that he has a runny nose and has a sore throat. This may slightly increase the body temperature (3, - 3, degrees). Discomfort in the throat has the character of perspiration, tingling. Especially it intensifies during the swallowing of saliva.

Fighting the Disease

Do not forget, if pharyngitis is very sore throat, than to treat this disease, the doctor will tell. Often, therapy is based on the following recommendations:

  1. Application of antiseptic drugs.They are used for irrigation of the throat, rinsing. Positive effect will provide resorption in the mouth of a lozenge, a tablet. You can use natural remedies: tinctures and decoctions of marigold, oak bark, sage. No less useful are synthetic preparations: "Furacilin "Miramistin "Dioxydin "Chlorhexidine". A favorable result will be provided by combined medicines, such as Strepsils. It is recommended to apply these funds up to 10 times a day.
  2. Inhalation. For their carrying out you can use oil of cedar, eucalyptus, grapefruit, lavender, tea tree.
  3. Preparations for pain relief.If the patient experiences severe discomfort, it is recommended to use medicines combining antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and analgesic components. Excellent agents of such drugs are preparations "Strepfen "Tantum Verde".
  4. Antibacterial preparations.Drugs from this group can be prescribed only by a doctor in case of bacterial infection. Often used medicines for irrigation of the pharynx: "Framitcetin "Bioparox".
  5. Complex preparations.They enter into therapy only at the expressed symptomatology of an intoxication - the temperature is raised, the throat and a head hurts strongly, the general delicacy, sensation of a dyscomfort in eyeballs is observed. To alleviate this condition, drugs "Coldrex "Maxgripp".

Signs of sore throat

Acute infectious pathology is caused by bacteria - streptococci, staphylococci, and sometimes other microorganisms. Severe intoxication, inflammation of the tonsils - the classic signs that accompany the sore throat. Severely sore throat, hyperthermia, weakness, weakness - these are the most common complaints of such patients. There may be discomfort in the joints, lower back. Often with angina headache. A person experiences a feeling of dryness in the mouth.

At the same time, many patients feel how badly the throat and ear ache. Unfortunately, in this case we are talking about the spread of the pathological process in the body. Self-medication here is completely unacceptable, because the infectious and inflammatory process can also affect the brain.

Treatment of sore throats

This requires radical therapies. After all, the area of ​​the tonsils is very sore, the throat is red, besides, a white coating has formed in it. With this symptomatology the doctor will recommend the following treatment:

  1. Effective and safe means "Lugol".It is used to lubricate or irrigate the glands. This medicine is an excellent remedy if your throat is very sore. Red, covered with abscesses, it is cured in just a few days. Similar procedures are recommended to be repeated about 3-4 times a day. After treating the surface of the throat, you can not drink anything and eat for an hour.
  2. Rinsing. This procedure with angina is mandatory. You can use tinctures of chamomile, eucalyptus, propolis or a solution of salt and soda. Such an event should be repeated every, hour.
  3. Pastilles, lollipops.It is useful to calm the sore throat with drugs "Tharyngept "Antiangin "Stopangin "Tantum Verde "Hexoral".
  4. Antibiotics. They are almost always included in the treatment regimen for angina. An effective medicine can be prescribed only by a doctor. Often, antibiotics "Ampicillin "Cephalexin "Extensillin "Amoxicilin" are used.
much sore throat folk remedies

Symptoms of laryngitis

This pathology characterizes the inflammation of the larynx. With laryngitis the patient is usually harassed by two symptoms - a sore throat and cough, dry enough, barking. Breathing in the disease is wheezing, very difficult. The voice becomes hoarse, can become extremely rude or completely disappear.

Sometimes laryngitis is accompanied by a low fever, a headache. In the throat, dryness, perspiration is felt. Almost always there is pain when swallowing.

Therapy with laryngitis

With laryngitis, very often the throat is very sore. Than to treat an illness? In most cases, the therapy is based on the following recommendations:

  1. Voice mode. Silence is best.
  2. Humidification of air.
  3. Abundant drink (preferably herbal teas from chamomile, thyme, sage, lemon balm).
  4. Hot foot baths. They can reduce the puffiness of the larynx.
  5. Rinses. It is recommended not less than 5-7 times a day to use solutions of sea salt, soda, herbal decoctions.
  6. Inhalations. They can be carried out directly over the pan, covered with a towel. For the procedure, use mineral water "Essentuki "Borjomi herbal decoctions, a few drops of essential oils.

Features of treating babies

Redness of the throat in the child is the first signal about the inflammatory process in the child's body. Most often, such a clinic is observed in bacterial and viral pathologies. In such cases, the pediatrician will appoint crumbs, along with irrigation and rinsing, certain antibiotics or antiviral drugs.

However, if the child has a sore throat, the reasons for this symptomatology are not always found in viral or bacterial diseases. Sometimes this sign can be a harbinger of quite dangerous diseases. Do not forget that the throat can blush with a variety of childhood diseases, such as measles, scarlet fever, diphtheria.

Coryza and severe sore throat

That is why it is not recommended to treat the child on their own. It is best to contact the doctors and get qualified timely help.

Effective rinsing: salt, soda, iodine

It is extremely important to start treatment in time. In this case, the main place in therapy for any pathology, accompanied by a sore throat, is rinsed. This is not surprising, because this procedure significantly reduces pain, eliminates inflammation, promotes recovery. Consider if your throat hurts rather than rinse it.

There are many excellent recipes to get the desired result. Below are some of them.

Salt, soda, iodine - this solution is considered the best disinfectant and anesthetic. It improves sputum evacuation. That is why this solution is recommended as the first remedy for sore throat.

For the production you need purified or warm boiled water. In a large cup of liquid, add half a teaspoon of salt and soda. Increase the effectiveness of this tool allows iodine. This component should be added 5 drops. It perfectly eliminates any inflammatory processes and helps to relieve pain.

This product rinses at least 6 times a day.

Herbal infusions

Very effectively used phytotherapy for those patients who have a sore throat. Folk remedies, including medicinal herbs, allow you to fight infection, colds. They perfectly eliminate the pain.

For broth it is recommended to take chamomile, plantain, sage, elderberry, eucalyptus, calendula. A collection of several herbs is quite effective.

If you use one herb for broth - it is recommended to take 1 teaspoon to a glass of boiling water. When using several components at once, you need to take a teaspoonful of each. The product should be infused for 10 minutes.

sore head and throat

The sore throat should be rinsed with the received herbal decoction at least 4 times a day. If the discomfort is accompanied by a strong hoarseness and a dry cough, then a spoonful of honey should be added to this remedy.

Rinse with tea

This drink cleanses, tones well, anesthetizes the throat. For rinsing, you will need ordinary tea (you can use both green and black), brewed in a kettle. To enhance the effectiveness of this tool, it is recommended to add one spoonful of salt. The resulting solution should be carefully rinsed throat.

When intoxication is recommended to use a drink with raspberry leaves. Such tea allows you to excrete toxins from the body perfectly. To make this solution, you need dry raspberry leaves in the amount of 2 teaspoons. They should be filled with one glass of boiling water. After infusion (about 10 minutes), the product is filtered. Cold tea is recommended to gargle every 2-3 hours.

Tea with blueberries is very useful. This drink is enriched with tannins, which contribute to the elimination of the inflammatory process. It is necessary to pour dried berries of blueberries (, glasses) with water (2 glasses). Such ingredients should be cooked on low heat for about half an hour. After filtering and cooling, the product is ready to rinse. During the procedure, it is recommended to hold the liquid for 30 seconds in the throat. This will make rinsing as effective as possible.

Warm drinking

In addition to rinsing, it is recommended to drink medicinal drink. Achieve the perfect result and significantly reduce the pain in the throat allows the next drink.

Preheat one glass of milk. To a warm liquid, add a small piece of butter (1 h. spoon) and as much lime honey. Mix the ingredients thoroughly.

The product should be taken in small sips. In doing so, it must necessarily be warm.

much sore throat red

Excellent helps to soften and anesthetize the throat of warmed beer or wine. Such recipes were used by people from ancient times for colds.

Very sore throat, painful to swallow ((Than it rinse at home If medication is not (



To start without iodine. And it is better to salt))))
If the calendula is alcoholic, then 10 drops per 100 ml of water


Drink hot milk with a slice of butter (butter to put when heated in milk), two to three glasses of milk and your throat will be as fresh as new.
P.S. Milk I do not like, but when it hurts my throat I grumble like a medicine, because it really helps.


On a glass of very warm water add a teaspoon of soda. Rinse every hour

Tatyana ***

On a glass of warm boiled water:
1t spoon of salt
1h spoon of soda
5 drops of iodine.
Mix, rinse once a day.


You know everything yourself. Take warm water, stir in it salt, soda and add a few drops of iodine. And calendula, too, add a few drops of warm water. You can also eucalyptus on the same recipe.


You need to drink plenty of warm water, chicken soup can be chilled.


There is a simple tool that has been used in Russia since ancient times, and perhaps in other countries. This remedy is a thirty percent solution of citric acid for mouth rinsing.
To do this, the head should be thrown back and exhaled, so that the solution bubbles in the throat. Rinse every hour during the day. The solution perfectly helps with any diseases of the throat in their initial stage.
In the absence of such a solution, you can take two or three slices of lemon, after peeling off the skin, and one by one to keep in your mouth, trying to keep them near the throat. Slices should be sucked, and then swallowed. So you have to act every hour until you feel relieved. But if the disease is not captured at the beginning, the lemon is already useless and we must use citric acid


You can iodine + soda in a glass of warm water!!! But I have frequent angina, so I'm saving this: 2 tablespoons apple cider vinegar to a glass of warm water and rinse every 30 minutes! Muck, but bearable! I cure an angina in 2 days!!! Good luck and be healthy!


You can iodine 3-5 drops + soda and salt in a glass of warm water
and grease with kerosene
so too they treated


about the salt with the Ida already said, but as a professional for angina I advise you to rinse properly: do not dial the solution into your mouth and boil them there! it is necessary to wash off everything from the throat - almost swallow, stop, spit out and so on a glass EVERY HOUR OF THE HOUR!!! by the evening must pass


half a teaspoon of soda, a half teaspoon of salt - dissolve in very warm water.

If your throat is very sore, and even more hard to swallow saliva. What to do?


James Brown

a phlegm for the throat. With eucalyptus

Paved Vlad

Oh, kapets, I once so it was. I thought Somo would pass, a day or two, but it hurts. Swallow the kapec as it hurt, as if the blade was in the throat. Karoche Lugolom mazh, Rinse do (Warm water + salt1Lower + soda POLMalenkoy lolly). Well, in the end, we can handle popshikai. DO NOT TIGHTEN


Think about the possible reasons for this. No, I'm not talking about the cold!
Maybe she was arguing with someone, arguing... or offended, offended someone from relatives or relatives?
It is necessary to repent of this before God (for which you should go to the temple of God for confession) - and try not to anger God in any way. Then your throat will not hurt either!


Make a tincture of calendula and rinse her throat. If it's not there, then at least take some soda. Add 1 hour l. spoon into boiling water and rinse your throat. I also advise Strepsils or Grammidine 3 times a day.


Drink constantly, mug for a mug, warm tea with lemon.


If the temperature is still present, it looks like tonsillitis. It is necessary either to the therapist or to Laura to go to the reception. I do not recommend self-medication... While you can only sip a soda or furatsilinom rinse and drink vitaminizing warm drinks (mors, compote) ...

Very painful to swallow, what should I do? Just a lot of options for you!

Almost everyone has sometimes noticed that after drinking too cold drinks or being at drafts, and in some situations in the initial stages of pharyngitis, tonsillitis and sore throat becomes painful to swallow. What if this feeling starts to turn into a real torture, especially if an unpleasant, throat-coughing joins it? One of the first means is the reception of antiseptics. They instantly destroy harmful micro-organisms, but if the cause of sore throat is different, they will be powerless.

Well, if, because of the viral infection, it became painful to swallow, what to do then? Very quickly, the pains of lollipops with phenol will be removed. If, along with these funds, begin taking drugs that strengthen immunity and vitamins, the body will very quickly cope with surface bacteria. In addition, they contribute to some numbness of sensitive nerve endings and relieve some unpleasant sensations. Therefore, it will not be so painful to swallow.

What if there is not much use for candy? You can try aerosols, also relieve pain, and perhaps, better suited lollipops with zinc content. They are especially effective for colds. Unpleasant pain during swallowing suggests that the irritated area is in the upper part of the throat, which means it needs to be rinsed. It will soothe and heal the bruise salt solution, bring warm chamomile tea relief, purify and disinfect, and will also fill the body with vitamin C lemon juice, and sometimes it helps to relieve the pain of alcohol, diluted with warm water.

All these are very good and effective ways, but there are situations when the throat is very sore, what to do and how quickly to remove the pain? When the pain and persecution are so excruciating that it is impossible even to fall asleep, natural butter will come to the rescue. A piece must be put into the mouth and as slowly as possible to dissolve. Most often, a painful cough passes right away, and with it an unpleasant sharp pain of a coughing-out throat. Just try not to drink oil with water as long as possible.

If your throat often hurts, what should you do in such situations? It is necessary to think about what can cause such frequent ailments. Perhaps, it is necessary to limit evening walks in a cold wind or to check up, whether there are no drafts on a workplace. It is simply necessary to strengthen your immunity with the help of natural fruit vitamins. Kiwi, bananas, oranges, grapefruits and other goodies will help the body to fight various harmful viruses and eliminate infections.

There are situations when there are no symptoms of a cold or flu, it seems that everything is in order, but in the morning it still hurts to swallow. What to do and why this happens? The cause may be dry air in the room. In the process of sleep, it is possible to breathe through the mouth, during which there is a strong overdrying of the mucous membrane, which causes a sore throat. There is a simple, wonderful and very modern way out - get a pretty moisturizer. And while the humidifier is not present, it is possible to clean or remove unpleasant signs by means of steam. It's simple. Put the boiling water in the sink, bend over and cover the head with a towel so that the steam does not go away. Five minutes will be enough for a good moisturizing and warming up the throat. And if one of the reasons that you have to breathe through your mouth is nasal congestion, you should immediately treat a runny nose.

Now it is clear if the throat often hurts, what to do and how to quickly solve the problem. Try to drink more liquid, make warm compresses, warm up the sore spot, eat natural antibiotics such as garlic, horseradish and honey. Fulfilling these recommendations, you can quickly bring back to normal even the most tormented throat, However, in In some cases, even such a variety of means can be powerless, and then advice is needed specialist.

Very sore throat, it hurts when I swallow, so does not hurt only slight discomfort, and it's very painful to swallow


Sergey Nuzhdin

Would you go to the doctor... Suddenly, angina, diphtheria... Even pancreatitis can be. Self-medication is not welcome. Even in the instructions to the listed facilities it is written: not applicable - seek medical help. And to healers, especially through the Internet, do not contact IMHO. And I'll add - do not drink hot. You can only warm. What Dmitry calls an ancient recipe is nonsense. In the old days in Russia ordinary people did not know any tea, let alone a lemon. This is thought up by someone from "folk healers" or the journalist himself

Zhanna Chutaeva

First you need to go to the doctor. Well, if he does not say anything, then send photos, I'll try to help)


Decatilene has proven to be a highly effective drug in most cases of such acute Infectious-inflammatory diseases of the oral cavity and pharynx, such as gingivitis, laryngitis, pharyngitis, ulcerative and aphthous stomatitis. As an adjuvant we use it in the treatment of catarrhal, lacunar and ulcerative necrotic tonsillitis, epiglottitis. An excellent result Decatalin provides in the case of candidal involvement of the oral cavity and pharynx. The drug is recommended to use after tonsillectomy and extraction of teeth, as well as in the presence of bad breath.
Add 1/4 teaspoon of cayenne pepper to a cup of hot tea. Cayenne pepper suppresses substance P, produced by the body, which transmits pain signals to the brain. Pepper also relieves discomfort when swallowing.
Rinse your throat with brine. The solution is prepared from the following proportions: 1/2 teaspoon of salt for half a cup of warm water. Repeat rinses 4 times a day. Salt will help kill bacteria that caused a throat infection.
Drink 8 glasses of water and another liquid daily. If the body is well supplied with water, the mucus accumulating in the throat is more quickly diluted and excreted.
Try chicken broth. It contains the amino acid cysteine, which is similar to the medical drugs used to activate the outflow of mucus from membranes. In other words, thereby relieving the pain in the throat.
Turn on the humidifier. In cold weather, when the air in the room is dry, you are more susceptible to infections of the throat. By humidifying the air, you will provide moisture to the tissues of the throat. But. Do not forget to clean the humidifier daily to prevent the spread of additional bacteria that are floating in the air.
An ancient grandmother's recipe - to drink hot tea with a lemon with sore throat - remains relevant to this day. Hot water removes inflammation and flushes nasal mucus, irritating the throat. A lemon adds a taste and a little vitamin C... .

Armine Sahakyan

Milk with honey drink

marina kornilova

Gymnastics make a throat, so that the blood circulates well and quickly recovers. Plus all of the above.

HELP! On the left side, the throat is very sore, the mouth opens painfully, it hurts to speak, it is very painful to swallow.. in the throat with the left



It looks like a sore throat, but it's better to see a doctor

Lady Rock

looks like an inflammation of the tonsils

Natalya Krivolutskaya

Angina. First, go to the doctor. Warm rinse (hot), streptotsid powder powder dust on the tonsils.

Natalia Mironova (Sokolova)

Angina, tonsils inflamed. Rinse with chamomile, calendula. If at home there is streptocide, rastolkite the tablet and pass through the red. If there is milk, warm it up, add honey, butter (little by little) and sip in small sips.

Elena Smirnova

I somehow advised a lemon and it became easier, sour, but you can tolerate, I chewed on it.

Max Khazeev

most likely you have a wisdom tooth! !
this is called pericoronaritis!! !
run to the dentist and if not him then to Laura for a consultation!


Banal inflammation of the tonsils - unilateral angina. So we are being treated for a day: after each meal, we clean our teeth and tongue; a throat a warm solution furatsillina (buy in a drugstore tablets, ratolki and 2 tab. for half a glass of water.. to boil, cool and crab 15 minutes after brushing your teeth. And after 15-20 minutes to splash in the mouth (trying to get on the sick tonsil INGALIPTOM-also bought at the pharmacy.
All treatment is within 70 -80 rubles, but the effect is 100%. After 24 hours everything is fine, but to fix the result it is necessary to do this for 2-3 more days. Good luck!


You have a dangerous tumor. This is a viral disease. viruses are brought recently. their two. dangerous.
that they develop alongside each other. The assignment may not help. But do not worry, they are no longer there.

Personal Cabinet Removed

octeniseptom, and tomorrow to the doctor stomping, the devil knows what's there!

tanya mosquito

To rinse it is necessary a throat drinking soda, houses probably are, 1 teaspoon on a glass of water... Tantum verde-SPREY HELPED, BUT THIS IS NECESSARY IN THE PHARMACY ...

~ len4ik ~

It is tiresome to immediately consult a doctor, because it is a sore throat, it has passed to you on the left side, if everything is bad, then they will cut, you should immediately consult a doctor without any delay !!!


It's like a paratonsillar abscess. Go to the ENT!


Apparently angina... do such a thing: finely chopped lemon mixed with honey in a ratio: and on a teaspoonful, as often as possible :) and everything will pass :) do not be ill :)

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