Diet for adults and children with bronchial asthma

The most significant causes of bronchial asthma are hereditary predisposition and allergic reactions. Of allergens, medicinal allergens, the products of vital activity of dust mites and cockroaches, bird fluff, spores of mold fungi, pollen of plants are of the greatest importance. Also one of the allergens that cause asthma are food. People who have problems with respiratory organs need a special diet for bronchial asthma. It is important to take in food only those foods that do not cause allergies and do not provoke attacks of suffocation.

  • Nutrition rules
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Nutrition rules

Asthma is a fairly common disease. She is sick with women and men, even children. Disease can be inherited from parents or acquired throughout life. Patients are often interested in one question: is it possible to drink alcohol in this pathology. Alcoholic beverages, during which fermentation was used (wine, beer, cognac, rum) is strictly forbidden to use in bronchial asthma, as they contain tyramine, which can cause pseudoallergic reactions, thereby provoking the onset of an attack.

Asthmatics need to adhere to a strict diet. It is necessary to exclude from the diet products-allergens. Hypoallergenic diet should contain a large number of proteins of animal origin.

The food should be boiled, steamed or stewed. Vegetables and cereals before cooking should be soaked for several hours. It is recommended to cook meat twice.

Goals of the diet:

  • elimination of allergen products from the diet;
  • alleviating the symptoms of the disease;
  • normalization of metabolism.

Table of products for bronchial asthma:

Products | Allowed It should be limited Prohibited
cereals buckwheat, oats, millet, rice, pearl barley rye, corn semolina and pasta
vegetables, fruits, nuts cabbage, potatoes, parsley, dill, pumpkin, zucchini, pears, plums, currants, apples mushrooms, radish, eggplant, bananas, kiwi, grapes Nuts, seeds, early vegetables, onions, garlic, sour cabbage,

citrus, spinach, pineapple, mango, cranberry, cranberries, blackberries

fats olive, sunflower, corn, melted butter butter pork

fat, margarine

smoking, pickles, canned food, eggs, spices, condiments, sauces salt up to 8 grams per day,

sugar - up to 20 g

salt, sugar eggs, sausages, smoking, canned food,

sharp pickles, vinegar, mustard, pepper, sauces, mayonnaise

dairy kefir, ryazhenka, yoghurt without fruit additives, cottage cheese, mild cheeses of hard cheese whole milk (only in porridge) milk and sour cream
meat liver, low-fat pork, turkey, veal rabbit fried meat, strong meat broths, chicken
a fish Herring, mackerel, tuna, carp, salmon sturgeon, trout, zander crustacean seafood
beverages Herbal teas, rosehip drinks, water-diluted juices tea black, green kvass, coffee, cocoa, alcoholic and carbonated drinks
flour products bread "Darnitsky", rye, from wheat 2 grades, gray white bread from wheat cakes, buns

The main dishes for asthmatics: vegetable soups, casseroles, salads, porridges, boiled meat. Food should be vitaminized and low-calorie. Salt and sugar can be eaten in moderation.

To withdraw phlegm from the lungs, you need to drink as much liquid as possible. Well helps milk with a pinch of soda, oat broth or herbal teas based on althea, St. John's wort, ivy. Recommendations for therapeutic nutrition must be met. From a properly selected diet depends on the health of the patient. During the disease it is important to observe the diet every day, not to overeat, not to eat before going to bed.

Important! It is necessary to use less salt, because sodium increases the manifestation of allergic reactions! Do not take into food spicy spices, vinegar essence, mustard. After all, even phytoncids contained in garlic can provoke an attack of an allergic nature. It should be refrained from taking alcohol, as it enhances the action of food allergens.

Types of diet for adults

The therapeutic diet for bronchial asthma is an additional measure to improve the health of the patient. At the same time, if asthma is caused by food allergy, removing the food that provokes seizures from the diet is absolutely necessary, in which case the diet from the supplementary measure turns into the main one. The number of the diet indicates which disease is treated with specially selected products. In the 20s of the last century, a system of therapeutic nutrition was developed. It includes 15 different diets, which are prescribed depending on the disease. Invented a system of therapeutic nutrition Soviet physician Pevzner M. I., so the classification is called - according to Pevzner.

Dietary table number 9

When a bronchial asthma is prescribed dietary treatment table 9. The diet promotes the entry of all nutrients into the body. Allergens are excluded from the diet, including easily digestible carbohydrates, spicy spices, roasted meat. The products are boiled, steamed or baked.

It is recommended to take food in small portions 5 times a day. The amount of liquid is 1.5-2 liters per day. The energy value of a daily diet is 2,700 kcal. The amount of salt is 5-8 grams.

In food you can take such foods and meals:

  • bread with bran, black, diet;
  • boiled or stewed veal, beef;
  • stewed, boiled rabbit or turkey meat;
  • boiled vegetables, stewed vegetable stew, carrots zrazy;
  • cottage cheese, fermented baked milk, yogurt;
  • unsweetened, diluted with water, juices, tea with milk, jelly, drinks from rose hips;
  • porridge, cabbage rolls;
  • fresh vegetables, berries and fruits;
  • cauliflower or white cabbage;
  • jelly, pudding, syrniki.

Exclude products:

  • fried meat, vegetables;
  • baking, chocolate, honey, jam;
  • bananas, citrus fruits, grapes;
  • poultry, lard;
  • broths based on fish, meat, mushrooms;
  • canned goods, hard cheese, smoked products, pickles, marinades, mustard, spices;
  • alcohol, carbonated water.

Approximate menu of the dietary table № 9:

  1. Breakfast: milk buckwheat porridge, not strong tea.
  2. Second breakfast: curd casserole.
  3. Lunch: vegetable soup, vegetables stewed, boiled veal, compote of apples, plums and dogrose.
  4. Snack: pancakes with grated berries.
  5. Dinner: boiled potatoes, braised rabbit, compote of dried fruits.
  6. At night: a glass of curdled milk.

Important! Dietary table number 9 excludes the use of food allergens provocateurs: histamine and tyramine! These substances are contained in sauerkraut, hard cheese, smoked foods, canned food.

Dietary table number 15

This type of diet does not require any special restrictions in the diet. On the contrary, table 15 is administered after a diet. It is transitional to a healthy diet. Products can be cooked in any way. The main thing is that the energy value of the diet does not exceed 3 200 kcal per day. You should drink up to 2 liters of liquid a day.

Foods that are allowed to be eaten:

  • broths, soups, borsch, rassolniki, okroshki, lean meat, fish;
  • fried eggs, canned food;
  • sour cream, ryazhenka, cottage cheese, milk;
  • tea, coffee, kvass;
  • butter and any vegetable;
  • beans, vegetables, fruits.

What can not be consumed:

  • alcohol;
  • mustard, spicy seasonings, horseradish, vinegar;
  • fat, fatty pork.

Sample menu with diet number 15:

  1. Breakfast: salad, cottage cheese casserole, fresh fruit juice.
  2. The second breakfast: buckwheat milk porridge, bread with butter, coffee.
  3. Lunch: vinaigrette, rassolnik, veal cutlets with boiled potatoes, tea.
  4. Snack: pie with strawberries and a glass of milk.
  5. Dinner: pancakes with cottage cheese, honey, herbal tea.

Diet for allergies to aspirin

The attack of suffocation in case of allergy to aspirin can cause the reception of acetylsalicylic acid. In case of worsening, you should stop using this medication and seek medical help from a doctor. When "aspirin" bronchial asthma is required to minimize the use of berries, citrus fruits, peaches, melons, tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers. Contraindicated the use of products containing as preservatives acetylsalicylic and benzoic acid.

You can not buy products that contain tartrazine (E102): carbonated drinks, nectars, juices, ice cream, canned goods, chewing gum, soups in bags, shop sauces, chips, muesli. Patients who do not tolerate tartrazine, while consuming substances harmful to their body, may start an attack of suffocation. If the disease worsens, a dangerous allergen should be immediately removed from the diet.

Important! When buying products you need to pay attention to their composition! If there is no information on the package, you need to look at the color. Yellow shades of varying intensity may indicate the presence of E102 in the food products.

Diet for children

A child suffering from bronchial asthma should receive all the substances necessary for normal growth and development of the body. It is recommended to eat food enriched with fruits, vegetables, dairy products, fish and low-fat meat. It should also exclude the use of harmful substances for health, which cause allergies. It is important to eat foods that contribute to the excretion of sputum from the bronchi.

If there is no allergy to honey, then the child should be given it as an expectorant. Magnesium-enriched products: green leafy vegetables, dried fruits, whole grains of wheat, seeds, nuts are well expanding the bronchi. Fresh tuna, herring, sardines, anchovies are sources of omega-3 acids. Regularly consuming oily fish, you can get the sputum out of the lung baby.

Sick children should regularly eat antioxidants (vitamin C, A, E). They contribute to strengthening the child's body. A saturated color indicates a large amount of antioxidants in vegetables or fruits. Every day you need to consume 5 servings of various vegetables or fruits. You should also drink plenty of water or diluted juices.

Sample menu for a child with bronchial asthma:

  1. Breakfast: oatmeal, a lime drink with honey (if there is no allergy).
  2. The second breakfast: cottage cheese casserole with vanilla yoghurt.
  3. Lunch: vegetable broth from broccoli and almonds, risotto with salmon, dry fruit compote.
  4. Afternoon snack: buckwheat porridge, herbal tea.
  5. Dinner: burger with unsweetened biscuits.

What foods can not be taken for food? The most common products that can cause asthma in children suffering from bronchial asthma: milk, eggs, cheese with mold, seafood, smoked products. Food additives that are found in sweets, confectionery, chewing gum, carbonated water can also lead to serious health problems. It is necessary to exclude the use of products containing benzoates (V210), sulfites (E220), yellow dyes (E102).

Children are very often allergic to milk. At the age of up to 3 years, toddlers receive a large amount of protein from cow's milk, and for them it is alien, the body refuses to take this substance. If the child has reddening, which then dries to form crusts, on the cheeks, abdomen, elbows, you need to stop consuming milk. With age, an allergy to this valuable product for the body can disappear.

Children with asthma do not tolerate eggs well. True, allergy is caused only by egg white, but it is not so easy to separate from the yolk. Therefore, it is necessary to completely exclude eggs from the patient's diet. You can not use glazed muffins, chopsticks, sweets.

Egg white is used in the production of vaccine preparations. Children with egg allergy should carefully approach vaccination. After all, some vaccines for influenza, mumps, measles, and rubella may contain protein.

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