Acne: How to get rid quickly at home

Any of us, had problems with the appearance of pimples on the skin and was looking for a remedy how to get rid of them. More often - it's the problems of adolescents, in this age period the person without acne is a subject of strong envy and dreams, as well as teenage depression, a sea of ​​disappointment and tears. As a boy, I in the book "For teenage boys"( the author does not remember)

read such recommendations as "Do not worry, youthful acne, as a rule, they themselves go on reaching the age of thirty" - gasped, and thought - this is how much morewait, and you need to live as much as I was then.

And I really wanted to get rid of acne quickly, urgently, immediately and. .. simply, soaping my face with soap and soap, washed in the home. So. .. you will not have acne: there are means for quickly getting rid of unpleasant rashes on the skin. But. .. why do they appear?


The main causes of

  • with abundant fat secretion - pores - sebaceous ducts - are clogged;
  • endocrine "storm" at pubertal age and at other ages and with diseases the work of the endocrine system is disbalanced;
  • improper power supply;
  • excessive emotional experiences leading to stress.

Useful tips

  1. When deciding to use folk remedies at home to treat acne, be patient. Systematicity is important.
  2. Do not use all folk recipes at once.
  3. When treating, limit yourself from eating fatty, smoked, fried foods( it provokes skin problems).


How to get rid of acne in 1 day. Express methods

How to quickly remove acne

Best home remedies and their recipes

Applying folk remedies for taking acne at home - do not squeeze them out! You risk getting contaminated blood in the worst case, and at best - a speck-scar for all long summers. Effective home remedies for acne withdrawal can be purchased at the pharmacy in the form of special medications or apply folk recipes.

Cucumber lotion

Very helps to remove acne in the home. Recipe: take ripe and juicy cucumbers, pre-cut them finely, put up to the top in a half-liter jar and pour vodka in half. Seal in a dark place corking tight for a week. Then you can wipe the obtained lotion from the cucumber all face or problem areas. The procedure time to guess so that after it does not go out into the sunlight. So this session is best done at night.


It will help to quickly cure acne. Dry grass - a couple of tablespoons - pour boiling water in a mug, wrap and allow to brew for 2 hours. How to cool - wet a piece of cloth in the infusion and rub your face.

Juice of different plants

These are popular folk remedies. Helps to get rid of acne lubrication problem areas with the juice of parsley, aloe. And also rashes on the skin well cures fir oil, it is a bactericidal and anti-inflammatory agent.

Salicylic acid

Two times daily lubrication of rashes with 1% solution of salicylic acid will give a drying, exfoliating and antibacterial effect that will save you from acne. After all, it is added to tonics, lotions and masks for problem skin. But for sensitive skin, it is not advisable to use it!

Pharmacy chamomile

Chamomile infusion is a popular anti-inflammatory drug that helps cure irritation and dry skin, as well as to get rid of abscesses and acne. To do this, brew chamomile flowers with boiling water in a glass, wrap and let it brew for one hour. At home, make compresses with this infusion several times a day.

The second option: the broth froze in the molds and the ice cubes themselves, wipe the face every morning.

To make a chamomile tonic lotion, mix a glass of infusion with half a glass of 40% alcohol solution and apply this remedy on the skin twice a day.

Tincture of calendula flowers

At home, helps remove acne, acne on the face, shoulders and back tincture of the flowers of calendula( claws - its second name - author's note).I must say that this folk remedy of an aggressive nature, a poet when applying it on his face dilute it in half boiled water at room temperature. You can wipe the skin with tincture every day for several weeks. In case of signs of burns on the skin( when you apply it, without spreading it with water on the skin of the back and shoulders), the skin is peeling and very dry, itches and itches, so stop continuing the procedure.

Try to make a soft tonic from rose water( 100 ml.) And 2 teaspoons of marigold tincture.

Olive oil and garlic

Slices of garlic are finely shredded, mixed with olive oil, the product is applied to the face, previously lubricated with petroleum jelly or fat cream( "Children's").After 10 minutes, you can wash off and moisturize your face with cream.

Flower honey

Honey bees are a natural antiseptic product. It helps a lot to cure acne at home and is a part of many folk recipes. It narrows the pores, and the skin becomes smooth.

To combine honey with olive oil( 20 gr.), Add one yolk. The mixture is applied to the face for 20 minutes, then rinse with warm water. Remove pimples in this way is possible in one to two weeks with the condition of regular use of the product.

Blue clay

This is a cosmetic clay that has a beneficial effect on the skin. It dries and cleans it. It is necessary to dilute a glass of clay water to its consistency of liquid sour cream. They put on the face, wait for the drying of the clay mask and rinse off with the infusion of chamomile. Clay can also be mixed with grape, apple or strawberry puree. This mask is left on the face until it dries. Wash off with warm water.


Bodyweed removes dead cells and dries pimples. It is very easy to make a mask at home. Powder bojazi diluted with boiled water to get a gruel and put on the face for 10 minutes. This mask rejuvenates the skin, tears off its pores. Skin blushes and it is noticeable. Therefore, do the procedure on weekends.

Polysorb remedy

At first, this medicine was treated with poisoning, since polysorb adsorbs toxins. But it still cleanses the skin, dries it and creates a protective layer that repels dust and dirt. The medicine is applied inside and outwardly.

For the external use in the form of a mask powder Polisorba in the amount of a tablespoon is mixed with mineral water to the consistency of thick sour cream. First check to see if there will be allergies. To do this, a small area of ​​skin on the back of the hand is smeared. If there is no skin allergic reaction, you can apply the cotton spot to the problem areas with a cotton bud. After 10 minutes, you can wash it off and apply an aqueous gel. Polysorbent is very active, the skin can turn red and itch. Burning on the skin is a signal to remove the medicine.

Polysorb taken also inside to remove allergic acne. They also treat constipation, gluttony or anorexia( problems with eating).Polysorb is contraindicated in for eczema, psoriasis, oncology and pregnancy.

If there are no contraindications, the Polysorb solution is taken orally: a teaspoon of powder 30 minutes after eating. The course lasts 2 weeks, then a break for one week and a repetition of the course. But a doctor's consultation is mandatory when using Polysorb.

Polysorb very effectively helps to get rid of acne, when it is applied simultaneously internally and externally. The fact is that this medicinal sorbent contains flax as an active substance. And the specialists-cosmetologists actively apply it to treat acne. Silicon binds toxic substances and removes them from body tissues.

The daily dose of Polysorb should not exceed three grams.


Daily cleansing of the skin at home in the morning and in the evening will definitely prevent the appearance of acne. During the day, the skin accumulates a lot of dust, dirt, microorganisms and sebum block up the pores, that's why they become inflamed, so pimples are formed.

Do once a week piligs, daily apply tonic, narrowing the pores, as well as foam or gel for washing. Your skin peels off, getting rid of dead cells, the pores will be cleaned deeply, and you will get rid of skin rashes.

You can use products that are found in the household, from which you can make scrub peeling at home. Here are the most popular recipes:


Coffee grounds are mixed with sour cream( lean), cream or cream. This peeling is applied to the face for 2 minutes, while gently massaging the skin, then rinse with warm water.


In equal quantities, take fine salt and soda. Add them to yogurt and apply massaging movements on the skin of the face.


This, based on oat flakes, peeling, well helps to get rid of pimples. Hercules flakes are crushed in a coffee grinder, add dry milk and a few drops of peppermint oil.

In general, peelings are applied to the face with gentle movements without pressing the skin.


Home popular recipes will help to quickly remove acne on the face. At home, you can always find effective drugs without the help of a pharmacy.

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