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The Internet has a large selection of interesting films about corruption, including in Russia. We know that the meaning of corruption consists in extracting the personal benefit of an official from his position in society.

In other words, corruption is abuse of one's status and social connections. Bribery, expressed in bribe taking, her dacha and participation in the form of an intermediary in this, is a corruption violation of the legislation of the Russian Federation.


The film about the corruption of the Attorney GeneralSeagulls

This film about corruption was published on 01.12.2015 by the Anti-Corruption Foundation of Alexey Navalny. In fact, it is an investigation of the criminal ties and business of the sons of the Russian Prosecutor General Igor and Artem Chaek. Chronology of the events of the film:

  1. The first part: the narrative of the constructed Artem Chaika hotel in Greece, which is a villa with a view of Mount Athos and the connections of the Prosecutor General's Office with the Tsapkovsky OPG.
  2. The second part: tells about the resident visa, home and currency account of the son of the Attorney General in Switzerland.
  3. The third part: tells how Artem Chaika and his accomplices took part in the raider capture of the Verkhnelensky Shipping Company in Irkutsk and abducted 12 river-sea vessels from Russia.
  4. The fourth part: Artem Chaika became a beneficiary of the Tiretsky saltpoth, a company that extracts rubble and a builder of a shopping complex in Mytishchi.
  5. Part one: on how companies associated with the 27-year-old son of the Prosecutor General Igor were able to receive state orders for 300,000,000,000 rubles.

The film-investigation "The Seagull" from Wikipedia

The authors of this film are accused of criminal activities of the sons of Yuri Yakovlevich Chaika and people close to him. On open evidence of the ties of Yu. Chaika, his sons Artem and Igor with an organized criminal group headed by Sergei Tsapok, there was no reaction from the government of the Russian Federation. Moreover, even in support of Yu. Ya. Chaika, President of the Crocus Group Aras Agalarov published an article in the newspaper Kommersant, where he stated about the unreliability of the facts presented in the film, and at the end cited Joseph Goebbels: "The lie repeated a thousand times becomes true".

It should be noted that on a direct question from journalists about this investigation in the film, Prime Minister Dmitry Anatolyevich Medvedev replied that "the accusation can only be shown in our country by the law enforcement system" and that this publication is made only for advertising purposes and represents part of the political struggle.

The very same, the Attorney General of Russia Yu. Ya. Chaika defined the film as custom-made, and the charges are false.

However, on 4/4/2015 Ivan Zhdanov, FBK lawyer, on his Facebook page left a message that the Anti-Corruption Fund filed a suit against Prosecutor General Yury Chaika in defense of the dignity, honor and business reputation of the authors of the film-investigation in the District Court of Moscow. But on December 14, 2015, the Presnensky Court did not accept the claim against Prosecutor General Chaika from FBK.And on December 29, 2015, the Anti-Corruption Foundation of the oppositionist Navalny has filed seven suits against the Prosecutor General Yu. Chaika and the media about defending honor, dignity and business reputation in four courts in Moscow.

June 15, 2016 Yuri Chaika, speaking in the Federation Council before his reassignment, in response to the senator's question stated: "We managed to go very far. We know the customers what money was paid and where. "And the evidence in the film did not become the subject of detailed public scrutiny and was not disproved.

Source: https: // Seagull, _Yury_Yakovlevich

Films about corrupt high-ranking officials

High-ranking patrons, multimillion-dollar foreign assets, raider seizure and murders are all in a new FBK investigation that will surprise even those who are already used to everything. Soon.

He's not Dimon: a film about Dmitri Medvedev

A video from Alexei Navalny. Published: 2 March 2017.

Secret palaces, vineyards and yachts of Dmitry Medvedev.

We are proud to present to you the biggest investigation to date of the Anti-Corruption Foundation.

We found and documented the corruption empire of the Prime Minister, consisting of a network of charitable organizations, designed for his trusted persons.

Oligarchs and state banks with their bribes pumped up these charitable funds, and then money was spent on the construction and purchase of luxury real estate in Russia and abroad.

Documents confirming every fact stated in the film are contained in the text investigation -

Secret dacha of Dmitry Medvedev

Located in Plyos, fenced with a 6-meter fence, but for the Anti-Corruption Fund this is not a problem. We are ready to show you this estate of 80 hectares( 3 territories of the Kremlin) and cost not less than 25-30 billion rubles.

A smart residence for the leader of the "United Russia" list was paid by gas magnates from the company "Novatek", listing this money as "charity."But, for the same amount, it would be possible to make paid operations in general for everyone who needs sick children. But the money went to the palace of Medvedev. Such charity is what power.

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From Russia with cash

"From Russia with cash" is a film investigation of how:

  • money stolen from the budgetsRussia and other states that cultivate or notPrevents corruption replenished in London.
  • an official from the Ministry of Health wants to buy a house in Chelsea for 1.7 billion rubles for his mistress, money stolen on purchases of medicines - that is, each of you who ever bought tablets in a pharmacy.
  • on your taxes buy apartments on Whitehall and punish you to tighten your belts!

There are no computers, no meals, no heat, no water in schools in the N-area( unnecessary to cross out), because the person in charge of education stole money from the budget to buy an apartment in London for his offspring who now lives in luxurious mansions and getsthe best education in the world.

"From Russia with Cash" also shows how easily, by stealing money, investing in London real estate - you just need to create an offshore anonymous company, and the mosquito does not undermine the nose.

Because, as one of our anti-heroes said, "neither the Russian government, nor even the British, will know whose money it is and where they come from!"

Finally, this film about how simply to rectify this monstrous situation is to deprivecorporate buyers of anonymity!

Force all "dark" out of the shadows or sell their possessions, under the threat of confiscation.

This is the absurd situation for a respectable average English man in the street - you try to imagine yourself in their place: some foreign rascal comes to London with money stolen from his citizens, and the simple-agents show him apartments and without batting an eye give advice, say, youthrough offshore come and everything is fine, it will be just a nice apartment with a beautiful Russian girl, know how!- such a situation could not help stirring the public. ..

Source: http: // rvborishovich. ..

FBK( Fight against Corruption) website https: // blocked by Russian censorship).

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