Seizures in the corners of the mouth in adults and children: causes and treatment

Zaeda ( cracks ) in the corners of the mouth are often found in adults and children. This infectious disease is not serious, but very contagious, transmitted from a sick person to a child or an adult person at household contacts, contact, violation of personal hygiene and nutrition. The disease is transferred by common use of dishes, handkerchiefs, napkins, with kisses.

Here we will talk about the causes and treatment of zaed in the corners of the mouth with the help of folk and medical means, for more information you can visit the page of the site, which describes how to treat and how quickly to cure spoilers at home.


Seizures: causes and symptoms

In adults

In general, this disease in medicine is called "Angulitis"( on the lips), "Angular stomatitis".Appear with the edge of the mouth cracks, irritation, erosion and pustules. All this is accompanied by discomfort during eating, talking, sometimes blood appears on the wound.

Angular stomatitis often manifests in the spring, against a background of a decrease in immunity, deficiency of vitamins and nutrients. It is painful for a man to open his mouth and apply food, especially spicy and salty. It is better to apply, of course, to a hospital for a dermatologist, for the cause and type of pathogenic microflora is unknown to us. If a person feels burning, pain during conversation, irritation from salty foods, seizures can be of streptococcal origin. When the wound is not covered with a crust - it is probably a candida-angiotic angulitis.

The child

In childhood, jaunts are rare. Often they are sick teenagers. The main reasons are the same as in adults, but there are some peculiarities: skin and mucous injuries often occur due to self-indulgence( they chew a pencil, pen, nails, inflate cheeks and clap on them), lack of vitamins( riboflavin), colds, viruses,carious teeth, anemia, worms and stuff.

Women in pregnancy

Women in the situation are vulnerable to various infections, bacteria, often there are wounds, cracks on the lips after the elementary use of someone else's dishes, or dishes that come into contact with the patient with a similar infection. In addition, seizures occur with excessive dryness of the lips, herpes, the habit to lick your lips in the cold wind, allergies to cosmetics and toothpaste, a lack of insulin.

Yes, in addition to the infection itself and the aforementioned causes of seizures, there are also: an incorrect bite, the intake of corticosteroids( hormones), improperly selected dentures, pathology of the liver, gastrointestinal tract, HIV infection.

Treatment of snacks in the corners of the mouth: drugs, medications

When you do not know how to get rid of sneezing at the corners of your lips, contact your dermatologist. After the examination and examinations, he will determine the causative agent of the disease, prescribe the appropriate treatment, which will include: drugs, vitamin therapy, other measures to accelerate recovery.

With all options - eliminate irritating factors, abandon bad habits. Increase the intake of vitamin B 2. It is found in green leafy vegetables, bran, nuts, cabbage, beans, poultry meat.

For bacterial origin of seizures, treatment should be carried out with antibiotics: azithromycin, tetracycline ointment and others, keep in mind that if the fungus causes cracks in the corners of the mouth - antifungal agents are needed.

For example, preparations against a fungus: Terbizil, Nistatinum, Lamikon, and cytostatics.

When combining the form of the disease, with the purpose of eliminating itching, inflammation is helped by combined medications: Trimistin, Triderm, Tetracycline.

Ointment from snoring in the corners of the mouth

In addition to medicines for internal consumption, apply ointment and cream from zaed in the corners of the mouth. If there are conversions in the corners, you can buy at the pharmacy these ointments( one to choose from):

D-panthenol .It is intended for external treatment. It improves the regeneration of tissues, replenishes the lack of pantothenic acid, has an anti-inflammatory effect.

Bepanten .It is a regenerating medicine. Ointment removes pain, cures microtraumas on the lips, normalizes cellular metabolism, eliminates vesicles on the skin.

Levomekol .Ointment is universal, suitable for treating many skin diseases. Effective against microbes, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, regenerative effect, preventive action from maceration of the skin, spread of the rash.

Metrogyl denta .Good for complex therapy, kills most pathogenic flora due to metronidazole and chlorhexidine.

Paste Teymurova .Helps with fungal disease and syphilitic form. Dries, deodorizes, cools the affected surface.

Seizures in the corners of the mouth: treatment with folk remedies

At home, widely used for the treatment of earwax. To get her to get a cotton swab. Extracted from the gray of the ears need to smear the place of redness, peeling, inflammation. For the healing of cracks, lubricate the lips and bubbles around them with preparations based on beeswax and olive oil.

Preventing seizures is to comply with the general rules of cleanliness, hygiene, general strengthening of the body with proper nutrition, timely treatment of patients with teeth.

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It begins with the appearance of reddish areas of the lips, then they begin to crack, then tighten a crust and can bleed. This can lead to the fact that it will be impossible to eat normally or even open your mouth.

All age groups are at risk of falling sick, regardless of the season. True, there is a high probability of this disease in the spring. Several factors that cause this disease are called. The most important is the deterioration of the digestive system or some other system in the body. This means that you do not need to cure the seizures themselves, but to look for causes in violation of the mode of work of your body. Thus, we see that this disease is nothing more than a manifestation of a wider disease.

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