Drink: how to get out yourself, with the help of a clinic or close ones

Most often, relatives and family members of an alcoholic seek help from specialists in narcology. And very rarely, when the alcoholic decides to stop and stop drinking. Alcoholism is an insidious disease with a recurring course, a lack of consciousness of the disease in the drinker and an increase in somatic and mental pathology.




How to deal with drinking

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  • How to deal with the

    drunkard The alcoholic can not do without the support of people close to him. Consider the information on how to get out of the binge.

    Drinking is a continuous, for several days, even weeks - the abuse of alcoholic beverages. The patient with alcoholism can not stop, as soon as the concentration of alcohol in the blood drops, alcohol intoxication weakens, the state of alcoholic euphoria decreases, mental and physiological discomfort increases. Emerging feelings of anxiety, fear, poor health pushes the patient to take another portion of alcohol. In neglected cases, against a background of a lack of alcohol in the blood, alcoholic patients have epileptic convulsions, hallucinations, mental disorders and disorders.

    Even beer alcoholism causes so-called "beer psychoses" in the form of delirium( white fever) and hallucinosis. To suppress the probability of impending danger and anxiety, the alcoholic reaches for the next dose of alcohol.

    The duration of the binge depends on the neglect of alcoholism, on the addiction syndrome, on the nature of the person and the state of his health. The longer the drinking, the worse the forecast, the harder it is to get out. Very few people can quit the binge on their own.

    Exposure to the influence of alcohol

    The reason for drinking from a drinking person is any psychotraumatic event, a reason for drunkness, disappointment in oneself, insecurity, psychological instability, and so on. It is estimated that in Russia, most of the men are from drunken alcoholics. But often, drunken alcoholism is observed in women. Female alcoholism has its own characteristics, in connection with which it is very difficult to treat.

    Ways to get out of the binge

    You do not need to lose hope, there are several options for getting out of the binge.

    1 variant

    Find a specialized narcological clinic where narcologists can help a loved one get out of the drinking-bout. But this method may not be affordable for everyone due to high prices for treatment.

    2 variant

    Try to get out of the binge yourself. You need good motivation and an attitude to complete getting rid of alcoholism.

    3 variant

    Find a way out of the binge with the help of close people at home. To exit from the drunken state you need:

    1. Arrange for treatment with a drinking person, enlist his support, strengthen it in the final decision to get out of the drinking-bout.
    2. Begin to leave the drinking-bout in the evening.
    3. Give patient to drink water with activated tablets of activated charcoal( 1 tablet per 10 kg of patient's weight).You will also need drugs: Valocordinum, Essentiale forte, and possibly Mezim, if pains in the stomach.
    4. Give as a drink: mineral water, apple juice, kefir, milk, brine, lemon juice.
    5. Give a large amount of honey - 100 gr.a glass of honey for one reception.
    6. Give a rich, fat broth of beef or lamb.
    7. Remove all alcoholic beverages from the house so as not to lead the patient into temptation.

    1 day

    In the morning, on the first day of getting out of drinking-bout, after awakening, let the patient drink 0.5 liters of liquid( just water, brine, kefir, mineral water, etc.).Let after that take 1 capsule "Essentiale Forte" and two tablets of activated charcoal. Wash down with a small amount of water with twenty drops of Valocordin.

    Raise the mood, remove anxiety, fear and depression hot shower, you can contrast. Breakfast should consist of broth and black bread. After eating and showering, the well-being will improve significantly.

    After five hours, let the patient again take inside 2 capsules of Essential forte. A "Valocardin" - if necessary, in cases of anxiety in the heart. Lunch should consist of the same broth and strong tea with honey and lemon.

    You need supper also with broth and black bread. With increased appetite, you still can not eat much, and overload the body and liver with the pancreas. In the evening, you need to take the same medications. So the body will be easier to recover from the drinking-bout.

    Before going to bed, the patient should take a warm shower or bath.

    Day 2

    The next day the food remains the same, the medications are taken the same and in the same amount. Let this day be active for the patient, let him move more, solve household problems and household matters.

    Observe the state of health of the patient. If there is no improvement, call a doctor.

    When you try to cope with a drunken state, you may experience depression, a decline in mood and strength. Let the patient take, anything from sedatives.

    And if a drinking person does not want to get rid of a binge, how to be?

    Often, almost always, people with alcoholism do not recognize their illness and repel any help and belief. The patience of the surrounding alcoholic should be great.

    To begin with, convince the person of interrupting the binge and getting out of it. In a sober state, he will understand you better. Show that the patient needs a family, that you are ready to give him support and care, but he should stop drinking.

    If the patient does not want to be treated, try anything from alcohol treatment without the patient's knowledge, but only very carefully and carefully! In general, any treatment of alcohol dependence should be conducted under the supervision of a therapist and a narcologist. Good luck!