The apartment is very stuffy and hot: why, what to do

The problem of stuffiness and heat in the apartment is very relevant especially in the summer. A stifling room does not allow a person( a child and an adult) to rest, sleep, relax or calmly and productively work. Why is this so? Alas, our body is much easier to tolerate the cold, rather than the heat. So it is arranged.

Overheating of the body is very harmful, it is not as noticeable as a mild cold. Especially bad people feel when very stuffy and hot in the apartment , who have a tendency to increase blood pressure( arterial), cardiovascular disease, elderly age. What to do then at home, if you are in a stuffy room: an apartment or a private house? About this and talk. ..

What if the apartment is very hot and stuffy in the summer

The problem of heat in the apartment can bother both in summer and in winter. The summer cause of the heat is the sun, and in winter - excessively hot batteries. And with that, and with another reason the heat can be successfully combated.

The fan will save you from the heat not only in summer but also in winter.

One of the most effective ways to combat the summer heat is the air conditioner ( split system ).It is able to cool the air in the room and maintain the desired temperature.

Of course, this method has disadvantages - air conditioning requires a complex and expensive installation. However, you can buy a mobile air conditioner, which is not needed in the installation.

If you can not purchase and install the air conditioner, you can use another device - fan .With its help, the hot time is much easier to carry.

When the apartment windows face the opposite side of the house, you can open them and arrange the draft .But we must remember that staying in a draft for a long time can be dangerous for health.

It is necessary to limit the penetration of into the room of sunlight .If the curtains or blinds are not effective enough, you can use the mirror reflective film, fixing it on the window. It will reflect the infrared and ultraviolet rays. Such a film is especially effective if your windows look on the sunny side.

The heat in the apartment is harder tolerated if the air is dry indoors. It needs to humidify .For this, you can use with wet towels or with sheets, hanging them in the rooms. In addition, in stores you can find air humidifiers , which will maintain humidity automatically.

The constant flow of fresh air will help to transfer heat more easily. Of course, open windows partially help in solving this issue. But there is also a more efficient and technological way - to install valves for supply ventilation .They will ensure correct air exchange around the clock.

What to do if the apartment is hot in the winter

In winter, some houses have very hot batteries. Air conditioning in winter is powerless - the external unit should work at positive temperatures. But he is able to help in the early spring, when the street is already around zero, and the radiators are still hot.

The most effective way to deal with excessively hot batteries is the installation on them with thermostats or ordinary shutdown valves. With their help, you can adjust the water supply. In extreme cases - just close it.

If this is not possible, can open windows. But in the winter it is fraught with the danger of catching a cold. If you open the windows for a while, then after a while the air in the room will again heat up and the heat will return.

Heating batteries can be covered with with wet towels or with sheets. This will moisten the air and reduce the temperature of the batteries. The disadvantage is that the sheets dry quickly and need to be wetted constantly.

Another option is to wrap the battery with a thick blanket .It will serve as a heat insulator and help reduce the temperature. And next to the battery, you can put the jar with water, which will evaporate, reducing the dryness of the air.

The management company is responsible for regulating the water temperature that is supplied to your house. You can apply to it with a request to reduce the temperature of the coolant. If your request is ignored, you can file a written complaint with Rospotrebnadzor.

Comfort to you in summer and winter!

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