Effective methods of how to quickly clear lungs after smoking

When smoking the main object of defeat is nicotine lung. Before those who got rid of this bad habit, a new problem arises: how to clear the lungs after smoking. Restoring their functions, clearing all respiratory tract from tar, toxins - the process is long. After cessation of smoking for each person comes an uneasy period.

  • Why do you need to clean the lungs?
  • Average terms of cleaning the lungs from intoxication
  • Conditions and actions that contribute to the purification of the lungs
  • Use of some herbal infusions
  • Rational Nutrition and Hygiene
  • Physical activity
  • Gymnastics breathing
  • Visiting the bath for complex cleaning
  • Inhalation
  • Use of medicines
  • Signals of the beginning of the process of cleansing from the harmful effects of smoking
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If you exclude the receipt of tobacco products in the body, which is accustomed to them, there is a state of stress, emotional instability. It is recommended to use valerian, melissa, motherwort to relieve the severity of stress. It is better to avoid places where smokers are present. The body re-starts the process of habituation, and get rid of it will be difficult.

Important!Clear lungs can only be with a complete cessation of smoking. Having started the procedure for cleaning the lungs, in no case can you smoke again, even one cigarette.

Why do you need to clean the lungs?

With the help of the movement of the cilia of the lung epithelium, special mucus is produced - an important component of purification. It collects all the components that cause enormous harm to the body, and removes it from the respiratory tract. With the departure of mucus, these substances are removed. But with the smoke of cigarettes, the system receives tar, which exposes the cilia to gluing. The viscosity of the sputum increases, separation is difficult, the alveoli become clogged. Due to the violation of gas exchange, the blood is not saturated enough with oxygen.

It is very difficult to clean yourself easily with the lung. A set of procedures is required, right up to the use of medicines, and a considerable period of time for detoxification (removal of toxins from the body).

Average terms of cleaning the lungs from intoxication

The answer to the question, after what time will clear the lungs, if you quit smoking, for each individual. It depends on the length of the smoker's service, the volume of nicotine taken daily, the way of his life as a whole. This period varies from 3 months to one year. During this time, if you completely give up smoking, the airway is cleared. The activity of the "cilia" of the epithelium of the lungs, purified from poisonous substances, is restored.

Due to the harmful effects of tar and nicotine for many years, the effect does not come immediately. Coughing spells with sputum can last for a long time. It is especially important to increase the immunity for the independent struggle of the organism and use all possible means for this. For those who are interested in how to clean the lungs after smoking hookah, the same methods and means are suitable.

Conditions and actions that contribute to the purification of the lungs

In order to effectively clean the lungs, you must comply with certain conditions and use all possible methods for this. An integrated approach will ensure a positive result.

List of the most important conditions:

  • desire, a psychological attitude, a clear goal and willpower;
  • mandatory exclusion of smoking, even "passive";
  • application of herbal infusions and other folk remedies;
  • rational nutrition and hygiene;
  • physical activity;
  • breathing exercises;
  • use of positive effects of baths, saunas;
  • cleaning by inhalation;
  • drug therapy.

In the body, everything is interconnected. Therefore, it is necessary to use not a single tool or methodology, but a whole complex of measures. In addition to using medications, you need to know how to clean the respiratory tract at home. With an integrated approach to solving the problem, you can achieve the greatest efficiency.

Use of some herbal infusions

Consider in the table effective methods of purification.

Ingredients Cooking method Mode of application Duration of the course Effects on the body
Sage, pine buds, anise in equal parts of 1 part, licorice, marshmallows - 2 parts each Stir, add a glass of boiling water to one spoonful of the mixture After half an hour strain, drink 1 month Helps eliminate mucus, strengthen the immune system
Oregano, black currant, peppermint Combine in equal proportions, 3 tablespoons of the resulting mixture to insist for an hour on a steep boiling water (500 ml) Take 140-160 ml three times a day before meals 1 month, after the break, repeat the course Helps cleanse the cilia of the epithelium from resins
Oregano, violet, one spoonful Pour 600 ml of boiling water, insist for one and a half hours, drain Take the cooked infusion for three times during the day 1-2 months Cleans the lungs gently, removing phlegm without increasing cough
Primula, horsetail, medinitsa, poppy, licorice, soap. Pine buds, thyme, elderberry, plantain, sweet clover, pickler, violet, fennel for 1 tsp. each grass to mix, pour 1.5 liters of boiling water, insist about 3 hours Stretching, drinking a glass at night Two month Expectorant action, promoting sputum excreta
Oats (whole grains for milk decoction) 200 grams of oats pour 500 g of milk. Allow to boil and cook at the lowest heat until the liquid is reduced by half. Allow to cool to room temperature or slightly higher. Decoction to drink immediately (when using 1 cup of oats). The remaining pulp should be crushed and eaten during the day before eating Course - 2 months After 7 days, a cough that promotes sputum
Onions (onion syrup) Cut the bulb large, cover with sugar, place in a dark place. Strain the syrup, dividing by 4 times Drink one serving of syrup Once a week The action is slow, gradual

Cleaning with herbs can be done by self-selection or by purchasing a ready-made pulmonary collection in a pharmacy, using it according to the instructions.

Rational Nutrition and Hygiene

Nutritional regimen is important for the normalization of lung function and all organs of the respiratory system.

Recommended drinks and products:

  1. Water. It is necessary to use it in large amounts (up to 2 liters per day) for washing out harmful substances, poisons, and repairing disturbed tissues.
  2. Green tea. The use of it at night also cleanses the body, facilitates breathing, being a good antioxidant.
  3. Red wine improves the blood composition, is an effective tool in the prevention of lung cancer.
  4. Milk. It contains proteins, minerals and amino acids, which is useful for cleansing, including respiratory tract, from poisonous substances.
  5. Pineapples. Bromelin in their composition contributes to the normalization of cholesterol, getting rid of toxins, cleaning the lungs. They have anti-inflammatory effect, have a calming effect on the nervous system.
  6. Apples. Recommended daily use of them. Promote the normalization of the functions of most internal organs, thanks to the content of ascorbic acid and iron.
  7. Garlic. Have it every day, adding to food or separately. Thanks to the allicin in its composition, it helps to liquefy mucus with disinfection and disinfection. Strengthens and helps to cleanse the body as a whole.

It is recommended the use of most fruits and vegetables, cereals, legumes, berries, citrus fruits. Selenium, contained in many types of fish, grains, is another antioxidant, favorable for the release of toxins. Regular ventilation, humidification, maintenance of cleanliness is necessary.

Important!Particular attention is paid to the air condition in the room, its cleanliness, temperature (20 ° С), humidity (more than 25%, optimally - 50-70%).

Physical activity

Gymnastics, swimming, biking, fitness, running - these loads are especially important in the first month, when the body is in a state of stress. They train the heart muscle, promote gas exchange, normalize the functions of the ciliary epithelium. They have a restorative effect.

Gymnastics breathing

Breathing organs must be provided with healthy work, so that when they are cleaned, they improve and develop. With deep breathing, the influx of blood increases. Recommended gymnastics for breathing in the yoga system. It helps not only to clear the lungs, but also to avoid mental overstrain, catarrhal diseases.

Visiting the bath for complex cleaning

Jets of hot air positively affect the blood circulation, dilate the bronchi, dilute sputum. The use of the effect of a bath or a sauna promotes health improvement in general. They must be visited weekly for two months, following the rules of visiting the steam room. After bathing procedures, use herbal infusions. But you need to consult a doctor, since the bath is not shown to everyone.


The use of nebulized substances by inhalation promotes the expansion of bronchial tubes with dilution of sputum. Important inhalation for bronchitis, which is present in almost all smokers. They also help in purifying the lungs, poisoned with nicotine. In this case, the functions of the cilia of the epithelium are restored, harmful substances, polluting particles are discharged.

Practice is the use of special nebulizers, inhalers. As components of inhalation medicinal herbs (for example, gathering of cedar, fir and juniper), salts, essential oils, mineral water (for example, "Borjomi") are used. Inhalations are carried out for 2 weeks for 10-15 minutes a day.

Use of medicines

In addition to the natural methods of detoxification, it often becomes necessary to use medications that help liquefying and secreting secretions, combating inflammation. Among them are such medications: Ambroxol, Ambrobene, Gedelix, Lazolvan, Ambrosan, Flavamed, ACTS, vitamin complexes, ointments with menthol. The consultation of the attending physician is important.

Important!When cleaning the lungs, it is obligatory to take into account the diseases of other organs. Find out all contraindications from the attending physician.

Signals of the beginning of the process of cleansing from the harmful effects of smoking

The process of cleansing the lungs does not occur in one day or even in a month. But that it has started, signal certain symptoms. They help to understand that efforts are not in vain, the body reacts to them. Signals can be approximately the following:

  • regular cough;
  • sputum discharge (excretion of toxic substances from the lungs and bronchi);
  • gradual relief of breathing, reduction in cough;
  • improvement of appetite and general well-being;
  • mood swings (there is a stress syndrome).

The presence of these signals should not be intimidating. These are symptoms of the processes of purification. For psychological comfort it is necessary to use walks, gymnastics, if necessary, on the advice of a doctor, take antidepressants.

The answer to the question, whether it is possible and how to clean the lungs after years of smoking, is unambiguous. Completely restore the epithelium of the respiratory tract can and should be. An organism contaminated with toxins and poisons needs time to recover. If you refuse from prolonged smoking, the body is in a state of stress. When cleaning the lungs in parallel, you need to get rid of it. A person often adds to weight because of the replacement of cigarettes with additional food. Often there is a decrease in immunity. It will take patience, willpower, determination.