Method of health promotion


«Sounding exhalation»

All kind timedays! Today I want to acquaint you with a rather unusual method of preserving and strengthening human health - "A sounded exhalation".Its uniqueness lies in the fact that it is a synthesis of ancient and modern breathing and vocal techniques. Logically, I came to his discovery in the process of psychological and medical work in the role of instructor of medical-physical culture and medical psychologist with patients of the Unitary Hospital "Nechaevskaya CRH".

The technique helps very effectively to remove neuropsychological tension, gives emotional discharge, brings to everyday life a state of inspiration.

The essence of

The method of the sounded exhalation is a form of respiratory gymnastics, in which, at first, an active, full inhale is made, and then the exhalation, smooth and longer, is combined with the pronunciation of any sound. At the same time, with each repetition of the breathing cycle( inspiration-exhalation), they strive for an even longer expiration with singing of sound.

Scope of application

This technology can be used in the training work of a social and medical psychologist, as well as an instructor of the exercise therapy.


The technique can be used for a variety of disorders and disorders of the human body due to a whole lot of healing effects on the psyche and the human body.

Effect on the body

Physiological action

  1. Cleansing and strengthening of the respiratory tract;
  2. Complete elimination of stagnation phenomena in the lungs;
  3. Development of the mobility of the ribs and strengthening of the respiratory musculature;
  4. Improving the elasticity of lung tissue;
  5. Activation of additional alveoli;
  6. Increase in vital capacity of lungs, use of included reserves of unclaimed area of ​​lung tissue;
  7. Gas exchange and transport of gases by blood become more perfect;
  8. Improve blood composition;
  9. Purification of the walls of blood vessels from cholesterol and other deposits, return of their elasticity;
  10. Soft massage of internal organs and improvement of their functions;
  11. Aligning the work of the endocrine glands;
  12. Strengthening the general immunity, adaptive properties of the body to unfavorable environmental factors;
  13. Cure many diseases, primarily respiratory and heart;
  14. Rejuvenating effect.

Psychological Action

  • Improved blood composition and increased nasopharyngeal purge leads to improved attention, memory, general brain condition, makes the mind clear, and eyes shrewd, a light, calm and happy state of mind begins to appear in a person.
  • The neuromuscular tension is removed, the state of emotional anxiety goes away, the person works productively, becomes less tired, quickly restores strength, begins to look at life optimistically and puts his plans into practice.
  • Improving the diction and staging of the voice, the pronunciation of words: speaking in front of the audience is better heard, understood and accepted by listeners.
  • Strengthens the ability to convince other people.
  • Some internal personal barriers, complexes of inferiority are removed. A person feels much better and freer after class than he did, since he expressed himself emotionally during the lesson. A feeling of emotional emancipation comes.


Initial position

Engage in this breathing gymnastics in a standing position, sitting, you can and lying( for those who can not get up), while it is important to keep your head and back straight.

To begin the lesson is best with a warm-up, which can also be used as a separate gymnastics:


  1. We take a full breath in through the nose for 3 to 5 seconds, first we inflate the ball like a stomach, then continue to inhale the chest, expandingher and increasing in volume.
  2. Exhalation through the mouth is prolonged, longer than the inspiration in 2 - 3 times, can be accompanied by a whispering of the long syllable "Ha-ah-ah-ah-ah."For example, if the breath was 3 seconds, then exhale, or "Ha-ah-ah-ah" 6-9 seconds, etc.

We repeat this 5 - 10 times.

  • Next: inhale as well, and exhale, same smooth and lasting, but through tightly compressed lips: from the lungs, the air is expelled as if by itself, but at the same time, with the help of light tension of the muscles of the chest.

We repeat 5 - 10 times.

Sound component

The same, the main sound gymnastics, leaving the warm-up, repeats it with only one difference: on exhalation, instead of whispering the syllable "Ha" we are already singing the sounds of the letters of our native Russian language:

  1. Group of vowels:u, u, u, u, u.
  2. Consonant sounds: ж, з, р, с, ф, ш, щ.
  3. Separate sound: guttural NG, as in the word "Ganges".After inhaling through the nose, exhaling, when singing this sound, also occurs through the nose, the mouth is closed, and the tip of the tongue touches the sky.


At the beginning of the session, sounds are pronounced within 5 to 7 seconds, then they reach up to 20 seconds or more, this improves and fixes the skill of smoothness and the duration of exhalation. With every repetition, try to achieve the beauty and purity of the sound you sing, its strength, intensity and duration. Sounds should be sung with pleasure, from the heart, enjoying yourself and the sound you sing, as if dissolving in it, becoming this sound, merging with it. Enjoy vibrating your vocal cords and chest.

The number of repetitions of each sound is determined for yourself, it can be 1 - 2 times or more, at your discretion. The main thing is that these 10 - 15 minutes of gymnastics were for you a joy.

Application examples

For the treatment of respiratory diseases, for example, with bronchial asthma, bronchoectatic disease, it is necessary to work hard 3 times a day for 15-20 minutes.

For the development of diction and voice setting, removal of neuropsychic tension - 1 - 2 multiple daily sessions for 10 - 15 minutes.


Temporary contraindications are colds of the throat and nasopharynx.