Bradycardia: symptoms and treatment of the disease folk remedies

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Bradycardia is one of the types of cardiac arrhythmia in which the heart rate decreases below 60 per minute. Normally, this condition occurs in trained athletes.

Other people need to pay close attention to this failure in the body. Reducing heart attacks to 40 per minute can be critical.

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    • Symptoms
    • General recommendations
    • Folk methods
    • Infusion of walnuts and honey
    • Infusion of red wine and ginseng root
    • Healing mixture of radish juice and fennel seeds
    • Tincture of wine, lemon and chilli
    • Tincture from the root of dandelion and nettle leaves
    • Recommendations on the regimen and prevention measures

    Causes of

    The bradycardia divides in its origin into several types:

    1. SinusovaI: characterized by a disruption of the sinus node;
    2. Caused by heart block;
    3. Physiological: characterized by a decrease in the number of cardiac contractions under normal conditions( sleep, enhanced training);
    4. Pathological: occurs in cardiac diseases and is eliminated after curing the disease;
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    6. Toxic;
    7. Medicinal.

    To determine the true cause of bradycardia, you can only contact a doctor. Among the most common causes of the onset are:

    • Increased intracranial pressure;
    • Jaundice;
    • of Myxedema;
    • Angina pectoris;
    • Myocardial infarction;
    • Arterial hypertension( low blood pressure);
    • Myocarditis;
    • Intoxication;
    • Fasting;
    • Dystrophy.
    • Low level of hemoglobin.
    Bradycardia can occur when wearing a collar or tie, tightly tightening the neck and provoking blood circulation disorders.

    Symptoms of

    Sometimes mild bradycardia occurs almost asymptomatically. Patients do not pay attention to easy fatigue and dizziness.

    Symptoms appear when the number of heartbeats drops to 50 strokes and below the ( each individually).A rare heartbeat slows blood circulation, and, first of all, the brain and vessels that do not receive oxygen suffer.

    Oxygen starvation of the whole organism begins, which leads to complete loss of strength, dizziness and fainting.

    The most dangerous symptom for bradycardia is Morgagni-Adams-Stokes syndrome. This is a sudden, short-term loss of consciousness, sometimes accompanied by convulsive movements.

    Before fainting, the person suddenly turns pale, throws him into a cold sweat. During fainting, the pulse is very weak and slow, sometimes not palpable at all, it is possible to stop breathing.

    Loss of consciousness does not last long, from a few seconds to a couple of minutes, but is dangerous because it can end in a fatal outcome. With this symptom, you should immediately contact a doctor.

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    General recommendations

    Treatment of bradycardia is prescribed depending on the type and form of arrhythmia. All patients need to pass general tests, pass an electrocardiogram and make an ultrasound of the heart.

    Physiological does not require medical intervention, the pathological is eliminated by treatment of a provoking disease. An active treatment requires bradycardia caused by the development of angina pectoris, myocardial infarction, myxedema, acute coronary insufficiency, and dystrophy. The drug form of bradycardia is eliminated by replacing drugs that cause a slowing of the heart rate.

    A thorough examination with a cardiologist is necessary for people who have had a syndrome of short-term fainting. Find out why the body reacted in this way to a slowed heart rate, only a cardiologist can.

    Folk Treatment of

    In case if serious diseases did not come to light, then bradycardia can be treated at home using folk remedies and methods.

    Reduced heart rate is usually on a background of slowed blood circulation and low blood pressure. To achieve more heart rate, you need to speed up the process of blood circulation in the body and eliminate hypoxia( oxygen starvation).

    For this purpose, the following:

    • Coffee;
    • Garlic;
    • Lemon;
    • Pepper;
    • Ginseng root;
    • Walnuts;
    • Dandelion root;
    • Leaves of nettle;
    • Yarrow;
    • Radish;
    • Dill;
    • Honey;
    • Red wine.

    To help yourself first aid during a bradycardia attack, you can drink a cup of coffee by eating a slice of lemon or making an easy charge. In order to forget about attacks for a long time, you need to go through a certain course of treatment with folk remedies, observing the dosage and regularity of the reception.

    Infusion of walnuts and honey

    To prepare the tincture, take 500 g of honey, 250 g of walnut kernels and 100 g of vodka. Well, if the nuts are slightly immature or recently fallen from a tree - the properties of such kernels are much stronger.

    Honey needs to be warmed up well in a water bath and add vodka there, chop the nuts into a powder( you can put it on a coffee grinder or wrap it in a cloth and beat it with a hammer for a long time).Mix everything and put it in the refrigerator when the mixture is completely cool.

    Take before breakfast on a tablespoon. The course of admission is a month. If the infusion remains, then you can continue the course for another 10 days. You need to repeat the course three times with a break in two months.

    Infusion of red wine and ginseng root

    It is better to take wine for cooking infusions home( from the store only if you are sure of its quality).Wine( 0,5 l) put in a pan and pour into it 200 g of ground ginseng root, bring to a boil( but do not boil), remove from heat, pour the contents into a thermos, and put it infused for a day. Then pour into glassware and put into the refrigerator.

    The course of admission is two weeks. Take in the morning and evening for 25 ml. Course features: two weeks of admission, two weeks of break. The active course should be repeated four times( total 8 weeks).

    Healing mixture of radish juice and fennel seeds

    People who have had a heart attack should consult a doctor before using. The mixture is really healing and works wonders, but you do not need to be abused and be extremely cautious in dosage.

    100g of dill seeds are poured with boiling water and insisted for two or three days( until they swell), then kneaded in a mortar and poured 200g of freshly squeezed black radish juice( one kilogram of root vegetables will be needed).

    Everything is thoroughly mixed and infused for two to three hours. Take once a day, a teaspoonful, after breakfast. The course of admission is 30 days. After a month break, he will repeat it again.

    Tincture of wine, lemon and chilli pepper

    Effective tincture, helping to forget about the bradycardia for a long time, includes 200 g of red wine, four slices of lemon and one, a small, chilli pepper.

    Lemon, together with the peel, and grind the pepper, the wine should be slightly warmed, and mix everything. Infuse 4 - 5 days, then clean in the refrigerator. Take 10 ml, after breakfast, for a month.

    Usually one course is enough. It should be repeated if there are repeated signs of the disease, but not earlier than a month after the end of the previous course.

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    Tincture from the root of dandelion and nettle leaves

    With infrequent attacks of slow heart rate, you can prepare a tincture from the root of dandelion and nettle leaves.

    For preparation you need to take 100g of dry nettle leaves and 50g of dandelion root. Preparing a tincture of fresh ingredients, portions should be divided in half. Prepared, crushed ingredients are poured in water( 0.5 liters) and brought to a boil over low heat.

    Insists in a glass container three - four days, then filtered and cleaned into the refrigerator. Take twice a day - after breakfast and lunch for 20 ml. The course of treatment is 30-40 days.

    Recommendations on the regimen and prevention measures

    People who are prone to attacks of bradycardia can not be tortured by excessive physical exertion of , but it is also not to exclude motor activity altogether. It is forbidden to lift weights, hold your breath( for example, during diving).

    Those wishing to lose weight, it is better to contact a dietician, and not torture yourself with strict diets. Uncontrolled starvation leads to the fact that the body does not receive the necessary nutrients, hemoglobin falls, arterial hypertension develops, blood circulation slows down and oxygen starvation of the brain and cells occurs. All this together leads to frequent bouts of bradycardia.

    Any medication should be approved by the doctor. For people suffering from bradycardia attacks, a number of medications are prohibited, among which the most dangerous are medications intended for patients with tachycardia( heart palpitations).

    If you notice periodic bouts of delayed heart beat that cause discomfort, then you should see a doctor and undergo a comprehensive examination to exclude the development of a serious illness.

    Having received the diagnosis, it will be possible to decide whether to undergo a course of treatment in a hospital or to try to get rid of the symptoms of bradycardia at home using folk methods of treatment.