Orthopedic types of cushions from snoring

People snoring in a dream, suffer from a disease - rohnopatiey. This is a serious problem, which is bad not only for others, but for the person himself. The result of constant snoring is a lack of oxygen in the body, fatigue due to inadequate sleep. Modern pharmaceutics is developing new medicines to combat rohnopathy. In addition to them, various devices are available for sale that will ensure the normal position of the head and improve sleep.

  • How to choose a pillow
  • Types of pillows from snoring
  • Models overview
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One of the most popular products is an orthopedic pillow from snoring. Let's study in more detail, what is its difference from conventional pillows, and also consider the variety of models to help the patient as much as possible in choosing a quality product.

How to choose a pillow

The main reason for snoring is the wrong position during sleep, especially the head and neck, as well as uncomfortable bedding. The stiffness of the pillow leads to an excessive head tilt.

The situation will be improved by a special medical pillow from snoring, which can be bought at any pharmacy selling orthopedic goods. As an alternative, many prefer orthopedic rollers, in the center of which there is a hollow designed for the head, and the raised edge fixes the correct position of the neck.

Such rollers can be purchased:

  • for patients with excessive body weight;
  • with a cold, when the edema of the nasal passages is formed and breathing becomes difficult;
  • with deformation of the respiratory system.

A pillow for snoring should be correct, meet certain standards. The following requirements are imposed on it:

  1. The upper part - the pillowcase - must be sewn from hypoallergenic tissue. This prevents allergic swelling of the larynx or nasopharynx.
  2. Stitches should not protrude, so as not to damage the skin during the night rest.
  3. The main aspect is elasticity. It allows the body to get the desired position without tipping the head and neck. Elasticity is better to choose the average if snoring is not strong. In case of obesity, a pillow-anti-snail of increased stiffness is suitable for the patient, since over time it cracks.
  4. The filler should be made from a quality, hypoallergenic material. It can be clever foam, foam rubber, latex, techno-gel and synthetic substances that will not cause side effects in the snoring person. Foam pillows are considered the most unreliable, since they require replacement in a year of operation due to material caking.
  5. Fabric and insides should be easy to wash or clean without losing shape. Often on the orthopedic product, you can find special holes that allow it to dry faster with a strong perspiration of the patient.
  6. Optimum are the sizes at which the pillow is placed head, neck and upper part of the human shoulder girdle.

Only the right choice will achieve a positive result and get rid of snoring. An important aspect when buying this orthopedic device is quality, not price.

Types of pillows from snoring

A snoring pillow, of course, must meet the above criteria, but it is worth remembering its purpose. It supports the head and neck in the optimal position during sleep. Depending on this, the following types of anti-snoring pillows are distinguished:

  1. Orthopedic - this product is made by special order, taking into account the size of the head and trunk of the patient. Elevation should repeat the bends of the neck, and the hollow - strictly correspond to the size of the head. In pharmacy kiosks, you can buy this option, manufactured by standards, but it is best to order in online stores or clinics.
  2. Anatomical - less elastic than the first. It also has a raised edge for the head, a hollow for the head. On some specimens there are rollers that prevent turning on the side or on the stomach.
  3. Inflatable against rohnopathy. It involves one-time use - for example, with a long car journey and the inability to sleep lying down. Pillow puffed and placed around the neck. In an inflated form, it resembles a horseshoe. Put on her shoulders, she does not allow her head to lean back.
  4. Clever pillow. It is also called electronic. Inside each specimen there is a built-in microphone that detects snoring sounds, then fills the cavity inside the object, finding the correct position of the head. Perhaps the best and most expensive of all kinds.
  5. Latex - is made of hypoallergenic synthetic material that is able to acquire the shape of the head and neck when you press it and restore the initial position with decreasing pressure. Suitable for use anywhere, easy to clean.
  6. Water - works on the principle of a water mattress. It easily catches the shape of the headboard, but it is cold, as it acquires the temperature of the environment.
  7. From buckwheat - the name speaks for itself. Inside is buckwheat husk, which gives the pillow a certain elasticity, easily repeats the contours of the body.

With such a wide choice of cushions from snoring, anyone can get into trouble. But the answers to all questions will be given by a doctor or a pharmacy sales consultant. Each species has its own brands, which are represented on the pharmaceutical market.

Models overview

Remove the snoring will help the following models, which can be found in specialized salons or on the Internet.


There are several models, they differ in the degree of elasticity, color, price. Anti-snare Amoro - a rectangle with a hollow in the center of the pillow. Manufacturer - Russia. Easy to clean in a conventional washing machine. The average price is up to 1000 rubles.

Through the whole surface has through holes, which provides good ventilation and eliminates the unpleasant odor. This pillow is anatomical and not very rigid. The microfibers from which the Amoro Anti-Shrug is manufactured can easily take the shape of a body and retain it throughout the night.

Pillow Goodnight

This brand is very famous. It is designed for the comfort of sleep. Orthopedic sleeping accessories goodnite is comfortable in use, differs in average rigidity. It is used for people of different age and weight categories. It can sleep on either side.

The cushion is designed to eliminate deformation of the cervical vertebrae. During sleep the patient feels support for the neck, the head is in the right position, which helps to eliminate snoring and restore sleep.

Ascona pillow

The slogan of this company "sleep to live" confirms that the seller is worried about the health of its customers. The market offers a large selection of comfortable sleeping accessories. These include orthopedic devices for sleep.

Made from latex, they repeat all the headboard bends, without traumatizing the vertebrae, normalizing the circulation of blood, eliminating the lack of oxygen. The firm is responsible for the quality of its products, and, therefore, the prices for pillows are quite high. But the cost of any product of this firm depends on the size. You can choose smaller sizes, the quality of this will not suffer.


Swiss accessories to improve sleep. In the model range there are pillows. The upper pillowcase is made of soft velor. Filler is a clever foam that remembers the bends of the head. All ingredients are absolutely harmless and natural. Refers to the anatomical form. The height of the product is up to 11.5 cm. It has a rectangular shape with dimensions of 60 * 40 cm.

A pillow from snoring is a great help to a person. The main result is a strong and quiet sleep. Having such an assistant, anyone feels calmer, acquires a healthy complexion and strong nerves, and fatigue is quickly removed.

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