Useful properties and contraindications of red and yellow cherries for the human body

This delicious and beautiful berry appears in the spring in the forefront.

She opens the berry season, loudly declaring: "Eat me after the winter-spring avitaminosis! You will not regret it! "

Tempting offer! Should I listen to him? Doctors and nutritionists say it's worth it.

10 facts about the use of

1. Cherry is a low-calorie berry .
One hundred grams contains 50 kcal.
This is a bit, but because nutritionists with both hands vote for this berry.

After all, it is rich in vitamins and minerals and is not dangerous for those who suffer from excess weight. It is advised in the season to arrange unloading days on cherries, eating up to a kilogram per day.

And recently, the British scientists, in the course of the research, found out that the cherry even needs( !) To eat dieting:

  • 120 g of this berries a day will accelerate weight loss.

In this case, the sweet cherry will satisfy the feeling of hunger like oatmeal( good and bad).

And all because it has a lot of fructose( three quarters of all its carbohydrates) and few sugars - 11.5%.For this reason, doctors recommend cherries even for people with diabetes.

2. Cherry is a very vitamin berry .

It contains vitamins A and C, four vitamin B groups, vitamins PP and E.

Vitamin C( ascorbic acid) - is responsible for increasing immunity, strengthening the heart and blood vessels( treatment of vegetative-vascular dystonia with folk remedies).

Favorably affects the nervous system, helps digestion of iron and normal blood formation, monitors cholesterol.

It is very much in the cherry - 15 mg per 100 g of berries. It is enough to eat half a kilogram of this delicious product to get the daily norm of vitamin C.

Vitamin A - increases resistance to infections, still removes toxins, improves blood clotting, eyesight, strengthens bones and teeth. Positively affects the work of the adrenal glands, pancreas( the medicinal properties of dill seeds are described in this article).

Vitamin E - useful for pregnant women, as it helps the normal development of the fetus, supports the structural integrity of cells, affects the sexual cycle.

And what do you know about the useful properties and contra-indications of marjoram? Folk recipes for the treatment of diseases, culinary dishes and skin care are written in a useful article.

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Vitamins of group B - normalize the work of nervous, circulatory systems, maintain skin health( medicinal properties of herbaceous peas), strengthen hair and nails, improve digestion.

An interesting fact : the cherry is advised to take in the treatment of acne, rash. So that the skin becomes healthy and clean. Mask of sweet cherry cleans and narrows the pores.

Vitamin PP( nicotinic acid) , together with pectin, creates an obstacle to penetration into the blood of harmful cholesterol, which leads to clogging of blood vessels. Regulates digestion, improves liver function.

3. Cherry is full of microelements.

It contains:

  • iodine, which is useful in diseases of the thyroid gland and as an element of prevention of problems with the endocrine system;
  • iron is the enemy of anemia. Responsible for cellular respiration;
  • copper, which has strong bactericidal properties and characteristics of the antioxidant. Can lower the temperature, normalize the pressure( treatment of high folk remedies at home), improve sleep, participate in hematopoiesis;
  • potassium is a healer of the cardiovascular system.
    It strengthens the blood vessels( about the cleansing of folk remedies for blood clots read here) and heart;
  • phosphorus - a friend of hypertensives, regulates metabolism.

Note: phosphorus is more in black cherry.

Calcium. He is responsible for bone tissue, participates in the processes of excitability of the nervous tissue, muscle contractility. Has anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic effect.

Magnesium, which is responsible for metabolism, the work of the intestines, which, in total, helps to remove toxins and toxins. Useful for normal heart function, has vasodilating effect.

4. In the cherry there are coumarins .
These are the magic substances responsible for the tone of our body.

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By quantity of coumarins, the sweet cherry is only ahead of the "big three" - red currant, raspberry and pomegranate.

Doctors advise:

  • cherries should be eaten for vivacity, tone enhancement.

It is prescribed to patients in the postoperative period, weakened people.

Fact! 60 ml of cherry juice replace a single dose of strong antidepressants.

Coumarins also improve blood clotting and fight the formation of thrombi.

5. Cherry helps to resist oncology .
The ellagic acid contained in it corrects the activity of cancer cells( about the use of wax moth tincture for oncology is written in this article).

Thanks to the burgundy color( anthocyanins), the sweet cherry enters the honorable list of the strongest antioxidants.

And they are known to improve the brain and reduce the risk of oncology.

Conclusion: in order to get the maximum of useful substances, one should choose burgundy-red shades of cherry.

6. Sweet cherry is a natural antiseptic of .

There are many phytoncides in it that kill pathogenic bacteria, suppress purulent infections.

Thanks to this property, cherries( berries and leaves) are used for intestinal bacteriosis.

7. Sweet cherry instead of aspirin .
Scientists have found in this berry a substance that is similar in its effect on aspirin.20 cherisen able to replace the aspirin tablet.

There is even a joke: "I got a headache, eat a pie with cherries."

8. Cherry is a diuretic for .
Thanks to its easy diuretic properties, this berry is useful in hypertension - it reduces pressure( for the benefit and harm of green tea, read this link).

9. Sweet cherry helps to sleep .

It can be recommended to those who have trouble sleeping.

A handful of cherries for the night instead of a sleeping pill.

And all because the cherry contains melatonin, responsible for a healthy sleep.

10. Sweet cherry is rich in pectin , which improves digestion, helps to cleanse the body, normalize its metabolism.

Important: for cherry locks is better for eating on an empty stomach. Juice of sweet cherries helps, half a glass 2-3 times a day.

And also:

  • cherry removes pain with gout, rheumatism, arthritis.
    It is enough to eat a handful of berries a day;
  • cleanses the kidneys and liver;
  • is used in bronchitis as an expectorant.
    Hot cherry compote - an excellent remedy for coughing;
  • prevents epileptic seizures;
  • does not cause heartburn( about the causes, consequences and treatment of folk remedies here) and does not increase the acidity of gastric juice, and therefore is indicated for those with stomach problems.

Not berry, but a pantry of vitamins and a delicious pharmacy!

And yet, there are cases when with cherries should be more careful.

Cases of contraindications

There are not many of them. But they are. It is not necessary to eat cherries if:

  • there are problems with patency of the intestine;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • gastric ulcer;
  • pneumonia;
  • predisposition to flatulence and diarrhea;
  • reduced pressure;
  • predisposition to allergies;
  • to small children due to bones that contain hydrocyanic acid.
  • susceptibility to allergies and individual intolerance.
Important! You can not eat cherries right after a full dinner. You can get indigestion.

And on an empty stomach should be eat with caution. Ideally - wait an hour after eating and start a treat.

Know the measure! Do not try to eat as much as the eye can see. Cherry - a useful berry, but within reasonable limits. 300 grams per day - is enough.

You can not make wine tinctures from sweet cherry with bones , long-term store such compotes. You can poison with hydrocyanic acid.

At high temperature - over 150 degrees - sucrose is destroyed and turns into caramel.

There are no useful substances left.

The main thing is that during the heat treatment, a valuable enzyme is lost, which is found in dark cherry varieties, and which resists caries. Sweet cherry is not friends with starch. Heartburn is possible. But the sweet cherry is perfectly combined with walnuts( benefit and harm for men and women), cottage cheese, cheese.

Sweet cherry is very useful for children .There are a lot of vitamins of group B, responsible for the formation of teeth and bones. And also there is a silicic acid which positively influences intellect.

As you can see, cherry is an extremely useful berry. And it's a sin not to check whether it tastes good, especially since its season is short.

Which cherry is better for the human body red or yellow? The answer to the question you know from the author of the video.

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