Runny nose: how to cure quickly at home

Rhinitis( rhinitis) as a symptom may appear at any time of the year. Snot, most often accompany the common cold and as a reaction to allergens. The flow of mucus from the nose causes a lot of inconvenience.

Rhinitis is not a dangerous problem that can be quickly cured at home by folk and pharmacological agents in both the adult and the child. In order for the treatment to be effective, you first need to consider the causes of the onset of a cold.


Causes of

The cause of the appearance of discharge from the nose can be:

  1. Allergens;
  2. Viruses;
  3. Hormonal adjustment( often in pregnant women);
  4. Subcooling;
  5. Physiological processes( in newborns);
  6. Chronic diseases.

There is one folk saying about rhinitis: "If the cold is treated, it will go away in 14 days, and if not, it will last for two weeks."Is it so?

With good immunity, the runny nose goes away quickly - about a week. On the first day the patient feels tickling and burning in the nose, abundant discharge from the nose - snot, sneezes and experiences general malaise and headache. On 2-3 day the symptoms intensify, but by the fourth day the mucus in the nose becomes more abrupt, and the runny nose gradually begins to recede.

The snot grows thick, does not irritate the nasal mucosa and the skin in the nose area, it makes you want to blow your nose. On the remaining sixth and seventh day of rhinitis, the residual effects of the rhinitis decay, and the mucous membranes are cleared of the residue of accumulated mucus.

Rhinitis of allergic origin( when we sneeze and fuse with dust, wool and other) is delayed for a long time. If the rhinitis is not treated, it can be complicated by sinusitis, sinusitis.

Of all this, you must first determine the cause of the common cold, and then decide on how to quickly cure a runny nose at home, and whether to use pharmacy products or apply popular methods and means.

The most effective medications for the rapid cure of the common cold

Since ancient times, there have been known ways how to effectively cure a cold with folk remedies and traditional medicine methods at home. Of course, for the removal of symptoms of nasal congestion drugs are better suited.

Nasophageal vessels for the nose

First aid for nasal congestion - vasoconstrictor drops. They quickly remove the swelling of the nasal mucosa and improve the ventilation of the paranasal sinuses. A few minutes after instillation, a person begins to breathe freely, and the accumulated mucus leaves the nostrils and the new one is not produced.

It is vasoconstrictive drugs, due to the restoration of ventilation of the frontal and maxillary sinuses reduce the risk of complications in the form of otitis, sinusitis, and frontal sinusitis.

Remove edema and improve nasal breathing such vasoconstrictive drops:

  1. Halazolin;
  2. Irifrin;
  3. Xylen;
  4. Xylometazoline;
  5. Nazivin;
  6. Nasol;
  7. Nazol-kids;
  8. Naphthyzine;
  9. Nesopin;
  10. Knoxprey;
  11. Rinozolin;
  12. Sanorin;
  13. Tysine;
  14. Fare.

These pharmacological preparations refer to symptomatic agents, their use is limited to three to five days.

Antiallergic drops

When the usual rinsing of the nose with salt water, furacilin, aloe juice does not help, and sometimes even strengthens the common cold, it is probably such a common cold of allergic origin and then can help:

  1. Allergodyl;
  2. Zirtek;
  3. Cromgexal;
  4. Levocabastine;
  5. Fenistil.

Combined drops from allergies are very effective:

  1. Allergodil C;
  2. Vibrocil( instruction);
  3. Sanarin analgesin.

All antiallergic drops inhibit the interaction of immune cells and histamines.

Hormonal drops

It also happens that the rhinitis is difficult to treat with vasoconstrictive and antihistamine( antiallergic) drops, then hormones are used-fast-acting drugs that relieve inflammation and allergies:

  1. Beclomethasone;
  2. Benacap;
  3. Benarin;
  4. Nazonex( and its cheap analogs);
  5. Prednisolone;
  6. Syntax;
  7. Syntax;
  8. Fliksonase;
  9. Fluticasone.

The hormonal drops have a complex composition and application features. The course of treatment and the dose of the drug is prescribed by the doctor individually. Runny nose should be treated properly!

Still, visit the ENT doctor, because the correct use of short courses of nasal drugs at home will benefit the patient, will not let the cold go to chronic form.

Remember that when yellow-green discharge from the nose appears, contact the office for help. Such discharge is often a harbinger of sinusitis.

How to quickly cure snot: home experience

Than you can wash your nose for quick treatment of the common cold at home? Regular washing of the nose is a component of the treatment of the common cold. This procedure is easily performed at home, so you can treat both acute and chronic colds. Regular washing of the nose sometimes saves the patient from using strong drugs.

Recipe for infusion of calendula and chamomile

One tablespoon of herbs pour 300 ml of boiling water, wrap and insist one or two hours. Then filter the infusion and how it will cool it in the volume of one or two milliliters are pumped into a syringe and poured into each nasal passage in turn. Children under five can take 0.5 ml.infusion. In the midst of the disease, like-digging-washing is done up to six times during the day.


When the snot gets yellowish shades, then you need to wash your nose with a solution of furacilin. To do this, in 100 ml of boiled water( warm) take 0.5 - 1.0 tablet of furacilin and dissolve it by stirring. A solution of furacilin is injected one ml into each nostril. The procedure is performed up to three times a day.


Washings with salt water, saline solution and sea water based pharmacies give a good effect:

  1. Aqua Maris
  2. Aqualor;
  3. Quix.

At home, the saline solution is prepared as follows: in a boiled water( one liter), put a teaspoon of sea salt with a slide and add two or three drops of iodine. This solution washes the nasal passages four times a day.

Rapid treatment for infants

Only babies are treated by pediatricians. Tips for treating a common cold for adults on children can not be used. The main rule for the treatment of a cold in a baby is timely access to a pediatrician for help. Babies of the first months of life often have a physiological runny nose, which does not require treatment. This is the adaptation of the nasopharyngeal mucosa to the environment.

Other causes of colds may be colds, viruses and bacteria. The approach to treatment will be different. The most disturbing symptoms of the common cold are swelling of the nasal passages, difficulty in nasal breathing, fever, lacrimation, tearfulness, sleep disturbance and refusal to breast sucking. The child often sneezes, the droplets flow.

To help the child, one should try to clear the nasal passages from the mucus with a douche( a small rubber pear) or an aspirator. If the mucus is a little, you can clean the nasal passages with small cotton or gauze flagella moistened with saline.

Rotating movements introduce a flagellum into the nostril, one cm and remove the accumulated mucus. The child cries at this procedure. The head of the baby should be fixed so that it does not chatter. In addition to soft flagella to clean the nose of other objects, do not use. You can not bathe a sick child and go out with him for walks. Wait until the nozzles finish.

To quickly cure snot at home, follow the pediatrician's recommendations. The baby's throat hinders eating, and he can throw breasts. Then it must be fed from a syringe, spoons, cups. When the baby is healthy, the daily portion of breast milk should be at least 70% of the total feeding.

Wet cleaning is preferably carried out twice a day in a child's room. Well helps to moisten the room wet terry towels, hung on radiators or dryer.

With a strong puffiness in the baby's nose and high body temperature, the pediatrician prescribes medication.

For colds, cold water drops are prescribed:

  1. Aqua Maris,
  2. Aqualor,
  3. Quicks,
  4. Marimer,
  5. Otrivin baby.

For severe swelling of the nasal passages, babies are prescribed drops:

  1. Vibrocil( a combined drug that also has antihistamine action),
  2. Nazivin 0,01%,
  3. Nazol baby.

Self-referencing tools can not be used here. After all, drops are considered to be potent, it is important to observe the dose and the instillation regimen. Basically vasoconstrictive drops are used no more than 3 days.

Remember that overdose with vasoconstrictive drugs can result in tachycardia( palpitation), vomiting and even convulsive conditions in children.

When yellow and green snot appear, you need to use drops with an antiseptic. They are instilled after three to five minutes after the vasoconstrictor, when the spout is completely cleaned.

As antiseptic drops apply Albutide( instruction) and protorgol( instruction).Older children are also recommended collargol. The dose will be determined by the doctor.


When immunity in a baby is weakened, the pediatrician prescribes immunomodulators:

  1. Viferon,
  2. Genferon-light,
  3. Grippferon( instruction for children),
  4. Derinat.

Know that breast milk does not cure a child's nose!

As folk methods, after consulting with a doctor, it is recommended to wash baby's nose with weak solutions of chamomile, calendula, calanchoe, in dilution one to one with water. And Kalanchoe is applied no earlier than 7-8 months of the child's life.

Traditional methods of treatment for rapid cure of the common cold

warming It is performed in several versions:

With blue light ( Minin lamp).Blue nose lamp is heated 2 times a day, not more than five minutes. The rays are directed to the bridge of the nose at a distance of 10-15 cm from the nose. Patient warm rays should not cause discomfort.

Warm salt or sand , heated in a frying pan, wrapped in cotton bags and placed on either side of the bridge of the nose. Heat should be pleasant. Chicken eggs can be applied through a handkerchief or gauze. The warm-up time should be ten minutes.

Warmings are contraindicated in cases of genyantritis, high body temperature, hypertension, a tendency to bleeding and poor tolerance of the procedure itself.

mustard powder is used for warming up the legs, which is dissolved in two to three tablespoons in a basin with very warm water( the water must be hot, but tolerable).Legs soar for 15 minutes, topping up hot water as needed. Then the feet are wiped and put on woolen socks. Children under five years of mustard bath is not recommended.

Aloe juice

Tincture from aloe juice on alcohol

For the beginning prepare drops from leaves of an aloe. Take a leaf of a three-year-old plant, which is finely cut and squeezed out of it, the juice that is filtered and poured into a dark vial. For 100 ml. Aloe juice is taken 200 ml.of ethyl alcohol. The mixture is insisted for ten days in a dark place. Apply it inside. Tincture strengthens the body's immune defense. It is taken one or half teaspoon in the morning and evening, diluting in a tablespoon of water.

For instillation into the nose, you can mix aloe juice with water 1: 1.With a strong cold run 2 drops a day 2 drops in each nasal passage. Under the influence of juice, bacteria and viruses die, toxins are neutralized and the nasal mucosa is restored. After two or three instillations, patients already notice an improvement in nasal breathing, a decrease in swelling and discharge.

Prepare the tincture of aloe vera in advance so that the runny nose is not taken by surprise.

Aloe juice with honey and lemon

This folk remedy is suitable for adults and children. It's easy to prepare, each component is taken in equal parts. This mixture is lubricated by the nasal passages 2 times a day. If an allergic reaction occurs, then the treatment is canceled.

Garlic-onion drops

Onions and garlic are natural natural antiseptics. Drops from them are used for bacterial rhinitis. Phytoncides of plants destroy the pathogenic microflora in the nasopharynx. But this remedy for adult noses and not allergies. Juice from garlic and onions are mixed, diluted with boiled water in a proportion of one to one and drip into the nose four times a day for three drops in each nasal passage. Treatment is carried out until the color of the discharge is normalized.

Drops of onions and garlic dissolve thick mucus and promote the outflow of pus from the maxillary sinuses.

General advice and recommendations

The success of treating the common cold depends on the cause of its appearance, the individual condition of the person who has fallen ill and the chosen method of treatment. Complex treatment helps best.

Work on restoring the defenses of the body, do gymnastics, aerobics, swimming, contrast showers, jogging, yoga, respiratory gymnastics. Pick something for yourself.

It's good that when you take a course of vitamin therapy a couple of times a year, you keep the nutritional value and rationality in your diet.

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